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Fantasy Brenia's "Finest" Warriors Character Thread



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Semi-short and straight hair that reaches just below her chin. Her dark hair goes well with her brown eyes and a slightly tan complexion. Standing at 5 foot 8, she isn't the tallest around but she's not the shortest either. Usually decked out in light iron armor and leather straps, Tianah tries to keep everything dark and practical. Nothing too flashy. She weighs approximately 147 Ibs and a lot of that is muscle. Under all the clothing she's pretty built and not at all skinny.

Tianah Wulf

Wulf, T, Tia, Huntress



January 25th


Tianah is pretty serious about her line of work and that seems to bleed over into her personality more than she'd like. People see her as a stoic and sometimes even, cold individual because of her focus on work and survival. While she doesn't deny these claims outright, the woman still thinks they're over-exaggerating a little, making her out to be some crazy workhorse who does nothing but slave over jobs. In truth, Tianah can be pretty laid back when not on contract, often going out drinking and enjoying the nightlife of a village or city. As she isn't very "ladylike", Wulf finds it that much easier to blend in with the gruff tavern folk, a place she honestly finds most of her work.

She can be snarky to certain individuals, usually higher-ups or people who think like them. She remembers her father punching a noble square in his jaw simply because he instructed him to bow before him. She'd be lying if that didn't inspire her to give nobles a bit of a hard time. She didn't like the cushy noble lifestyle (from what she's seen of it) and it was just too good to pass up on riling up some rich boy or girl. Luckily Tianah hasn't gotten into any serious trouble yet but sometimes she lets her tongue wag, something that could come to bite her in the butt.

Growing up with a rough father who pushed her to her limits in training has definitely made her rough around the edges. While Tianah has had friendly work relationships and small flings, she hasn't ever really had someone to call a friend. This is due to all the time training, never going to a proper school, and traveling most of her childhood. It's gotten to the point that now, as an adult, she would find it pretty awkward/confusing to try and have those small bonding moments with companions. Unfortunately, T lothes those situations and finds herself becoming distant pretty quick if anything seems like it may be more than a working relationship.

Sexual Orientation:

Having been in a few relationships, T is pretty sure she knows where she stands in the whole romance thing. It usually won't work out to be fair but a nice little fling here and there gives her hope that maybe in the future she could hold down a proper relationship. She wasn't ready to give up her work just yet though.


High Accuracy
Tianah has trained in the art of both the bow and the crossbow since she was just a small girl. Having been taught by a strict father who'd wack her anytime she missed the target, well, let's just say she picked up on some things. Able to shoot her crossbow with pinpoint accuracy allows her more of a choice between lethal and non-lethal marks. Or if you just need to make a little money as a sideshow street performer.

Having worked with many clientele of all kinds of races, Tia has gained almost a third eye for noticing small things from a person. Whether they fidget in their seat, use a specific hand to sign a contract, or have a small limp while walking away from a deal, she will often than naught pick up on it. Having enough practice, Tianah has grown to be extremely subtle in watching for these little clues and can hide her knowledge of them quite well. This perceptiveness extends outside of just normal conversation, however. Able to find a blood track in wet mud or a simple scrap of clothing goes a long way when tracking down a target.

Good survival skills
Her father made sure to beat this one into her head as well. Having good survival skills as a merc was near essential and was something a lot of greenhorns found themselves lacking. This is why those lot perished quicker than the more experienced ones; like herself of course. Getting a fire started, basic cooking, catching her own food, and knowing her left from her right let her survive off the land in case of a mercenary dry spell. It was common for sellswords to never settle down and keep moving. This was true for Tianah as well but she opted to stay within Brenia territory. This let her familiarize herself very well with the area. It's a bit of a double sword though, as she has yet to experience different climates and environments outside of her usual comfort area.

Great at following orders
Wulf really does consider herself a remarkable hired blade and thus has treated each and every job as a means to further her reputation. This means taking jobs that might be difficult and could even wind up killing her. Despite that, she almost always comes through and finishes the job. People mention that Tia will usually follow orders without question, making her perfect for military issues or something a little more sensitive than other mercs couldn't handle. Wulf won't do everything told to her, but the things she will often go her way.

Skilled in both Urban and Rural combat
As mentioned before, Tianah is skilled in the region around Brenia and therefore, finds jobs in the general area quite easy. While she may prefer the forest and other surrounding areas outside of the actual city, she is no stranger to traversing the stone streets of the capital in order to finish a task. This includes knowing good positions along with where and where not to fight, to avoid patrolling guards.

Quick on her feet
While T may not be the quickest person around, she is no slouch either. Her main specialty is ranged combat and so she was forced to develop an almost guerilla warfare style, using whatever means to escape close combat in order to get back to her preferred space. This includes kicking up dirt in the enemy's eye, using a tree branch to whip them, or even biting their arm if caught in a grapple. If there's a means of escape, Tianah will find it.

