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Rand AlThor

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Our story begins following the fall of Hyrule and the desolation of the land and the hundred years grip upon which the evil hand of Ganon held upon all these green lands. Wherein civilization had retreated to their last strongholds as the world around them grew fierce, as creatures born from hate walked and terrorized all who dared to brave their territory. And at the center of the kingdom in the palace of old Hyrule, Ganon himself, the great despiser stirred beneath the weight of his chains, that held him precariously and threatened to break any day now.

All hope was not lost, however, for on the great plateau the hero himself who would meet Ganon in battle had been stowed away from all harm and preserved for these one hundred years in a tomb of his own. And at last, he was released from his slumber and onto the world for his time had come to face the world and all that was in it
"Link." A distant voice of a woman calling started to arise. "Link." The voice called the name of the hero, growing louder with every word. "Open your eyes." Just then the chamber as we'll call it that the hero presumably named Link was sleeping in reacted. The rejuvenizing water that kept his body young and healthy started to drain itself. Being blinded by the lights of the chamber the hylian recoiled and struggled to open his eyes as his body lightly touched the bottom of the now empty chamber.

The voice spoke again, "You've been asleep for 100 years." Link sat up rather slowly, trying to gather his bearings. "My power is weakening, Calamity Ganon will soon destroy all of Hyrule. You are all that's left, please stop him." Link listened to the best of his abilities through the distant ringing in his ears to the voice. "If you look to your right, there is a petistol with something you will need placed on it. Grab it."

Rand AlThor

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And on this pedestal, those origins were lost to time, situated within the peak of it, was a small and strange tablet of similar design to the rest of the structure. If Link went to this structure and took the tablet for himself, there'd be a shift in his tomb and a great door would open up for him and expose a tunnel of dirt and stone, that'd lead up to an open sky.

And if he followed out of his tomb and walked through the Earth and into the world above, he'd see that he himself stood upon a cliff. Wild grasses covered the ground and homely trees full of leaves that rustled softly in the winds dotted the hills around him and before him was a sight unlike any other. All of Hyrule spread out before him, from the great black volcano whose peaks reached the heavens themselves, to the old palace of Hyrule and even other sights too far to properly make out from where he was at. Though Ganon had won all those years ago, the land looked healthy and hale.
With nothing but blinding curiosity to begin from, Link almost absent-mindedly took his first steps towards the blinding light. No longer hesitant he shields his eyes and continues on. The sun rays from outside were blinding giving a direct view of the sky. and the fresh air was a hit to the face. Though if it weren't for such sudden brightness Link wouldn't have noticed the two chests promptly placed right out side of door.

The chests were filled with clothes, and nothing more and with no further questions he slipped them on before he could feel another cold chill run down his spine. The world outside was way different from inside the chamber. The grass graced against his ankles as he looked over Hyrule, his eyes scouting the land beneath his feet up to the clouds above.

The castle and every thing beyond his vision only fueling his curiosity, causing even more questions to form. Link had to shake his head, in efforts to brake himself from being lost in thought. Turning back he noticed in his peripheral a dark figure following down a distinguished path down the mountain. Something told him following the figure was the next natural step in his journey. It wasn't the woman's voice telling him to follow it, instead rather a indistinguishable feeling he couldn't explain. Link started his dissent down the mountain, picking up small twigs and mushrooms that peeked his interests.
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Rand AlThor

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And upon heading down the mountain, Link would find a small hollow in the side of a hill, and in this natural hollow was a campsite. A dark figure sat on a log, he broke twigs and fed them into a small fire that burned happily before him. A moment of silence passed before the figure looked at Link and it became apparent he wore a strange rabbit mask.

"So, a traveler, I don't get those much here. Could you tell me why you're here?" He asked Link
Link approached the seemingly gentle stranger, looking rather captivated by the campfire in front of them. It spit sparks of ash and crackled a comforting tune. The warmth that radiated from it was a nice feeling, like being wrapped in a fluffy blanket on a cold night. Link questioned what it could be. Link was brought back to reality once more when the stranger's words reached the tips of his pointy ears.

Link reacted only minorly and opened his mouth to speak, when only a faint noise escaped his lips he understandably paused and looked a little troubled. Could he not speak? Instead of expressing himself verbally Link pointed to the top of the mountain side where the resting chamber was, hoping the stranger could understand him.

Rand AlThor

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The stranger was silent momentarily and then an epiphany seemed to pass behind his painted eyes. "Ah, I see, then you must be the hero from the tomb. I presume you've used the clothes that were left by your tomb. Hero." He said to Link, referring to the chests full of clothes left by his door. But there seemed to be at the end of his speech, the hint of accusation.
Looking down at himself, Link realized that the stranger was referring to his clothes. He recalled not to long ago finding them right outside of the chamber and he hadn't even thought about why they were there or who they might have belonged too. He lightly tugged at the ragged shirt that looked a little small on him before looking back up at the stranger once more. Link didn't feel as if this assumption needed further confirmation.

