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Feel free to add whatever you might feel be needed. I also want to sya that it's fully okay to not expose too much information about your charater in your sheet if you want to explore that in the RP itself.



Alias: (If any)






Physical Description:

Augmentation: (If any)



Strengths: (Listed)

Flaws: (Listed)






As doom approaches I watch the rainbows bloom

Alias: (If any)

Programmed female
218 lbs
Physical Description:
Arlo is a very skeletal looking android. She is made from a heavy duty steel meant for combat. She is also meant for agility. There are sheets of metal meant to resemble hair.
Arlo can shift to give herself an extra set of limbs (Nicknamed "Spider form")

Arlo is cold towards humans. She knows her only purpose is to kill the dangerous entities.
Only one objective
Accuracy (with any weapon)

Combat gear (Vest, pants, etc.)
Two handguns
Appropriate bullets​

Caffeine Freak

That's How Mafia Works

Cable in his younger years

Alias: the Cable Guy
5' 9" / 1.8m
50kg / 110lbs​

Physical Description:
Cable is a disturbingly disfigured humanoid comprised primarily of carbon fiber. His prosthesis is worn down and heavily scratched, and the only part of him that could still be considered human is the flesh torso still holding him together. Technically, Cable is a cyborg, but his heavily augmented body has since become more machine than man. Whenever he speaks, the dull orange lights around his head chassis flicker lethargically after every word.

Augmentation: Much of Cable's primary augmentations rely on heavily outdated firmware, and as such are rendered useless. The only functioning augmentation that remains are his lightweight motor prosthesis, which can allow him to perform otherwise unfeasible stunts with minimum generated noise.


One might compare Cable's obsession with augmentations to a tattoo enthusiast who just has to have their entire body inked. Eventually his habit became compulsive, and soon enough Cable was so mechanized that he could no longer afford to indulge his hunger for augmentations any longer.

Ever since his decommission, Cable has developed something of a snide tongue (figuratively), and it is in his strong belief that his glory days are over, that he is simply biding his time as a purposeless aug until his entire system crashes down on him. Frequently, he experiences what can only be described as 'mood swings' - as software instabilities manifest themselves in his speech and thought patterns, which can lead to seemingly random albeit short-lived outbursts of anger or melancholia. His current motivation is finding a way to gather enough dough to afford the inevitably expensive revamp of his malfunctioning body.


• Ridiculously agile
• Wetwork experience
• Can open a soda bottle without an opener


• Not that pretty to look at
• Lightweight prosthetics lack any real physical strength
• Not very fun at parties

Over his long and morally questionable merc career, Cable has since specialized in infiltration. If there's a place that needs getting into, don't even bother calling Cable because he's already inside. His ability to scale walls and move in virtual silence is quintessential in getting by people unnoticed. Which is fortunate too, considering Cable's only a few bullet holes away from a trip to the scrap yard.



• Prosthetic-concealed blades [UPDATE REQUIRED]
• Collapsible arm-mounted riot shield [UPDATE REQUIRED]
• Built-in 40mm grenade launcher [UPDATE REQUIRED]
• Cloaking device [UPDATE REQUIRED]
• One AA battery.

Essentially Cable's inventory consists of augmentations that don't even work - unless he finds a way to re-activate them during the events of the storyline.

Name: Verity Sapphire

Alias: Queenie


Gender: Female

Age: 26

Height: 5'9

Weight: 130lbs

Physical Description: "Perfect" physique is necessary for Verity's line of work, and that is clear from her curved figure and toned limbs. Her hair is a blonde-white shade and hangs just above her shoulders in a sharp bob cut. Though it changes daily, her makeup normally consists of black shadow and eyeliner with deep red lips. Her outfits are almost always black and revealing, at least when she's working in her club. Otherwise, her clothing is practical for any trouble she may get into.

Augmentation: (If any)


Personality: Queenie is known for her smooth-talking, flirtatious habits. She knows how to work people to get what she wants, and that often proves useful in running her businesses (both legal and illegal). She's always been intelligent and forward thinking, though she has been known to be hot-headed and irrational in the past, even impulsive at times. She treats her girls well and is fiercely loyal to those who have proven their loyalty to her.