Her main weapon is a crossbow, which she affectionately named Eliza. Along with that are the bolts that go with it and a few small daggers hidden around her person. While not very well versed in the art of close combat, she would still prefer to have a dagger in hand than nothing at all. As her father would say "A beast without claws is somebodies pet." Tianah would be sure to keep her claws on hand.

Ah, her beloved crossbow Eliza. While she doesn't like going into the details of her name, this is a large object of affection for Tianah. Ask her about it and she will talk your ear off about all the adventures they'd been through. Some people may give her a strange look for talking about her weapon so affectionately but more experienced soldiers may be more understanding. One's favored weapon is another part of oneself after all. That being said, Eliza hasn't had a 'checkup' in a long while, being held together by some binding tape and a few nails at this point. A bad habit by Tianah.

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"There is no such thing as a fair fight. "



27th August


Feng Taki

  • h

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basic info.

name. Feng Taki
epithet. The Constrictor
age. 24
gender. male
race. human
sexual orientation.


basic description. Feng has a lean physique, a defined musculature, a pale complexion, a mane of long shaggy light-colored hair, and thin mischievous eyes. He is always seen wearing a changshan with no sleeves.
build. lean and muscular
height. 5'9


Perception: Feng eyes can see in much finer detail than most people. His vision isn't particularly far, but up close, he can see in much greater detail, which he frequently employs during combat. Against those who fight orthodoxically it can feel like he is reading their mind before they even make their attack.

Reaction speed:
Feng's reaction time is faster than most people's, which he has honed over the years of martial arts practise.

Martial arts:
Feng has been studying martial arts since the age of four, with the goal of one day creating his own.

Feng has become a very capable climber thanks to his many years of training his hands, fingers, and feet. He can free hand climb many rock favourites and, as long as he has points, he can grab many walls.

Feng's main ability is his speed. His body is finely tuned for explosive/blitzing speed. He can sprint 100 metres, perform a barrage of attacks, or charge in for a tackle much faster than most people.

Strange for a man of his abilities, Feng enjoys cooking and is a damn good cook, capable of preparing a decent meal from almost nothing.

Feng's entire body can be considered a weapon as an unarmed fighter. His fighting style focuses on slowing down an opponent and reducing their fighting power before going in for the kill, which is usually accomplished with a grapple. In modern terms, he is a jiu-jitsu fighter with a sickening twist.

As a fighter, he is primarily focused with two aspects:

His knuckles:
He uses these to cut flesh, not directly hitting opponents, but rather skimming them with his knucklebones and a rapid rotation of his fists against their skin to cut through. While the surface area of these cuts is not lethal, and the resulting cut is shallow, the true value of the technique is for Feng to jab or grab at the wounds during a fight to distract the opponent, giving Feng the advantage. It's more of a harassment tactic than a damaging move. He frequently uses this just above his opponents' eyes, causing their vision to become distorted.

Second, his arms, hands, and legs, or more specifically his grappling: His most lethal weapon is his arms, hands, and legs, but not for the reasons most people think. In most cases, his fighting style is similar to that of a grappler, with him attempting to get close and knock his opponent to the ground before putting them in a lock. However, unlike modern grapplers, most of Feng's fights are life or death, so he has no qualms about using his grappling knowledge to break opponents' limbs or choke them out right away, unlike many in the modern sport who would rather let an opponent tap out. Needless to say, Feng is also well-versed in standing grapples, allowing him to disarm opponents, dislocate joints, and choke out opponents without ever touching the ground. Once locked in, Feng is notorious for refusing to let go, much like a snake suffocating its prey.


Feng is a self-motivated individual who has accomplished everything in his life through his ability to rely on his own choices, skills, intelligence, and power. He doesn't believe in fate or good fortune. He has never had access to the world's miracles and believes that anything good that has happened to him is due to his own or someone else's efforts on his behalf.

Feng is known for his fun-loving nature, always partaking in a laugh and appreciating a good joke. This joking nature frequently seeps into Feng's battles, where he is quick to annoy his opponents, who clearly do not appreciate it. To add to this, he always has a casual smirk on his face, as if he knows something his opponents don't, which is often the case. Even when Feng is serious, this smirk never seems to fade. Many people mistake him for a weakling because of his casual demeanour, but they are seriously misled - something Feng likes to throw in the faces of his opponents after this revelation.

Feng, in addition to being a jokester to his friends - and opponents - is possibly the most sarcastic person anyone has ever met, with nearly every word that comes out of his mouth heavily dunked in a bowl of sarcasm. Feng's sarcasm knows no bounds, as he has insulted a high-ranking noble. People have come to know him as "that sarcastic little brat," a title Feng wears with pride, because of the amount of sarcasm he spews out of his mouth.

