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Futuristic Burning Sails [CLOSED]

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Keep Moving Forward
"Well tell you what, Doc. The day I get saved by a pale surgeon like you is the day I'll take back everything I said right about now. So why don't you just say what ''posse'' you're in and I'll might go easy on you." Roge said with a smug smirk.


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It wasn't a long walk back to his own apartment from Dan's Garage, but it felt like an eternity as Vance took the time to take a good look over the station he had called home for some time now. The people here around him had been good to him, and he felt bad that he was leaving them so suddenly. Yet he knew that this was what he had to do in his own heart as he searched for his own place in the universe. As he entered his domicile, the stale air hit him with full force that was practically used to at this point. He never bothered to open his windows and kept himself secluded more often than not as to not attract any unwanted attention to himself. Closing the door behind him he started to gather his things from around the apartment which ranged from essentials, such as his toothbrush, credit chips and fresh clothes to items of more sentimental value such as his dog tags he had held onto ever since he got lost space and a small silver locket.

Afterwards, he also packed up his trusty Ray-gun that had accompanied him to space and served him well even after all this time and, in a small footlocker near his bed, a titanium-graphene nanoweave suit he had used when he was still working for SSOID as an asset almost immediately after being discovered and resuscitated. He lifted it for a moment and took the time to look it over, as it was showing some wear and tear on the more decorative parts of it. The stars had been practically blown or torn off at certain point and visible scuffing and burn marks were visible elsewhere on the suit which indicated it had seen action by its owner. He didn't need to use it ever since he left, but he still kept it with him as it was both still useful and it would be a complete waste to just get rid of it at this point. And yet, it was also a solemn reminder: There is no place for me here.

After having collected everything and placed it in a duffel bag, he simply picked it up and locked around his small apartment again and realized how little of a presence he actually had here when renting it. Almost nothing had practically changed apart from the empty hangars and slightly less cluttered desk and sink. This wasn't his home and it showed; he took a deep breath before walking out for the last time. Back in the streets, he slung his bag around his shoulder and began walking where his legs would take him. There was still some time before dinner with the Turris' and he would use that to ponder his own thoughts and reminisce about a great many things as he strolled on through the packed streets, blending in to be like any other normal person before disappearing into the crowds.
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"Hope you're not too fond of Sol...but you wouldn't be out here if you were." Palming the patch to put back into her pocket, Olivia shrugged. "Can't say that I've got any particular love for 'em, but I'd rather be back home than stuck somewhere like Kosokom or Ayr. Better the devil you know, or something." Her head turned to Aesha. Watching, tilting her head around a couple times. Whilst the alloy faceplate and mask she wore hid any emotion she could've even tried to display, she certainly looked curious. "...Do I know you from somewhere?"


Keep Moving Forward
As Roge grew frustrated the Artisynth didn't fall for his antagonizing. Belka Vella began to enter the gun shop near the Reavers, observing the newest trends in weaponry. On the racks, there were a couple of new ones coming from the Renegade Quadrant such as the Deliverer MKVI and the custom built Scorpio Laser Rifles. Despite the common usage of plasma rifles, no one could doubt lasers still played a useful role in precise concentration of firepower. And as the years went by, they were getting better and efficient. She leaned against the glass display, flicking her thumb. Her partner, Roge preferred heavy power and explosives like the Kercan State during their wars. She walked in front of a Gorakon vendor, chatting his shell off about the newest BioWars episode. The Gorakon marched right up to her, "Anything you like? Something I can help you buy? Nothing ever beats Gorapower." He pointed to the large minigun against the wall.

"Nah, just looking at stuff until my partner snags us a job. I heard you were talking about BioWars, Season 8. You do realize the Necroids are going to infect the entire Metro if the Elite Division keeps on hunting down Deathwatch?"

"Yeah, but Deathwatch are hardcore and defeated the Expeditionary Force multiple times since Season 1. Heck the creator of the show even mentioned they were based on the Death Vigil."

"For real? Never knew about that." Belka brightened her face, interested in the details about the trivia behind it. She's heard some telling stuff about the DV, professionals who carried advanced cybernetics and talked about how everyone had a place in their ranks if you proved yourself. "You ever ran into them before?" She asked, prompting the Gorakon to nod.

"Case of the humble pie makes you more careful and dangerous. But they're more on the Southwest, of course." The Gorakon mentioned, walking into the back room while Belka sighed. She saw a woman sipping a can of soda, young in age just like her.

