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it's so exhausting waiting for death
Okay guys. So, yeah, I'm pretty fricken literate. I'd like my partner to be literate too. But I also want someone who can have hella fun with their characters. But first a little bit about me.

  • I'm 17 by now. I don't care if you're over the age of 18 but you have to be over the age of 16.​
  • I have been roleplaying since I was 10 years old, and my oh my have I grown.​
  • I've got an extremely busy and full schedule. I'm a junior in high school taking college level classes, plus an extra class because I decided to skip it this year and just move up (still trying to decide if that was the best decision)​
  • Honestly I'm a quiet person for the most part, but once I find a topic I'm passionate about and you happen to bring it up, I really don't shut up- which leads into my awkwardness ((((((((:​
  • I have a job but that won't really interfere with my posting....However I'm on the swim team and I have practice Monday through Friday, yet still that won't interfere with my posting....I respond daily and often times more than once a day.​
  • I AM VERY LGTBQ+ FRIENDLY!!! I myself am bi-sexual, although I find myself leaning more towards females. But don't worry, I won't hit on you or something, I swear.​
Okay so now that that is out of the way, here's what I want from my partner:
  • MUST BE 16+!!!!!​
  • Must be able to write at least 2 paragraphs.​
  • Must be willing to play either male or female.​
  • If you read this and are interested, please respond in the comments the word "pineapple".​
  • Must move the story along as much as I do. Don't make me to allll the heavy lifting, guys. That's tiring.​
  • Please inform me if you aren't feeling the role-play anymore- I don't like being ditched and I'm sure you don't either.​
  • Honestly please just have fun??? I beg ;-;​
* = crave *** = extremely craving
If they don't have a ***, please comment with plots for them.

So, basically, Character A gets knocked up. You can come up with the circumstances in which it happened. Character B is the ex-best friend of Character A, the one who just really wants to fix the relationship between them. This is a really broad idea, with a lot of things we'll have to figure out, but honestly it's something I'm craving.
A Night You'll Never Forget
Basically the two characters meet at a party. They go on this crazy-ass adventure, probably ending in love, maybe not. I mainly want to focus on the aftereffects of that night. How did the characters react to each other after the party? Were they cold? Or were they crazy for each other? I'd like to have some pretty bold characters in this pLEASE. Don't give me all that shy crap.
Spotlight (Basically Riverdale but with different characters)
Her shoes clicked down the hallway, every step she taking demanding full attention from everyone. Nobody knew who she was, only that she was freaking gorgeous. Even though she was the new kid, everyone seem drawn to this...this goddess. Character A just moved into town, and immediately the small town they lived in was turned upside down. Character B is the main it-girl. The two obviously clash, but when shit hits the fan and the entire town is thrown into a loop, the two girls realize they've gotta work together to solve what's going on. How to they react?
Muse A was just getting home from school when they hear their psycho dad in the kitchen. From the sounds like he's drunk again. Muse A starts to dismiss it, but then they hear small whimpers. They turn their head, and see their father has a kid from your school tied up to a chair, and gagged. Their father was holding and a butcher knife to Muse B's throat. The poor thing looked terrified, and appeared to be crying. What do you do?
Character A was on her way home from school when she was kidnapped. Beat and hurt, she was tied up in the basement so that she could be starved and hurt over and over. She was basically the slave. But when the kidnapper moved away, Character B moved in shortly after that and didn't know there was someone in the basement. After a discovery of A in the basement....

Plots Based on Songs
Basically there's this couple and they split up for one reason or another, they get with other people and basically move on with their lives while still having feelings for each other, which they were unaware of until they stumble upon each other in some type of setting. (Can be any type of romantic pairing)
Honestly if you just listen to the song you'll pretty much get the plot: A long relationship comes to an end because of cheating, so Character A (the one cheated on) has to figure out how to move on without their lover. Can result in them either getting back together or getting with a new person.

Possible Fandoms???
In here I'll pretty much just give you the pairings I would be willing to play. Same rules still apply...The more asterisks, the more I'm craving it.
Bill x Richie***
x Eddie***
Stan x Bill
Bill x OC
x OC**
Stan x OC
OC x

Other Pairings (bold is what I would like to play)
  • Vampire x Human
  • Vampire x Vampire *
  • Ghost x Human
  • Angel x Human
  • Tattoo Artist x Tattoo Artist
  • Tattoo Artist x Customer ***
  • Gamer x Nerd ***
  • Writer x Artist *
  • OC x Jughead ***

I am extremely open to anyyyyy recommendations. Thank you for reading this far if you did. I love you lots <3 Please comment down below if any of this tickled your fancy!
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Always Happy to See You
Hey I'd love to chat about some of your pairing ideas if you're still looking for someone!~ And before I forget the fruit thing its gotta be pineapple right

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