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Fantasy Bone Song Character Sheets



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There is a required posting of once a week.

You get four warnings before you are booted from the rp.

Species (Human, Werewolf, Vampire, Dhamphir or Vaewolf):
*Mate or Spouse (mate=werewolf/vaewolves, Spouse=human, vampire, dhamphir):
*Concubines (alpha wolf & vampire, Beta vampire & werewolf of Custos):
Rank (dhamphirs and vaewolves are rogues and cannot be in packs):
Born or Bitten (determines what pack you are put in):
Wolf Appearance (please put a realistic picture/note that females tend to be smaller and leaner than males, however it is possible for there to be large females and small males):
Wolf Eye Color (see below), applies to the color of wolf eyes for the werewolves and vampires):
Human Eye Color (for werewolves & vaewolves only when not wolves, see below):
Vampire/Dhamphir Eye Color (see below):

Blood Type (if servant, slave or blood slave):
Eye Color:
Rank (Citizen, Servant, Slave or Blood Slave):
Job (if a citizen of Ithawell):
Pack/Owner (f servant, slave or blood slave):

Celestial Order/Blood Order
Race (Celestial Order is vaewolf & dhamphir while Blood Order is only humans.):

Species (Dhamphir, werewolf, vampire or Vaewolf):
Eye color (see appropriate color in notes. Note vaewolves need an wolf eye color as well. Vampires do not need a human eye color):
Wolf Eye Color (applies only if a vaewolf or a werewolf):
Rogue reason (why are you a rogue?):
Job (do you work and where):
*Spouse or Mate:

*Not too many dhamphir and Vaewolves to start with, only one of each. They have been eradicated, explained in Lore. Anything that has * next to it in the character sheet is optional, however I ask that you update it when you get the chance. You can skip anything that doesn't apply to you.

**Newcomers can only have one character to start with and must wait a week before getting other characters. If you want two characters to start with, send a writing sample by pm to me (scorpiodragon). Concubines...you don't need to put mate/spouse as you will only be for your alpha or beta for the rest of your life, if you want to be a concubine, you can put that in the rank in parenthesis.

***Pack high ranks (alpha & beta) cannot be challenged. Children born into a pack remain part of that pack unless they are banished or choose to become rogues. Vaewolves and dhamphir can just be rogues and part of the Celestial Order, in which case you would use Ithawell form. Humans can use the Human Form.

****Humans can be either a servant/slave or a regular human. Put your rank and your owner. Be advised blood slaves can be used by anyone unless expressly purchased by someone for their own use. Rogues can be any supernatural.

*****Werewolves/Vaewolves may have the following eye colors: Yellow, Blue, Tangerine, Silver, Copper, Gold (only werewolves), Green, Gray, Brown, Amber, or Hazel

******Vampires/Dhamphir may have hazel, black, brown, blue, green, gray, silver, copper, gold or amber. When a vampire's or dhamphir's dark side emerges, they all have red eyes which fade when their dark side leaves. They do not need a human eye color.

*******Human eye color may be green, black, brown, blue, gray, bluish-gray, hazel, or amber. Only albinos may have red eyes, ask before creating one as albinos are rare.

********If your character has eyes that do not match their picture, simply edit it with Lunapic, save it and then post it. Alpha wolf/alpha vampire and beta vampires/beta wolves (of Custos) can have 1 mate/spouse of a lower rank, he/she remains in that lower rank. Beta wolf and beta vampires of Boreal can also have 1 mate/spouse of lower rank. Betas of Lichen must be mates, same with alpha vampires of Lichen being spouses.

