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Location: Custos House, Alpha Room
Spring was now here with small patches of snow laying on the ground. In Custos, the pack's alpha stood at the window of his room within the circular tower in the center of the pack home, the bottom of the tower which the entrance to the mansion and foyer was located behind a maple door. Hazel eyes stared out the window at the driveway, the man's hands resting on the window as he watched the sky beginning to lighten as the sun rose within the sky. His was the newest pack within Ithawell, thus it had the least members out of the three packs, the other two run by a werewolf and a vampire to his knowledge and he had researched when he had come to this town at the foot of the Black Hills. Ordan turned briefly at the knock on the door before looking back to the window. "Enter," he spoke. Whoever it was had best have a good reason for being up and disturbing him, despite the alpha being awake already.

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Location: Dominick's small simple house in Ithawell
Dominick had a simple routine every morning, taking care of the bare essentials of course first shower and grooming himself for the day, dressing himself in black camo jeans and tank top. Then he set to a light workout routine, a humble forty push ups and sit ups just to get the muscles going. Dominick then went about preparing himself a filling breakfast, whistling a light tune as he impatiently grilled sausages and eggs, while it was important to be full to keep his body in top condition throughout the day, he was however at the end of the day a slut for all types of food. He then savagely wolfed down his morning breakfast, washing it down with a tall glass of water preparing his body for the tasks for the day. He'd been planning this task for about a month now and was anxious to execute it and impatient to prepare for it. He left his morning mess for later, despising cleaning with a passion he instead chose to head down into his basement.

Pulling up a chair to his work bench, he switched on the TV to watch the daily news as usual to keep up with the local events around town. He listened to such events as he tended to his tools, first he took apart and cleaned his favorite of all tools of the trade, his Draco semi automatic pistol was a all black mini assault rifle in truth in which he kept in top notch condition as his weapon of choice for hunting. Once done with the simple maintenance he began to load each of the three magazines he owned for the weapon, loading them with the shiny silver bullets until each was magazine was full. While most feel that the supernatural burden that befalls this small town was a hell of sorts, he comes to look at it as a playground, a special hunting field with all manners of prey for him to seek. Today, he hopes to hunt a Werewolf, whether to take his head to mount on his wall or for whichever experiments the Blood Order's scientist's wish to conduct he was not sure yet. For now he could only think of the hunt to come.

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An omega entered the alpha’s room. Numerous times before had he been in here, to clean or to pick up the large space. However, he hardly ever entered when Ordan was present. He found it awkward. There was something important to make the alpha aware of, though, and it was Jaehwa who chose to deliver the message.

Hands clasped firmly in front of him, Jaehwa stepped just enough from the door so that he could close it behind him. He held great respect for his leader. Eyes imperceptibly starstruck, his mouth opened and closed a few times. “Sorry to disturb you,” he managed, then paused, contemplating his next words. “Lichen’s Alpha is here. He wishes to speak with you, but he refused to say about what. There are others from his pack with .”

Jaehwa had been concerned when the vampire had shown up with some of his best pack members. At first, he suspected an attack of some sort, but no such action had transpired and he was left quite confused. His unsettlement only increased when the vampire called for a meeting of the two alphas.

“Do you want to converse with him or should we tell him to leave?” he asked, curious. He was by no means eager for a battle, but that was what he feared might happen if they refused the vampire’s request. Stories had been passed along of how heartless he was. Jaehwa didn’t want to face such ruthlessness up close. Still, he knew it was a possibility, as much as he fretted acknowledging it.



Blake was stubborn. Yes, he knew this probably wouldn't go too well. Yes, he was well aware of the consequences. And yet still he'd pressed on.

Lichen was his pride. He'd built it and its culture from the ground up and he wasn't about to let anything else stop him, let alone someone else's pack. Diplomacy was important, though, and he figured talking things out before going on a murder spree was a pretty decent idea. If things went sour, however, he was well prepared. He'd brought some of his best people with him. There was no doubt in his mind that they could handle any situation thrown at them.

This pack was known as Custos. Blake hated it. He hated the members and their foolish goal alike. They were throwing away the blessing they'd received like it was nothing. All for what? Some pathetic humans that were worth no more than the dirt on his boot. Absurd.

Foot tabbing against the floor, Blake sighed. Another thing he hated was waiting. The tension in the space around him was palpable. He swore if he didn't get an answer soon, he'd drink every last living creature here dry. Patience, his brain reminded him. Tact. Another sigh left his lips. He wondered how long this would take.


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Location: Alpha Room to Sitting Room
Ordan did not turn from the window as he heard footsteps enter and then the door close, the werewolf seeing the omega, a man by the name of Jaehwa, who seemed slightly dazed by seeing him. The omega finally had the decency to speak and stop looking like a fish as he spoke of why he had come. “Lichen’s alpha...” Ordan said slowly. “Bringing members of his pack as well..... And the Boreal alpha?”

When Jaehwa questioned him, with no amount of undisguised curiosity in his tone, Ordan raised a hand and placed his fingers against the glass pane, tapping them rhythmically as he thought over his next move. “The leeches came a long way just to have a...talk...with me.” Ordan quieted, nothing but the steady drumming of his fingers and the breathing of the two wolves. “No Jaehwa. I will see what this blood sucker wants with me to make such a trip here.”

