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Fantasy Book of the World (New Gods Lore)



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A book containing all of the information pertaining to the world our characters make. It is, in fact, an actual book in universe.

A bit of miscellaneous for the roleplay-
All Gods can shift into the appearance they had when they were alive, mostly to go incognito in the mortal world.
All our characters died on the exact same day
You guys can post things about your characters and what they create in here and should do so

~The Pantheon~
Celestial Gods
Eteus, The God of the Forest
Astra, Our Lady of the Moon and Dreams
Ulfr, Three-headed Beast of Hunting and Animals
Kerem, Lord of the Sun and Fire
(Reservation for Plague and Famine) Necromantic Necromantic
(Reservation for Healing and Abundance) Necromantic Necromantic
(Reservation for Wine and Taverns) DuchessofAdraelith DuchessofAdraelith
(Reservation for War and/or Craft) Sunhorse99 Sunhorse99
Clear Jade, The Lady of the Quill, Goddess of Law and the Arts Nellancholy Nellancholy
Amareus, God of Chaos and Order Gaius Danius Griinia Gaius Danius Griinia

Cthonic Gods
Af, Lord of the Underworld, The God of Love and Death Necromantic Necromantic
Naki, Goddess of Void and Knowledge Karcen Karcen
Shade, God of Shadow and Travel Tainted Nazgul Tainted Nazgul
Mendos, Patron of the Destitute, God of Deceit and Theivery Clockwork_Magic Clockwork_Magic
(Reservation for Party and Music) Necromantic Necromantic
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There are places dedicated to Livets Arucana that specific types of criminals are brought to after being found guilty. Livets Arucana passes judgement down on these criminals himself, as he will not stand for mindless and needless killing or destroying nature for the fun of it.

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The Sanguine
The Sanguine is a corruptive force that spreads across the lands, turning water into blood and draining environments of color until all that's left is a monochrome landscape of blacks, white and red. Spreading primarily through water channels and the roots of plants. The Sanguine often spawns creatures from its rivers and lakes of blood, with the creatures themselves often varying wildly in appearance or build. Some of these creatures have been known to spread the sanguine where they die, but luckily they don't tend to wander far from Sanguine lands.

The Sanguine changes form depending on what landscape its transformed, with forests often becoming endless mazes of black white with only the red leaves aor grass to break it up, and Mountains that have been fully corrupted will begin bleeding onto the surrounding areas to help spread the Sanguine further. Though the Sanguine is currently landlocked, its believed that if the Sanguine ever manages to spread to an ocean it could corrupt entire swathes of the planet even quicker.

The Bloodborn
The creatures that are spawned from the Sanguine are known as the Bloodborn. The name is the only unifying banner by which to categorize them at the moment as, despite some surface level similarities in appearance, most of the Bloodborn are too varied in characteristics and methodology to easily group together.

Dissatisfied with the number of creatures she could make on her own, the Goddess of Change granted the Sanguine rivers the ability to endlessly spawn creatures of all kinds. This has turned the Sanguine's ecosystem into a constantly shifting nightmare where balance is almost impossible. The Bloodborn come in all shapes and sizes, from measly prey creatures that suckle blood from trees to feed to herculean giants that mark their territory with desecrated trees ripped straight out of the ground.

Because of the nature of how the Bloodborn are spawned, what was working one day could immediately be undone by a new creature with new abilities the next. The rampant introduction of new creatures leaves much of the Sanguine in a constant state of distorted conflict, but even that holds no standard as sometimes the Sanguine will just go an a spree of making tiny creatures that end up devastating the ecosystem in different ways.

Because of the Bloodborn and their ever-changing relations with one another, the Sanguine is in a near-constant state of chaos that only the most adaptive would be able to survive in.

The Blood Kin

rwby_bestiary__harbingers_of_the_sand_by_demize00zero_daqn67o-fullview.jpgThe only sentient things adaptable enough to survive in the Sanguine with the Bloodborn so far would be the Blood Kin, the only sentient creatures to have been made by Nelkhanna. Similar to their Bloodborn cousins, the Bloodkin also spawn in various forms from the deep red of the Sanguine. Unlike the various forms of the Bloodborn, the Bloodkin seem tailor-made for adaptability. Just as the Sanguine and Bloodborn change depending on the environment that was originally corrupted, so too were the Bloodkin.

Built purely to survive the rampant changes of the ecosystem caused by the Bloodborn, the Bloodkin have fragmented into various tribes and cultures that handle the constant change of the Sanguine in equally numerous ways. With some living as nomadic travelers that avoid more dangerous Bloodborn while hunting those they can, and others forming Cults around blood magic and using mystic arts to manipulate the more powerful Bloodborn.

But just as the Bloodborn's differences make the Sanguine too chaotic for any standard, the Bloodkin are also currently stuck in a state of constant adaptation. Only time will tell which method will aid in their further development best.


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