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Fantasy ▐⋆⊱BRITANNICA LOST: Interest Check [Accepting]

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♡𝔞𝔭𝔬𝔠𝔞𝔩𝔶𝔭𝔰𝔢 𝔨𝔦𝔰𝔰♡


♡𝔞𝔭𝔬𝔠𝔞𝔩𝔶𝔭𝔰𝔢 𝔨𝔦𝔰𝔰♡
Heralding in the age of reason, progress, mechanization and industry, the Victorian era signaled the dawning of a new age. Top hats and top shelf manners. High society, and high risk colonial ventures. Carriages, bustles, pubs and pocket watches. The human race was flourishing. But, humans were never the only creatures walking the cobblestone streets now were they? Creatures with inhuman speed, strength and raw, bestial power have long lived among the ordinary beings, quietly, for dozens of centuries. Gods, walking among men, tethered by the moon's call - men who turned into massive beasts at whim.

But science knew no limitation. Human physicians, tinkerers, engineers of the body, one day, created something...inhuman. Something unnatural. The world's first vampire. With a clockwork heart - out of man monsters were made. The first vampire's creation broke the natural world order. Time stopped. Forever frozen in twilight, the sun and moon no longer rose and fell. The moon-called beasts became unstable, no longer able to control their inner animal. It wasn't long, before the monsters of the world made themselves known. For blood. In wrath & rage. Bloodlust maddened both immortal species.
From this single act, Werebeast and Vampire became mortal enemies. A queen rose up from the ranks of the moon-called - the oldest, most terrifying Beast alive - The Midnight Jackal - to lead the war against the abominations, whose creation disrupted the natural balance and stole the sun. And in turn, The Leech King stood for his silver-fanged brethren to fight the Beasts, whose blood was so sweet, so succulent and tempting.

Nearly a millennium passed, just so. Fang against fang. Claw against sword. Blood and slaughter and war. Immortals reigned supreme, and humans became fodder and background. Still, society continued. Humans reproduced much faster than the immortal races. Scientists continued to tinker. Steam became a modern wonder, able to become mechanicalized and weaponized.

Amidst war and industry, in the perpetual twilight of New Londontown, religious zealots, armed with science and technology rose to power. A common threat to both immortal races was born. They called themselves...Templars. Holy knights of God, set to cleanse the world of all immortal, ungodly abominations. Their mission is simple: to destroy all supernatural beings. In their hubris and blood-hunger, the Templar scientists created a new, awful race of creatures who might stand a chance against the vampires and beasts. The Mephisto. An unholy creature, born of death and rot. Their leader was mysterious, said to have been a Templar himself before madness encouraged his betrayal, taking all the knowledge of their creations with him.

The Beast Queen and Vampire Lord met with the Mephisto leader, and together, all three immortal species made a pact. Self-preservation. For the first time in history, humans powered by industry and unnatural science stood a chance at annihilating the god-like creatures who lived among them. The three monarchs made an alliance. It was called The Red Oath. Mercia, the beast queen, the Paradin vampires, the Mephisto king all vowed to disband their warriors - to forsake old grudges and wars - for the sake of survival against the Templars, with their steam-powered airships and weapons. The immortals went underground. Guerrilla wars were fought. Leaderless, they killed when they could. Cloak and dagger. Shadow and smoke. Until the day, ten years from the time The Red Oath was made...when the Beasts, the Vampires and the Mephisto would come together once more, and assess the state of affairs… But it never came to pass.

The Jackal was missing, not a single soul knew of her whereabouts; and the Mephisto King was murdered by his right hand accomplice, Rosemary Unsworth at the precipice of the scheduled meeting. The Templars took these tragedies in stride, and raged a monumental battle upon all supernatural kind; led by Holly Whilshire, the most highly regarded soldier of the Templar faction. She personally led the attack, bombing the Cheapside neighbourhood where many of the supernatural factions made base. On the ground, she defeated The Leech King, severing his head in victory, and crushing the ticking heart in his chest. It would be that moment that all the world would change.

Kestrel and Mercia, leaders at odds, but not in spirit. The two were a mated pair, souls entwined beyond the physical world and belief. As one perished, so did the other. The supernatural factions crumbled in their wake, and succumbed to the Templar victory.
Rosemary Unsworth of the Mephisto surrendered to the Templars, returning to them the knowledge of Mephisto creation, as well as providing her services as the creator of their lifeblood, The Serum. Her race, traitors by proxy, were murdered, those that would survive either finding temporary asylum with the Templars as part of the army, or by hiding away until their death without the Serum to keep them alive.
Maeve Donovan, General of the Werebeasts, assisted any and all who wished to flee the city as it burned. Vampire and Beast kin headed to Port Thames. Boats carried them to distant shores under the cover of darkness.

But, most miraculous of all that would come to pass from the Templar’s victory… A dawn. Sun, brilliant and golden, began to rise once again, and the moon in all her cool glow began to disappear. As such, the world, and time itself, started to breath life again with each continuous cycle.