Mayor: Natasha Riveria Zabat scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Farrier/Blacksmith: Open
Butcher: Open
Banker: Open
Grocer: Open
Innkeeper: Open
Citizens (random people from children to other workers-unlimited):
Werewolf Secretary/Vampire Secretary (6 positions max): Open
Butlers/Maids (unlimited): Open
Slaves (unlimited): Open
Blood Slaves (unlimited):
Eveleen Cearra (AB+, Female, Lichen) Kipsy Kipsy
Sienna Summers (B-, Female, Lichen) Eliruz Eliruz
Hanah Solo (A+, Female) Veltsu VI Veltsu VI
Fayette Solo (AB-, Female) Veltsu VI Veltsu VI

Alpha: Ordan Hawthorn scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Alpha (Female Vampire): Adesina Wilkson Eliruz Eliruz
Alpha Concubines (3 spots-female werewolves): Arya Lynn Winters Eliruz Eliruz
Cheeno Satavelekar scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Alpha Concubines (3 spots-male vampires):
Beta (male vampire):
Beta (male werewolf): Emery Nolan Rose Eliruz Eliruz
Beta Concubines (2 spots-vampires):
Beta Concubines (2 spots-werewolves): Shakir Roux (male werewolf) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Silvia A. N. Brandt (female werewolf) Shaded Shaded
Ezra Hastings (Male werewolf) Shaded Shaded
Claudia Atenas (female werewolf) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Zegrath (male vampire) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Xiulan Shin (female werewolf) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Jamie Rose (female human) Eliruz Eliruz
Jae Shin (male werewolf) Kipsy Kipsy
Eden Marrow Eliruz Eliruz

Alpha (Vampire): Blake Cortland Kipsy Kipsy
Alpha Mate (Vampire): Paulina Dane (?)
Beta (female Werewolf):
Beta Mate (male Werewolf):
Rhea Larch (Female werewolf) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Silas R. Landon (Male vampire) Shaded Shaded
Larkin A. Andley (male vampire) Shaded Shaded
Ember (Female vampire) Lenny2000 Lenny2000
Valencia G. Fairchild (female vampire) Eliruz Eliruz
Oliver Larch (Male vampire) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Luca L. Fairchild (male vampire) @Elriuz

Alpha (female Werewolf):
Alpha Mate (male Werewolf): Abraxas Delacour scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Beta: Damion Spruce (male vampire) Eliruz Eliruz
Beta (Female vampire): Harper C. Shaded Shaded
Beta (werewolf):
Geisha Wright (Female werewolf) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Jace Alder (male vampire) Eliruz Eliruz
Khenan Wright (Male werewolf) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
October Winzer (female werewolf) Eliruz Eliruz
Larimar Wright (Female vampire) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Nisha Garner (female vampire) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Abha Wright (Female werewolf) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Davina Castor (female werewolf) Eliruz Eliruz

Alpha: Demont Sephiran-55 y-m scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Beta (1-2): Potentially reserved
Gamma (1-2):
Delta (1-4):
Flavio T. Berisha-20 y-m Shaded Shaded
Theta (1-2):
Aadya Ranguri-44 Y-f Eliruz Eliruz
Iota (healer; 1-8):
Mathaniel Samson Grey-38 y-m Eliruz Eliruz
General (1-2):
Vanguard (fighters and scouts, unlimited):
Dardana K. Berisha-44 y-f Shaded Shaded
Kiaju Monsumi-39-m Eliruz Eliruz
Kappa (1-2):
Psi (hunters, unlimited):
Aurora Sephiran-30 y-f scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Selsa (1-2):
Rho (guards, unlimited):
Epsilon (1-2):
Lambda (subordinates, unlimited):
Sigma (apprentices, unlimited):
Sloane Nicole Hyde-20 y-f-Vanguard Apprentice Eliruz Eliruz
Caretaker (1-2):
Veta (elders, unlimited)
Omega (1-6):
Nikita Espen-47-f Eliruz Eliruz
Pups (unlimited):
Seraphinus Sephiran-1 y-m scorpiodragon scorpiodragon

Master: Basilia Kurkua scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Scientists (3 spots):
Liu Jiao (Female) Kipsy Kipsy
Akachi Thompson (Male) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Malachi Kurkua (male dhamphir) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Kia Scar (female) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon

Master: Vladimir Mortem (male vaewolf) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Deputy: Lazarus Cross (male dhamphir) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Physicians (4 spots):
Nomvula Rogers (female vaewolf) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Silvan Sorrel (male dhamphir) Eliruz Eliruz
Analise Andley (female dhamphir) Shaded Shaded
Serenity Black (female dhamphir) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
James "Jamie" Audit (male vaewolf) Kipsy Kipsy

Icarus Carvalho (Male Vaewolf) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Xen Jiao (Male werewolf) Kipsy Kipsy
Maliki Edward Mikaelson (Male vampire)
Eliruz Eliruz
Evangeline May Mikaelson (Female vampire) Eliruz Eliruz
Griffin Winters (male werewolf) Eliruz Eliruz
Arya Winters (female werewolf) Eliruz Eliruz
Esme Winters (female werewolf) Eliruz Eliruz
Zephyr (male vampire) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Hesperia (female werewolf) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Cora Tealeaf (female vampire) Veltsu VI Veltsu VI
Mako Tealeaf (female vampire) Veltsu VI Veltsu VI


Ordan x Jaehwa
Adesina x Silvia
Ezra x Eden
Emery x Claudia
Demont x Kiaju

Blake x Paulina (vampires)
Larkin x Ember (vampires) ?

Cheeno x Ordan

Ordan x Arya
Ordan x Cheeno
Ordan x ?

Emery x Shika
Emery x ?

Adesina x ?

Demont x Aayda
Demont x Mathaniel
Demont x Nikita

Oliver x Rhea (half siblings)
Nisha x Malachi (twins)
Liu x Xen (sister & brother)
Maliki x Reed (brothers)
Khenan x Geisha (brother x sister)
Hanah x Fayette (foster sisters)
Griffin x Esme x Winter (brother x sisters)
Saul x Sienna (older brother x younger sister)
Cora x Mako (older sixer x younger sister)
Zegrath x Zephyr x Hesperia (older brother x middle brother x younger sister)

Audrey x Nisha (mother-deceased/daughter)
Audrey x Malachi (mother-deceased/son)
Maliki x Evangeline (father x daughter)
Akachi x Tuma (father x son)
Khenan x Abha-father x daughter
Jaehwa x Xiulan (adoptive father x adoptive daughter)
Nomvula x Elwin (mother x daughter)
Larkin x Analise (father x daughter)
Ordan x Saul (father x son)
Ordan x Sienna (father x daughter)
Basilia x Malachi (adopted mother x adopted son)
Emery x Jamie (adopted father; uncle biologically) x Jamie (adopted daughter; niece biologically)
Aurora x Seraphinus (mother x son)
Demont x Aurora (father x daughter)

Abraxas x Lynde (cousins)
Ordan x Xiulan (godfather x goddaughter)
Demont x Seraphinus (grandfather x grandson)

Dardana (Vanguard (f) x Sloane (Vanguard Apprentice f)-Yagra

Isabella-Alpha Female of Boreal (werewolf)
Maliki Edward Mikaelson (vampire)-Rogue
Griffin Winters (male werewolf)-Rogue
Esme Winters (female werewolf)-Rogue
Tyress Maron-Rogue (male dhamphir)
Ember-Guardian of Lichen (female fledgling)

Bay-19-Lichen Maid
Cause: Suicide
Audrey Garner-16-Boreal Subordinate
Cause: Decapitated by 040
Alice Bunny-18-Blood Order Acolyte Sleeper Agent
Cause: Killed on orders of Basilia in the Aqueducts of Custos when trying to escape
Arya Fenrir-21-Boreal Beta Werewolf
Cause: Died in an evening hunt
Alana Wulf-24-Beta Female of Lichen
Cause: Died in hunt
Dominic "Silver Bullet"-25-Blood Order Shadow
Cause: Killed on orders of Basilia by MK-2
Zumitri Uldaroc-43-Surgeon
Cause: Murdered by a revived Scythia
Nicholas-10-Rogue male werewolf pup
Cause: Murdered by a revived Scythia via decapitation
Atalanta Kenning-22-Female Werewolf-Hunter of Lichen
Cause: Shot for her pelt
Elijah Omora-44-Male Vampire-Guardian of Lichen
Cause: Caught in the sun
Antonio "Reed" Mikaelson-179-Male Vampire-Rogue
Cause: Killed by his brother Maliki in HI
Scythia-19-Blood Order Acoylte
Cause: Murdered by Ordan via broken neck; Resurrected