  • Charisma
  • Intelligence
  • Loyalty
  • Good Business Sense

  • Audacious
  • Hot-headed
  • Impulsive
  • Stubborn
  • Egotistical

  • Driving (Stunt/Getaway)
  • Firearms
  • Persuasion/Seduction
  • Manipulation

  • 2 pistols, decorated with rhinestones.
  • 1 knife
  • Generic things - Purse, Make-up, Keys, Phone/Communication Device

  • Allure Strip Club
  • Drug Business
  • Apartment
  • Car
  • Contacts (i.e. drug gangs, business folk, other criminals)
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k a s i k a s i

impossible dreams and ponzi schemes

Name: Kaisir Ditya Yankovic

Alias (People who knew him before he was the leader of his gang / Close friends and family): K, Kiddo, Kid Boss, Young Boss

Alias (People who work for him / His gang members): Boss, Mr. Boss

Alias (People who knew him for business reasons): Mr. Yankovic, Mr. K

Alias (People who never met him but know about him): Yankovic, The Wolf of Velvet Streets, The Wolf of Velvet District


Gender: Male

Age: 19

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 120 lbs

Physical Description:

Facial Features:


Hair Style:

Usual Outfits:
1547618515797.png 1547621237648.png 1547621468014.png

When in Combat Gear:
1547613857598.png Neon Symbol at the Back of the Coat: 1547617302785.png


Right Arm:



Left Arm ONLY:
1547613671025.png ENGRAVINGS of the AUGMENTATION (GOLD) 1547554944409.png


Kaisir is the current leader of the gang of Velvet District, the Velvet Wolves. After the tragic deaths of his elder brother and elder sister, he was forced to take responsibility of the gang at the very young age of 18. To keep things legitimate in the eyes of the government, the Velvet Wolves have created several businesses in their district. For example, they own a hospital and a school for unfortunate children. In the underground, though, the Wolves have set up crimes from small Ponzi schemes to big bank robberies. And when things are back to normal, when all the 'opportunities' are gone, the Wolves gain their steady profit from fixing drag races in their streets.

Kaisir isn't just known for his street and business reputation, though. During the martial law in Joyce City, the government went on a bloody rampage. They killed and tortured innocent people, and it went on for a long time. Until, the Wolves and the other gangs in the city just couldn't take it anymore. The government had taken the lives of very precious people in all the gangs of the city, including Kaisir's brother and sister. The gangs finally decided to meet and formed a temporary alliance to bring down the law. They waited for the opportunity for the government to hire bounty hunters, then started flocking in. Each of the bounty hunters were given augmentations to their left forearm. They now were given the power to extract information through painful mental torture of the brain, completely eliminating the need for interrogations.

From this point on, Kaisir was on his own. There was no telling if his fellow bounty hunters were still loyal to the alliance or have already turned to help the law for selfish reasons. Eventually, the law discovered the spies, including Kaisir. He was brutally tortured. They brutally removed his augmentation, then his whole left arm, but made sure he wouldn't bleed out. Luckily, before they could get any important information about the alliance, the gangs were able to rescue him and give him a new augmented left arm, although it didn't have the information extractor it once had.

The gangs were eventually victorious, and they made sure the people knew that they were the ones that saved them. It helped with the reputation. And everything went back to normal. The alliance was disbanded, and they moved on.

The last few months were quiet, and nobody's complaining. Pretty soon though, Kaisir believes the gang can get into the drug trade when the opportunity finally presents itself. And maybe, just maybe, the code trade. He just has to be ready.

Despite being the leader of a gang, Kaisir is usually seen to be polite and cheerful, charming even--if he chooses to. When disrespected, though, the reason why he's called the Wolf of Velvet Streets will be clear enough.