A world parched of the sun for so long would surely have it’s difficulties adjusting to this new ball of fire, but they were nothing compared to the many advancements the humans would make. Solar rays were collected and harvested, and soon electricity was born! Bulbs replaced flames, and steam engines began to fire up behind at the smallest spark. The Templars with their vast technology were praised for their efforts, and while no one could determine a true cause for the sun’s return, many believed Holly to be their savior.
She would lead the Holy Order in a new direction, spearheading the division of troops. Under her leadership, The Blood Sisters; a band of females not so unlike herself whom carry the will of God and bare the names of his archangels. And, in turn, a division of male-dominant crusaders, The 84th Legion, under the command of The Patriarch. The Blood Sisters would become feared for their brutality, while the 84th Legion excelled in pushing the mechanical advancement limitations of mortal kind, fond of body modifications and artillery. Together, the two teams became the faces of holy conquest, warriors of justice and peace.

With New Londontown liberated, all of England was not far behind. Vampire and Beast that survived fled across the world, finding new ways of life and trying to remain unseen. The Templar’s influence spread quickly at news of their successes, making that reality few and far between.
Those that survived Holly’s battle landed on the shores of America, a fresh and new world, young and wealthy… and so very different from it’s English motherland. They have settled in the warm and eclectic city of New Orleans, Louisiana.
Whispers are beginning to spread in this foreign land that Maeve is the new Queen of Beasts, while Cecile Bellerose, Kestrel’s right hand, has taken power over the Paradin vampires, and been making her claim on the vampires of America. But, the threat of the Templars is ever looming, and the Order’s wrath is far from over. They must come together to save their races, or risk becoming extinct.


♡𝔞𝔭𝔬𝔠𝔞𝔩𝔶𝔭𝔰𝔢 𝔨𝔦𝔰𝔰♡


Legend holds that it was the creation of the first Vampire that broke time. The making of a monster and immortal through both magical and scientific means. There are not many Vampires, mainly because it costs a great deal to make one, and few of even vampirekind know the secret. However, it is well-known that every Vampire has a ticking, clockwork heart. Where these mythical metal hearts come from, no one is certain. The birth of a Vampire is extremely risky for the maker. It involves draining a human to the point of death, and then the removal of their once mortal heart and replacing it with the clockwork organ giving power & immortality.
Vampires are unaging, not unkillable. The only known methods of killing a Vampire include beheading and removal of the heart. Some say it is best to burn the bodies, but this is unverified. Vampiric speed is incredible. Supernaturally strong, these monsters can lift, at record, several tons if necessary. It is said that a whisper on a busy night in a crowded square can reach the ears of a bloodrinker. They do not naturally have fangs, like Beasts, but often adopt silver or gold caps for their canines to help with feeding.
Vampires are highly susceptible to the sun. The ways in which damage is taken is dependent on the age of the Vampire. Younger, freshly made Vampires (0-200) will instantly disintegrate under even a stray ray, or reflection of light. Vampires in their middle ages (201-500) will burn and crisp quickly under direct and indirect light, and need to seek shelter immediately. Aged, Elder Vampires that are over 500 years old will be able to slip under indirect light, but still find stings of pain on their skin. Many wear sun-blocking glasses as their eyes are sensitive, and don thick, tight-weaved clothing to protect themselves at all costs. Best to travel and converse in the cover of night.


This mysterious race is the oldest immortal race in the known world, having been alive as far back as Ancient Egyptian times. Once, these immortals were gods among humankind, and lived in sync with the natural order. Thus, the long-burning hatred and war with the blood-drinkers, who froze the world in eternal twilight. For centuries Beasts were also known as 'Moon-Called' for lunar rays were said to enhance their desire to shift into their animal forms. They can become moon-crazed, and self-destruct. Madness was kept at bay with the use of 'collars', an accessory to help keep them bound to their human forms. With the return of the sun, these devices are no longer required, and beasts may transform at will.
They form very unique, strong matebonds with their destined lovers. Like the vampires, Beasts are immortal, and possess supernatural strength, speed, hearing and their scent-based tracking abilities are incredible.
In a one-to-one fight, because of age and experience, Beasts are more likely to win a battle, but the Beasts are one of the rarer species. They fight with natural fangs, and their beast forms. Most cannot half transform, despite popular lore.
Under this new world sun, Beasts find their skin to prickle as it tans easily. Their eyes, like Vampires, are sensitive to the brightness, and you will often find them wearing sun-blocking glasses. They do not fear the sunlight and many embrace it, as their ancestors of old once did.


