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Fandom Bringin' back Bleach! OC's and Canon characters are cool!

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I want to try out an oc of mine! He's super roughly made and I've just got some ideas for him. He's pretty old too, haven't used him in years, but I'm getting into Bleach again and I thought it would be fun! OC's are accepted, but canon characters are accepted too!

Info: Mamoru Yoshikawa
His original story (according to my old ass reference sheet) is that he's the son of some soul reapers that were KIA in the Soul Society. Kisuke Urahara is like his god father of sorts and after he left the Soul Society he took Mamoru with him. Mamoru lived as a normal kid for a while, but eventually became a Soul Reaper after constantly being targeted by hollows due to his spirit energy.

I'm down to change that backstory, it's really old lmao. The thing that I wanted to try out was this plot idea I had for a fic a while back where there's an arc of enemies that are kidnapping souls and humans with high spiritual energy and breaking them, turning them into either hollows or soul reapers to create an army. Similar to Aizen with the Arrancars, but the process of transformation is torturing and breaking the kidnapped souls. The idea is that Mamoru would've been kidnapped at some point, whether he was trying to save someone or just got unlucky and got yoinked up when his guard was down, he got snatched and was missing for a few months. When he resurfaces he's undergone the transformation (it would be similar to how Kisuke trained Ichigo, but it would be actual torture instead of training) but was deemed a failure and thrown back into the world of the living to get devoured by hollows or just left behind.
He's lost his memories now, to the point of him being unable to speak for a while. It'll take him a while to remember what is what and how to communicate and identify things. Your character(s) could be old friends of his who had been looking for him (oc's or canon) and now have to restore his memories and figure out what was done to him. His spirit energy is all messed up now, and his Zanpakuto is broken down to the hilt and needs to be restored. I wanted to make him a visored too. That'd be cool, as he regains his memories the hollow inside him tries to take over and make him forget again. That was a really cool arc in the series tbh, I wanna see more of that sort of stuff. Anyways! A lot of this is just throwing out ideas, of course more of it can be discussed ooc.


I'm kind of rusty with roleplaying, it's been a good few months, but I'll get back into the swing of it. I really wanna try and do something for Bleach since it's making a comeback and this would be fun. It's a huge nostalgia kick for me and I'd love to get my oc Mamoru back up and going and really break and develop him.

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