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Multiple Settings Boring and long nights, Roleplay Buddy Needed

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Sweet Caroline

Brown Eyed Girl ♡

Hello To Any lovely person that reads this! I'm Caroline, this is just going to be nothing new. I'm just going to list
some of the rules if have then my parings, If you do not like what I have listed please tell me if you have an idea
I would really like to hear it.

Boring Rules
1: Please be active when you can, I have had plenty of roleplays just die and I have no idea what happened.
If you do not like our Roleplay please tell me so we can maybe start a new one.

2: Have Fun, I would not want our time together to be boring I want it to be fun for the both of us.

3: Female Roles Only, I hate to make others play male roles but I'm not really comfortable doing a male role.

4: Ask questions, you can ask me anything you would like if you have a question about a roleplay
Then please ask it's ok I do not bite.

- Country Boy x City Girl
- Police Officers Daughter x Bad Boy
- The Boy x Girl Next Door
- Dancer x Bad Boy
- Coach's Daughter x Bad Boy
- Bad Boy x good girl
- Billionaire x Cafe Worker
-bad boy x nerd
-Singer x Dancer
-Billionaire x Maid
-Bar Owner x Billionaire
- CEO x Worker
-Eboy x nerd
-Boss x Assistant

-Some other Ideas-
Holidays/ Seasons
~Christmas/New Years~
~ Halloween/Thanksgiving~
~Summer time~

Movie Based Ideas
~Vampire Diaries
~Young Justice


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Body and Soul
Hey I'm interested. I work and go to school so I'm looking for a casual rp (2 or 3 times a week). I'm pretty open minded to a lot of different rp's and have a lot of ideas too. If you're still interested message me ^_^


The world just isn't fun without a little chaos.
Hello I just wanted to know if you were interested in a supernatural type.


I wouldn't mind a Bad Boy x Good Girl RP. Though I have to ask, when you say bad boy do you mean drug addiction, mental illness and all that

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