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Squire Fungus

*Holding up an approved Simp License*
-Syfer smiled at this and gave a small laugh. Once they sensed that Sojiro was gone. Syfer opened their eyes; their eyes glowed a bright purple. They took another sip of the coffee.-
*Fungus said, looking to syfer.*
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i SuDdEnLy FeEl LiKe LiGhT yAgAmI aT tHe EnD
*opens the front door of the mansion, turning it into a temporary portal to Earth. In this particular place, it was raining*
*walks through and closes it, shutting down the portal*
*looks at hands*
That's new...
*body starts glitching a bit*
What the--
*starts walking in a random direction in a seemingly never-ending meadow*
*mother glitches into sight*
*she takes my hand*
(Find the Alterer. He'll know what's going o--
*she glitches out of sight*
Mom? Mom! *looks around frantically*
*another figure glitches into sight*
(But what she didn't know was that I've found you. Hello Kitt.
*extremely confused face*
Who the hell--?
*gets into a fighting stance*
Stay back asshole!
*a huge sea of massive black energy surges and swarms around my character instantly*
That's a lot more power than I had before the coma...
(*snaps fingers, deactivating my powers temporarily*
(You won't be needing that for a while. I don't wanna fight you. Actually, I want to help you. With your life.
*falls to the ground, unable to use any magical abilities*
Who are you?
(*chuckles* I am the Alterer. I, am here to alter your life. You feel out of place, yes?
*looks away*
(I can fix that. I can trade you with another Kitt. One with a perfectly good life. (Different than you have now.
And what if I refuse?
(Actually, you can't. You see, I need to kill the other Kitt from the alternate (universe. Lets just say she has something that you don't have, because you (happened to be the one that hit your head drunk seven years ago.
Sh-shut up! I wasn't drunk!
(Didn't you notice that there was no more rum? Nobody else drinks Kraken (rum in your house but you. Alfred has been sober for years. At least, until (today. So, you'll do as I ask. If you don't, you'll never get your powers back. Or (anything, actually. You thought you went to earth? Nowhere close. In fact, (you're far from anything you've ever known. Good luck on your own.
Damn you! I'll kill you! Come fight me you fucking ass!
*more images pop into my head of slaughtering innocent people*
S-Stop it!
(Good luck Kitt.
(*glitches out of sight*
FUCK! *tries to contain anger but can't*
*sees a nearby village and starts sprinting toward it*
*the villagers in it seem confused*
*picks up the nearest sharpest object and starts stabbing multiple people*
~After a little while, most of the village is wiped out from pure rage. Very little people managed to escape, but most were brutally stabbed and killed right where they stood.~
*leans against a bloody wall, slides down and starts crying*

Squire Fungus

*Holding up an approved Simp License*
-Syfer slowly shook their head, and looked up at him with a smile.-
"No I'm afraid not, thank you though."
*Fungus looked down at the remains of his coffee, looking at his own reflection*
You know...Ocean...if you ever need or want to talk to me about anything, I’ll be there.


Soul of Maxi

//It had been quite the emotional night. After countless tears, gasps, and all out cries—whether through distress or joy—Maxi had found himself right to sleep. But, it wasn’t night time anymore. No, though what felt like only seconds of sleep drew itself out into hours. Here, we find Maxi, laid comfortably in bed. He knew not of how late he might have slept in, nor of any bouts in the house. Maxi lay still, occasionally taking in deep breaths. His eyes shut softly, and from his open mouth drips drool which could—in theory—give one the illusion of a well-rested night. The man’s hair was a wreck, laid uncombed to the back.

It was unclear whether it was his sleep, or his emotional fit that saw it this way. The warm rays that emitted from the sun began to creep their way through the blinds of Maxi’s bedroom window, illuminating and reflecting off of his stark white bedding. The room heated lightly, and with that, the light became unbearable to sleep with. Maxi’s dark eyes began to drift open, straining slightly at the some-what blinding light that serves as his wake up call. Maxi rolled to his left with a light groan, using his arm to propel himself up to a sitting position.

Maxi sat there for a moment, recounting the events of last night. The man turned his head to the right to face a full-length mirror in his room, to which he stared into. He smiled lightly, brushing his hair out of his face as he forced himself to his feet, stretching some as he did. He took a few steps to his closet, where he retrieved his cropped jacket. There, he slipped his arm through one end, then the next. After adjusting the sides, he ran his comb carefully through his hair. Now he looked presentable. Though, with a few standing moments, he recounted Grøh’s offer.

Very delicately, and very quietly, Maxi bounded his way down the steps again, hoping to find the white-haired man there in the living room. He turned his head, then with a smile, he spoke once again. “Grøh, brother?”. And, after a light pause, he continued. “Do you have time to chat?” He asked, his head tilting lightly with content.

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*Fungus looked down at the remains of his coffee, looking at his own reflection*
You know...Ocean...if you ever need or want to talk to me about anything, I’ll be there.
-Syfer smiled and reached across the table. They grabbed his hand in theirs.-
"Hey, I will talk to you. I do. I love you alright."

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