Feng has a serious demeanour, despite the fact that he rarely displays it. This side is rarely seen, appearing only in the most difficult battles. However, this does not last long, as the boy quickly reverts to his usual sarcastic, fun-loving self. When he is in his "serious mode," as Feng refers to it, he is extremely stubborn and bull-headed, sticking to his claims to the end, even if these claims are mere snap-judgments, which frequently gets the young man into trouble, especially when judging a being of higher authority.

Feng's final distinguishing feature is his excessive self-esteem. He is a self-described narcissist who frequently rants about how he considers himself to be more important than others. As a result, he is slow to make friends, as Feng's narcissism prevents him from establishing a friendly relationship with anyone he hasn't already befriended. This trait frequently puts his comrades at odds with him, rendering them unable to work as a team when Feng believes his abilities exceed theirs. He quickly returns to his normal self, believing himself to be no more important than a common peasant. Despite his varying levels of importance, Feng remains as friendly as ever, even in his narcissistic state.

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Stitches and Patchwork

The Cheese Knees
Parisa Lucerna
The Fatally Curious Angel


“ah well, i agreed to help save the world should it not interfere with my studies. and right now, I need to categorize this flora so feel free to fight the enemy without me. i won’t mind.”

Parisa Lucerna

Curious One
A name from the mentor she studied under during her days at the elite magic academy in the Realm Above the Clouds

A nickname from her older brother, classmates, and fellow angels her age who attempted to befriend her. It did take her awhile to realize the name was being used to address her

My Dear
A nickname from her family. Because of this, she refuses anyone outside of her parents to call her that

Goes by any pronouns

While angels are able to live longer then some races like humans, they do age similarly to them with Parisa being physically and mentally a young adult

December 11


The sheltered daughter of an Angel soldier and his noble wife, Parisa seems to be quite the polite lady at first glance, being kind to everyone she meets and never expressing any intent to hurt anyone unless they give her reason to. She also is quite optimistic, often seeming to find a way to make light of just about every situation. Thanks to this positive outlook, Parisa remains rather patient with others and calm during crisis, never minding what is happening around her as long as she can conduct her studies, being quite an enthusiastic and curious scholar who responded to the summons from the king of Brenia despite the angels’ reluctance to get involved in their plight (as they believe they are above such foolishness) just to gain more knowledge that she could attain in the Realm Above the Clouds.

That said, Parisa’s passion for her studies can be considered a strength and weakness. While she is rather hardworking and intelligent, Parisa has an one-track mind. Often prioritizing satisfying her curiosity over even her own safety, the blue haired Angel can be quite oblivious to the danger herself, often wandering straight into danger or letting herself get easily distracted to answer the questions that come to her mind. She often takes these matters too lightly as well, her constant success in her studies when studying magic and coddled background making her quite naive as she often overestimates her abilities and underestimates the danger around her in order to justify wandering off.

Parisa’s coddled background also has led to her being quite spoiled. While her love of learning leads to her being rather hardworking and willing to get her hands dirty and help just to learn more, she can unconsciously rely way too much on others to keep her out of trouble. Parisa also can be rather blunt, lacking any sort of filter and often saying what is on her mind whether it be bombarding people with questions or stating blatant observations that could be considered rude. And because she never had to deal with the consequences of her actions, Parisa can quite oblivious to the harm she may cause others due to these faults. However, being genuinely kind, she does truly do her best to help others and work on these flaws, if brought to her attention, even though sometimes she may question and argue about the reasoning why such qualities are regarded as vices. In general, Parisa is a good-natured intellectual who lacks any common sense but is doing her best.

Being an angel, Parisa certain fits the standard of angelic beauty. She is rather fair skinned, being rather thin and short, reaching 5’3 feet and weighing 109 lbs. In a sense, one can describe her a built as a twig as she has only a subtly muscular build. However, what she lacks in an intimidating presence due to her more fragile presence, she sort of does make up in her wings with her wings, which take on a pastel yellow hue, being rather large approximately 6.6 meters long in terms of wingspan.

Meanwhile, Parisa has narrow yet still soft golden eyes with light blue hair that reaches her waist with angels being known for growing their hair out as a symbol of status which often hangs in straight but also slightly disheveled locks with her wearing a hair accessory that appears similar to an orange flower in her hair to keep it out of her face. She often is seen seen in cream mage robes with golden and navy blue accents, a gift from her family to ensure she is properly dressed for her journey.

An example of the sort of robes she would be seen wearing is below (ignore colors and hair):

Sexual Orientation
In the Realm Above the Clouds, courting and such romantic matters are quite traditional. Marriages can be arranged between families for the sake of status or security and simple courting and marriages out of love can occur though it is often preferred that both members of the marriages have similar social statuses. Or one can simply remain single and devoted to their work. Because of these circumstances, Parisa never paid much mind to such matters as she found little interest in the suitors available to her that are at a similar social standing as her. If her family wished for her to marry, they could just arrange one and she’d be fine with it as long as it doesn’t impede with her studies. That said, perhaps her time in Earth can change things in short yes, she is open to romance cause I am a piece of hopeless romantic trash.

