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Realistic or Modern btr character sheets-


Character Applications

Hello! Thanks for clicking through; I really appreciate your interest!
To reiterate, the available character slots are: the clutz, the star and
the brains. I'm playing the leader role. As far as sheet format goes,
there's no specific information or coding I'm looking for; I just want to
see what you come up with and how you interpret the character.
The only thing I'm going to say is remember that, while there will be
realism and angst in this story, a majority of the time our characters will
wreaking teenage havoc on anyone that comes across their path. They're
fun and goofy- if you've seen the show, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Thanks again! And there's not current due date.




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Name: Melissa Zabielski
Nickname: Lissa [lih-suh]
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5'1
Weight: 120lbs
Appearance/FC: Rena Lovelis


Likes: performing; writing; funny youtube videos; dogs; dr. pepper

Dislikes: bitchy people; dancing; being responsible for someone else; her natural hair color; heels

-is still slightly terrified to dance in front of people

(+): independent; brave; honest; loyal; intelligent
(-): prideful; impatient; impulsive; stubborn; cold


Bio: [tw: suicide]
Lissa grew up with an alcoholic father and a drug addicted mother. She had an older brother, Luke, who swore to always take care of her. He protected her when their parents got into fights, and held her as she cried herself to sleep. Living in that house was hell, but Luke made it okay. He made sure she had clothes on her back and food in her belly, and as she got older he made sure that she finished her homework and helped him with the chores. It wasn't his job to be a parent to her, but he took it upon himself to do.

Maybe that's why he committed suicide. Lissa came home from school one day at the tender age of twelve to find that he'd hung himself, right there in his bedroom. He'd left a note that she still has to this day, although nobody knows about it. Her screams caught the attention of her parents, who rushed in to find their son dead and cold, and their daughter trying to tear him down and bring him back.

His death straightened out her parents. For a little while. Lissa started dealing with depression mood swings and was diagnosed as bipolar at fourteen after her mood swings became so much that not even her parents could handle them. They spent months fighting with her to get her to take her pills, but it wasn't until a friend got her into music and singing that she really started to take her health seriously. Now it's almost graduation time, and she's ready to get the hell out of there.


Voice Example:


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Elanora 'For the love of God just Elle' Vasiliev

The Klutz
Full Name: Vasiliev Mikhailvona Elanorà

Nicknames: Elle, Ella, Nora, Ellie, Norie, Crazy Lady With The Cucumbers (The Result Of One Too Many Screaming Matches Outside The Family Restaurant With The Delivery Guy), Buffet Destroyer

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Birthday: March 21st

Sexuality: In the Realm of 'Why Is Everyone So FUCKING Attractive!?'

Occupation: Waitress/Pikes Sporting Goods Cashier

Personality: Noted to be something of an airhead, Elle can be quite forgetful and spacey, however she tries to make-up for it in memorizing all the little things about others, whether it be the correct pronunciation of a name, to an old comfort food from all the way back in grade school, straight to embarrassing secrets that would probably be better off forgotten...

All things considered, Elle is considered to be a very sweet and outgoing girl, if easily riled up to anger and jealousy, and you just know a situation has gone south when the poor girl tries to be the voice of reason. Although, despite her pride, Elle is very much aware that she's nowhere nearing booksmart, this, doesn't, however stop her from putting in her two cents.

Has, without fail, tried to strangle anyone who has the nerve to insult her бабушкин recipes, as it is her 'one' absolute virtue, her cooking, being insulted, and her grandmother's godly skills in the kitchen, she feels she has all rights on this matter.

The poor kid probably couldn't tell left from right, or Make it through a day where she doesn't have at least six new bruises.

Habits: Tends to pull at her hair rather harshly in an effort to psyche herself up before doing something, keeps a wooden spoon in her bag for emergencies, will, without doubt, imitate a jackrabbit when very excited about something.

Likes: Cooking, Hockey, 80's pop Rock, Her Leather Jacket

Dislikes: Heavy Metal, Soccer, Customer Service, Her Cashmere Shawl, That Weird In-Between Sad And Mad

Fears: Since she was a little girl, Elle has never had the right... Temperament for anything to do with birds. Whether they be the sweetest thing since chocolate, or horrible monstrosities, birds just outright hate her. This has translated to a very deliberating fear of anything 'bird-ish' as she calls it. The 'Swan Incident' will forever live in infamy with this poor girl.

Elle has never been a fan of the dark, and tends to still sleep with a night-light. Latch onto the nearest person.

Outside of her immediate violence on the matter, Elle lives in constant fear that she will one day find the one person she can't sate with her cooking. She will smack whoever fuels this fear with her wooden spoon without hesitation.