He removed his hand and and turned, straightening his shirt as he moved past the other werewolf and headed for the stairs. “Stay close Jaehwa,” Ordan said as he passed, indicating the omega was to come with him. He then headed down the tower’s circular steps, passing a large room which housed a common area and two dorms with five beds each where the alpha and beta concubines would live when they were chosen and he had another alpha and betas along with a third room that would serve as a nursery and the room of the secretaries. Both betas would be allowed two concubines each with the pair of alphas having three each. These three rooms made up the tower within the center of the mansion as he touched the ground floor and made his way to his right to the sitting room that was far removed from the living room on the opposite end of the mansion which was only for the pack.

Ordan soon reached the sitting room after five minutes of being notified of the visiting alpha in his home and on his territory. If the Lichen alpha tried demanding things, he would find quickly it would not be tolerated by the former military member. Plastering a neutral look on his face, the alpha of Custos entered the room and observed the group of vampire and werewolves there. “My omega says you wish to speak to me,” Ordan spoke as he made his way towards a recliner and took a seat. He knew of this alpha, a vampire named Blake who was rumored to have a rather nasty disposition and leader of Lichen...the born mutts and leeches.

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Elijah stood calmly by Blake's side, hands folded together in front of himself. While he wasn't thrilled about having to travel with an unstable vampire, to be present during 'diplomatic' discussion was certainly an honor. Elijah was a statue with only his eyes moving to observe the room and Blake, whose impatience was all too easy to pick up on. "They'll be here to talk. They always are, with you." He spoke plainly to Blake while they waited. He may have been alpha but Blake was unstable and dangerous. For anyone to poke the beast while already provoked was like a human flicking the nose of a wolf.

Elijah worked for Blake for some time, so he was familiar enough with what his duties entailed more so than what was expected of him. When Blake decides to start swinging he needed to support him thoroughly and take the brunt of whatever was thrown at the alpha. They weren't friendly by any means but Elijah was probably one of the only people who knew how to talk to and associate with Blake without pissing off the alpha too much.

Even now Elijah was prepared for the impatience to drive Blake into a frenzy. But that changed when the alpha of Custos came into the room. Elijah just watched and listened. Blake's impatience and Ordan's contempt for the Lichen were equally palpable to Eli. He could almost taste the bitter flavor of rivalry between the two. I just hope no one has to die today.


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Location :Log cabin in the foot hills near the forest.

Tyress loads the cart with the produce and the eggs for the week. It was still pretty early in the morning, with the sun just peeking out above the hills, but it was a rough, although short, road to Ithawell, and he didn't want to stress the mule too much. Tyress had already put in everything and was getting the mule ready. The two huskies came out, one light brown and the other a darker shade, and sat down attentively. Next to him. It wad Maginus (the darker brown one)'s turn this week.
Tyress always took one husky to Ithawell, and letting the other guard the cabin and animals. He ruffled Baily's head and signalled him to stay and guard. (Altough ue could use commands, he prefered signals to command the dogs.) The husky sat down, and he kept some meaty rabbit bones next to him when he got hungry.
Taking Maginus, he started to lead the mule down to Ithawell. The sun was just starting to properly rise, shedding beautiful golden light on the scenery. Even though he was half a vampire, he could still never get enough of a morning sunrise.


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Location: The Ithawell Hotel
It was morning when the pregnant sixteen-year-old woke up in her hotel room on the first floor of the Ithawell Hotel, a five-story Hotel. She was in the room above the garage, looking out over the drive leading towards the hotel near the Black Hills. Getting to her feet, the forever teenager, made her way towards the bathroom to get a shower, her pregnancy nearly over as she had two more months before she would give birth. The girl had spent the evening in town, having hunted for food and gotten tired. Plus the alpha seemed to be out and she hadn’t seen them since the Sentibel had brought her to the house and given her a rank as a Subordinate.

She was what vampires called a fledgling, theclowest rank of their heirarchy as were the vampire of Boreal...they were all and would forever be fledglings and thus weaker than the born vampires. The female came out of her shower after fifteen minutes and got dressed before running a hand through her ebony hair as she looked at her reflection in the mirror, her formerly green eyes now mercury silver. Straightening her dress, Audrey grabbed a shawl and put it on her head along with her pocketbook and made her way outside to find something to eat. Her pregnancy was taking a lot out of her as she walked to the first floor and then headed outside. The sun was rising and Audrey grimaced at this fact, now no longer able to enjoy the day that had ended with her sire taking her life away.

Audrey’s heels clicked over the drive as she headed down it towards the main road and the sidewalk that ran on either side of it. Her stomach rumbled as she headed towards downtown where all the cafes, shops and businesses were. Even food no longer provided any nutrition for her new kind...a vampire hiding in the shadows within a town she loved and didn’t want to be away from.