Saul Oak-30-male werewolf (Custos; possibly omega or subordinate) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Sienna Hawthorn-27-female human (Custos) scorpiodragon scorpiodragon
Lynde Delacour-194-female werewolf (Boreal; Alpha Adviser) Kipsy Kipsy
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Four Thousand Club
Name: Ordan Hawthorn
Age: 46 Years (8/15/1972)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Werewolf
*Mate: Jaehwa
*Concubines: Arya, Claudia,
*Crush: Achilles crushes on anything that moves; Ordan is pretty much focused only on his concubines and mate
*Children: Saul (put up for adoption by his ex-fiancée), Sienna (daughter from his ex-fiancée Clover); Xiulan (goddaughter)
Pack: Custos
Rank: Alpha Male
Born or Bitten: Bitten
Wolf Appearance: ordan wolf.jpg
Wolf Eye Color: Silver-Milky White
Appearance: ordan.jpg
Human Eye Color: Brown-Milky White
*Backstory: Ordan was born in San Francisco, his parents divorcing when he was five. For the next several years, until he turned fifteen, he moved back and forth across the country between his parents until he ended up making the decision to live permanently with his father who had a more stable life compared to his mother. Ordan joined the military upon turning eighteen and served there for twenty years, getting captured shortly into his third tour of duty where he remained a POW for the next three years. Ordan used to be engaged but his fiancee broke it off with him when he was deployed. During his time as a prisoner, a werewolf was captured and used to be set loose on the prisoners of war. Ordan was one of the unlucky ones to not only survive but be bitten, thereafter used as a plaything by the wolf until he was found. He got out of the military and went to school to study Biological Sciences with concentrations in Bioengineering, Bio Chemistry and Human Biology. After he graduated four years later, he moved to Ithawell and spent his time as a rogue for a year and six months until he ended up creating a territory and a pack and soon like minded individuals who hated what they were joined him, Ordan now spending his time helping protect the humans of Ithawell from the creatures that hunt them and trying to find a means to not only return his pack to humanity but also eradicate the threat posed to other humans.
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Local Fae Child
Name: Atalanta Kenning
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Werewolf
*Mate or Spouse: N/A
*Crush: N/A
*Children: N/A
Pack: Lichen
Rank: Hunter
Born or Bitten: Born
Wolf Appearance:

Wolf Eye Color: Silver

Human Eye Color: Brown
*Personality: Atalanta is a gentle and loving woman on the outside. She takes care with her actions due to her strength and she would much rather find herself in a calm chat with someone than locked in combat. However, this is as true as it is equally a facade for a very rough and intimidating werewolf. Atalanta is strong and knows her worth in the world. She's got a nasty bark and a worse bite if it comes to it and she's not afraid to do so.
*Backstory: Born to a loving and traditional family of werewolves, Atalanta was bound to grow up to be one herself. She rarely found herself in the midst of interacting with humans on a kind level as they were seen as much lower to her and her family. After all, she could snap one's neck if she found it fit. That being said, she's never been one to go out of her way to toe-to-toe a human after they shot her father. Instead, Atalanta found peace in hunting the prey animals of the forest and frequently adorns herself in their bones as trophy.


Socially Anxious Chocolate Addict
Name: Blake Cortland
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Vampire
Spouse: Paulina
Crush: N/A
Children: TBD
Pack: Lichen
Rank: Vampire Alpha
Born or Bitten: Born
Vampire Eye Color: Gold

Blake is rather self-centered. He focuses on his problems, on the things that directly impact him. Anything else is just background noise. This isn’t to say he’s entirely egocentric, though. His pack is the most important thing to him. He puts them before himself, although he wouldn’t ever admit it.