Like all angels, Parisa has a set of large wings with her’s being a light yellow, a color she inherited from her father. She is able to use these wings to fly great distances as well as produce large gusts of wind that can blow back lighter opponents when she flaps them. This also allows her to maintain distance between her and her opponents which is extremely helpful as her specialty in magic and lack of physical combat experience makes her work better as a long range fighter.

Light Magic
As an Angel, Parisa is inherently magically gifted. Specifically, she has a natural affinity for light magic. Thus, when she produces magic without any sort of conductor, she often just produces this sort of magic, being able to create, manipulate, and shape visible light. She can use can proceed this light as light sources, distractions, or projectiles by condensing this light in harmful beams that can burn her opponent. Using this magic does draining Parisa’s energy with casting too much light magic at once being able to cause Parisa to overexert herself.

Healing and Elemental Glyphs
Through her studies, Parisa has learn how to conduct other forms of magic through glyphs. Specifically, by using her magic to draw magical symbols known as glyphs and then reciting an incantation, Parisa is able to use these glyphs to conduct her magic and allow it to be produced in different forms other then light. While there are multiple forms Parisa has yet to learn, she has mastered to use these glyphs to heal others (specifically her healing magic can help speed up the healing process of any physical injuries that involve breaks in the skin. The larger the injury though, the more time it requires, especially if she intends to heal it fully) and harness the elements of water, air, fire, and earth as well as subdivisions of these elements like plants and ice to create constructs to use defensively and offensively. And due to her magic being conducted efficiently through a conduit rather then produced in more unstable bursts, such attacks allow Parisa to expend less energy. Thing is, Parisa requires to be able to talk, move her hands, and time to focus and carry out the preparation for the spell in order to perform such actions.

Great Intellect
Being a scholar with close to photographic memory and a keen eye, Parisa is extremely intelligent book-wise, having knowledge in a vast number of subjects that she can recount from the top of her head. Any information she could gather in the Realm Above the Clouds like magic and a general understanding of how the earth realm functions has most likely been memorized by her. And she is determined to learn more… shame she lacks common sense most times.

Being the daughter of a noble Angel family, Parisa had found herself often dealing with various lessons in etiquette and other skills she is expected to have as a noble such as dancing. As a result, she is able to carry herself in a regal and graceful manner. That does not stop her from having no filter nor willing to ditch these manners for the sake of her curiosity.

Having been coddled since birth in the Realm of the Clouds, Parisa never found herself to have much need for weapons outside of her magic and wings. However, that has not stopped her from being curious about learning and now, without her parents to shelter her so this is open to development.
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Leofric Swetenham

Leo, Lee



May 5

Vampire (Only the king knows. No one else knows or believes in Vampires. They are but a myth in society.)

Leofric is always ogling women, making lewd comments and flirting with those he's interested in. However, when a woman comes to him during a time of great crisis or truly needs him, he refuses to take advantage of her when she's in a vulnerable state. It doesn't help that Vampires have naturally more active sex drives than any other race. HIs charm and attraction seem to know no bounds as he's been caught flirting with women of the castle on numerous occasions.

Leofric's heart is in a good place but he goes about certain things in a questionable manner. He may oftentimes come off as foolish, but deep down he is a caring individual. One of Leofric's hobbies is stealing from rich people and giving to the poor. He feels as if certain commoners have their money stolen from them so it should be given back. This particular hobby has gotten him into lots of trouble, especially with the rich. He may be somewhat of a sharp-tonged thief, but he's charming and affable enough to be given soft punishments.

Carefree and reckless, Leofric will do anything to achieve his goals. Doesn't matter if laws are broken in the process or not. He does what he wants and doesn't care about what society thinks. Many take him for a fool but he's actually smart and uses wit to overcome some obstacles.

Sexual Orientation:

As a Vampire, he naturally possesses excellent strength, speed, senses, endurance, agility, a nearly ageless lifespan and a high-level resistance to damage. He can also turn other beings into vampires, transform into animals or mist, etc. They are a race capable of learning Magic.

- Dagger (Primarily used for small animals or something to use in a quick pinch)
- Knightly sword (Primarily used for humans and human-sized monsters)
- Claymore (Primarily used for large beasts and slaying durable monsters)​
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“Hahaha, you fools don’t even realize the true potential a master alchemist such as me holds!”


