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Multiple Settings Boundless Horizon - Lit/Adv Lit Partner Search

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  • Dear Stranger,

    I hope that you’re doing well. I’m here looking for partners who’ll join in my quest for great and fun story-telling!

    First, I’d like to say that I’m a reader and a good story is what I’m after in a role-play. For as much as I love writing, I enjoy traversing the imaginary planes and motion pictures of the mind so I wish to find a partner who share the same tenet. Someone who can weave a scene and implore a mood beyond just casual dialogue. While stylistically the words may be different, I’m looking some people with whom I can share, inspire, and write stories with.

    I’m not too particular with spelling and minor grammar mistakes, but I do want to see creativity in the sentence structure, word choice, imagery, anything to do with the written prose itself. It really does come down to the quality of writing and not the quantity because my main motivation for RP is writing skills growth through exploration, which is to say, a little more serious than casual role-players. But I do love casual conversation. I like building trust and friendly rapport with my partners too. Tell me about your day, I don’t mind. ^ ^

    Although, a little forewarning, I adore long prose. But I understand that everyone might not want to write novella style, as I do. It’s why I don’t require a word count; however, I do want to see effort. I‘ll give it my best shot and I hope you give it your best as well.

    When I’m relaxed and on a roll, I can write forever in long sessions. But when I’m under stress or have other priorities, I usually need more time to go through the process. I’m still aiming for consistency for post frequency, but that might not always be the case. There may be a week or two that I miss posting due to exams, work, and other IRL factors; however, I usually will communicate a quick message when it’s the case. I hope you’re okay with a slower pace. I tend to veer away from rapid-fire because it takes me time to compose a good response. At most, I can probably reply once to twice a week. If that’s too slow, we might not be best suited for each other and that’s okay too. Good luck in your search!

    Outside of the prose itself, I’m someone who also enjoys the exchange of ideas in the writing process. I don’t mind throughly discussing the details and literary aspects of story-telling - from world building to character creation. I hope to find partners who are also just as engaged. We could generate ideas and be good sounding boards for each other.

    In all honesty, I don’t mind having extra input and even constructive criticism when it comes to this matter. The best ideas are the ones that have been filtered through multiple lenses to cover the scope of the world. Most importantly, I think having that feedback is how I can improve myself and I know I’m young (and have much to learn) but I hope I can do the same and inspire you too. Let’s grow together!

    Thank you for reading this far. I hope that I still have your attention. If you’d like to role-play, please include your favourite season in a message. It just helps me to distinguish which people have genuine interest enough to stick by me.

    I’d really like to thank you for your time. Happy writing!

    - Discovery

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