Blake knows the way he takes charge of things can be considered cold, but he means the best. He believes strict leadership is the best method. This could be because of his formal yet harsh upbringing, but he can't help it. It's in his nature to be stiff.

Blake was born into a wealthy family. His parents were very harsh on him, expecting things out of him that were nearly impossible to accomplish. Still, he met every single one of their expectations if only with some struggle.

From that point onward he gained a grimmer outlook on life. There was no fun to be had when he was stuck indoors studying all day. He decided when he was older that he wouldn't ever let restrictions hold him down ever again.

Leaving his family, Blake traveled to Ithawell. There, he found his niche, living amongst fellow purebloods. It wasn't enough, though. Part of his upbringing still held him down, forcing all sorts of stipulations upon him. Blake struggled to enjoy anything. He was emotionless. Determined to not let others fail to realize the joy of hunting, he held himself responsible to teach his fellow purebloods.

Through the years, he began to get a bit more of the thrill. It was as if the emotions he thought he'd lost long ago were returning to him. He started holding competitions, games of sport where hunters would free the prey they caught only to catch them all back up again. Whoever did it the fastest got an extra meal.

Blake is currently in a high, mad with the power he's obtained and determined to resist any steps backward for his pack.

Name: Jaehwa "Jae" Shin
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Werewolf
Mate: TBD
Crush: Silvia
Children: TBD
Pack: Custos
Rank: Omega
Born or Bitten: Bitten
Human Eye Color: Dark Brown
Wolf Eye Color: Blue


Jae may be short, but he's feisty when it matters. He's stubborn yet oblivious. His cluelessness hurts him most in conversations, but he's gotten used to it to the point where he can make small talk without coming off as weird or antisocial.

He's anxious and doesn't handle pressure too well. Those who know him best call him sweet. He really tries to take care of everyone even when he's not capable. They're all important to him, even the people he doesn't like, hence his gullibility.
Mia, Jae's sister, meant everything to him. They were each other's world. They helped each other out through thick and thin. Some of Jae's fondest memories are of him and his sister making messes and sharing jokes.

But Mia was special. Her intelligence was superior, and it's always the geniuses that suffer the most in life. She was bullied and struggled with socialization. As a result, she became withdrawn and depressed. No one in her family noticed because it was so gradual.

Jae feels responsible for not having kept a better eye on her.

Mia committed suicide. Jae blames himself for her death even though he's been told countless times it wasn't his fault. He removed himself from everything in his life, effectively shutting down. There was no happiness, no joy without his sister. Distressed, he ran off one day, stumbling through the city limits and out into the woods. There he was bitten.

Alone and injured, he walked miles upon miles before winding up at Ithawell. Eventually, he decided he couldn't return to his old home like this. He'd never asked to be turned, never wanted to have to suffer in such a way. Thus, Jae spent his time researching with whatever resources he could find (books, the library computers, people), but there was nothing that could turn him back.

Jae soon learned there were others who felt the same way about being turned. Abandoned and desperate for a connection, Jae joined them.
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The Toxic Tormentor
Elijah Omora

Age: 44
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Asexual
Species: Vampire

*Spouse: None
*Crush: TBD
*Children: None

Pack: Lichen
Rank: Guardian
Born or Bitten: Born


Vampire Eye Color: Dark Brown

Elijah is cunning, deceptive, and quiet. He isn't like most of his vampire brethren, preferring to display his class, prestige, and civility at all times even to the lowliest of slaves, never "embracing" his inner beast even in the most critical situations.
More TBR

Elijah was born a middle child, having an older brother and younger sister. All that is known of his family was the wealth they had that he brought with him to Ithawell after killing his siblings.
(Will Update as RP progresses)


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Hi Tetro Tetro ! I like him but vampires only have red eyes when their dark side comes out, when they’re hungry or when they are in a state of anger. If you could change his eyes color to one that is approved for him, then your character will be accepted. If you look under character notes in the cs, it will tell you appropriate eye colors for the races.