The Templars, with science, have finally created something that can fight with the immortal gods. But are they strictly human? Fueled with righteous, holy glory, some of the Templars have elected for a...procedure, replacing approximately half of their human bodies with steam-powered machinery. Offensive weapons, & a steam-core, allow these clockwork Knights to survive in battles with Beasts and Vampires. Their mechanical enhancements give them superhuman strength, & endurance. They can take a blow from an immortal and keep firing.
They have neither the immortal hearing, nor smell, but most have eye enhancements that allow them inhuman sight. Flamethrowers & blunderbuss attachments are common. These half-man, half-machine Knights are not immortal...or are they? In a fair fight, these Knights can't hope to win against an immortal. But fights are rarely fair.
Mortals love their new glorious sun, and find any excuse they can to bathe in it. They will tan and burn easily, as their skin is naturally pale from centuries of darkness, but they have embraced it with vigor.


♡𝔞𝔭𝔬𝔠𝔞𝔩𝔶𝔭𝔰𝔢 𝔨𝔦𝔰𝔰♡
Available Roles
These are flexible concepts based on desired plot devices or character balancing. You may change their Alias, Nationality, and Face Claim to suit your desires.


The General of the Blood Sisters, The Judge is a curious member of the order. Unlike her fellow sisters-in-arms, she is often calm, quiet, and observant before making a move. All things in her life have purpose, and all things are done with intention. She is a healer among them, but also one of the strongest. She was reviewed as Holly's right-hand and now acts as her replacement, which she takes in stride. Her biggest flaws are her pride and often snarky attitude.


This role has a unique fully-fleshed concept currently written-- just drop in and play! Or, you may create your own! The choice is yours!
Send Skyy a DM to see the concept and learn more!


A soldier through and through, Notos is what is expected out of years of military training and education. His reputation for precision on the battlefield is admired and envied but he is oftentimes overlooked by the Patriarch, Jonah Lancaster, for his flashier counterparts. He has a steadfast allegiance to the Order and their mission, believing the success of their operation will ensure the safety and perseverance of the mortal race for generations to come. Another graduate of the Academy of the Holy Order in Bristol, England, this Templar has a dark, romantic past with René "Ephemera" Troxler prior to entry into the 84th Legion, and is also the brother of Marcus Sideris.


An immigrant displaced by the Templar campaign in Britain. His rough-and-tumble appearance is in sharp contrast to his second shape. Works as a gardener and can sometimes be sighted tending the city’s parks. Occasionally moonlighting as hired muscle, he is at Maeve Donovan’s beck and call and will help whenever she requests it. He was referenced recently in an article run by the New Orleans Bee, but is the name listed a false one given for privacy’s sake?


An established member of the vampire community who gives the appearance of being in support of Cecile’s sovereignty, but behind the scenes is quietly taking steps toward staging a coup. He lies in wait for an opportunity to seize the throne in the name of the greater good. A believer in the supremacy of vampirekind and their potential to guide humanity into a better and more prosperous age, he has an interest in restoring the fixed twilight. Lacking in physicality and brute strength, but quite skilled at keeping mortals--and young, impressionable immortals--under his thrall. His goal is a temporary alliance with Cecile Bellerose, but is an in-house threat to the peace between vampire and beastkind. He bears an old grudge toward the Templar Order and potentially those of Chastel ancestry.


Vampires are known widely to be willowy noble-folk, aristocrats and thieves. Slender of stature, sly, quick on their feet. Sabotage and subtleties are their calling card. So, it comes to a surprise to many when one enters the scene who is cut from a different cloth. Broad and loud, The Muscle is anything but a shadow in the dark. They live for the thrill of conquest. Tactical and driven, they rarely answer to anyone but themself. They have strong disapproval of the way their race has been ruled under the Paradin Twins and have little faith in Cecile Bellerose's leadership. A warrior long-fought with the werebeasts, however their vendetta with the Templars seems to run hotter, and deeper.
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♡𝔞𝔭𝔬𝔠𝔞𝔩𝔶𝔭𝔰𝔢 𝔨𝔦𝔰𝔰♡
Expectations of Applicants

Serious applicants should thoroughly read the "Application Process" and "Expectations"
documents in the Character Thread before sending in an application.

Application Process

Visit our Character Thread to view the cast profiles!
We are always open to new recruits, you can apply for an Available Role or submit an OC!

If you are interested in joining, send in an Application.
New Recruits start with ONE Character, regardless of how many you apply for.
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♡𝔞𝔭𝔬𝔠𝔞𝔩𝔶𝔭𝔰𝔢 𝔨𝔦𝔰𝔰♡

August 16, 2021:
Our Augur and Artillerist roles have been filled! For anyone interested, roles from the "Character Profiles: Available Roles" were added to the interest check role list.
Check out information for "The Servant" in Templars and "The Muscle" in Vampires!
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Pillow Queen of Doom ~ Valen's BooBear <3
Has this RP already begun and or is this a version that is being completely rebooted? Just wishing to know as I am not a personal fan of slipping into RP that has already begun. But, wanted to double check beforehand!
Has this RP already begun and or is this a version that is being completely rebooted? Just wishing to know as I am not a personal fan of slipping into RP that has already begun. But, wanted to double check beforehand!
It has already started, but we are going through a bit of a transition and it's a great time for new people to slip in!

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