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Being the second biggest of all the metropoli scattered across settled space, Joyce City offers opportunity to all. An economically flourishing market has the city boasting higher living standards than anywhere else! Thousands of new jobs are appearing in all sectors so anyone can be sure to find their place as an upstanding and contributing citizen of Joyce. “Wow, how can I become a part of this?” You eagerly ask. Well, it’s quite simple! You’ll be able to tap into all this and more with a single simple step: Turn your back on the law.

Are you a social butterfly? Join one of the many available gangs. An ambitious entrepreneur? Joyce is the perfect City for starting your new business! But keep the fuck away from our territory! Or maybe you’re someone who values family over all? Well, where better to raise your kids then in center of opportunity? No, but seriously, your body won’t be found.

There are many parts of Joyce all buzzeling and offering their own cultures and spirit! Visit Joyce Central for THE shopping and entertainment central of the galaxy! Looking to settle in a calm quite area? The suburbs will provide just that! And of course, Joyce has a fantastic ocean view and one of the largest sea harbours of any City on any Planet! And, the magnum opus of our beautiful city are the galaxy renowned markets! Whatever you might need you’ll find it here, Cybernetics, Robotics, Furniture, Cuisine, Guns, Drugs and of course every other service or item you might imagine.

So, what are you waiting for? Move to Joyce today!


So, as the perceptive might’ve figured out, This RP will focus on crime. This is my third attempt at making an RP such as this, as the concept always has intrigued me. It will take place in a very far future city called Joyce, that depending on area is more or less run over with crime. I want the RP to have a very strong sense of progression, as in we’ll start out as no-bodies, wanna-be criminals for different reasons that will have to work to get somewhere (A lot of emphasis on this!). What type of crime we’ll indulge in is as I see it something the group can eventually decide or let develop within the RP. I also want us to as a group develop the story, setting, lore and scenarios. I want us to be clear stylistically, and for us all to share a similar vision of what is feasible and appropriate for the world we’re building. I want it to be quite gritty and harsh, and characters should reflect that. When using images i’d like us to stay away from anime and other heavily stylized art as I feel it won’t give off the right vibe and detail I imagine for the RP. So, I hope this sounds appealing enough, I’m looking to form a group of at least 4 players including me and if anyone wants to help co-gm we can discuss that, but I want us all to be a part of running the RP.

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