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Bren Sarabina, human paladin (Pathfinder 1.0)


Dannigan's Lady

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    Picture credit: Main Gallery Ken Kelly Art
    Ken Kelly, "North Watch"
    (Thanks, Google!)

    I don't normally go for photos, but this young man looks very very close to how I imagine Bren.
    (Though from the very very little I know of rugby, Bren, being rather larger, would probably be a prop rather than a hooker.)

    Dmitri.jpg DIMITRI_SZARZEWSKI.jpg

    Brendoran Killaneson Sarabina, Bren for short, is the third son (and next-youngest child) of a minor noble in Summerset. The Sarabinas are known mainly in "horsey" circles for their horsebreeding and horsemanship skills, so it's possible any resident of Summerset with an interest in such things would have heard of them. They're also known for being an odd bunch, not your typical noble family at all. Bren isn't the only adventurer in the family - his father, Killane, spent some time studying at the Ko Monastery as a monk; his mother, Aurelia, is a druidess; his oldest brother, Alexendar, is a bard; and his half-sister, Kikko (discovered through roleplaying, long story) is also a Ko monk.

    For a while he dated Kela, a half (wood) elven cleric of Pelor (a PC who is currently in that Temporal Stasis that Dannigan mentioned, presumably doing priestess-things in Summerset), who was in his previous party.

    Bren is a big guy, like an American-football linebacker, but nicer - he somehow gets along with just about everyone, bad guys excluded of course, probably due to his openness towards other people, not to mention loyalty to his friends and party members (which all too frequently got himself in trouble, or worse). We had an ongoing joke that he was the "elf-magnet," not just because of Kela, but because the party always had at least one full-blooded elf, sometimes two or even three.

    GM sez I should explain some more personality things, but I'm bad at that so I'll quote him on it. Very easy-going (until pushed), self-sacrificing, likes cutting orcs in twain, has a strong sense of justice, very brave (not fearless, but he doesn't let his fear hold him back) Bren is a fighter-ranger, once the leader of the adventuring party The Light in the Dark, based out of Highwind (that group had to stop playing due to scheduling and other issues, so it's effectively disbanded). He prefers axes, especially two-handed axes, and can deliver a powerful blow that knocks back whoever's unlucky enough to get hit by it (his signature ability).

    Ranger notes: he picked two-weapon style because it applies to shield bashing and that sort of thing also; he does not (and will not) have an animal companion.

    He retired from adventuring some time back, after dying in a fight against a dracolich and getting rezzed (that sort of thing tends to make you reconsider your life choices), but has recently discovered he isn't yet the type to sit around at home all day, and is getting back into the saddle, as it were. Because of his earlier career as an adventurer, he and his party are rather famous (or perhaps infamous) in Highwind, but less so in other places as they tended to stay in that area. He also has a number of connections of various types in that city.

    (Note: Bren became the leader of The Light in the Dark because we had rather a large number of people, many of them of chaotic alignments, making a leader pretty much necessary. As the lawful one, and as we were doing a lot of missions on behalf of the (lawful good) bishop of St. Cuthbert, he was the natural choice for the party's leader. I don't have any intention of him "taking over" the Wayward Wanderers, nor would he have any such thoughts.)

    Bren and Bria (but not Powerpaw) have adventured together in the past; otherwise he's a new face to this party. However, residents of Summerset would probably have heard of the rise of the Pelorian temple in recent times, and somewhat about The Light in the Dark, which helped make it happen.

    Metagame: He reached level 14 before retiring (actually, I think he's reached it a couple times, what with a couple of deaths and all), but Dann says there will be some level- and gear-sacrificing reason for him to be level 6 so that he's on par with the party.

    Just recently, Bren gave up his skills and knowledge as a fighter/ranger to become a full-time paladin. Watch out, evildoers everywhere!

    If by "better off" one means in terms of long lineage, strong standing with the crown, and overall financial and political stability, of the three houses represented in the Wayward Wanderers, that honor undoubtedly goes to House Sarabina. The Golden City of the Valley is filled whose people love horses. They have the best cavalry on the continent and a nice horse (like a nice car nowadays) is a well-regarded status symbol. A rare breed of horse is even more valuable.

