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The Lord of the Uneaten

Name: Eri Eeriel (codename: LS-7312133)
Age: currently 17, but if her previous lifes are counted then she's 12055 years old
Gender: female
Sexuality: asexual
Race/Species: (fallen) angel
Species traits: They're highly advanced ancient civilization that lives in another dimension called Nirvana. Angel who's exiled to the human world is called the fallen ones.
Abilities: They have wings. Eri also has access to the Karma shop system. Allowing her to import items or services from Nirvana to the human world, the price is bloated though.
How well adapted are they to human life: she's well adapted, but that doesn't stop her from complaining.
Any weakness's applying to your species: they can't reproduce. Recycling/reincarnating soul is their way to go.
Appearance: an innocent-looking girl with feathery white wings on her back. Usually wears an oversized baggie clothes to hide her wings.
Height: 5'1
Weight: 48 kg

How long have you been living at the apartment complex: since the beginning
Why did they come here: Exiled from Nirvana as a punishment. She must gather a certain amount of karma so she can come back home. The cheap apartement is her way to get a constant supply of karma.
Relationships: W.I.P
Occupation: selling vegetables, landlording

Likes: karma(Nirvana's currency), video games, cars, caramel.
Skills/Talents: anything you can expect your grandma to be good at. Like gardening, cooking, knitting and playing candy crush for six hours straight.
Dislikes: her current form, airplane, loud noise.
Personality & Backstory
Although she looks innocent and kind, Eri is actually a cunning and calculating person. However she's in constant inner conflict seeing that she must gather a lot of karma to return to Nirvana, but she also like to have a convenient and easily life in this world by gathering yen, which result in her spacing out a little when she's calculating whether or not to help or to take advantage of a helpless person.

Eri has taken a liking to some of the human's entertainment, especially video games. The violence level on these games is not something she can find in Nirvana's 'video games'. She made a plan to import video games back to her world later.

Eri spent 17 years of her current life in human world. Hopping from one job to another so she can get a stable life. After she got enough money she bought an old building and turned it into a cheap apartement. For some reasons her apartement attracted a lot of the unordinaries, so she just follow along so long as she's able to gather her daily karma.

Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten

Lucoco Chocoberry
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Name: Lucoco Chocoberry

Age: 20

Gender: female

Appearance: Lucoco, or just Coco, stands at 2'5, or 2'9 if the ears are included. She wears the standard purple uniform of a mog knight topped with a leather vest. She carries her trusty saber and buckler as her main weapons.

Class: Mog knight

Personality: Too brave for her own good. That is what her mother usually say about Lucoco. Lucoco is stubborn once she made her mind on something. She can be rather too eager on helping other people. She thrives on praise and can be overconfident.

"Yes, yes! Relies more on me!"

Background: Demarys has the biggest moogle population among all the kingdom. The progressing technology is a fertile field which moogle can thrive easily with their natural ingenuity. The Chocoberry family is no different. They own one of the many workshops by moogle in the Mog Street.

Lucoco, though, don't have any interest in being a gadgeteer. Despite her family disapproval she picked up a sword and joined the order of the mog knight. She practiced everyday to prove that her choice is not wrong. Even though her peers already acknowledged her skill, her family has not. So, she set up on a journey to hone her skill even further, if she keep doing good deeds until she become a legend then they will have no choice but to acknowledge her right?

Charge: Mog knights pack more power than they look. They can use their strength to lauch themself into a specified direction to attack with collision or close the gap. Their constitution has also been trained to withstand this ability.

Bounce: Having mastered charge, Lucoco can use her dexterous limbs to bounce off from solid surface and relaunch herself into another direction.

Flight: Lucoco can use her wings to fly, but only for a short duration.

- Compared to their clotheless, short-eared, wood-dwelling counterpart, the city moogle insert less kupo into their sentence. They still put it into the sentence they want to emphasize though.
- the famous brand of moogle delivery service, Mognet, is taken from the moogle's ability to telepatichally broadcast their thought to another moogles in a wide area using the 'pom-pom' on their antennae, which is also called mognet. How creative!

Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten


Name: Ruma Elis

Age: 29

Race: human

Gender: female

Skills: Stealth, blademaster, cooking

Occupation: tavern owner

Affiliations: The Serpent


Ruma stands at 5'3, with brown eyes and black hair. She has a tattoo of a eight-headed demonic serpent spans all over her back and even branching towards her hands and the back of her thigh, though it's well-hidden behind the garb she usually wears.

A calm and well-composed person. Ruma held rules highly and won't hesitate in giving punishment. Anyone tried to start a bar fight in her tavern got their face smacked by a wooden sword and her eight years old son also got disciplined frequently.

She joined the lower stack's mafia group, The Serpent, when she was still young and eager to show off her family's swordmanship. She later married one of them and have a son, but her husband was killed in one of the group's operation.

Ever since then she tried to resign from the group so she could live peacefully with her son but the group wouldn't let her to simply resign so she ended up making a tavern that also double as one of The Serpent's gathering point.

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