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'''.gif Paulina had been standing farther away from the group. Eyeing the decor, she unsurprisingly wasn't paying attention to the time whom Blake was probably counting every second of. She was pulled out of her thoughts when the alpha finally came out of his "den". "The princess finally came out? You took more time to apply your makeup than me." Paulina cleared her throat attempting to release the tension that was filling up in the room. Looking at the alpha she smiled, "Of course we're here to talk! What did you imagine we were here for?" she said addressing him in a joking manner.

Seeing as how close the beta had stood next to the alpha Paulina smile died down,"Don't worry we won't bite- I mean we do...but I don't prefer fur with my meals." To be frank, Paulina had no idea why they were here or she did but she forgot. Since it was a usual thing for her to never really be listening to anything that was boring. It must have been important though since they had to personally see the dogs. At the moment she wondered if she threw a stick would they chase it. She snickered at the thought of the alpha and beta running after a stick.
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The female Lichen beta known as Alana was jogging the territory of the pack, her pale white fur blowing in the wind as she moved, ears twitching to hear every little sound that was made as she seemed to patrol, golden eyes watching her surroundings

Alana Wulfe|Beta|Wolf form

Location: Lichen territory

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Location: Sitting Room, Custos Home
Ordan glanced towards Paulina as she spoke to him, the Custos alpha leaning forwards and setting his fingers together under his chin as he listened to the female speak. He had spent what little research he had done mainly focusing on the other alphas in charge of the two packs and not so much on their partners as they had no interest in them. He did know that at least the Lichen alpha had a...wife. “So not only is the alpha of Lichen gracing me with his presence, he brings his spouse along,” said Ordan. The alpha glanced at Jaehwa. Perhaps his omega didn’t know of the alpha female of Lichen.

The ex-military alpha was silent for a while, the tension in the room thick in the air. “Hardly,” Ordan said in answer to the woman’s first sentence of him taking a while to come here. “I would assume to cause trouble and apparently you leeches have little sense of smell and are hard of hearing, otherwise you would have heard me introduce my omega,” Ordan spoke. He did not offer the leeches to sit nor refreshments as he looked between the group standing before him. “Why are you here?”

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Location: Farmer's market.

Tyress finally came to his stall in the farmer's market. (It was the last one, closest to the outskirts of Ithawell.) He tied up the mule somewhere close by, and started unloading and arranging the stuff he bought to sell.
"Morning, Tyress! You got some fine produce there.",said Mr.John Gilts, the owner of the stall neighbouring his for many years. Tyress nodded politely.
A few regulars, people who had bought his stuff for many years, came in the morning. Aunt Kathy (that's what most of the farmer's market called her, other than some of the older folk, like Mr.Gilts, who just called her Kathy) came by and bought some of his berries,vegetables and eggs. She made and sold baked goods and the like, and was one of Tyress's other regulars.
The customer loyalty he had was not purely from sympathy or pity alone, his produce was genuinely brighter and tasted better than their supermarket counterparts.(People attributed this to the mountain air and soil.)
Tyress waited in his stall until more people came. At around two or three, he would have to go to town and buy some essentials he needed. This was his usual routine. Until then, he waited.
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Location: Downtown, close to Outskirts

A body slammed into the wall of an alley behind the bookstore as the pale girl lunged towards the man and opened her mouth, sinking her fangs into his throat as struggled against the vice grip of the fledgling vampire. Blood welled up in her mouth that she hungrily swallowed latching her mouth over the wounds as she lapped up the crimson liquid. The human continued strugglinfvs Audrey fed, taking in her morning meal and ending the human’s life as she had done since being turned five months ago. Her alpha hadn’t taught control yet but even so, fledglings didn’t have control.
Location: Dominick's small simple house in Ithawell en route to Lichen Pack territory
By the time Dominick was finished, his hands were oily and his pack of gum were empty. Yet his small personal armory was shiny and in excellent condition. He took a moment to pride himself in his work for a moment, he had taken it upon himself to become a master at the skill so that he may pass it on to any would be new recruits to the order. When you're up against blood sucking demons and shape shifting hell hounds, both with overwhelming strengths and abilities, their weapons was all they had in this war. They were outnumbered, over powered, and at the moment losing. With no leader or sense of direction, Dominick didn't mind being one of the few members still active in carrying out attacks against the unholy cabals that infested the region. However he hoped his hunt today will remind the Order that they are still capable of fighting the demons!

Popping the trunk of his souped up mustang, he tossed the bag into the trunk only retrieving his Draco to ride passenger with him among the arsenal of Shotguns and hunting rifles. His car engine roared as he checked the time, hoping his prediction was correct and if so there should be Werewolf on patrol at this time in the territory of the Pack Dominick hated most. The Lichen pack killed his cousin and not only that, continue to enslave and hunt man as if it was just a means of life. Today though they will be his preying out from his driveway and heading towards the outskirts of the town towards the packs territory.

The role reversal was always his favorite part, him becoming the hunter, the unholy demons becoming the prey, and although he feels sad to sacrifice his adorable little pet rabbit it will serve well as bait today....


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Nodding gently at the alpha’s words, Jaehwa felt his heart sink. There was no denying that a part of him wished Ordan would’ve just asked for that vampire and his crew to leave. Fear was tickling his senses although he knew he shouldn’t be scared. Ordan was an intelligent individual who Jaehwa knew had the ability to handle this situation.

