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Bored Of Recieving Just 2 - 3 Lines...NEED DETAIL!


Elder Member
Just as the title states...

I am bored of getting merely 2 - 3 lines per response.

  • At least a reply a day.
  • At least 2 - 3 paragraphs that are more then 2 - 3 lines...
  • Someone who knows how to add detail to their responses.
  • Someone who can play multiple characters of either male or female genders.
  • One who isn't afraid to suggest possible ideas to add to our plot, characters, and so on.
  • Someone who writes in 3rd person.
  • Someone who roleplays via PM's.
  • No character controlling without my permission.
  • I don't do big elaborate character sheets. All I need / require is a name, age and an image of what your character will look like included in with the Intro post you make.

Onto pairings. Anything in this color are the roles I would play as.

  • Vampire-and-Vampire
  • Vampire-and-Human
  • Master-and-Slave
  • Bully-and-Bullied
  • Demon-and-Human
  • Male-and-Male
  • Female-and-Female
  • Male-and-Female OR Female-and-Male
  • Werewolf-and-Werewolf
  • Kidnapper-and-Kidnapped
  • Mermaid-and-Captor
  • Evil Scientist-and-Experiment
  • Mental Patient-and-Shrink
  • Doctor-and-Patient
  • Abuser-and-Abused
  • Sadist-and-Normal Person

Plot candies.

  • Angst / Pain
  • Force
  • Bondage
  • Mild Gore / Blood
  • Mild Horror-ish Stuff
  • Romance
  • Pregnancies
  • Possible Character Death
  • Betrayals




Mother of Kitties
I think I fit your requirements :) would be interested in vampire x vampire. PM me if you want!


♡Sweet Little Reaper of Death♡
Hey! I am interested in:

•Mermaid /captor

•Evil Scientist /experiment


Pm me if your still looking!



New Challenger Approaching!
I am very interested in

  • Werewolf-and-Werewolf
  • Evil Scientist-and-Experiment
  • Vampire-and-Vampire

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