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Fantasy Build a fantasy world with me! Looking for male human !

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Magic Eight Ball
Y/c travels to an ancient forest on the borders of war stricken land, one said to hold the last spark of magic in this world. Tales of the last Elven civilization are whispered throughout, though no one dares to enter for they free crossing the treacherous lands of cruel greedy people and vile beasts.

In the past 30 years a war between elves and humans have desomated most elven civilizations on that side of the world. Y/c finds the last Elf anyone has seen outside of shackles and forced slavery and she begs him to help her into the forest, back to her people.

We can develop this story more when you connect I mostly made it up on the spot! So I'm pretty flexible with it, the only thing I ask of you is that y/c is about 18-30! He can be anywhere from a poor farmer to a traveling sellsword or a prince/knight/soldier (which I think sounds super spicey)!

M/c is somewhat naïve to the human world, she isn't completely lost though and has her wits about her! She mainly uses magic to defend herself but because of the growing tensions with humans for the past hundreds of years magic isn't as powerful as it used to be and many libraries were burned. Destroying thousands of scrolls depicting magic use.

(Also my elves are a bit different than the traditional pointy ear ones, I think they're cute but kind of uninspired! I tagged nymph cause my view of them lines more in that direction. I'll send pictures as reference later!)

I'll explain more about my character and would love to year about yours after we dm!

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