He was about to dismiss himself only to learn that he was to come with. Swallowing audibly but speaking no protests, Jaehwa followed the alpha down the stairs and to the sitting room. When Ordan sat in a recliner, he moved to stand behind him, lowering his head slightly upon being introduced. He felt much more comfortable like this as opposed to taking a seat of his own, although he couldn’t explain why.

A female spoke up first. Right away, she frightened Jaehwa. At the same time, however, he frowned at her for being so rude. He almost risked piping up with a protest. Here Lichen was, calling for a meeting, and they didn’t have the decency to be diplomatic. Or, at least, she didn’t.

Wonder twinkled in his eyes when Ordan mentioned this woman being the Lichen alpha’s spouse. Even though Jaehwa had done some research, he had yet to go very in-depth into the other groups as his primary concern was in other areas. His interest continued to increase when said alpha stood up and held out a hand.


It felt like forever for the vampire. Numerous times had he left the couch, ready to pace around the room, only to sit right back down and insist patience upon himself. Even the comfort of the cushions beneath him did nothing to soothe his vexation. By the time the Custos alpha did show up, he childishly chose not to say a word for a while. He wished that he’d done otherwise.

Irritation was plain on Blake’s face as Paulina spoke. He made no effort to hide it. There wasn’t a point to such endeavors, especially when it was his wife who took part in annoying him. All his lecturing beforehand seemed to have done no good. And yet, despite his furrowed brows and lowered gaze, a smirk appeared at her humor. Ah yes, this was why he loved her.

His eyes landed on Ordan as he spoke. Blake didn’t at all care for some pathetic little omega. What alpha would? Deciding not to push the matter, he cleared his throat.

With a loose sigh, Blake rose to his feet, approached the other alpha, and held out his hand. It was about time to get this going. “Thank you for meeting with us.” His speech was clear in his head, the words visible in his mind’s eye. “I know we haven’t always gotten along, what with our conflicting views. Frankly, I can’t fathom why you aren’t grateful for being turned… Ah, but I digress.

“What I mean to ask is for you to think. I blame ignorance and a lack of proper guidance for why you and your pack behave so disorderly. So, I propose an education, for Custos and Boreal to join us on one of our hunts.”
Blake spoke like it was an honor, like this idea of his would solve all the problems in the world.


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Location: Sitting Room, Custos House
Ordan got to his feet as the Lichen alpha approached and held out his hand to shake, the Custos alpha taking as it proper manners that had been taught to him dictated, the alpha letting go as soon as possible and seating himself back down as he sensed Jaehwa standing behind his chair with his head down. The alpha ignored his omega for the time being as Blake began speaking of how Custos was behaving badly and how he could not fathom how Custos could just throw away...as the vampire put it...their blessing away and seek to become humans once more. "What your pack fails to understand Blake is we did not choose this life and upon being turned and left to die by those who...I believe the supernatural term is sired...us...we lost everything. Our families, our humanity and our very lives as we once knew them. Unlike you born leeches and mutts who were born into this life and have always been a family unit growing up in such a lifestyle for generations."

Blake continued speaking more, after saying he had digressed from his speech and inviting both Custos and Boreal to join Lichen in a hunt as well as throwing in that Custos was ignorant and lacked an education. Ordan leaned back in the armchair and stared at the Lichen alpha as if he had gone mad, the alpha thinking it over before responding, the alpha looking briefly towards the guard who stood like a statue and smelled unnatural, just like the other two leeches in the sitting room. "If you desire to 'teach' someone, you are better off going to Boreal. That traitorous pack would likely more than willingly join you on the chance to embrace the darkness that plagues their souls that they have so easily embraced," said Ordan. "That is...assuming you can find the Boreal alpha or their beta." Ordan's face twisted into a sneer as he spoke of the former human pack who had forsaken their humanity to become monsters. It was why Ordan had issued an order to his pack when creating it that both packs were enemies as well as the humans of the Blood Order, for that organization didn't even see Custos as allies and would kill them due to being supernaturals.

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Larkin A. Andley
Location: Downtown Ithawell
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The blonde haired brute had his hands tucked into his trousers, the rather aged man was used to older terms, he knew the world and economy itself was changing, having been at the brunt of the force of such changes. Larkin was stuck in the mindset of his age set, well, more over when he was raised. With his time period, the brute could be considered ancient to some of the others he accompanies, truthfully he was quite bashful about his age in a sense that he'd hate speaking about his past experiences. Half the time no one really knew his age, so it couldn't be considered required for those within his pack to know of it. Maybe that was why he only ventured out while on break, never really relying heavily on group time. Larkin had always been the adventurer type, often traveling around. The brute had been nearly everywhere after all, not because he wanted to but mostly because he had little choice--no. It was his choice, but that choice seemed to branch off to other situations he didn't quite have control over. It irked him, not being able to control specific situations, though he came close enough sometimes. Sauntering along, Larkin let his blue hues travel along the different buildings he watched at one point be built, with his old age he had watched the town be built from afar, he'd visited on his own to see what the fuss was all about before moving on to travel around the rest of the continent. Sweeping his hair off and out of his face, the rather pale appearing vampire kept to the shadows, opted to steer clear of too much sunlight. He might not die quickly, but the feeling was unsettling, and his distaste towards the bright rays made him queasy with just the thought of it. It was surprising to see him out and about, well in the day. Though as Larkin weighed out having off time during the night or day, he figured it was safer for the pack if he took time off during the day than night when the other breeds were active as well.