The Toxic Tormentor
Hi Tetro Tetro ! I like him but vampires only have red eyes when their dark side comes out, when they’re hungry or when they are in a state of anger. If you could change his eyes color to one that is approved for him, then your character will be accepted. If you look under character notes in the cs, it will tell you appropriate eye colors for the races.
Forgot to mention that it's just a place holder for now. My PC updating so I plan on editing the eyes once it's done
Dominic "Dom" "Silver Bullet"
Ithawell, Blood Order, Shadow

Human Eye Color (see below):
Dark Brown
Dominick can be described in short as his own form of eccentric, as most would call a wild card and extremely unpredictable. He however will say this is exactly how he survive in this war that they fight, always on his toes and quick to adapt to any situation, as well as causing chaos to those in which his life is at risk. A blood hound of sorts that loves the thrill of the hunt, with a almost blood thirst for those him and his comrades fight. While ruthless and unforgiving when it comes to hunting the undead, when it comes to the living he has special care for human life and see as each as precious. He enjoys companionship and making friends, labeling himself as a "Social drinker" and others labeling himself as a charming man as long as you're not "tainted" as he call it with unholy blood.

Dominick has always had family in Ithawell, often during his childhood visiting his cousin and spending summers and winters alike in the town, seeing it as a second home of sorts. During this time he often delved into the supernatural mysteries and conspiracy that came out of the town with his little cousin, while for a time he grew out of such stories, especially when he joined a private military company his cousin did not. For years he fought overseas in the troubled regions of the world, seeking more out of life than a average working job, while his cousin delve deeper and deeper into the mysteries of the town always writing to Dominick of his discovery. He thought nothing of it at first, not until he mysteriously disappeared in which led back to the town of his childhood in search for his cousin. That was when the Blood order contacted Dominick, revealing that his cousin was killed for his curiosity as he was close to uncovering the Lichen pack. With a burning passion for revenge, he offered his weapon skills and combat abilities to the order being trained to hunt the supernatural in hope to cleanse them from Ithawell and avenge his cousin.
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c o n

'7.gifName: Paulina Dane
Age: 46
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: vampire
*Mate or Spouse:
Pack: Lichen
Rank: Alpha Mate
Born or Bitten: Born
Vampire/Dhamphir Eye Color: Green
*Personality: Paulina is loud, outspoken, and feisty. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She is good-natured, fun-loving, and compassionate, but also extremely prideful and at times manipulative. Some people call those who are protective or territorial "crazy." But we call them passionate! And that's what Paulina oozes in every scene, passion. She is not afraid to scream at you if she feels threatened or wronged...or when she's simply happy. She came from a dangerous area she's been through a lot to get to where she is today and she notes her appreciation for her lifestyle quite often. She also has a considerable temper which is comparable to a volcano: sudden, destructive and with many casualties. She is shown to enjoy the limelight, as she makes effort to be noticeable especially when it comes to her appearance and tends to get jealous when other women get more attention than her.


Swish-swish, Swirl-swirl
Name: Tyress Maron
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight (presently)
Species : Dhamphir
Born or Bitten : Born

Appearance (vampires, Vaewolves, dhamphirs and humans): As tall as a Dhamphir can be (5'7"). Blond, wavy nearly should-length hair. Pale, but slightly tanned skin. [I'll see if I can get a image.]
Vampire/Dhamphir Eye Color (see below): Green

*Personality: Mostly introverted. Generally does not talk to people, and does not talk at all when he is in Ithawell. (He is thought to be mute in Ithawell). He has a good connection with nature, mostly because he lives in the foot of the hills quite close to the forest.

*Backstory: He was born from a vampire father and human mother. His mother died shortly after he was born, and he lived with his father in the log cabin in the woods, and lived quite happily with him there, not questioning some of the odd habits his father had, and being educated by his father as best as possible, and living quite the same way he does now. When he was 16, his father disappeared one night, never to come back again, taking only the few personal belongings he had, and leaving behind a book, most of which had advice and instructions on how to continue living without him, varying from how to keep the small plot of vegetables and fruit they had, to how to live with his vampire side, but did not mention anything about his own plans, other than a few lines directed to him in the first page.
"I will be safe and well, and who knows, maybe I will return one day. I hope you live as happily as before. Take care of the animals for me.
Presently he lives in the same cabin, only going to the town to sell produce and buy provisions, and otherwise lives a simple life in the farm.

