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Bug Bug Thread 2021


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If I update my preferences to receive discord DMs, the box is always unchecked after I try to save it. Earlier, my account was not correctly associated, but reconnecting accounts did not fix the issue.


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I found a bug with the colouring of text (and bold and italic).
I'm selecting this:
And this happens after I choose colour:
Also when I bold text. I know I can go to BBCode and fix it, but it should work correctly, right? I also had a weird thing were using italics in, let's say, 'wording' there, also italicized a random word in another paragraph, like, 'Seina' up there.

The editor's kind of... putting things wherever it wants, changing things to wherever it wants (for example, I centered something, then if I center another thing or maybe make a spoiler, it messes it up). I forgot to take captures or anything, but it was really weird. It made like four spoilers when I, at best, inserted only two of them :/. This hasn't happened again so I can't know if it's a bug or I just did dumb stuff, but I thought I'd note it anyways.

I already wrote this post on the Changelog post, but since this is the Bug post, I thought it'd be more useful here. This has happened again so I can confirm it's a bug. If it happens again, I'll record the screen so it's easy to see. It seems to happen when you bold some part of a text and then colour it (or simply when you colour it), so that it colours all the line for some reason. When you make that part a new paragraph, colour and bold it, and then get it back to where it was (erasing the spaces so that you join the paragraphs) it's alright. Has this happened to anyone else? I have tried to emulate this in this post, but to no avail, it works correctly, so I'm not sure what the deal with this is, it's really weird haha.
How do we access formatting options (not referring to bbcode) on mobile? Currently everything is grayed out and can't be interacted with.


How do we access formatting options (not referring to bbcode) on mobile? Currently everything is grayed out and can't be interacted with.
You need to press on the three dots on the right side of the post menu bar and there select a button that looks like [ ]


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It's not entirely intuitive, is it? But honestly I can't think of anything better (not that I can pick and choose, it's part of the site software). I think it used to be a gear? Which isn't any more logical, but at least it's a symbol we're used to seeing as representing settings or options. On the other hand, the brackets make a certain kind of sense, since it's brackets we use for coding BBcode with.

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