1. Gang
2. Business
3. Charm and Speech
4. Money
5. Contacts
6. Tactical
7. Velvet District

1. Weak against the more physically stronger opponents
2. Overconfident

1. Driving (Drag Racing)
2. Marksmanship (Expert in Small Arm like Pistols and Revolvers)
3. Demolitions and Traps
4. Hacking (Above average at best)

Gang Inventory:
1. Guns (7 Pistols, 3 Rifles)
2. Vehicles (2 Cars)
3. Drugs (Very few; Only used when really needed)
4. Explosives and Traps (3 Tripwire Mines)

Personal Inventory:
1. Ceremonial Revolver (for executions and assassinations of highly-respected people by the gang)
2. Tripwire Explosives
3. Knife
4. Submachine Gun
5. Pistol

1. Contacts from other Gangs
2. Information from Corrupt Cops
3. The Whole District of Velvet


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Name: Mackenzie Johnson

Alias: everyone only knows him as Scar


Gender: male

Age: 23

Height: 6’0

Weight: 159 pounds

Physical Description: Mackenzie is a slight above average build guy, average height, he has orange hair on head and face but keeps a helmet on at all times so no one knows what his face looks like, Mackenzie has light armor made for little protection but high maneuverability and the color of it is a dark red most of the time, unless it changes color, to his sides he has two holdsters that are charger packs so they look like metal blocks on his sides on his back there is a single Scottish looking sword the ends of the blade light up as a red light.

Augmentation: none


Personality: Scar is a very cold straight forward man who wants jobs done and for him to get his cut, no mercy nor compassion to give he would do things no one with a conscience would ever consider if it meant he got something.

Strengths: because he has no mercy he doesn’t have hesitation and if he fights someone or something he will try his best to make it the last time no matter the cost and he is a dedicated scout, mobility and sneaking is his strong suit, his weapons have a charger for example he has two pistols that charge he uses one while charging the other so he can constantly harass enemies and his sword can cut through a lot with the energy blade he charges, his arnor changes color like a camilians skin finally a voice changer built into his helmet.

Flaws: Scars rechargeable pistols do minimal damage so against heavy enemies it is nothing but a annoyance and his sword has a limit before it has to charge no exceptions it can’t over heat or overdrive at all though Scar can charge his pistols shots to be more powerful they take more time to charge which would leave him defenseless until all his weapons are charged and his cold personality often lead to conflict and complications and his armor changes color to the eviorments color doesn’t change invisible so if it’s from afar it would be effective but up close it is not very good.

Skills: Scar is a skilled bounty hunter he is good at tracking people and their history and records, he is very good at sneaking and suppressing enemies also he is good at intimidation and had underworld contacts that are limited but still good.


Inventory: light weight color changing suit, rechargeable pistols and sword, color changing helmet, color changing reacharge packs, voice changer.

Assets: a junker scrap ship, underworld contacts
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Kaolin Ji-Woo
AKA. Rishi, Jiwoo, Ji


Gender: Male

Age: 22

Height: 1.82 M / 6’0

Weight: 75 Kg /

Physical Description: Rishi has rough skin with orange undertones, soft facial features defined by his rounded head. Almost all of his body is covered in colorful tattoos, legs, arms, hands neck and so on, he even has a small one on his right cheek. He often looks tired, exaggerated by his slumpy and loose way of carrying his lean body.
Rishi is always clean shaven, as for hair be boasts nothing but a few dreads often bundled up on the top of his head.
Rishi won’t go anywhere without all of his ten fingers being decked out in their respective rings.

Augmentation: SCP (Standardized Cerebral Port) used for connecting hooking onto VR.


Personality: Years on the streets has taught him to be tough, and although he is overconfidence can get the best of him at times. He often acts far tougher then he is, as he in reality really stands on the softer side. He has a strong conscience and as much as he hates the state and it’s supporters he doesn’t want his actions to affect the innocent. After having dealth drugs on streetcornerns for years Rishi has finally decided it's his time to rise in the ranks, his determined personality helping him in his endevours.

Mentally strong

Hot headed
Paranoid (While high)



Inventory: Cigarettes, Lighter, Switchblade, Vintage military jacket

Assets: Contacts, Small apartment in the Upper Lacin district, a small semi automatic pisto andl a real piece of shit car​


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Name: Ronin Ludwig

Alias: Shhhhh..


