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Multiple Settings breezy eden - oc 1x1 request thread [anime faceclaims only please!]

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local tired fool
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heyo! my name's tori, or victory, or whatever you wanna call me! 20 years old and my pronouns are she/her! i've been rping for many years. when i was little, i joined sonic clan on toontown online, and that's where everything went wrong. just kidding! i'm bored and wanna do some forum rps, so here i am! this is basically the first time i've ever done one of these so please be patient with me, i have the same amount of braincells of a walnut (and also the memory of one too!) i really hope i'm doing this right i've decided to make lil 1x1 interest check thread! if you're intrigued by any of these concepts and wish to learn more/rp with them, send me a dm - on site please. thank you <3


Expectations For You
- i would prefer someone literate at the very least! otherwise, i don't mind! (i promise this is just how i type casually/ooc i use proper grammar when writing!!!)
- OCS AND ANIME FACECLAIMS ONLY!!! i can't write characters i didn't make very well. i'm sorry, i don't want to roleplay as naruto's oc girlfriend. i just. i just can't. there are, however, a fandoms i'm willing to play in the setting for - just ask!
- oh. and. i can't... i can't read cursive. please, don't use cursive fonts in your posts with me, i'm so sorry but my poor little peanut brain cannot read cursive well (but it does know how to sign things - it's ugly tho)

Expectations For Me
- my reply length is quite variable, i try to match those i am rping with. i usually do at least one lengthy paragraph, but more likely than not i'll do a handful of paragraphs, depending on my muse.
- depending on how i'm feeling (the Big Sad isn't very kind to me these days), i tend to try and reply whenever there's something available, or at least a couple of times per week.
- i am autistic, so sometimes i feel like i can get a little annoying, so i'm sorry if i doing anything to bother you! i also beleive i'm better at dialogue and write in third person only.
- i'm not too big on random 1x1 ooc chatter if we're just starting out, i'm so sorry but i get nervous! if its in a group setting i'll try my best though!
- i do also tend to make side characters (yes i have a problem with making characters, no i do Not Want To Talk About It) for plot purposes, but I'm fine with us having side couples as well!

Plots and Pairings
i will do any kind of pairing! het? sure? MxM or FxF? mmhm. NBxM or NBxF? yep! polyamory? absolutely! i dont have a preference 4 what gender i play either! once again though, i will reiterate. i only play using and against ocs with anime-style faceclaims in 1x1 settings as its what i feel most comfortable will. i do have some plot ideas for starters - they're somewhat simple and i plan to add more as i think of them. with that being said, i dont really have any specific pairing tropes i'm looking for, anything is good!

Reconnect the Dots
getting back together after an act of betrayal
[i would prefer to play muse a!]
Muses A and B were in a relationship. They were members of a group of bandits, with B being the leader. B was always rushing into danger and kept getting hurt, while A kept having to treat their wounds, afraid that one day, B wouldn't come back. Struggling with their emotions, A decided to throw B under the bus, getting them arrested and thrown in jail while they themselves go on to find a job and make a decent living for themselves, glad that B is at least safe in jail. However, when B gets out and they stumble across A by chance, they don't know it was A who ratted them out. A now has to struggle with the guilt while also dealing with lingering feelings they didn't want to return.

Magical Splash
magical girls/boys/non-binaries/warriors/i don't know what else to call them! magi? idk, but you get it, right?
[i would prefer to play muse b!]
In a similar fashion to Miraculous Ladybug, Muse A and B are both magical warriors who transform and fight against monsters. Neither of them realize that the other - who they know in their civilian lives, whether they're co-workers, enemies, or friends - is also a superhero. For whatever reason, the two are forced to pair up and become teammates for some battles ahead. Not wanting to give away their identities, the two try to balance superhero work with normal daily life. Crushes are developed as the pair fight, but soon A finds out that B is their teammate.

Story of Seasons
the farming simulator based plot.
[i dont have a preference to who i play here!]
Muse A is a new in town and has just moved into an old, abandoned farm that goes back in their family for generations. B is a resident in town already. A soon develops a crush on B and decides to talk to them and bring them gifts whenever possible. B is a little confused and doesn't quite catch on at first, but through repeated interactions, they grow fond of A as well...



mista luvr!
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hi, i hope i’m not too late to this :) i’d be interested in rping the second scenario with you if that’s okay?

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