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Fantasy Brown phoenix crew (sky pirates cs)

Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
Ayo sheets below, delete what's in brackets that's just info to help make a sheet. If you have any questions please ask here in a PM or on the check. If you wanna wait for a bit I'll have my sheet up so use that for a example.

The classes are here for reference
And you can gain more classes, styles and points in game from leveling up to give more bonuses to your chosen class or others learned in game by having a talent or teacher of some kind.
but if you want a better explanation just ask In a pm
Bonus points for most physicals acts of violence though you pick from four styles to be adept in
Brawler, Acrobat, Stabber and Shooter.
Pretty straightforward in my opinion with brawler meaning you grapple and trade blows.
Acrobat being the type to flip, dodge and attack hoping to never be hit.
Stabber/swinger is skilled with weapons of a melee fashion, swords axes spears clubs etc
Shooters are projectile users, bow and arrow, shurikens darts boomerangs guns etc.

Anyone capable of magic is technically "talented" but having this class gives a bonus to anything magic related.
Your own mana, runes and crystals, artefacts and magic items.
Two types to choose here being spellsword and Knomage. Spellswords are well versed with their own magic generally for combat.
Knomages have a wide range of magic by using runes and crystals for single use spells/techniques or creating/using magic artefacts.

Getting points for anything related to a CF. Mecca is Arguably the most important title for a skypirate. A mecca is one who works with magical contraptions that use a Conversion Forge. Runecannons and flight boards or a CF itself. Two styles of Mecca to pick.
A Fixer, is the sort who studies other contraptions and learns to fix them with whatever they can. They generally work on standard designs more common grade than top tier.
A Inventor, is the sort to create their own contraptions. Understanding the process of creating a C forge but only able to fix their own eccentric designs.

You talk to much, But those with this class get bonus points to any sort of speaking be it barter, deception, persuasion, seduction, intimidation and anything involving words and gestures.
This is generally a subclass but can work as it's own thing provided you play it right and invest in at least one other class at some point.

These ones move quick and quiet and get a bonus for any stealthy action they do. Sly is a subclass that adds onto other ones.
Sly fighter, sly talker, sly talented. Sneaker is when you double down on being sly for double points in stealth.

If I ask you to change something it's just to make it fit the lore or not be bs/op

Appearance: (picture of some sort and written description of some sort.)

Mana: (Everyone has a type of mana which gives them potential to use magic or magic items.
Mana can be simple shit like fire mana, water mana, earth air etc but you could also have something like shadow mana, toxic mana, transparent mana for invisibility etc. Choose whatever you want within reason, meaning i may ask you change it or tone it down)

(whatever they have on them. This includes clothes weapons or objects of whatever sort. Keep some sort of limit as you probably aren't carrying five bags filled with shit. This character would have all this on them when they attempt to scavenge the wrecks of the Airships)

(if Your character is good at something list them here, these can help with getting a bonus with those imagined dice but not as much as the classes will. Say they are "resistant to pain" that doesn't mean you will win a fight but it probably helps a brawler in the moment. These can be as ordinary as map reading or cooking or as obscure as dance fighting.)

(No one is perfect, for every two talents list some sort of flaw. Could be physical like a bad knee or more mental like a fear of something. Keep in mind a violent psychopath unable to work on a team or follow orders wouldn't last very long on the crew.)

Your character is something of a...
(This is making your class which determines bonuses when imaginary dice are involved.
You pick from fighter, talented, Mecca, talker and sly as the main class then pick two subclasses or styles.
So you could pick the fighter class and then pick the brawler style but also pick the spellsword style from talented making something like a talented fighter, though you could name said class what you want.
"Mage fist" "talented brawler" "magic fighter" the main point is you list what the class and styles your picking.)

Optional shit you can add to the sheet if you like is a brief backstory of your characters life in the badlands or their personality, likes dislikes etc.
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Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
Example character coming soon

Name: Kayno
Standing about 5ft9 with a leaner build and tanned skin, Kayno has green eyes and the beginning of facial hair growing to help get rid of the young face. Quite handsome, for the badlands anyway... probably above average, 6 or 7 out of 10 in the kingdoms where life is more convenient. That only applies if he was cleaned up dressed dapper and able to mind his manners of course. Could probably pass for a foriegn noble.

Kayno wears whatever he can find or make so it is mostly doesn't match or have a theme beyond survival. Clothes and armour scavenged or created from the furs and skins of monsters. Kayno's weapons include a shortsword he prefers not using, three treasured boomerangs, two made of steel one made from the skull of a monster and two throwing daggers that he makes a effort to retrieve as much as he does the boomerangs. Most of these are strapped to himself in some way, he has a empty sack he can sling over his shoulder or tie to his waist that usually holds a gourd of water and stolen food.

Mana: thunder.
Not exactly capable of spells or proper magic, but he can harness electricity into his hands and weapons.

1) Sneaking, kayno believes staying hidden and unnoticed is the best way to stay alive, twenty two years alive can attest to that.
2) Hunting via boomerangs, Kaynos village was known for the weapons they made for hunting. Boomerangs being a versatile hand to hand weapon in a pinch but mostly used at a distance for a unpredictable attack that has a chance of returning to the user or at least landing closer to them.
3) talking, Kayno isn't the best at dealing with people but he certainly isn't the worst. Greed, fear or self preservation usually steers his words to away from dying...
4) basic knowledge of runes and mana, from experience and conversation kayno has learned a little bit about magic.
5) resitant to ragga, be it from smoking and eating enough of the poison plant to gain a immunity of some sort or a different reason, Kayno does not see nightmares from the mind altering chemical weapon known as ragga.

1) can't swim/will be afraid of deep water, never really seen the ocean or a large body of water safe to swim in.
2) addictive nature, Kayno is the type to enjoy things to much and always works in a way to use and have more of what he enjoys. Currently that's Snazberries for the tingly drunk feeling and ragga for the high. Both considered drugs or poisons depending on how its prepared/used/consumed
3) antisocial, doesn't like most people... Not to say he hates everyone and is incapable of trusting or befriending another living person. But most are seen as targets or threats to hit or avoid depending on the situation.

Your character is something of a... "Sly Shooter"
Starting with the Sly class and picking a sneaking style from that, I also pick the shooter style from the fighter class.
When bonuses are relevant he gains points for stealthy actions and points for projectiles weapons.

Optional shit,
Kayno was born in a village in the badlands famous for hunting monsters and would be attackers with boomerangs of various shapes and sizes. It's about the only thing he remembers about his home as it was destroyed by a dragon with most of the people dying in the attack. Kayno and his older sister were able to escape and survive for a time but eventually that turned to shit.
Kayno eventually found the rough and became one of the many unfortunate to call that forgotten, decaying city home. Surviving by stealing and hiding, though as he got older he found the confidence and drive to hunt... These actions elevated him above the common street rat thieves somewhat as he was able to sell the excess of his efforts. Be it food or crafted goods or whatever he found off a corpse or unaware target. As a young man Kayno is known as a Hunter around the Roughs, brave enough to hunt monsters and fast enough to deal with the common creeps and thieves of the rough.

When the Airships crashed Kayno was scavenging with some people who could maybe be described as friends. They were close enough to the crash that it seemed stupid not to investigate before others could arrive...

Useless info:
Kayno will abbreviate names of people or places he can't pronounce or remember properly.
Kaynos favourite food is honey made from the Slayerbees, apparently they are easy/worth the effort to hunt for the amount of honey one can find in a hive. A proper hive is around the size of a small house with tunnels large enough for a person to crawl in.
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