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Multiple Settings BSD, KH and P5 (and other stuff) OPEN

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I probably shouldn't be searching for RPS and yet, here I am.

I go by Shasha or Diana ~ I'm 20 years old with a part time job, currently on break from college living in PST. I've been role-playing for 10 years now, my replies can range from around 300 words up to over 1000 (please tell me which range you prefer) and I'm open to playing any gender and any sexuality (I tend to play males, females and nb. mxf, fxf and nbxm/f and even role-play polygamous relationships on occasion) lots of my stuff is canon X oc just a heads up.

I'm a SUCKER for romance but totally down for platonic stuff. I prefer to role-play with people 15+, quality over quantity, a good OOC relationship is very important to me so if you aren't down to be friends and send memes, I might not be the partner for you. Discord is the best place to contact me, role-play can also be there or here on site preferably over DM ~

Now onto the nitty gritty (italic is who I prefer to play, down to double up! Characters in parenthesis is who I have experience playing BUT THIS DOESN'T MEAN I WON'T PLAY ANY OTHER CHARACTERS!) majority of my OC'S are female! Genderbending is possible!

!! Bungou Stray Dog's !! (Chuuya, Atsushi)

CRAVING Dazatsu (Dazai x Atsushi) - want some good old fluffy shit BUT also craving a darker AU where Dazai never left the Mafia. Atsushi joins the Agency. Oh and if you know the BEAST AU then I'm SO down for it o k
(some of my other ships are odazai, shin soukoku, dazatswa)

oc x Dazai/Atsushi/Akutagawa/Nikolai/OC I'm also absolute trash and down for a poly thing here o o p s

!! Kingdom Hearts !! (Sora,Vanitas)

oc x vanitas/OC

vanven/venvan (vanitas x Ventus)

!! Persona 5 !!

oc x akechi/ren

note, currently not done with the game but i am currently in the "present". If you know, you know.

Boku no/My Hero Academia (Bakugou)

oc x dabi/hawks/OC


not sure WHAT I want but just about anything revolving around the premise? Either with the actual movie cast or original characters within the world prior to the movies ending?


Nonfandom stuff

kitsune X anything - I have a kitsune boy I've been dying to use, he's Pansexual, homoromantic ~

If you're interested, feel free to DM me or comment below!! Ask for my discord~​
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