Abelgard Müller

Abel, Mül, The Alchemist



December 28th


Abelgard is what one would consider an rather confident and boastful individual at first glance, often found speaking about his accomplishments within the field of alchemy and medicine while also making it as if he is the reason why such still holds a great importance. Of course, he knows better than to say everything with a lie, so he much rather speak about things that have at least some truth to them, saying that he can always improve upon his studies and become the greatest doctor to have ever existed upon the world… a doctor so great, that even magic itself pales in comparison to his work. This often results in him being defensive of his claim, thinking of others who downtalk him as ‘fools’ for not realizing talent, often times holding grudges for individuals who especially ticks him off and won’t stop pestering him with words about how he isn’t as great as he says he is. He’ll prove them all wrong… he just needs some more time to perfect his alchemy, and by then, he’ll shock those bastards by showcasing the ultimate potion itself! Just… he still is trying to find the proper ingredients for it.

However, when it comes to battle or situations in which his life is threatened, Abel is quick to cower away, often hiding around behind other, stronger individuals or simply out of range from the threat itself. He wasn’t meant to be fighting, that he’ll leave to the more accustomed ‘brutes’ who are used to throwing their fists around at other individual’s throats and doing the harming. He is smart enough to realize that he isn’t perfect within every skill and that some others would be better at that than him, but it doesn’t stop him from talking about the skills that he is rather good at. That doesn’t entirely mean he wouldn’t be helpful in a fight, ranging from keeping allies in the fight with useful potions all the way to damaging and weakening foes for his comrades to finish off, he is certainly not useless. And when he sets his mind into things, it’s hard to get him out of it, with stuff such as wanting to stay in a fight (no matter how much he cowers away) just to prove he is brave or putting more effort in healing someone as to prove that he can be better than those magic casters that everyone praises and thinks highly of. Abel seeks to maintain a state of professionalism when interacting with others (other than his constant bragging), often coming off as serious when need be.

Underneath the mask that he wears, on the inside, Abel is a nervous individual… one who thinks too much about what others think about him. He only wants to be noticed for his skill and efforts, not just be another nobody whose name shall be forgotten within the sands of time. And such often causes him to do things that he would think that would give him the proper recognition that he deserves. And even with others talking him down and making fun of him, the vows he made as a doctor long ago make it so that no matter who it is, Abel will medically treat them the same. With him even go so far as to put his life on the line if it means he can bring someone back from harms way. Although he might gloat about it later, it’s the least he can do. As a side note, Abel often likes reading, mostly relating to information on text so that he can learn more and more about what creatures and plant life makes up the world, as well as occasionally changing bandages upon his head when alone. Yeah… he doesn’t like talking about what he looks like underneath the bird mask.

Sexual Orientation:

Having spending years upon the art of alchemy… while not completely perfect by any means, Abel is by no means a novice within such. One of his greatest skills (aside from medicine and ‘tactical withdrawal’), Abel is capable of creating a multitude of concoctions and liquids with varying effects, ranging from a healing liquid that brings back vitality to the body all the way to a flaming ball when a flask is disrupted… while usually making such items and potions outside the heat of battle, if push comes to shove, Abel wouldn’t mind throwing the explosive mistakes of what would have been a health potion directly into an enemy’s face.

“Running away!”:
While something that Abel doesn’t want to admit to, he is a surprisingly fast runner, running faster than most humans and even longer distances as well. Perhaps it is the adrenaline supplying his body with needed strength or some long term effect of a potion gone wrong, but Abel could certainly rely on his survival instincts to aid him in battle from running away from a dangerous bloodthirsty beast all the way to dodging and weaving between attacks with mongoose like reactions.

Medical Skills:
Being a Plague Doctor running about and not being good at medicine? Now that’s something Abel finds hilarious. Being skilled in patching folk up by sewing flesh together and wrapping up limbs in bandages, this skill also aids in utilizing herbs and other items for medical means. He may be a doctor who likes boasting alot about how good he is, but he doesn’t boast about such without a reason.

In order to survive out there in the world, Abelgard has gotten a sort of cunningness to him that aids in both in and out of combat. Ranging from attacking key structures within a building to collapse a roof onto someone all the way to setting up traps and finding opportunities to steal something from underneath someone’s nose to further his own survival, Abel is certainly not lacking within this department.

Improvised fighting:
To combine in with his cunningness, Abel has a knack for finding ways to use other items to further his survival. Such as throwing dust into someone’s eye or using a sharpened bone to stab directly into someone’s shin, to even sliding underneath an individual’s legs and throwing a potion behind him (as a present) along the way. When in the heat of battle, beware not the telegraphed soldier who slain many foes, but the unpredictable fool who survived many battles.

Observing others comes important when it comes to deciding how to treat an patient as efficiently as possible when not wasting as much time, and it comes important as well within battle. From seeing the stance of an opponent as well as their general attitude, Abel can think of a plan in order to take advantage of it, even going so far as to ‘act’ in order to lure his opponent to a false sense of security. While not capable of seeing that far, he is certainly no slouch when it comes to such.

Short sword:
Acting moreso as an weapon just in case someone were to get a bit too close, while not entirely trained in using such a weapon (and considering his reluctance at fighting close range), he can pull his weight if need be and defend himself until more help comes in. At least he isn’t wildly flailing it around like some child.