Walking along one of the brick walls, Larkin poked his fingers up into the bits of light that managed to slither out into the darker casted shadows. He watched as the sun shimmered down before shaking his hand out, and then slipping along on his own. His real position of being out, was spotting a few different things, sort of a recon type of deal. Larkin didn't do it on purpose, he was just instilled in his dead cells to constantly be prepared. He found it interesting, observing the humans, he hadn't done very much of that when he was younger, and now he finds himself doing things his own sire was used to, or his father did. Larkin had loosened up after the normal hardships creatures face, of course he hadn't found much to fight for anymore so that could be a reason as to why he was so laid back in current years. Swiftly dipping towards another heavily shadowed area, he already wasn't a sun fan, which would be quite awkward considering he did travel out and about whenever needed, he had once done so quite a bit, when there wasn't much room to hide, he'd feign illness and then get back into the the swing of things when it came night.​


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Slowly but surely Blake was losing his temper. He could vividly picture ripping out that mutt’s throat, letting the blood rain down and pool–

Here he was, getting distracted again. Still, Ordan had insulted his pack. He figured that gave him the right to being angry, and angry he was. His eyes were practically lit with flames, but he managed to keep his voice level.

“Boreal isn’t nearly as meddlesome as you are,” he insisted, returning to sit back beside Paulina. “Look, whether you see it yet or not, what you’ve been gifted is indeed a blessing. The fact that you managed to survive and recover into what you were made to be, and that you will be able to live–“

He was interrupted by the omega, the one person in the room he least expected to speak up.



The ramblings of this insane vampire were getting on Jaehwa’s nerves. He’d been biting so hard at his lip he was surprised the skin hadn’t broken open. His palms were sweaty and there was an inexplicable lump in his throat.

It was annoying, having to stand there and pretend to be okay, to pretend like he had nothing to say. Numerous phrases drifted around in his mind, begging him to say them, but he didn’t want to make the situation worse. He didn’t have the guts his alpha had.

But when Blake continued to insist this ‘blessing’ ideology upon them, Jaehwa couldn’t help blurting out a retort. “What about our families? Our real ones, the ones we were forced to leave behind? What, are you saying we should just forget? Because I…” His voice trailed off as the realization of what he was doing kicked in. This was Lichen’s alpha he was arguing with, a ruthless and cruel man who killed mostly for sport. Said man was now glaring at him with so much hatred it seemed he’d kill him on the spot.

Jaw snapping shut, Jaehwa leaned back, shoulders slumping forward. He both felt and looked like a kicked puppy. How could one person instill so much fear with just a look?


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Ithawell train station
Alice Bunny ( with brother)

It's been hours upon hours of waiting in the beautiful train that was bound to set course to Ithawell. The scenery looked amazing on the way there as Alice looks in awe of the beauty outside the window " Kenny! Look! A moose!" She squealed in excitement to wave to the dull looking animal as it grazes the grass beside the train as the enjoyment lasted only a few seconds before it was out of eyes reach. " aw.. it's gone.." she went back to her seat and sat back in proper position as Ken scolds her " Alice, you know it's Ken and secondly you have to be serious, this place is not like home, you won't be fully protected all the time and you need to be responsible, I can't keep you safe forever you know ..." this only brought her to cross her arms in being upset and look away . Both of their bunny masks were on as it may look strange but it covers their identity very well of both true beauty and the fame they left back home. " quo tendimus? " Alice asks her brother softly as she looks down to the table playing with her deck of cards she bought on the way to the train. " we are going to a town called Ithawell sister..." Ken says softly.

Suddenly the train stops as they have reached the train station. It is time to start off their new life " ita excitando" she gets out of her seat and starts to try to pull out her suitcase from the overhead, her feet ontop of the seat as Ken chuckles and gets the rest of the bags 💼 " lets go sister .." he pets her head as he helps her get her suitcase. "Nya!" She squeaks as she finally got her suitcase and hops off to the floor, rushing as fast as she can off the train as her brother follows her. Taking a deep breath of air she opens her arms excitedly and says to herself " brace yourself world here I come!"
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Tyress was walking back to the farmer's market after his usual shopping for essentials in Ithawell, checking mentally whether he had got everything he needed, when he came upon the commotion next to the dark alleyway downtown. Curious, he made his way there at looked through the crowd at the scene. The police were already there, tying off the crime scene with yellow tape, trying to stop the crowd from getting too close. And then he saw it... a dead body laid down next to a dumpster, only roughly covered with a cloth. There was a small blood trail from the dumpster, and the piece of cloth next to the neck was soaked in blood. The body was unnaturally pale, even though it was dead, like it was drained of blood. "Another Vampire attack..." he thought, and slowly turned away, especially afraid of the curiosity of drinking the blood, knowing exactly what it could do to him. Sadly, attacks like this were not uncommon in Ithawell, although this was definitely more crudely done...