"Hey, uh, scoundrel. You know of any neat opportunities where me and my partner can earn decent credits? I'm on the green as grass scale, but my partner's fought plenty of wars before. Elippian, Zeruel, all that shebang." Belka mentioned, hands in her pockets.

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"I say we hire her. It'd be fun to poke and prod that brain of hers for Sol secrets. At least for me."
Frowning underneath her mask, Nathalie crossed her arms once again. "You're welcome to try," she replied without even a hint of humor in her voice. "Other people- professionals- have tried and failed. Which is another reason why I'll make a great asset for the Reavers."

Nathalie shrugged slightly. "Until it's time for me to move on, that is." She nodded towards both Aesha and Lauren as the other strangers around them continued to chat about past missions and possible employment. "So what will it be?"


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Lucky Aesha was familiar with the Kanad language. It was a standard practice in the Federation to take foreign language courses. She had already grown up knowing Upyrian and Sol's main trade language, so she had picked Kanad to tack on as a third language. It helped a lot when she had to travel to Kosokom for races. "[Stay here with us, and we'll get everything sorted out. What's your name?]" she asked in Kanad.
Vixaya blinked in disbelief. She had been lucky to bump into one upyri moments earlier who spoke her language, but two in a row? It might as well have been a sign that she was in the right place, after all. "[...My name is Vixaya Vor'Spirran. My father was one of the chief commanders of the rebellion on Spirra- Sirikada Rozel, if it means anything to you. He had me trained as a mech pilot at a young age. I was an ace,]" she explained, placing the tags and ignition key back through the neck hole of her coat. "[I was heading for the southwest to look for mercenary work, but some humans stole all of my money. I have nowhere to go.]"

Her voice had an oddly flat tone, as if the troubling circumstances she was in hadn't affected her at all. In fact, she seemed a bit ghostly in general.


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"Got to ask you for advice on motherhood sometime, because I have a few running around at home with my wife on Duroma. Have pictures, but rather show them to you when you're not up to your neck."
Valk gave her a forced smile in response. "It'd likely be really bad advice. I'm, uh...I'm not the best when it comes to things like that." she replied, looking down towards the floor before glancing to the others. Lauren was now talking to two potential recruits. She didn't catch what they were saying, but noticed Damien had turned his attention to them as well. Aesha was still talking to the bartender looking girl, and the short kanad in red too. "So what are you up to? Decided to vacation out here or something?" she asked, as she returned her attention to Amy.

"I want to join, too! I'm really skilled with... uh... dancing, singing, and... reporting! Since I'm a reporter. Well, journalist, actually, but is there a difference? Haha... ah....I'm also really flexible, and know hand-to-hand skills, and I went to school, and... oh! I can also shoot!...See? I even own a gun."
Aesha waved her hand as Shelby lifted the skirt to show the sidearm. "Alright, alright." she said. She's certainly an odd one. Familiar, too. Was she a well known reporter? "Stick around here with us, Shelby, and we'll get you sorted out. And I hope you don't plan on selling us out for clout, because that's a quick way to earn a hole in your head."

She then turned her attention to the humanoid mech pilot, as she posed a question.

"...Do I know you from somewhere?"
"Probably." she replied. "Aesha Drach. Former Upyri Federation Navy Ace, Interstellar Racer. Lots of championships across the galaxy." she said, giving a summed up version of her earlier statements to Shelby. "Got booted out of racing for stupid shit, and now I'm out here."

"[...My name is Vixaya Vor'Spirran. My father was one of the chief commanders of the rebellion on Spirra- Sirikada Rozel, if it means anything to you. He had me trained as a mech pilot at a young age. I was an ace,]" she explained, placing the tags and ignition key back through the neck hole of her coat. "[I was heading for the southwest to look for mercenary work, but some humans stole all of my money. I have nowhere to go.]"
Aesha redirected her attention back to the short Kanad. An ace mech pilot at such a young age? It must have done a number on her upstairs...her voice didn't really show it, though. But they needed good mech pilots, and an ace was beyond perfect. "[Yeah, I heard about the rebellion. Nasty stuff. I'm a former Federation ace pilot, but I flew fighters. Never been in a mech.]" she replied. "[I'm sorry you were robbed. Some humans are just like that...though the same could be said for members of other races too. But you're here now, and the Reavers will take good care of you. Valk's a great boss to work under.]"