Abel certainly has a variety of potions and items at his disposal to use within battle, often requiring time beforehand in order to effectively make and use them, but some can come in a pinch when need be. Here is his current list of potions:

-Flash Powder; Made up of entirely of a sensitive and ‘explosive’ mixture of powders, it is capable of creating a bright light with a sounding boom capable of both blinding and deafening foes. Especially useful if the individual’s it’s used against is sensitive in both sight or hearing. Abel does have to take care not to accidentally blind his own allies as well… although in the end, he’ll do it.

-Fortifying vapors; A strange vapor within a bottle, in which its vapors are inhaled, it is capable of ‘fortifying’ an individual’s body, making them temporarily more resistant to things such as diseases and bleeding and have heightened bodily functions similar in effects to adrenaline. Although it’s certainly something to be careful with as only one dose can be used at a time… and the resources for it can be rather hard to come by.

-Alchemist’s fire; A glass bottle filled with a highly flammable liquid, it burns with great intensity and is bound to make whoever is on the receiving end of it not enjoy the after effects.

-Rain of Blight; Glass spheres carrying a deadly acidic green liquid within them. When smashed against a surface, the acid like substance is deployed and acts as poison, ‘burning’ away at flesh and spreading a bit before stopping if given enough time, that’s if, you are fine with it melting away flesh and bone alike in the process.

-Healing Potion; A classic of his in case more immediate measures are needed when treating a patient, the healing potion provided a quick relief to pain, closing up smaller wounds such as cuts while slightly healing larger wounds such as tears into the flesh. While not as effective as healing magic in some cases, it can provide its pinch in keeping someone in the fight as well as prepare a patient for battlefield surgery.

-Unstable Concoction: A result of mixing random chemicals together in the heat of battle and not wanting to wait for it to finish combining together, the result is a highly unstable and explosive substance that lets out a great explosion when thrown. Certainly dangerous if not handled properly, but in Abel’s case, if he has to be making up potions on the fly just to save his skin, then the situation must have already called for it.

Reinforced Shovel:
A reinforced shovel that comes in handy within a pinch, the stronger handle of the tool and reinforced metal of the shovel’s head is capable of being used as a weapon, more of a bludgeoning tool, but it still hurts being smacked across the face by one of these things.


I have become haitus, destroyer of RP's

Armored Catfolk - Samurai - light fur.jpg

"I'm not even sure of what I'm doing anymore, this hole just keeps getting deeper and I'm digging it with my own hands!"

Kaito Lightfur

Draken Hichford
The name of the knight Kaito served under, he wears it in hopes of concealing the true Draken's demise.

Knight Adjacent
The description that many who have interacted with Kaito have given him. Due to the fact that he only has second hand information on how a knight should act, he fills in his gaps with bravado and excuses.


24 (True)
39 (Reported)

May 17th (True)
October 3rd (Reported)

Beast Men


Kaito Lightfoot was never one of the stronger children growing up. While others would grow and grow, gaining powerful muscles and razor sharp claws, he found himself only growing in height. Because of this he was often picked on by the other children, causing him to develop a very low sense of self-esteem. He became very unsure of himself, constantly fidgiting and flinching when others raised their voice to him. The very idea of standing out was as foreign to him as eating dirt, and as such he was more than happy to sit on the sidelines out of sight. He would often get drug out by the more outgoing members of his village, and almost always it would end with him being pressured into doing something he would later regret. Such as when he was forced to ask a maiden for the keys to her room, which ended with a black eye and a months worth of dirty glares from the other tavern patrons. This issue would follow him well into his later life, eventually being pressured into becoming a squire by a rather unrelenting knight by the name of Draken Hichford.

When meeting new people he would try hard to please them and get on their good side, even if it were to his detrement. If they liked him than maybe they wouldn't ask too much of him or pick on him. Because of this, he throws himself into any task given to him with fervor. If you asked for him to polish your armor he would have it shining like the sun. If you asked him to cook you a meal he would delect your tastebuds with a hearty feast. Even if you asked him to run to the town over in order to retrieve an object he would run tierlessly in order to get it to you as fast as possible.

After assuming the life of Draken Hichford, Kaito became extremely paranoid about anyone finding out the truth. He adopted a new persona, one that sought to mimic his former knight as close as possible. While his old personality still lies beneath the surface, he was now a righteous and noble knight which meant he would have to act the part. Unfortunately for him, Draken wasn't the most textbook knight and as such Kaito has a skewed view of what a knight should be. Having to fill in what he knew secondhand with his own knowledge, Kaito's view of knighthood was a combination of a knight and a squire. He would defend the innocent, even if it meant running away and drawing the enemy with him. He would uphold the law, unless doing so would cause more harm than good. And he would always strive to be a beacon for others, even if the beacon was made of straw and lies.