Gender: Male

Age: 44

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 147 lbs

Physical Description: Ronin has multiple scars on his hands and around his eyes, the scars on the eyes indicate the ocular augmentation, his black hair is mostly grey now, his ears are slightly scratched, his nose and mouth are obscured when he isn't wearing his signature black carbon-fiber sneaking suit, athletic build to make maneuvering easier.
His chest has several self-harm scars, outside of his sneaking suit, he typically wears tracksuits and only occasionally wears formal suits only when meeting with contractors.

Augmentation: Ocular augmentation, allowing him to see great distances without the need of a scope.


Personality: Generally open-minded, doesn't prefer to work with a group but has no problems if the situation forces cooperation, has a distinct disdain for needless animal augmentation, avoids needless killing.

Strengths: Great spotter and stealth operative, long range takedowns, capable of stealth takedowns.

Flaws: Only one lethal options, can't fight several combatants alone (max amount of opponents he can fight alone is 3, this is without a gun), EMPs makes him blind, no sense of smell and due to augmentation, has severe twitching in extremities and eyes.
Skills: Expert level marksmanship, Experienced fighter, Olympic level dextrity, Lockpick skills (phyiscal locks), contortionist, expert torturer, is able to drive.


Inventory: Carbon-fiber knife, suppressed 2011 (stun pistol, 11 round capacity), carbon-fiber sneaking suit (it's just a full body suit, no invisible qualities, can stop small caliber ammo for a short period of time until they punch through and heavy cals instantly punch through.)

Assets: Tibetan Mastiff called Snuffles, 4x4 apartment room with 4 secret compartments, 2 small compartments and 2 large compartments.

Sneaking suit


Carbon-fiber knife


Suppressed 2011


Casual wear



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Gale Derix

the Butcher




around 2 meters

69 kg

Physical Description:
Derix once had black hair, cut just above the skin to fit in the military helmet. Now there isn't much remaining from that. His right arm, shoulder and majority of head are covered in serious burn scars, attained from explosion of incendiary grenade. Large part of Gale's skull, upper back and left arm are covered in metal plating, which appears also in several places around his body. Derix has his right eye burned out and replaced by metal augmentation. He usually wears black casual clothing, bulletproof vest and brown trench coat with bandolier and belt on top of that, used to carry ammo and weapons.

Augmentations: Obnoxiously large amount of military grade augmentations, particularily around the head and central nervous system. However, vast majority of those augmentations are broken, reasons below.


Background: Born in one of many democratic states on the Galactic scene, Derix has shown signs of mental instability very early. This did not seemed like much for majority of his life, yet was enough to have Gale rejected from the military service when he applied. Not one to give up quickly, Derix decided to join a band of mercenaries. He became part of "Black Lancers Brigade" - a unit famous for their disregard of international laws and frequent war crimes. There, Gale's hyperviolent tendencies truly manifested, he was known as exceptionally brutal, even among people like Black Lancers. Despite that, he was very effective, and stuck with his unit for a long time. Some day, however, Black Lancers were hired by small state, attacked by Empire of Arcius. As soon as first battle, in which Black Lancers were deployed, Derix was almost killed by incendiary grenade, which left gruesome scars on his body even to this day. Vastly outnumbered, Black Lancers and other mercenary bands hired to this war were quickly routed by Arcian troops. Victorious soldiers, instead of letting the wounded die, saving them or ending their suffering, brought enemy survivors back to their nation, where they were put to gruesome experiments, as part of experimental research program, aiming to create a corps of obscenely deadly and suicidally loyal cyborg shock troopers. In a research facility on an asteroid XV-354 in the Arcius system Gale and other captors, both from this war and other conflicts, were packed with as many augmentations as there were avaible in the facility. Kept in line by the control implants, experimental cyborgs were put through testing and experimentation. All proceeded well for Arcian research programme, until one day Gale's control implant malfunctioned. This allowed him to break free, murder all the other cyborgs, half the Garrison and personel involved in research, chase the lead scientists onto his personal cruiser, and then murder the entire crew in most painful and gruesome way he could come up with. When drifting warship was recovered by patrolling Trade Federation escort vessel, they found only Derix, wandering the blood soaked corridors of abandoned ship. Federation personel attempted to arrest Gale and bring him planetside for trial. However, as soon as he set foot on the planet, cyborg murdered his guards, stole a starship and escaped. From there, Derix burnt his way across the galaxy in a huge crime spree, commiting propably all offenses prohibited by any galactic law. All of his crimes had one in common: they were extremely violent, with casualty rate sometimes exceeding 100% due to witnesses. During this time, Gale attempted to remove some of the implants given to him by imperial scientists by contracting several underworld surgeons. Later, however, he contracted several different surgeons to replace the implants, pretty clear sign of developing insanity. As the cyborg continued his crime spree across the galaxy, he changed his mind about the augmentations many, many times, and conflicting surgeries or just bad work by shady medics put majority of the implants into state where they are good only for scrap.

