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Fantasy Bone Song


Swish-swish, Swirl-swirl
Definitely interested, although it might take some time for me to make a character. (Also is it required to give a image of the character?)


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Basically the goal of all the packs is to survive.

The Blod Order’s gosl is to wipe out all supernaturals, even Custos.

Ordan’s goal is to eradicate the supernaturals and protect he town with his pack, their main goal is ending their curses and becoming human again.


Four Thousand Club
Those who plan on joining, there is a wait on male characters until we get an even number of females. We also need humans; Blood Order, regular humans, servants, slaves and blood slaves!

We also need an alpha for Boreal and some pack members for that pack, plus a few more for Custos.

Note that concubines for the alpha werewolf and alpha vampire as well as the beta werewolf and beta vampire will be chosen by the alpha and beta of each race.


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Important ranks needed:
Leader of Blood Order
Alpha of Boreal
Mayor of Ithawell

Looking for more members of Custos and Boreal.
Looking for more members of Ithawell and the Blood Order.

Lots of ranks open. Come step into Ithawell and try to uncover the secrets within or hide within the shadows and fight to stay alive. Check out our Lore page for more information.


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Boreal alpha is taken. Still need members for Custos & Boreal, a Mayor for Ithawell is open as well as members for the Blood Order/regular humans.

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