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Fandom Bravely Null (1 Spot Open)

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Bravely NullArt of the End

Humanity will forever be creatures of war. For as long as you humans have walked Lunacresta, war has tainted your hearts. The very gods and goddesses who created you only used you for war.

For Anger...

For Injustice...

For Revenge...

For Death...

How I tire of this cycle. It was only days ago that the rulers of the human kingdoms met to forge peace, to end the cycle of war. Yet even then tragedy and death struck.

Now the North has fallen to the Army of Darkness, and their infestation has begun its conquest of Lunacresta. I can only hope the remaining human kingdoms can set aside their differences to come together to face this foe.

I fear that the only those with noble blood will stand any chance against the dark forces, but only together will they succeed.

“Oh Warrior’s of Light, hear my voice...

Return once again to protect humanity...

The crystals call to you, praying for your arrival...

Call out to me, and I will come...”


Hey there! I’m so glad y’all are here because I am super excited to kick this off! If you like the Bravely Default and the Final Fantasy series, I think you’ll love this roleplay. You don’t need to know anything about wither series to join though!

Players will get to choose between two factions to make a character for. The Church ruled Kingdom of Rivienne in the West, and the Eastern Clans of Feurey who are led by powerful samurai. Everyone’s character will know they’re of noble blood, whether they be a well mannered noble or an illegitimate child left in a dumpster, all will be brought together.

What will make this roleplay a bit different from others is that the characters we create don’t really die. When they are killed, they are resurrected back at their kingdom’s crystal as if they had never been killed in the first place.

Also, players will have the option to make one or two NPCs that fight side by side with their main characters. These NPCs can have as little or as much backstory as you want, but they can’t be brought back to life by a crystal.

I’m gonna keep things short and simple with the rules of this rp.

1. Follow all rpnation rules and guidelines.

2. Be respectful to everyone in the roleplay. This is a cooperative story!

3. No power-playing or meta-gaming. All that kind of stuff pisses people off, so always ask if you want to do something like that.

4. This is not a first come first serve kind of deal! Put effort into making your character, and be willing to make tweaks!

5. Burning house rule. If you disappear for two weeks without any notice whatsoever then you’re gone. Communication is key!

6. Have fun damnit! If I find out you’re bored then I’ll sure as hell make sure you have something to do!

7. Post length should be two solid paragraphs at the very minimum. Posting frequency should be about once a week.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask me or my Co-Gm @Orikanyo! If you’re interested, be sure to let us know in this thread so we can estimate a head count. We’ll be taking up to four people for each side, not counting Ori and I.

Lore, Locations, and People
Combat, Magic, and Classes
Roster and Characters
“How pathetic...

I won’t let anything else stand in the way of my return...

Forgotten Goddess...

No one will hear your call!”
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Here’s the Character Thread!

Character Sheet Skeleton and Roster

Remember not to post your character before you you get approval. :)

I can't even begin to express in the written word how interested I am in this. I hope this interpretive dance will explain it.

You have my interest. :3D:
Color me interested.

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