Meanwhile, Lauren shifted her attention back to Nathalie and was about to speak, but Damien spoke first after stepping over next to them.

"So what will it be?"
"You're in." he said simply, which earned a look from Lauren. He cut her a look of his own. "We need more people with actual tactical experience. Not everyone runs and guns like you do, Lauren." he stated. Lauren grunted. "At least I don't dick around, being all sneaky, when I'm sent to kill something." she responded, before taking another sip from her soda.

A moment later, a young woman nearby spoke up and asked Lauren a question. Forcing the pirate to shift her head around to look at her, eyebrow cocked.

"Hey, uh, scoundrel. You know of any neat opportunities where me and my partner can earn decent credits? I'm on the green as grass scale, but my partner's fought plenty of wars before. Elippian, Zeruel, all that shebang."
Lauren simply waves a hand between herself and the others standing with her. "Blackwell's Reavers is recruiting." she said, before giving the woman a thumbs-up.
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So what are you up to? Decided to vacation out here or something?
"Work mostly." Amy shrugged "There was a small time counterfeiter running a business for the Gold dusts. Apparently he wasn't careful enough and they cut him loose. He left a paper trail that led to the quadrant where he was trying to sell watering rights to moisture farmers. Militia didn't like that since it makes them look bad when they don't respond to distress calls from farms they don't know exists. Dropped him off for pickup an hour ago."

"Wanted to take a break and see what this place had to offer when I heard your recruiter." Amy pointed to Aesha with her thumb "Figured I'd be nice to see how you're doing and you know the rest."


With that alligator-man off his back, Typhon decides to take his smoke break outside one of the gun stores and see if they're selling one of those sought after Bagheri Industries prosthetics. It's very unlikely, but you may never know with what these pirates might find during a raid.


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Working in the Administration sector at the far end of VOC-1 tended to often be a rather boring job, especially if you tasked with observing the station's automated systems. Sure, you had your janitors which had been largely been replaced by drones, administration security whom were largely replaced with Frontier Militia troops, and a few other duties like general engineers and mechanics who made sure the automated systems kept running. But if you were just a technician or standard operations personnel? Cushy job with little to do beyond screwing around on your holotablets or flipping some switches when it was time to turn something on or off. Biggest thing they usually did was shut the shutters over the thick glass sides of the colony when meteorites decided to fly by or shooting started outside between the Frontier Militia ships and anyone they deemed a threat.

In a small section of the central administration structure, a pair of technicians sat quietly at the controls which operated the colony's large boosters. They were used to maintain the colony's position in orbit, and were only used really to correct their course or just to test their functions. The last test had been three years ago, and all were functioning perfectly. So what they did for most of the hours of the day were talk shit, play on their holotablets, or make food or bathroom visits. But today was going to be far different than the usual.

"Hey...Hey, Jeroen. Did you just lose your starnet connection?" muttered one of the VOC-1 technicians, as he sat with his legs kicked up on the table next to his holocomputer. In his hands, his holotablet which wasn't registering a connection anymore. Regardless as to what he tried, nothing was loading. Nearby, another technician tried to use his own holotablet to connect to the starnet. And with the same results. Nothing. "...Did the server go down?" asked Jeroen, the human looking to his fellow Malmarian technician. The Malmarian shrugged, before setting his holotablet aside and reaching for the phone attached to the desk nearby. He punched a code into the table next to it, hitting the keys in rhythmic fashion, before lifting the phone to his ear.

A few moments later, he spoke into it. "This is Oudin down in Booster Control. Are the starnet servers down or something? We're not getting any connection whatsoever down here." The voice on the other end, one of the technicians further up the central administration structure in the massive server rooms, gave a strange reply. "The servers are fine, apparently, but we're not getting any signal from the towers. Some engineers are heading out to check on them, but we just got word from higher up that the Militia ships outside have lost long range communications and starnet themselves."

Oudin gave Jeroen a look of concern. "They lost comms? We probably lost them too, in that case. Think it might be a relay problem?" he asked. "Maybe. Bosses are on the short range comms with the Rook. Going to see if we can get anyone to head out to the relay to check it out."

A few systems away...

"Do not touch anything. We have no idea what is still active. I don't want to have to treat one of you idiots if you get fried by an electrical surge."
stated the tall woman, almost gliding through the dimly lit room. The two arms jutting off the sides of her helmet moved about, moving objects out of the way so that she wouldn't have to touch them with her gloved hands, while her cloak shielded hid her graceful movements. The few Reavers following her through the medical bay of the derelict colony ship took extra care with their movements after her statements, keeping their weapons gripped tightly but paying close attention to where they stepped or what they touched.