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Location: Sitting Room, Custos Houe
Ordan's eyes flashed silver as he listened to the vampire speak of the fact that Boreal was not as meddlesome as his own pack. If anyone is a nuisance here, it's your own pack and Boreal. Before he could say anything though, Jaehwa surprised him and apparently the leeches by speaking up with anger in his tone. Ordan made no move to punish the omega or say anything against Jaehwa's words, rather the alpha sat back in his chair with the faintest tinges of amusement coming to his face at Jaehwa's choice of words. The male had a point, a point which it seemed nobody in Lichen cared about or at least not the alpha before him though he was unsure of the woman that stood off from the group or the guard who had remained silent and not spoken up a word. The alpha's wife didn't even seem like she was even into the conversation at all. That was exactly why Ordan had made the decision that, if he should get another mate, she would retain her normal rank in the pack and why only males were betas and alphas in his pack unlike the other two packs that had opposite genders rounding out the alpha and beta pairings.

Of course Custos was unique anyway, not only for the fact that they were bitten wolves and vampires, which they didn't have the latter yet, who were trying to get their humanity back and hated what they had become but for the fact that there was one alpha werewolf and one beta werewolf, one alpha vampire and one beta vampire in his pack. "We do not hunt on your territory nor on Boreal territory. You will never understand our reasons for trying to come back to our humanity nor will we understand why you and Boreal choose to live as mindless animals and hunt those weaker than yourself," said Ordan. "This is something, I believe, will never be agreed upon or understood on any side." Ordan kept his voice calm unlike Jaehwa had done and Blake was becoming, the wolf's eyes now back to normal as he spoke.

"My pack will never willingly go into their wolf forms nor embrace the darkness that vampires possess. It does not matter that we were strong enough to survive these curses. For some of us it was pure torture being turned where we risked going rabid...even those of Boreal have likely gone rabid before finding their way towards their alpha. A born wolf or vampire would not understand that fear, loss, craving hunger and encroaching darkness we struggle to keep at bay and not give into."

Ordan's voice, calm as it was, broke for just the slightest instant as he spoke of wolves and vampires going rabid after being bitten and the risks it posed though the alpha of Custos wasn't stupid and knew these people, if they could even be called that, could or would ever understand something they had likely never experienced. The only one who might understand was Jaehwa who had gone silent after speaking up so suddenly and turning slightly to glance at the omega, found him somewhat hunched in on himself. Leaving that for now, Ordan turned back towards the three vampires standing within his home and waited to see what their next words would be, if the others would speak or if they would end up leaving of their own accord.

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Location: Ithawell General
After some time had passed in which the fledgling vampire had leached the human of his life force, she dropped his body upon the ground, tilting her head to stare down at the pale corpse before her. Audrey had adapted well to her life as a vampire and it was for that reason that, upon being approached by that Boreal sentinel, she had joined that pack over the one that sought to get their humanity back, the one by the name of Custos. Lichen, the third pack as she had learned didn't accept those who had been bitten just as these two bitten packs did not accept those who were born. Looking around, she found a cloth and dragged the body towards a dumpster, leaving it there and then half covering it before wiping the blood off her face. For a few moments silver eyes, having turned that color upon mortal death, flashed red as the new blood mingled with her own. It sated her hunger for now and so she left the area, heading onto the main street that ran down through Downtown and from the bus station, Audrey wondering what to do next without her alpha or even a beta to guide her. The female made her way towards the hospital instead, hoping to have her pregnancy checked on and that everything was okay with her unborn. Sticking to the shade as the sun began to rise within the sky, the girl's silver eyes watched the various humans milling about and looked into a few store windows as she made her way towards the hospital, a thankfully short walk from Downtown Ithawell, the hospital lying between Uptown and Downtown.


One Thousand Club
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Alice Bunny and Ken Bunny
Location : dark alleyway

As the two finally gathered their bags together they managed to walk off to the enterance of the train station as they grab a map Incase if they get lost " okay sister it tells me that we have to go from the train center, through the commons area, and then go to the midevil inn looking building. Do you understand ?" He asks her kindly as he is getting tired of carrying the luggage.

Alice gently nods her head as she takes an extra copy of the map so she can have one too. Ken also adds to the conversation " also I'm going to carry all of the luggage there myself so I'll meet you at the inn. Stay strong and you'll have to go by yourself .." Alice shakes her head furiously as she doesent want to be alone , she doesent want big brother to go " non placet," but before she could do anything he was gone, and her alone... by herself.. with her suitcase.

She starts to shiver and get very paranoid as she had al of her life big brother protecting her but now she is all alone for the first time . Nearly devastated she cries like a kid that cannot find their parents. After a few minutes she realized that crying won't help at all as people start to look at her weirdly as it only makes her more anxious . She has to go, NOW. Quickly looking at the map she remembered what her big brother told her to do. As fast as she can she runs to the destination points , problem is , she doesent know the safest routes...