Derix is, pretty clearly, insane. He was always hyperviolent and hyperagressive, which created a lot of mess. Future experiences did not help. First PTSD attained during combat with Arcius troops, further reinforced by experiments on XV-354. There, his mental state went from "considerably damaged" to "total ruin". Now, Gale experiences frequent attacks of blind rage, extreme mood swings and more. Its safe to say, there can't be much said about his attitude or preferences, as they change soemtimes in a matter of seconds. One this, however, is certain: total lack of mercy and love for violence.


  • Increased strength and agility by augmentations, only slightly due to damage, can be increased if he decides to fix the augmentations
  • Some additional augmentations can propably be revived by skilled surgeons
  • Military training and large experience as mercenary, criminal, hired assasin and more
  • Insanity can sometimes be beneficial


  • Most implants are broken, further augmentations will be hard to implement without using the skeletal work of what's already inside or scrapping that comepletely
  • Over the top amount of scrap metal stuck within Gale's body and sticking out scars make it pretty much impossible to blend in with the crowd
  • Insanity has its downsides (hyperviolence makes stealth jobs highly unlikely to succeed, PTSD can sometimes kick in and cause Derix to freak out around open flames, he may refuse to do something for no reason and more)
  • Complete lack of social skills, all were cut out by Arcian scientists to make room for control implants
  • High level EMP attacks can cause augmentations to go haywire for some time


  • Ranged and melee combat
  • Experience and knowledge on many types of varied crime on basic level
  • Somewhat good understanding of localized combat tactics
  • Can pilot a ship and fire on board weapons, not much more on that



  • Some cash, looted from random bank
  • Pistol and some ammo
  • Assault rifle and almost no ammo
  • Vibroknife and two backup batteries
  • Backpack to carry around his belongings


  • Stolen Trade Federation escort cruiser, currently kept under guard in Joyce City spaceport, also lacks crew
  • Some underworld contacts, not much, and none inside Joyce City itself


RpNation's local Neko and Quiplash Champion

  • face.png Name: Ayla Rinko
    Alias: "Cypher"

    Gender: Female
    Age: 22

    Height: 5'4"
    Height: 135 lbs - 61 kg

    Physical Description:
    Ayla isnt your stereotypical female in terms of physical appearance. She's rather small and doesn't boast much oomph, though she makes up for it with her lean and conditioned body, her stamina being high as well as her endurance. Her hair is a plain jet black color, her eyes hovering between dark brown and black. 99% of the time, Ayla's hair is tied up into two long pig-tails. She always has her gas mask with her, either around her neck or on her face, along with her special goggles which normally rest on her head when not in use.

    Augmentation: (If any)
    Ayla has very few augments in her body and the ones she has are all underneath her skin, nothing external. To any onlooker, she looks as normal as can be. Her main augmentation is a small yet powerful micro-computer implanted into her brain, serving both as an enhancement and a life saver due to an accident in her childhood. While the primary reason for the micro-computer is to regulate some of her bodily functions, its side effects are all positive, accelerating Ayla's thinking processes and her mental awareness as well as making her into a form of "living computer"

    Along with this, she has multiple sensors throughout the rest of her nervous system to monitor her vitals, all the information going into her retina where she has a special HUD-like display in her eyesight, which can tell her basic information regarding her surroundings in addition to monitoring her own body.

    The only augmentation that is considered "external" is a small port at the base of her neck at the back of her head where she can connect something external such as computer or portable memory device and have her micro-computer read the data off of it.

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