The medical wing of the ship seemed rather expansive, able to treat a few hundred at a time. It likely had a stockpile of medical equipment and supplies, but just how outdated were they? And were they in any condition to be used? Likely not. The ship looked ancient, and from what Easel had seen so far, barely salvageable. Adrift, getting barraged with objects and radiation over the years... None of this would be of real use to them beyond easy money. It was a complete surprise that there was any life signs. The ship's shielding failed a long time ago, and it was likely the same had happened for the cryogenic tube shielding.

Eventually, they arrived at the cryogenics section at the rear of the medical bay. And the door was locked. Easel didn't wait for the Reavers behind her to move to unlock the door. Instead, her two mechanical helmet-mounted arms reared back, before driving deep inside the door. And a moment later, they forced the two large doors apart. Metal creaked, buckled, and eventually snapped as the doors were pried open with immense force. And then, Easel simply strolled inwards. Right into a horrible mess.

The shielding had indeed failed for the most part on nearly all of the tubes. Several had even thawed out, exposing the bodies of the crew to the elements and radiation over the course of several decades. The stench of rotting flesh, tissues, and organs was intense in the room. Behind her, the Reavers were very visibly reacting to the stench. One even darted over and puked into a trash bin. Easel looked over her shoulder at the pirates. "Control yourselves. Help me find the survivor, so we may transport them back to the Guillotine to be properly thawed."

"Wanted to take a break and see what this place had to offer when I heard your recruiter." Amy pointed to Aesha with her thumb "Figured I'd be nice to see how you're doing and you know the rest."
Valk nodded. "Right. It's really good to see you." she said, before shoving her hands into her pockets. "...Been to Duroma lately? How's Alex? Heard he's running some brewery and pit fighting thing now." She shrugged slightly, as her gaze shifted to the floor again. "...I haven't exactly kept up with everyone as much as I'd like. Last time I spoke to Taylor, it was just before Mad Dog died a few years ago. Only thing I know is she's on Duroma too, running some merc group with her daughter. I think Yanim set up shop there too, but I haven't really heard much about Yanim in a long time."


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While he had been lost in thought, Vance quickly realized he had almost walked into another district as he saw the scenery begin to change from residential and small business to more industrial and imposing in stature. He had enough time to get back to Dan's and so Vance begin walking back but not before seeing a familiar sight: a small noodle shop he had frequented many times with its elderly owner slapping one of the display monitors in frustration. "Agh, damnit!" Li Jing grumbled as she slapped the monitor yet again, not noticing Vance approaching the stall. "Hey Ms. Jing, trouble with the displays again?" Vance asked as he took a seat.

"No it's not that Vance... Starnet is down! I can't connect to show the game!" she said in frustration as she slapped the side of the monitor again, which prompted a chuckle from Vance. "I don't think hitting it will fix that. The techies on the station will have it up again in no time."

"Yeah but by then I will have missed a bit! Bah! Well in any case, what can I get you? The usual udon noodles with chicken?" she then stated as she returned her attention to a loyal customer.

"Nothing, I'm having dinner with the Turris' tonight-"

"Oh, with your boss? What's the occasion?"

"Well... I'm leaving this place so it's a farewell party I suppose."

Jing simply looked at him before shaking her head: "Oh... well that's a shame. You are one of my best customers... you always order so much and in bulk too! Where are you planning on going?"

"To be honest I don't know. I suppose wherever I happen to come across."

"Well, wherever you end up make sure to tell them about my shop! I need the business..." she said jokingly as she moved to the side of the shop to move a box of produce. However as she started to lift it she was visibly struggling with the weight and Vance quickly went over quickly. "Here, let me help with that Ms. Jing, least I can do before I head off." he said as he easily moved the box behind the counter. "Oh my hero! Thanks a bunch." she said as she moved to work with the produce, to which Vance simply nodded and walked off to continue heading towards Dan's residence.

Hero. That word stung, even if it was unintentional by Jing, because after all this time he sure didn't feel like one.


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"Was on Duroma two months ago actually." Amy replied a bit more chipper. "I try to drop by often to see the kids, leave some gifts and spend time with the misses before I leave again for another job. As for the others...lets go one by one."