Kaito is a Beast Men, his specific appearance is that of a catfolk. His fur is a mixture of gray and black, with a white muzzle. Compared to the larger members of his race, his body is more suited for traveling long distances and climbing. Because of this, he is rather lithe when out of his armor to the point where one could mistake him for someone else entirely. Height wise he comes in at just below 5'8 feet and weighs around 160 pounds.

His armor was scavenged from his former knight Draken, a full suit of armor complete with shoulder-guards and a crested helmet. The chest of the armor is made of plate with intricate designs adorning the front. The shoulder guards, made of metal plates covered by lamellar, are secured via thick cords wrapped around the shoulders and can be removed by undoing the cords. A set of armored greaves and arm guards are made of a similar material. Kaito's armor also includes a half-mask, used to protect the lower portion of his face during battle. Because of his fear of being found out, he rarely takes it off even when he is without his armor.

Finally, a heavy cloth duster covers his back. On it is Draken's knightly crest, a two headed lion wielding a sword in one of it's meaty paws.

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Sexual Orientation

From what he has seen of knights, they would always engage in relations with members of the opposite sex. Although Draken was an exception to the rule, taking both male and female partners whenever they would stop in a tavern. In order to keep up appearances he will attempt to flirt with both sexes, however his flirting leaves much to be desired.


Weapon and Armor Maintenance:
As a squire, one of Kaito's primary duties was the maintenance and care of his knight's weapons and armor. From sharpening and oiling, to commissioning smiths to repair what he could not in the field, Kaito is well versed in weaponry and armor. Although his knowledge is limited to common weaponry and armor of a knight, and as such is less effective when working with new or unknown armaments.

Although still a novice compared to Draken, Kaito is knowledgeable enough to comfortably ride and control a horse, be it a single mount or controlling a horse-driven wagon. This includes when wearing his armor and with a single hand. Although his bond with his former knight's mount, Kuro, is still shaky at best they are close enough that it will follow his commands most of the time.

Swift Liar:
Kaito is no stranger to having to lie through his teeth, hell his entire life now is one huge lie. Able to come up with a lie on the spot, he is careful to layer his lies in a way that he doesn't slip up. And even if he does slip up, and a small lie is discovered, he is willing to sacrifice that lie in order to protect the larger web.

While a knight is valorous and fair, there are times when after a long day of battle one cannot be bothered with the smaller details such as payment or lodging. When it comes to this the responsibility would fall to a squire in order to arrange such trivial matters. And sometimes the amount of coin a knight carries is not enough to fully pay for every service rendered. This is also where a squire steps in, negotiating and haggling until the price is at an acceptable level for the knight and their coin purse.

While not a useful skill on the battlefield, Kaito has become sort of an expert cook during his travels. Having prepared countless meals for himself and his knight, he always makes sure to stock up on spices and herbs in order to make the most of every meal. Even something as simple as a stew would greatly benefit from his assistance, requiring helpings of seconds and possibly even thirds.

Large Stamina Pool:
A knight rides into battle atop their trusty steed, blazing a path forward with little regard for those behind them. Unfortunately for squires, they are often the ones who are left to keep up with their knights. Constantly carrying the supplies, spare weaponry and other assorted goods for their knights on foot, Kaito has gained a body that is used to such strain. While it does allow him to slog through distances without complaint, he still needs to rest like everyone else eventually.


Arming sword:
Draken's sword before his demise, it is kept in immaculate condition via constant maintenance and upkeep. measuring 32 inches in length, the double edged sword can be used in conjecture with a shield or used on it's own. In the hands of an experienced knight it is a tool to be weary of. However, in the hands of a novice such as Kaito it is much less of a threat.

Rondel Dagger:
A needle like dagger measuring 15 inches in length, this sidearm can be paired with the arming sword or used on it's own as a sidearm. Commonly used to pierce through joints of armor, it lacks the capability to pierce through single pieces of armor. Rarely used by Kaito, as he is more comfortable with a straighter blade.

Heater Shield:

Emblazoned with the depiction of a ferocious lion, the heater shield is a common and widely used tool for defending oneself. It's compact size allows it to be be used along-side a sword or dagger. In Kaito's case, it is used to cower behind when under assault by foes.

Measuring 48 inches in length, the poleaxe is a versatile tool due to it's ability to slash, stab and crush one's foes with a single weapon. The added reach allows for one to keep their foes at bay. Due to it's weight and length, it is often left on a knight's horse until it is needed. Kaito often uses this weapon the most, due to it's length and ease of use compared to a sword.

A weapon constructed of hardened wood and metal, the crossbow allows a knight to engage their foes at a range. In Kaito's case the accuracy drops very steeply when trying to hit anything beyond a certain range. Often left on his horse alongside a quiver full of bolts.

A knight's mount can be as much as a threat as any weapon, capable of lashing out with it's hooves at one's foes. However, this would require a rider skilled enough to control and bond with their mount until a mutual trust is achieved. In Kaito's case, all he can hope for is that Kuro doesn't buck him off and leave him when things get dicey.


