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Suggestion Bumps in search areas?

Is there a rule listed anywhere on the site regarding how often a search thread is allowed to be bumped?

For instance, I've been told by staff and Wizard that you can bump your search thread once it's off of the first page in whatever search area you've posted it in. But then I see some people who bump it every 20-30 minutes whether it's still on the first page or not.

But I know there's the rule because that's what I've been told. Or is it more of a suggestion? Either way, I wasn't able to find somewhere where this might be posted on the site. And there have been new site members who ask about the same thing. If it's not listed somewhere, it might be nice to have this rule/suggestion in a place where others can find it.

Or if it is posted somewhere, please someone give me a link.
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I've seen some people bump theirs even if their post is still the very top one / still on the most recent message of the section, so I'm genuinely wondering the same thing? And it's definitely bumping twice in a row since no one's discussing anything in the thread.


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We don't have it codified in our community guidelines since it seems like such a basic etiquette to us. I'll bring it up with the rest of staff that we might have to put it somewhere.

Till then, just report the bumps when you see them. We'll get to it when we can.
I thought it was basic etiquette as well until I noticed an increase in bumps by people in like 20-30 minute intervals and so I guess I just got really curious about it.

Thank you for discussing my suggestion and please take your time. :)


We've decided to add in a new section the Community Guidelines to cover this topic so that the guidelines are visible to help define better bump behavior (BBB get it?).
Bump Etiquette
Instead of making a completely new thread players can opt to 'bump' their player/partner search thread to have it appear on the first page of a forum. However, this must be done while taking into consideration that you shouldn't bump spam your thread. Bump spamming is when a user repeatedly bumps their thread or multiple threads with such frequency it becomes spam/flooding.

Here are some basic bump guidelines;
  • Do not bump multiple threads (5+) at the same time. Space it out or maybe consider combining your threads if you can.
  • The best practice is to only bump your thread once per 24 hrs. This is to give everyone a fair chance to have their threads checked out by players.
  • If you truly wish to bump your thread before 24 hrs, you should at least wait until it has fallen from the first page of a forum. The forums move at a slower pace than you would think so please be sure to wait until this happens.

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