"Alex has been, well he isn't a fan of what Starvis did to him. Doesn't feel comfortable with it, but tries to put it to good use somehow. I think he's just a bit overdramatic. You heard right though. He bought that old pit he used to fight in and started developing it into a legit thing. He also franchised a bit with a distillery. Makes Sting whiskey." She paused for half a second "Yeah, a tribute to that Sting. I think she would have liked it. His cooking has only gotten better by the way. If you and the kids ever swing by Duroma, pay him a visit. He'll probably make time for an old student...as well as a killer meal."

"I keep in touch with Taylor regularly. Her mom's death hit her hard and she's been having a hard time moving on. Morgan, her daughter, has been trying to help with that. Nice girl. Takes after her mom with all the bullshit their mercenary group has to deal with. Death Vigil's implosion, Gold dust consolidation, the Sisters and Brothers rebranding under the Family etcetera. Oh almost forgot about her son, Michael. He's been following in his grandmother's footsteps by hunting bounties. Met him a few times. Seems polite. Either from her instilling manners into him or being professional about it."

"Yanim...she's grown distant. With me at least. From what Alex told me, she only speaks with others like her now. Doesn't want to see friends and family grow old and wither away, so she's locked up in her lab mostly. I know Alex occasionally sends something her way, because he still has those chef habits." She sighed "I know why she's doing it, but I just can't wrap my head around that solution. Maybe she'll come around one day." Amy shrugged "But maybe I'm hopelessly optimistic."

"Only one else from the crew I've kept up with have been Amelia and Porter funny enough. She works with the clone boys on Boome if you can believe it and we just chit chat about whatever we're watching in our free time." Amy checked her holobrace out of habit now that she mentioned Amelia and noticed that the connection was out. It made her raise and eyebrow "Weird, net connection went out. Eh, probably a minor fuck up."

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"We need more people with actual tactical experience. Not everyone runs and guns like you do, Lauren."
"Great," said Nathalie, nodding. "You'll get that and much more. Though I suspect that both of you would be more interested in seeing me in action rather than a resume, correct?"

Before they could reply however Nathalie vanished in front of them seemingly into thin air. She emerged seconds later, standing behind the two siblings with her arms crossed. "State-of-the-art infiltration cloak. Locked to my own unique bio-signature." She nodded towards Damien. "Let's call it a 'preview' of what I can offer you and your crew."

Suddenly Nathalie's suit alerted her that connection had been lost to StarNet, HoloNet and other live services relying on interstellar communications. Odd, there were no reports of meteor showers or ion storms. Raising her left wrist a holographic projection showed both Damien, Lauren and anyone else looking their way the same error message currently displayed on Nathalie's enclosed helmet HUD. "I don't suppose it's just on my end?"


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"Let's call it a 'preview' of what I can offer you and your crew."
Lauren gave Nathalie a look, before commenting with a simple "Cute." Cloaking was a bit common place for bounty hunters and other sneaky types across the galaxy, but it was especially useful here in the Renegade Quadrant. One could hide in plain sight, sneak through an army of soldiers/renegades/pirates, or hide vehicles or mechs. Lauren, however, didn't have any use for cloaking mechanisms. She wanted to be loud, for the enemy to see and hear her coming. Specifically so she could see the looks on their faces when she got near. Usually it was fear, as she often packed plenty of explosives.

"I don't suppose it's just on my end?"
Damien glanced to the holographic error, before shrugging. "Happens sometimes. Old colony, old tech." he stated, as he folded his arms.

Valkyrie nodded, as Amy listed off what all she knew of the trio on Duroma. Taylor was close to her mother, and had been after her father died when she was young. After Starvis, where she was killed and resurrected alongside Alex and Yanim, she and her mother were distant for several years because of her new form. Eventually, after Miranda's job with Sol, they finally worked things out and were back to their usual selves around each other. She could imagine how Taylor was feeling now that Miranda was gone. As for Yanim, she couldn't blame her for growing distant from everything and everyone. The kanad had been through so much prior to Starvis, and now was having to deal with being practically a demigod.

"...Yeah, I'll swing by Duroma when I can. It'd be good to visit with everyone." responded Valk after a moment. Eventually, she glanced back to Damien and Lauren. "Well, I gotta go. Guy I'm looking for should be around here somewhere, so gotta hunt him down. If you're looking for any work later, could always join up with us. You'd be more than welcome." she stated, looking back to Amy. Then she glanced back to Damien and Lauren. "Alright you two. Lets go."