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Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)

Name: Erik Graven
Nickname(s): n/a
Gender: Male
Orientation: Asexual
Age: 46
Birthday: November 10
Race: Human​

Dismissive, sarcastic, and blunt. Quick-thinking and adaptable. He can come across as quite rude as he hates formalities or trying to do things the diplomatic way and would rather just get to the point.

Erik is a perfectionist at his core. Despite outwardly putting off an act of disinterest or apathy, this comes out as an inability to let things go or be good enough. Solidly a type-A personality, he piles all responsibility on himself with the egotistical viewpoint that no one else is capable enough to do things the right way. Really though, he is only marginally less hard on himself, never satisfied with his own efforts or person.

Due to his early upbringing amongst the nobility of his homeland, Erik can be quite eloquent and well-mannered when the situation requires it. Unfortunately he then spent his teens and early adulthood in a largely solitary manner as he roamed the lands seeking out and researching ancient magic rites and practices, with his only real social contact being with a ragtag Goblin clan which roamed the mountains surrounding his home base. He picked up their language as well as some of their rough, impatient, and tactless mannerisms which have made reintegration into polite society that much more distasteful to him.

A natural powerhouse of magical energy, Erik seemed from the start to have an almost instinctive understanding for the hidden inner mechanics of spells. His family line had never seen a mage among their number, and so talented but directionless in the type of magic he studied, he quickly blew his way through any and all magic literature he could find in his family's libraries. In this way he became bored of standard run-of-the-mill casting and turned his attention to higher-powered, harder to access magic. He has an inclination for for life magic, however in his ravenous pursuit for ever more powerful, more complex spellwork instead of taking to healing that path took a turn for the black side of magic, and his studies fell neatly into the realm of necromancy.

On the low level of things, Erik is able to - though finds the experience disconcerting - ensnare and communicate with recently-deceased persons. Erik's inclination toward life magic also affords him to ability to passively sense the life auras of living things in his general vicinity. With very little concentration, this can act as a sort of underpowered psychic read - able to tell, generally, what type of beings are around and what state they are in.

Most of the spellwork he calls his own revolves around the direct manipulation of life energy itself. He can pull the life force out of any living thing, though the difficulty scales with the complexity of the life in question. A shrub, for example, is much easier to steal from than a fellow human being. The stolen energy can be used to bolter his own strength, the strength or someone else, to strengthen other subsequent spells, or even simply released in a forceful burst of energy. Draw enough stolen life, and it can even be passed off to a subject no longer living. Since the false life was placed there by a spell, it can then be controlled accordingly.

Different but closely adjacent to life energy manipulation is the ability to manipulate the soul of a sentient being. Unlike energy manipulation which is essentially a transfer of energy, Erik's soul manipulation is more like an exertion of force on the soul of the target. He has yet to perfect this practice, and so it typically only results in disorientation and vague feelings of dread as the soul comes out of phase with the physical body, though if pushed far enough he can completely rend a soul from its body, leaving the empty shell open to life force puppeteering.

In his younger years, Erik viewed most other branches of spellwork to be below his skill level and thus not worth his time or effort to employ. He's mostly gotten over this limiting superiority complex as he's grown into a more mature mindset. He no longer sees tacit spells like simple ignition or light generation to be beneath him, and though he still has an inherent distain for magic-users who employ a branch of magic he has deemed easy or frivolous, he does utilize such "beginner" spells when traditional alternatives are unavailable or too inconvenient.

Largely self-taught from cobbled-together sources, Erik's spellwork could seem slapdash to someone legitimately trained. Those knowledgeable in magic would recognize the patchwork nature of his casting, as he rarely uses a spell in its entirety from a single source, rather preferring to stitch together diverse components to achieve the desired result. He primarily utilizes vocal and somatic casting, though some of his more powerful spells require the addition of written runes and/or physical components of some kind, most commonly bone and blood.

Other Abilities:
Far from being dependant on magic as the only means to an end, Erik views it as just one tool at his disposal, and so has kept up with other skills alongside it. He is a by no means exeptional but servicable swordsman, and a decent tactician. Due to his nomadic life, Erik is a decent survivalist. He has made himself passing familiar with the languages when he encounters and usually knows at least a handful of words in any of the languages spoken in the realm. He is fluent in the common tongue and Goblin, and stumbling but decently conversational in Elvish and Dwarven.

He has carried a well-worn shortsword and old but deadly sharp dagger with him since breaking off from his family. They are not heirlooms, exactly, but they do remind him of home in a way. He also has stashed about his person various spell components for whenever they may come in handy. A pouch of crushed elk spine tied here, a vial of nightshade juice there, small bits of chalk wrapped in parchment jammed in any pocket for when sigils might be required. He likes to be prepared.

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