Rand AlThor

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"So you can't speak? No matter, hero, I'll introduce myself then. My name is Ravio and for one hundred years my family has guarded your tomb on top of this plateau, waiting for you to awake from your slumber. And waiting to help guide you for your purpose. But now I'm the last left, everyone's gone now." Ravio said to Link, a hint of bitterness could be heard in his voice with those words.

"There's no use thinking on the past. It's useless." Ravio said as he got up from his seat, "This plateau, it was chosen because there's no way to get up and down from it. Save for an old invention of old Hylia."

And with those words he'd march off towards a small church a distance away. Decrepit, it had once served as a place of worship for the three goddesses who were said to have made this land. But now it was empty and it's altars empty. Ravio had made this place his home, but it was too big for just him alone.

Several strange contraptions were placed on a table, they seemed like they had a use.

"The hangliders." Ravio said as hegestured to them.
Link listened to the now named stranger's words, picking up on the bitter tone he used and the short silence that followed. While he wasn't blindsided enough to not understand why one would feel as such when recalling something so unfortunate, he was a bit unable to understand why this had been a bit of a saddend revelation.

Upon further explanation of the plateau, Link once again set his sights upon the hill further down and took notice of a few structures down by the base of the hill. Scattered were small hut like buildings, engravings that looked alot like the folds of a brain were carved along the outsides. It was fascinating.

Link felt conditioned to follow Ravio to the temple, knowing now that if this stranger's words were to be believed, he can help him get off of this plateau and to the land below. Upon walking into the dilapidated building, Link scanned the area before he took notice of the hangliders bestowed in front of them. Without thinking, Link reached forward looking to take one of the hangliders without even a hint of how willing Ravio was willing to hand one over.

Rand AlThor

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"You've taken a liking to them. But you won't be using one for a moment." Ravio said before he headed to a wall to the side of this old church and pointed to a map on it, on this map was the plateau and the map itself gave a stylized interpretation of the landscape. On the plateau, marked by three red slashes were three locations.

"That little tablet of yours isn't working at its best, for whatever reason, it was said that before you left this place you had to complete these three shrines. The only one known to us." Ravio said to Link
Ravio's voice stopped Link's own thoughts causing him to freeze. Turning around to face him, he noticed the map and slowly approached it. The first thing that caught his attention were the red slashes on the stylized map, the color popped out to him in contrast to the bland color of the map almost, demanding he pay attention to them.

As soon as the slate was mentioned, Link looked to it. It was placed on his hip, secured by the belt he found. It glowed, grabbing his attention even more. Upon taking it out, the same map that was displayed in front of him was now on the screen making it a handy guide for if he lost his way.

Looking up from the slate and towards the map again, Link made the connection that he needed to head to those locations marked on the map. He nodded to Ravio, confirmation that he now understands what is expected of him.

Rand AlThor

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Ravio saw the nod and spoke, "I see. We'll be off soon then, hero."

And there would be some time that allowed Link to prepare himself before they left the church and made their way from the place into the wilderness of the plateau. Ravio who had brought with him a map took them to a ruin of old Hylia, before they were many waterways that in ages long past had served as waterways for ships. Now rivers crisscrossed their sights, their warm water glistened in the sun and fish swam lazily above bricked floors covered in green moss. Large trees grew in between collapsed buildings, their leaves swayed softly in the sun and birds darted from branch to branch.

Before they were a large shrine and time had not touched it and its surface still shone dully in the light of the sun. A sealed entrance loomed before them, "These were made for you. It won't open without your presence. We still remember that, hero." Ravio said to Link.
Even though everything around them felt as if it was standing still, Link's heart raced and his thoughts thrived without rest. So many questions, so few answers. The thing that stuck with him was the voice from the chamber.

Despite it all Link managed to use the time given wisely, instead of just waiting around he started collecting apples and seeing what would happen if he were to sit them next to an open flame. He found that they turn into a golden brown, releasing their flavor. Curiously, he experimented with different mushrooms, and acorns, burning small things and taking it with him for the journey to the shrine.

Link was once again able to take in his surroundings, he took note of ruins and analyzed how the earth seemed to be growing around it almost consuming the delapitated structures. The shrine grabbing the hero's attention, most of all. As he began to approach it, the special slate glew again and the mysterious voice returned, "Place the Sheikah slate onto the pedestal." Doing as he was told, he gently placed the slate onto the pedestal, which then glew a blue light.