Lauren frowned, but tossed her soda in a nearby trash bin before following after her mother. Damien followed quietly, giving Nathalie a nod as he walked. And soon enough, the trio had strolled off into the crowd.
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Trailing the trio of Valk and her children however is Typhon. He’s got nothing else to do, and it’s his job to ensure they’re in one healthy piece; so he puts out his nearly empty cigarette, lights a new one, and walks with them towards wherever they’re going.

He announces his presence with a puff of smoke gently floating their way.


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"I'll keep you in mind." Amy responded "Feel free to call me if you need an extra pair of eyes watching over you from a distance." She waved to Valk bye for now "Good luck out there!" After that she turned back to face the recruits. Quite a bunch they have here. Almost reminding her of the old crew and making her feel nostalgic. She snapped out of it and returned to the living world. Nothing much to do for now but to kill some time.

Joining the Reavers for a period was tempting, but would it be worth it? It's bound to be exiting, but they're still pirates. Not exactly high-class characters. There was also the question of pay. Just how much could they afford and could he justify it? The legality and morality were entirely different beasts that she was already dealing with because of her regular job. So nothing new there.

Amy glanced at her brace again and still no connection. Maybe she could pass the time with some of the rookies here? For now, she would just lean back a bit and listen to them chatter.


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Once some of the Reavers went off into the large pool of the crowd, Roge took a long stroll until he found a woman with a holobrace, "Starnet not working for you either? I can't even play Flappy Fish on my holoband." Roge flicked the holoband with his fat finger, to no avail as the signal was still down. "Name's Roge Igualli, working parent in this market." He shifted his head to Amy.


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"Amy Koronova." She turned her head to face Roge only to realize that he was towering over her by a few feet. Then again, he was a Kercan "Another parent looking for work?" She was a bit surprised by the coincidence, but it really made sense. A lot of these recruits probably also want to provide for their own. "I assume they're safe somewhere since I don't see little ones here."


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Dan's Residence

Having made his way over to Dan's own house in the district, a modest one floor housing unit in the area, Vance couldn't help but notice the network downage impacting others as frustrated folk all around complained to one another about not being able to connect to Starnet or any other outside communications whether it be for talking to family and friends or watching some videos online. In any case, Vance kept it in mind as he knocked on the door and was greeted by Dan himself with a big grin. "Vance! Glad you made it, dinner's ready soon so just make yourself comfortable as usual. The net is down so we can't put on the latest episode of Space Bastards."

"Thanks Dan, and yeah I noticed... seems like the whole area is having problems with connecting." Vance replied as he sat down onto the couch in the living room and set his bag onto the ground nearby. The residence was a nice slice of paradise for the Turris', it had everything they could ever want to make themselves truly at home. The warm lighting and faint aromas of delicious cooking were in stark contrast to what Vance had been living with this entire time and he simply gave a smile towards it all. They were happy, and he was happy for them in that manner as well. Good folks always deserved to have peace and quiet.

"Dinner's ready! Come on over Vance!" Dan's voice announced to him in the distance, to which Vance followed into the kitchen to see the table set and Vella Turris helping put the stew down before she noticed Vance at the doorway. "So good to see you again Vance!" the Upyri woman spoke with a wide grin and waved to him as he took at seat.

"Mmm... smells mighty delicious Ms. Turris, thanks for having me here." Vance said with an appreciative nod, to which she only laughed. "Oh please, you can call me by my name Vance. We've known each other that long!"

Vance chuckled as everyone took a serving for themselves and began to eat, but it wasn't until a few moments later until Vella spoke up again. "So I hear you're moving on out of this dinky old station. Any idea where you're heading?"

"Not yet... I suppose wherever the wind blows I go." Vance replied as he took another mouthful of soup and gulped down its delicious contents.

"I can talk to some of my old contacts, maybe they can get you a job elsewhere. I hear Blackwater Terminal is rather busy and looking for helping hands all the time." Dan then spoke up after finishing his own mouthful, "Or maybe somewhere closer to civilized space if you'd prefer?"

"Dan you don't have to-"

"After how much you helped the business? C'mon, I gotta repay you somehow."

Vance was quiet for a few moments before giving a soft smile to Dan, "Thanks... but I can get by on my own."

"Thing is, you don't need to. Not when you got friends." Dan then quickly replied with a grin, "So, what do you say?"

