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Multiple Settings Brain and Brawn: A platonic zombie apocalypse roleplay!

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Action, Adventure, Platonic, Zombies

Tiff the Odd

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Y/C was never very smart, he barely graduated high school and didn’t go to college. A large man who was more brawn but that didn’t matter. He found a pretty woman and married her. They were in love and soon, she bore his son. He was happy and that’s all that mattered. His goal was to be a good husband and a good father.

All that changed when the virus broke out. His wife got sick and died, now all that mattered was keeping his 5 year old son alive but that didn’t happen. When the world went to shit, the dead took his son. A zombie bit him during the early days of the virus. Y/C watched his son turn and then was forced to put him down. Everything changed that day. He swore that he would never love or care for another thing, he became cold and hardened.

Two years later, Y/C has joined a group ran by a man named Solomon. Solomon is a cruel man, killing when it benefits him, torturing, and ruling with fear. Sable Young is only 11 years old but she has a genius level IQ. She can fix cars and modify guns, she is very valuable to Solomon. She is also kept a secret unless you are within Solomon’s inner circle. Y/C is not.

Y/C has had enough of being controlled by a mad man so one night he tries to steal a truck and leave. Sable catches him and blackmails him into taking her with him by threatening to scream.

Now, both the young girl and the man are stuck with each other. The young girl is a bratty, know it all who has never had to really be on the road while Y/C is determined to keep the girl at arm’s length.


So the theme for this is found family and their relationship will develop into a father-daughter but they will not get along at first.

This is platonic so no romance.

Semi advance to advance!

Please PM me to join!

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