Unfortunately one of the places she went to during her sprint was the darkened alleyway sidewalk where there was a small crowd of people and a dead body .. without thinking about anything she accidentally slammed into Tyress and falls back onto the ground as her suitcase remains firm in her grasp instinctively she appologuise in Latin "et contristati sum" before she looks up with her cute bunny mask intact and witnesses the man in fear . Almost frozen as her lips quiver from being so scared of the big male.


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Elijah remained silent, stoic, the entire time. His eyes moved to look at each participant as they spoke. So far he seemed to be the only one who wasn't acting out. These are seriously the idiots running the show around here? Internally the pain he suffered from having to listen to the ignorance and nonsense of their words was worse than the morning sun. Nothing was getting done, tensions were rising, and this whole thing seemed to devolve into a linguistics match of 'who can insult the other more passive aggressively without crossing the boundaries of "civility"'. The Lichen call it a blessing, the Custos call it a curse. They were simply conditions. Granted these conditions came with plenty of negatives and lots of moral ambiguity, they were still something that could be used for the betterment of others. And it would seem no one here had any plans or vision for the bigger picture. They were either whiny children looking to run back to mommy and daddy for comfort, Custos, or they were power hungry knuckle dragging human feasting mongoloids, Lichen. Or those weirdos of Boreal, embracing the more uncivilized aspects of their conditions.

The words of Ordan forced Elijah to speak up though. To act as if being born this way gave them any advantage over the darkness or the beast that resided within them at birth was simply an insult.

"We were born without a choice. Without a chance. These are not blessings or curses, merely conditions. You have the benefit of immortality as we do to look for a way to undo the condition that was forced upon you. Pure bloods will have to always live with the hunger, the thirst, the darkness, the beast, whatever you want to call it," he rolled his eyes a little, openly mocking the childish words they used for the internal struggles they all faced. "We're not here to agree, since we never will, we're here to learn to not fight and to work on making sure unnecessary blood isn't shed. Since our very patient alpha hasn't kill your underling here," he gestured to Jaehwa, "I'd say he has already proved his willingness to see a 'brighter' side to this whole situation, since we are all very aware of how he would normally handle a dispute." It wasn't a secret the Lichen alpha killed first and asked questions later. "With that in mind... Are there going to be any solutions or ideas suggested?" He looked around at everyone before continuing, "or should we simply leave and go back to plotting and scheming against one another?" Elijah was honestly fine with whatever choices they made. They were the alphas, they called the shots, but he wasn't going to just stand there and let them waste time, even if they all literally had forever to do so.

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Location: Sitting Room, Custos House
Ah, he was finally speaking now, this...little soldier who stood so quietly and unmoving in the sitting room. He wondered if it were possible for vampires to become deaf like wolves and humans or were they strangely impervious to such a human ailment? Well...no matter, this little guard didn't seem at all impressed with the bantering of the pair of alphas back and forth with each other, even commenting on the length of control Blake was sustaining in not killing his omega. "You are wrong on one point," said Ordan at last.

"Immortality...only vampires have it. We may live longer than humans but wolves do not have that immortality that others do, nor do the humans of which you kill so blatantly and without discrimination." The wolf began drumming his fingers on the armrests on either side of him as he again fell into thought. "Opinions Jaehwa?" questioned Ordan without looking at the omega, using the pack bond his pack had...that each pack had to communicate privately with their own members. While his other half rumbled in pleasure at the chance to hunt and kill something, Ordan mentally snarled at the beast within him. Ordan had done his best to contain the wolf within him for months and even though he might been at this longer than some of his pack, he had no intentions of forsaking his goal.

Still... "On consideration," Ordan said slowly, "assuming you can find the Boreal alpha, I will accept your offer of a tri-pack hunt. As for ideas and other suggestions....I have none at this time. Such things will be considered at the implementation and conclusion of the hunt. If there is nothing else you desire to say or speak to me of, you may now leave my territory." Should Jaehwa or any of his other pack wonder at his decision, the alpha would explain it when they were gone.

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Dominick let out a deep sigh as he irritably tapped his finger on the wheel of his muscle car, he was heading back into Ithawell after failing to track any Werewolves or any members of the pack for that matter. He'd phoned in to a few of his associates in the city who inform him of any supernatural activity or sighting of known members, but no reports have came up if the cruel pack. Dominick grumbled as he fiddled with the radio, his soiled mood making it hard for him to settle on any station falling onto a news station.
"Another body has turned up this afternoon of the works of what many are assuming to be of a group of Serial Killers in the Ithawell area, a man found dead downtown with two precise insertions in the neck follows a trend of murders that has plagued Ithawell..." The radio went on.
"Fuckin' Leeches," Dominick commented with disgust, it wasn't the like of Lichin to feed so carelessly, they tend to be more discreet with their corpses. Must be some Boreal blood sucker indulging itself once again on the town.

His contacts have been making comments of the increasing Vampire presence in Ithawell, wondering why the Blood Order was doing nothing about the epidemic. Allowing the Boreal and Lichin Vampires to feast on the town seemingly unopposed, while the discreet vampires tend to kidnap them victims the more careless simply disregard their victims wherever is convenient . The murder rate and missing people reports have gone up considerably in the last few months and many are turning to the blood order with hopes that they can help. In truth Vampires were more trickier to eliminate than werewolves, Dominick himself having a slight fear of them as to why he keeps a crucifix around his neck whenever in the city. The lack of manpower in the Blood Order has made it hard to execute the any serious blow to the Vampires without suffering casualties, but Dominick feared that he would have to take the risk to stop the killings.