Rand AlThor

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With a soft hum and a slow rumble, the shrine awakened, and a lift raised itself in the open space before Link and Ravio. As well as that inscriptions that glowed a faint orange lit up on the face of the monument and they depicted a stylized eye. Ravio looked upon it with wonder and awe, he had spent his whole life merely gazing at these inactive shrines, and to see it alive and well was a fulfillment of his duties. And if both Link and Ravio stepped into it, they'd be taken down into a strange dungeon made up of a sort of sleek material not seen in the world.

They'd see before them a small pedestal in this room and if Link were to place his Sheikah tablet into the center of it, he'd find himself gaining the ability to use the Magnesis ability. Curiously enough, two large metallic slabs rested in this room and if Link moved them, he'd find that it showed a hole that led into another room
Link was too distracted by the slight rumble of the earth beneath them that followed the shrine's awakening, it was very subtle. Link acknowledged the shrine's details for only a second before he looked ahead at the blacked out entrance. He started to walk ahead down the short corridor and onto the pedestal. With a rumble that shook a bit more violently, the small pedestal unearthed itself and began to sink further down into the earth.

Link looked around when the elevated platform grounded itself allowing the two to walk through the blue wall of light and into a new environment, the likes of which no one has ever seen before. The sleek material was the foundation of this place and when looking around and up to the ceiling the blue calming lights were mesmerizing. Just what exactly is this place?
Link soon was met with another low voice the echoed throughout the shrine, it was more like a hum. "To you who sets foot into this shrine. I am Oman Au. In the name of Goddess Hylia, I offer this trial."

Looking over Link noticed the familiar pedestal from before, he echoed the steps taken earlier to obtain Magnesis the ability to control metal. It was a bit odd to watch the process of gaining the ability, a single droplet of shikah...essence dropping onto the slate? Strange. Looking ahead, Link retrieved back the slate and was met with two large metal slab like doors that block the way into another room. Looking to his slate, Link pressed the screen and following a small beep a line of magnetic energy shot from the slate itself and connected onto one of the metal slabs. The slate gave off a low vibrating feel to it. Moving it aside the path became clear to another room.

Rand AlThor

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"That is something, they said that you'd get something like that in the book," Ravio remarked in surprise as Link shifted the huge plates of metal from the floor, they'd seemed weightless as they were moved. The two of them soon progressed into the next room, to be confronted by another similar room with this time a great block of steel in front of the exit. "They really wanted you to know how to use this thing, didn't they?" He remarked.

If Link were to push or pull this large block of steel, a creature would enter from the newly made doorway. It was a robot that stood on three legs, with a great eye that contained indifference. Two great blades appeared from the sides of the machine. "Of all the places!" Ravio cursed upon seeing it. The robot would then leap at the two and attempt to strike them with its blades, Ravio himself would leap to the side to avoid it.
Placing the metal slabs to the side with ease, Link only progressed into the next room before being met with the next metal obstacle. Looking to Ravio, he nodded agreeing with his remark. With the Shikah tablet still in hand, Link proceeded to mimic the same steps from earlier, feeling the low vibrations from the tablet once more. A doorway revealed itself from the blocked entrance and a small robot like creature came forth, looking to battle.

As the creature approached the two and leaped foreward looking to attack, Link was able to avoid it's attack. Only being armed with a twig and a potlid, Link started attacking the creature with the branch swinging his arm around and slashing it with vigor. In addition, Link began using the pot lid to block any upcoming attacks from it using the metal block as cover from a distance when the bot resorted to shooting lazer like beams.

Rand AlThor

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The machine would seemingly grow irritated from Link's attacks from its stick, though they did little damage to it, it seemed it was capable of some thought. Ravio himself circled the beast, but he didn't have any weapons and so was completely useless. Worry and fear were worn clearly on his face at the sight of it, but for the time being the guardian wasn't looking at him.

The guardian would fire multiple shots at Link from its great eye and if Link blocked at just the right moment, he'd reflect the attack back at the guardian and completely destroy it.
Link seemed to notice that the twig was doing nothing to the machine and drew back continuing to hide behind the metal block for temporary protection. As if the machine had just realized it had legs, it used it's legs to cycle around the metal block, as it shot more beams from it's eye. It was like Ravio wasn't even there as Link was it's sole focus..

Blocking the shots from this seemingly formidable foe, Link began to notice some sort of pattern in the way it attacks between shots. Realizing Link could possibly take advantage of this opening, Link stopped attacking the machine completely and held his pot lid in front of him.

The machine shot another beam from it's eye but this time he was prepared. Drawing his arm in an outwards motion, Link managed to reflect the beam with the lid and back to the bot, hitting it square in it's eye and effectively destroying it as it soon exploded into bits and pieces.

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