Less seriously, Elle doesn't like blood. It's just not her thing, and would rather avoid it.

Height: 04"11

Weight: 110lbs [49kg]

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Grey

Style: Elle likes to call her style the 'Resurgance Of Leather' but in reality, the only leather thing she has on consistently is her jacket, that's at least three sizes too large for her frame. And her pants, maybe once a month, but that's only because someone told her she couldn't pull it off. She called bullshit on them easily enough.

Beyond this, Elle prefers very loose fitting clothing in her day to day life, mostly in soft pastels and warm reds, and can almost always be found with stains on her shirt, and an apron tied around her torso, around dinner time. Dinner is an EVENT in her household, I assure you, last Thanksgiving saw her grandfather spending a night in the slammer for an incident at the grocers involving the last turkey on sale.

History: Elanorà Vasiliev hails from a family of German-Russian immigrants, and thus has a rather bug family, a large family, an exceedingly large family.

[The kid has a cousin for everything.]

Anyway, while her family may not win any awards for being overtly rich, they were pretty well off, if... A bit overprotective. Too say Elle didn't have many friends before she met 'The Girls', as she's so fond of saying, is something of an understatement. Whether is was via her Grandfather's background checks, or her mother's terrifying disposition, people tended to just... Straight up avoid her after the first playdate.

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I’ve aged 20 years since I met you guys

the brains

rory ellis.

full name

veronica ‘rory’ ellis


to almost everybody she’s rory, only her parents call her veronica or ronnie.




august 30th/ virgo






taylor swift







hair c.

her hair is a light strawberry blonde with two white streaks in the front. it grows just below her shoulders with a slight wave in it which she usually leaves natural but occasionally straightens.

eye c.

bright blue


tia jonsson





taylor swift, cats, plants, books, corduroy, autumn, iced coffee, doc martens, the moon, sit coms, true crime documentaries, lip gloss, lakes, the forest, shiny rocks, stationary, hardback books, scented candles.


eggs, horror movies, loud noises, large crowds, small spaces, very hot or very cold weather, mushrooms, loud patterns.


mice, any slimy animal, small spaces, heights.








character name

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character name

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character name

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character name

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biting her nails, cracking her knuckles, breaking the spines on her books and dog earring the pages, running her fingers through her hair, chewing gum, grinding her teeth.

mbti type


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the klutz.






full name

andalie serenica martin



andie, alie, ananas (pineapple)






sep. 19



french/african american






zoe love smith

  • clouds.

    never take life seriously-- no one ever makes it out alive anyways.

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the star.

what's a star for
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January 14th, 2022.
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Name: Ruby Black
Nicknames: Ru, RB, R, Black (FRIENDS AND FAMILY ONLY)
Age: 15 going on 16
Birthday: July 6th
Nationality: America
Sexuality: Bi no lean
Fc: Google 15 year old girl with dyed purple hair.
Height 5'6"
Weight: 109lbs
Natural Hair Color: Brunette
Dyed Color: Purple with pink, orange, and yellow tips.
Eye Color: Blue
Personality: funny, caring, clumsy, careful/cautious, a bit shy when around new people unless with her friends, loyal, good listener, protective, easy going, smart (not super smart but smart enough to get by in life)
Likes: Singing, reading, writing, dancing, acting, kids, playing games, her cat Bella/Bells, the Twilight Saga
Dislikes: Spicy food (very low tolerance), bullies, racism/sexism, stereotypes or people that stereotype other, animal abusers
Fears: Losing Bella, heights, needles, planes (revealed in bio part)
Bio: Ruby was born July 6th to her lovely parents in Minnesota's best hospital. Growing up she was pretty shy until she met the other three girls Judith and the other two. She was often bullied whenever she was alone especially for her clumsyness/accident proneness teachers for some reason never liked her but she passed classes in fact she did well in class except for the day she received the worst news in her life. At only age twelve during lunch she was called down to the office of course being twelve she assumed she was in trouble. She got in the office and the principal, the only staff member nice to her and her family, was crying she asked the principal what happened. The principal sat Ruby down and told her that her dad, who was on a plane back home from his business trip, had been in a crash and didn't make it. Ruby hearing this went completely still and silent the principal tried to get her to talk but she refused her world had been shattered to bits. When she exited the office she dizzily ran for the bathroom and sobbed. After that she's been terrified of planes especially alone without her besties. Anyway Ruby misses her dad a lot but knows that he would love that herself and her friends are creating a girl band.dc32ec28e077f3691c247253098b97ba--my-photos-crazy-hairstyles.jpg
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