He made his way into the Downtown area coming upon the scene of the incident, his irritation mingled with the to be investigation was nerve racking, his urges to nicotine coming once again to ease the tension. Without any smokes or candy, he was forced to deal with it for now, calling over one of the detectives who was overlooking the matter. One of the few humans outside of the order that are permitted to know Ithawell's dark secret, in turn to be a spy and collaborator of sorts within the public.
"This is getting out of hand Dom'...." the detective sighed, a disheartening look coming over his face as he watched the paramedics stuff the corpse into a body bag.
"We're doing our best to keep this from reaching the Feds, but it's been three bodies and two disappearances this month..... we need to make progress-"
"Gimmie a cig," Dominick cut the detective off, he followed his instructions and even lit the Newport for him. The man was right, if this matter wasn't wrapped and covered up soon, the Feds and all types of government officials will be poking their head into their small little town. No one knows what Uncle Sam would do when they find out about the thriving supernatural hub of Ithawell, but the Blood Order has always assumed the worse.
"Any suspects?" Dominick asked. A small cloud of smoke trailing from his lips as the Nicotine managed his stress letting him to think clearly.
"There was no witnesses of the incident, but there's been word of a teen that's been wandering the town for sometime that was in the area." the Detective informed him and he knew of the girl he was speaking of. Taking a deep drag of his cigarette, burning his recovering lungs he thought for a moment.
"Next time any of your officers see her, detain her and call me... that's our target..." Dominick ordered simply, giving no other insight into what he knows of the girl and why she's a target. The detective simply nodded and went on to carry out the order.



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There was one thing throughout the reactions Ordan displayed that truly caught Blake’s interest. Those eyes, those eyes that shone silver. As the mutt went on, describing how his pack would never willingly transform, Blake couldn’t help but want to prove that wrong. There were points in everyone’s life where they wound up doing something they swore they’d never do. Whether for themselves or for someone else, that event was inevitable. He himself had experienced something similar when transitioning from being absorbed in his studies to, as he liked to put it, a real vampirical mindset.

He was silent for a solid while, choosing instead to listen. He was concerned that, should he continue, he’d wind up losing himself. In that sense, he understood where Ordan was coming from. That loss of control, the feeling of powerlessness… Blake knew that all too well. But yes, he’d been born this way; it hadn’t taken much time on his part to adjust and learn acceptance, embracing that side of him.

Then again, there were times when that was acceptable and times where it wasn’t.

Blake’s eyes drifted over to the omega standing behind the chair. He felt immediate bitterness. To think a pathetic creature like that had the audacity to argue back. To think he had to bite back his tongue just to maintain the tense yet diplomatic air in the room. It was unbecoming.

His gaze settled upon Elijah briefly, grateful for the intelligence his words had supplied. Far too often Blake ended up caught in his headspace. That was why Elijah was ordered to accompany him so much; the vampire was, although it pained Blake to admit it, a pleasant anchor to have.

Once he heard Ordan’s final words on the matter, Blake was up from his seat. “Then I believe we’re done here,” he agreed. “Thank you for your time and consideration.” These formalities were making him sick.

He turned to his wife and entertwined his fingers with hers, pulling her arm up so that he could kiss the back of her hand if she stood from her seat. It was a gesture to ensure she left this place directly by his side and not a moment later. Forgive him for being paranoid.

Once it looked as though his group was ready, Blake made his way back to where they’d come.



Jaehwa’s mind was not being kind to him. The omega couldn’t help but beat himself up for having spoken so suddenly. Even though he’d resolved before the meeting occurred to keep quiet, all his determination had went down the drain. And why? Because he was incapable of controlling his own emotions.

He worried that perhaps his actions had ruined his alpha’s plan, if there was one. It was a pitiful desire, but he only wished to not be a bother. Jaehwa didn’t think he could handle being responsible for making the feud amongst their packs worse.

Thankfully, it seemed like his interruption had only stilled the water for a little while, the guard beside Lichen’s alpha finally addressing the conversation. Jaehwa was relieved, but his thoughts were still wicked, each one a drubbing on his mental state. To say he was upset with himself was a severe understatement. He couldn’t see himself then as anything but a failure.

This was, unfortunately, something he dealt with often.

When his alpha’s voice rattled in his mind, Jaehwa reached for it, grateful to get away from the internal conflict within him if only for a minute. It was a rather sharp tug back into reality, but all the while he was appreciative.

“Sorry,” came the omega’s silent reply. He felt like he hadn’t been paying enough attention the past few minutes to give a decent opinion, and thus
opted for an apology instead.

Jaehwa was surprised when Ordan agreed to go along with the tri-pack hunt, several questions stuck on the tip of his tongue. He couldn’t see any reason to agree to it, but, clearly, the alpha must’ve. A plan? Intrigue was plain on his face.

He waited for the vampire’s ensemble to leave before letting out a shaky breath, every muscle of his body relaxing.

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