[If and when necessary, will edit this.]
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Four Thousand Club
Name: Audrey Garner
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Vampire
*Children: Expecting Twins (5 months)
Born or Bitten: Bitten
Pack: Boreal
Rank: Subordinate
Appearance: 77DAE84A-99AB-4290-8B40-949B1282CFDE.jpeg
Vampire Eye Color: Silver
*Background: A newly turned vampire, she grew up in Ithawell. She was turned when coming home from a football game and left for dead, beaten and raped. For two months she wandered the area as a rogue, driven mad by hunger but when she went home she attacked and killed her little sister. Her parents threw her out on discovering what she was and she wandered again for three months until running into a sentinel who brought her back to the pack and she was given a family.


Super unlucky member
Name: Alana Wulfe
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Species (Human, Werewolf, Vampire, Dhamphir or Vaewolf): Werewolf
*Mate or Spouse (mate=werewolf/vaewolves, Spouse=human, vampire, dhamphir): none/ OPEN
*Crush: none/ Open
*Children: none
Pack: Lichen
Rank: Beta?
Born or Bitten: born
Wolf Appearance :
Wolf/Vaewolf Eye Color (see below): Gold
Appearance (vampires, Vaewolves, dhamphirs and humans):
Human Eye Color (see below): pale green
*Personality: will be revealed in RP


Name: Larkin A. Andley
Age: 174 Years (Born in 1845)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Vampire
Spouse: N/A
Crush: N/A
Children: Analise M. Andley, Theron J. Andley
Pack: Lichen
Rank: Guardian
Born or Bitten: Born
Vampire/Dhamphir Eye Color: Blue
Personality: TBA
!Very Long!
The year 1845 of August, a pair of pureblooded vampires began catering the needs of Larkin Augustus Andley, the first child born to Micah Andley, and the second child of Marcella DuCarmnt. Aside from being the blonde, Larkin was the golden prince of the family. Raised in the growing world before America, he was considered born in the time of the settlers, or the end of people coming over from the varying countries. He was raised pristinely, his mother extremely formal and strict--something he could not escape. He was the model rich son, heir to the life his parents set out for him. While his mother was strict in her teachings and constantly wanting the perfect child she lucked out on with her first child, his father was quite the opposite. Micah was carefree, he quite enjoyed the life of luxury he had offered himself and his family which made childhood fun and sheltered for Larkin. It wasn't long before their life began to change when his teenage years made themselves known. He rebelled, acted out, but in a way, he acted out the way his mother wanted. Larkin was manipulated even when he thought he was branching out on his own by Marcella. He had gone out and acted like the classic rich boy he was deep down inside, in this stage of life he went through people left and right, and not vampires or relationship wise--more like humans as blood bags. He wasn't uncontrollable but he was very much so a partier who took what he had wanted when he wanted. He was a playboy in the human eye, though he was more of a drink and go vampire, traveling around wherever he wanted. There were so many memories he could bring up, all kinds of situations when he was 15 and 16, but where his life really changed was during the civil war that made America erupt. As an act of rebellion against his mother, as well as her family business, he signed up for war. At the time he was 16 and managed to involve himself into the war efforts. What he didn't know was that his father was also participating. This delves into the family business, something that even a rebelling Larkin understood was sick--though he shouldn't judge since there were blood slaves in his world. Larkin or more over the Andley family dabbled largely in slavery, and with that lingering around it'd leave the observant to realize he rebelled against his mother, to join the Union side of the war effort was in a way disgraceful to his southern family. His father who had also joined the efforts was on the Confederate side of the war, as most families were torn apart the war destroyed the Andley's. Father against son, it wasn't even thought of. Larkin, who loved his father, would write home to his dear old dad, and ironically they wrote back and forth with Marcella being the carrying, always transferring the letters. She refused to inform the other about their predicaments, just exchanging the letters and replying as either Larkin or as Micah. The time came and they met, near the end of the war, and Micah died when he hesitated at the sight of Larkin fighting. Larkin never returned home. Traveling around, Larkin had two children, in the span of current time he had participated sneakily in many wars, using it as a homage to his late father, a way to remind himself of the man. With his past in mind, he grew possessive. He was also quite secretive, his family was kept quiet and when his mother passed it all along to him with a fortune in tow. His first child, Analise, was a spirited young thing born as a Dhampir, and with his wretched luck, he lost her mother. Years after that, he had another child, a son, who was eagerly accepted by Analise, in fact with the mother around he had a pieced together family. Theron made the family whole, and he relaxed letting his vampiric nature die down. Theron was the piece of him that had kept him chilled, while his daughter enticed a more aggressive side of his personality with her many risk-taking adventures, he was very laid back and encouraged to take everything slow rather than head-on. Then a rule came striking down. Dhampirs were dangerous, outlawed, and in his little nameless town...a few gathered vampires killed Analise, and in a gathered rage, Theron was also killed. This would most certainly cause a rift, and it did, leaving Larkin alone once more.


