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Sleep Deprived BL Fanboy
Hello to those that stumbled about my search thread!

You can call me AJ, Bunny or Bunbun. I am 21 years old and a Libra so pretty laid back on most things. My hobbies consist of watching anime, exercising, google search gorgeous men, surfing, reading webcomics and unsurprisingly, role plays! I got into role play years back, watching my sister and her friends create crazy stories and the rest is history.

I have a plethora amount of free time which I can use to role play. I love every kind of pairing and genre. The only type I cannot do is fandom where canon characters are involved. I can't portray characters truthfully and ooc bothers me, except in fanfics. >w> That doesn't mean I cannot work with the fandom world, I surely can! I prefer role playing script. Script is similar to what a written play looks like.

Some fandoms I am into:
  • Dr. Stone
  • Lets Play
  • Cursed Princess Club
  • Life with Fel
  • Lore Olympus
  • Starfighter
  • Love Stage
  • Exorcism Academy
  • The Lunar Chronicles
  • Harry Potter
  • Madoka Magica
  • Soul Eater
  • Food Wars
  • In a distant galaxy, the stars would twinkle and twirl in the sky, keeping the galaxy in bright harmony with their light. But an ancient prophecy told of a time when the harmony would be broken. The stars and planets would slow their dance and disappear, leaving a galaxy of darkness.Yet, there was hope as the prophecy also foretold of group who could restore harmony to the stars. The Chancellor of the universe enlist the help of our characters to make things right.
  • Superhero story is similar to BNHA, which is an anime over people with new genetics that give them superpowers. Our characters have to go to a camp to help us control our powers.
  • A mixture of the two genres. Humans have perfected space travel but encounter an alien race bent on conquering the whole universe. We wage war to protect the remaining free planets. Since it is set in a time period where we colonize, there are two types of rankings in the militia, Navigators and Fighters. Navigators control space ships and Fighters, as the name implies, fight alongside the navigators. There is a grudge between the two factions.
  • A superhero and villain are roommates but keep their alter ego a secret. Add on top that they like each other. Can be interchangeable to secret agents.
  • Set in a future where WW3 was about to happen, countries decided on a no violence pact. But humans have basic needs and that is where we come in. We make an underground fight club.
  • Thinking another in the lines of illegal bot fighting.
  • All the gods from the old myths have lost their powers and now just roam the earth as immortal homeless people. None of them know any real skills without their powers. You and a friend (me) start an organization to help them learn marketable skills and join the workforce.
  • You’re a ghost who can’t leave the mortal world since you still have unfinished business. Unless you want me to be the ghost or we could double up.
  • Fairy tale shake up. Example will be provided with more inquiry.
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire: Essentially a group of specialized adventurers travel to find the lost city of Atlantis and find it. One of the adventurers falls in love with one of the citizens of the lost city.
  • Candyland: The premise of the role play is that two candy shop owners have rare magical powers. These magical powers make the candy shop infamous with their enchanting trinkets and treats such as everlasting gum, actual "laughy" taffy, animate Peeps and so forth. If the owners find you, the customers, intriguing and with good intents, they give you a chocolate coin which they use to open a magical door in the back and transported to a candy alternate universe. In there, the customers transform to defenders and fight off the unwanted Inedibles (savage confectioneries) from obtaining The Jawbreaker which the owners swore to protect.
  • Fight Club: In the distant future, violence and anything malicious has been banned. We are owners of an illegal fight club.
  • Guarding Angel: A is an angel; but guardian angels are specifically chosen and assigned to a person. When an irresponsible guardian angel is deprived of their job, A is chosen as their replacement. However, they did quite some damage to the human they were supposed to protect, and now A has to to help them through their experiences when they have almost nothing to believe in.
  • I have more such as bar one, another space one and a camp one
If none interest you then you can suggest some for us to play, don't be shy! I am not picky at all. I love to also chat in between posts.

Don't hesitate to pm if you just want to chat.
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