Vance scratched his chin to think about it for a few moments. It would be nice to find somewhere else to get by immediately instead of having to wander and scrape by at the fringes. On the other hand, he didn't want to intrude on Dan's own goals and focuses for his own sake. And so Vance simply nodded: "I'll think about it then I suppose." The answer made Dan clap his hands together in happiness, "Awesome!"

"So I suppose you'll have to find a replacement for me then?" Vance asked out of curiosity, "It won't be easy working by yourself in the shop again."

"Oh, well I think I might be able to get myself one of them helper-bots do to the heavy lifting for me. The last few months have helped bring in good business, and we're swimming in a decent amount of profits... but it also helps elsewhere." Dan said looking to Vella and holding her hand.

"Oh? Such as?" Vance then probed, now ever more curious.

"Well... I think this means that the two of us can start moving to the next step with our family!" Vella spoke, looking at Dan and then to Astro. "We're going to try for kids."

Vance was surprised and he quickly laughed in joy, "Well! That's great news for both of you... really great!"

"I'm more nervous if I'll be real," Dan quickly spoke up in a joking manner, "Kids can be a real handful." This made Vella only laugh in response, "Not if we do our best Dan."

"Well we should celebrate," Vance spoke as he moved to a nearby cupboard and gathered some shot glasses along with some whisky, pouring some for all three of them and raising his glass. "Here's to family and to the future, wherever it may take us." he toasted before downing the drink with his friends.


Keep Moving Forward
"Oh. No," Roge shook his head repeatedly as the sheer thought of Ean, Chai, Liz and Axel outside of Elippe shook the very core of fatherhood in him. Marge wouldn't like that one bit. "My kids are far from here in a safe independent planet, they're all grown up except my boy. I try to tell them they should get educated and do something that isn't from, what I learned back in my homeworld." His eyes lowered, remembering his father. "I already got started on their inheritance funds if I ever hit the six feet as Humans would say. You're a parent too?" He asked, scratching his scales.


Big loaf supreme
"Yeah. Mother of four right now. I thought we would be five, but my wife said it's better to wait for the older ones start getting out there before we consider it." She shrugged "The boys are getting to that age soon, so that's something to look forward to." A light smile formed on her face "Hopefully they take after their other mother and not the one that's busy traveling the galaxy to shoot people."


Keep Moving Forward
"Yep. My wife Marge thought it would be a good idea that we stayed clear of Durga culture for the kids. I don't blame her, we both wanted them to have a chance that wasn't eating aracken legs and drinking humba sap." He recalled the days in the jungle, starting a warm fire and cracking the shell of an aracken with his axe, shoving the tender meat out and cooked it. Roge sat down, his eyes shifting repeatedly until his Clan told him the area was clear. He took a bite out of the burnt grub and closed his eyes, licking his teeth with a smile.

"Yep. Hmm, by the by, you look like someone who's been doing this for a long while now. Any groups you've been in before coming to VOC-1?"


Big loaf supreme
"In a few." Amy started counting her fingers as she talked "My father was a Divinity Creed bigshot, so I had a that upbringing until my brother got me out. After that I joined with the Alpha sisters if you remember them. I got out on my own after some...well let's call it falling out." Even all this time, Priscila's death and Sasha's cruelty still stung. One more to the list of things she would need to talk to a psychiatrist to "Good thing too, same squad I was in later got wiped out because the one in charge couldn't get over her ex-husband."

"After that, I joined my brother in a company he was part of. Terrika-Beladona company, or TBC. That's where I met Valk, the captain of this crew here" She spread her arm a bit to draw attention to the pirates and their recruits "Ran with them up until the Starvis incident before switching roles to be more freelance. Ups and downs, but I haven't met a better crew since. After that I've been mostly solo doing jobs here and there and bounty hunting."


The Demon Fanatic
As Valkyrie, Lauren, and Damien emerged from the other side of the crowd, they noticed Typhon standing nearby off to the side. Smoking a cigarette, as a puff of smoke drifted away from him. Valk had the urge to bum a cigarette off of him, but she could smoke later. She had more important matters to attend to. As they walked by, Valk spoke. "Hope you're getting all the materials and other stuff you need." she said. Lauren commented as she passed as well. "A little too dressed up, aren't ya?" she said, motioning to Typhon's slacks and tie. It was a casual, yet still professional look. Damien simply gave Typhon a thumbs-up, and the trio continued on through the commercial district.

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