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Name: Scythia Lares
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Herero
Species Human
*Mate or Spouse: none
*Concubines None
*Crush: None
Rank slave
Born or Bitten born human
Human Eye Color (see below):
*Personality:generally chaos neutral he is fairly unpredictable and normally a mix between skittish and fighty as he tends to avoid almost every other race but if confronted he would tend to fight his way out.
*Backstory: Born into slavery Scythia from birth was tasked with a multitude of activities daily for his vampiric slaver

No order/slave


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White rabbit

Alice Bunny 'White Rabbit'
18 years old
Asexual but hetero-romantic
Living Relative: Ken Bunny (overprotective older brother)
Wealth status: nobility
Personality: typically a quiet and shy girl she is adorable, nervous, and cute on the outside but on the inside lies a form of horror no girl ever contemplated on with the urge for murder and stabbing inside her head but is repressed by her willpower and mental strength to not do it with certain exceptions. Whenever she gets around someone she really likes and loves she feels sleepy to them and generally falls asleep as her body becomes extra sensitive to test if the person she likes will do things she doesn't approve of thus creating the exception of murder. She also doesn't like being seen face to face much so generally she will wear her bunny masquerade mask

Weapon: her sacrificial blade - it stays with her all her life no matter what as every stab and/or kill she inflicts onto a living being makes her stronger but of course will not show muscles physically so she can look frail but her grip can break bones theoretically. The blade itself automatically when it inflicts a stabbing wound and stabs only create a gangrene like infection that will kill in a day or two from either septic shock or the dead tissue is all over as the infection spreads. The infection can be treated with surgery ( remove dead tissue) or advanced antibiotics ( stop spread) but the tissue will leave a scar and damage is irreversible so if stabbed in the heart it's like game over.

The mask she wears normally

Her childhood has been from birth to now very well as her family was available to afford a life of luxury for her and her brother. Her father wanted her to do training with her brother for years to make the two excellent fighters as it made a inseparable bond between the two. Sadly at the age of sixteen her father passed away and months later her mother died as well making her self confidence dwindle. Her brother was the only member of the family left as he was to lead her through the highs and lows of life as she depended on him and tries all she can to contribute back while remaining pure and free of sin . The deaths of her family members caused her to wear the white rabbit mask as it soon became famous in public that alongside her brother she got a lot of attention, wanted and unwanted as the fame starts to cause her to have greater anxiety and made a greater dependence on her brother in fear of the public eating her up and chewing her out. A week ago the two decided to run away from all this fame and wealth as they moved in to a smaller life but the mental scars of fear consists and lingers in her mind. She is a human but with a cursed accessory ( weapon ) she is also a decent speaker of Latin during her training so some of the speech she says if at all would either be English or Latin.
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