    That said, no one in Summerset breeds finer horses than House Sarabina and for that, they have even the King's ear in all matters equine. The Sarabinas are a bit on the eccentric side in that few of them have any political ambition, being content to chase their individual dreams all while supporting their good name and beautiful city. Politically-speaking, this basically means they're not really a threat to anyone while being a long-standing example of honor, quality of character, and integrity. Because of this, nearly everyone knows you can trust a Sarabina (though Bren comes by his reputation honestly, not just he came from a good-aligned adventuring family!). The Sarabinas also have their share of adventurers in their line, both past and present. This is a rare thing among Summerset nobility and this makes them sought after for matters beyond the mundane. =)

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Dannigan's Lady
Level 7 adjustments:

7th level feat: Combat Reflexes

4th level fighter (favored class)

+1 BAB (total +7/+2)
+1 Fort save (total +7)
Bonus feat: Whirlwind Attack
Favored class bonus: skill rank
Skill ranks: 2 +1 (Int) +1 (human) +1 (favored class) = 5
2 - Ride (total 7)
2 - Knowledge: Monster Lore (total 7)
1 - Climb (total 3)

[dice]4271[/dice](total 78)
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Dannigan's Lady
Level 8 adjustments:

Attribute point: Wisdom (total 13)

Ranger level 4

+1 BAB (total +8/+3)
+1 Fort (total base +8)
+1 Ref (total base +5)

Hunter's Bond (Ex): At 4th level, a ranger forms a bond with his hunting companions. This bond can take one of two forms. Once the form is chosen, it cannot be changed. The first is a bond to his companions. This bond allows him to spend a move action to grant half his favored enemy bonus against a single target of the appropriate type to all allies within 30 feet who can see or hear him. This bonus lasts for a number of rounds equal to the ranger's Wisdom modifier (minimum 1). This bonus does not stack with any favored enemy bonuses possessed by his allies; they use whichever bonus is higher.

0 1st-level spells (can memorize 1 bonus spell)

Skill ranks: 6 +1 (Int) +1 (human) = 8
1 - Linguistics (Celestial) (total 6 ranks)
1 - Ride (total 8 ranks)
1 - Monster Lore (total 8 ranks)
1 - Diplomacy (total 1 rank)
2 - Survival (total 5 ranks)
2 - Perception (total 5 ranks)

[dice]18967[/dice]+4 Con

Total HP: 87
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Dannigan's Lady
Level 9 / change to Paladin:

Class: Paladin (9)
Speed: 30' base, +10' Boots of Striding and Springing
Hit points: 87 +4 (Con) +d10
Fort save: +6 + Con
Ref save: +3 + Dex
Will save: +6 + Wis
Base Attack Bonus: +9/+4
Action Points: 9
1 (human) - Mounted Combat
1 - Improved Unarmed Strike
3 - Dodge
5 - Mobility
7 - Spring Attack
9 - Combat Expertise
{2+1 (INT) +1 (human) } x 12 = 48
Climb (2 ranks)
Craft: Blacksmith (1 rank)
Craft: Woodcarving (1 rank)
Handle Animal (5 ranks)
Intimidate (1 rank)
Knowledge: Dungeoneering (1 rank)
Knowledge: Geography (1 rank)
Knowledge: Local (1 rank)
Knowledge: Monster (9 ranks)
Knowledge: Nature (1 rank)
Knowledge: Religion (1 rank)
Linguistics (6 ranks)
Perception (5 ranks)
Ride (9 ranks)
Survival (2 ranks)
Swim (2 ranks)
Paladin abilities:
Aura of good, detect evil, smite evil 3/day,divine grace, lay on hands, aura of courage, divine health, channel positive energy, aura of resolve
Level 3 Mercy/Aura choice: Aura of Protection from Evil
Level 5 Divine Bond choice: Mount

Favored class? Was Fighter.
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Dannigan's Lady
Level 10 Paladin:
4 skill points for the class, plus 10 points added in for Favored Class: Paladin
3 ranks Climb
1 rank Heal
2 ranks Sense Motive
1 rank Knowledge: Monster (total of 10 ranks!)
1 rank Ride (total of 10 ranks!)
3 ranks Survival (total of 5 ranks)
3 ranks Swim (total of 5 ranks)

+8 HP (added to total HP 12/5/17)
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Dannigan's Lady
Level 11 Paladin, with skill and feat adjustments

Needs HP roll, I think?

Apparently I'd been using D&D 3.5 methods still, and Bren had had an extra 12 from multiplying his skill ranks (including human and Int bonuses) by 4 at 1st level. Oops. He will also lose the 10 from favored class. On the plus side, Paladin used to only get 2 ranks per level, and with the new minimum he gets 4, which almost offsets it evenly (prior to leveling to 11).

4 skill points per level, +1 human bonus, +1 Int bonus = 6 per level = 66
10 ranks - Athletics
1 ranks - Craft
5 ranks - Diplomacy
6 ranks - Linguistics (6)
11 ranks - Lore: Monster
1 rank - Medicine
11 ranks - Nature (replaces Handle Animal, Ride, Knowledge: Nature, Knowledge: Geography, and some uses of Knowledge: Dungeoneering)
5 ranks - Perception
5 ranks - Religion
5 ranks - Sense Motive
1 ranks - Society (replaces Knowledge: Local)
5 ranks - Survival

I've dropped Intimidation altogether, because I don't think it really suits him and he only had one rank in it anyway (possibly for tanking purposes?). Replacing it with Diplomacy and bringing it up to 5.

Feats coming soon.

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