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Multiple Settings BoN Act 3: Modern Age

Scarlet felt the adrenaline rush as her friend was peppered with bullets by a CSRA consecrator. He dropped to the ground with a meaty thud, and Scarlet yelped in fear and ran faster, searching for cover. She could hear the consecrator reloading his battle rifle, the mechanical clicks a grim reminder of her dwindling time. The maw of a dark warehouse faced Scarlet and offered refuge from the soldiers. She sprinted in and ran behind some barrels. Her hands fumbled for her holstered pistol- an ornate elven piece gifted to her by an emissary of the World Tree. With a click, she dropped the magazine and checked if she had ammo left. Three rounds smiled back at her, plus one in the chamber.

This was such a stupid idea she cursed to herself. Perhaps surrender was the best option. Her compatriots were bleeding out on the concrete, and she didn’t stand much of a chance against a squad of consecrators. Those fuckers probably had thermal sights anyways, the darkness would offer no respite.

Movement resounded from the factory floor around her. Time was up. Scarlet’s mind raced with contemplation. Should she try and take one of the goons with her? Blow her brains out? Or was her life worth rotting in the concrete cell of a state terrorist?

With shaking hands, she pressed the warm barrel to the underside of her jaw. The faint smell of carbon and gun lube wafted into her face. She tried pulling the trigger, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. She cursed herself once again and looked around like a panicked animal. She could hear the voices of the consecrators talking to one another, discussing potential hiding spots.

She rummaged in her bag and pulled out the object of the heist- a small piece of elkhorn. It faintly pulsed with a green energy, and almost felt as though it was moving in her hand. Part of her wanted to laugh at the absurdity of it. Five of her friends dead over such a stupid little thing. Her now-dead boyfriend claimed it was some kind of mythical artifact from a dead god.

A hail of gunfire pulled her out of her train of thought. Scarlet curled up into a ball, ready to die. To her surprise, every single shot missed. She glanced up at the barrels and saw a perfect outline of her body traced around her. Were the consecrators toying with her? Another deafening salvo of gunfire barked through the dilapidated warehouse. This time, the shots were more deliberate. Small chunks of concrete peppered Scarlet’s face as bullets ricocheted off the ground. Again, every single shot missed.

On the other side of the barrels, a squad of four consecrators stood perplexed by the situation. “We’re dealing with something anomalous,” said the Praetor to his subordinates. “Keep this bitch pinned down and I’ll radio a magus.”

Gallant Rovan turned to his Praetor with a worried look on his face. “They breached the vault, sir. I think she’s the carrier of the horn. M-makes sense right? Last one standing?”

The Praetor’s first instinct was to laugh at this suggestion. Fae artifacts didn’t tend to function for humans- in fact it was basically unheard of. But this situation was strange, so he opted to take the suggestion seriously. He strained his ears and heard shuffling coming from outside. Wordlessly, he grabbed his datapad to check the vitals of the other squads in the area. Nothing. All dead. The Praetor’s eyes went wide and chills ran down his spine. The other men glanced nervously at one another, noting the Praetor's change in demeanor. He gave the hand sign for the squad to lower their weapons and spoke in a low tone so the girl couldn’t hear.

“Alright so here is what we’re going to do,” he said in a confident manner, as though he’d been through this situation a million times. “The other squads got knocked off somehow and our weapons are now worthless. We should sneak out the back and radio for help.”

“Why didn’t we have a plan for this?” Gallant Rovan hissed. “Why didn’t we have people who could handle magic posted here?”

The Paretor looked apprehensively at the dancing shadows from outside. “We’re supposed to be able to deal with magic. I don’t think the boys up top realized how powerful this artifact was. Coulda fooled me too. I thought it was just a hunk of horn that makes you win at cards.”

To be continued...

- use all my actions recruit more consecrators because im big scary military man :3
the answer to the question presented to them was simple one technology could always be rediscovered by not lives the old vaults power was diverted to bringing forth those geckliko from stasis and allowing them to once again serve the legion whatever tech dead and buried could be recovered another time but these lives where more important for both them as a whole and moral they where not the last around with time they could dig out all the vault and reunite all the legions

upgrade base camp level 4
upgrade base camp level 4
upgrade base camp level 4

base camp lv3- radar array: +1/0 against enemies while fighting in their Capital Tile - processing plant: eco-building trade depot: mechanical processing plant: allows an additional keyword on templates
forward operations lv2Memorial: Decreases the chances of units or settlements rebelling should Order or Happiness drop below 0
units being constructedmilitary
1X gunner -2X Grimold -1xranger --------------------------------------------------------------------- civilian 2x processing plant mechanicals --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hero unit: Chaos Squad HP 4 Movement 1 Attack 3 Offense 3 Defense 3 (Guerrillas)(Heavy)(Robust)Arcturus Hero HP 4 Attack 3 Movement 1 Offense 4 Defense 2 (Robust)(Meatshield)(Massive Frame- Should this unit be destroyed, it instead has its maximum HP reduced by 1. This can only be done as long as the HP does not hit 0 when doing so) Mondo The Extra Small Gecklicko Hero HP 3 Movement 3 Attack 3 Offense 1 Defense 4 (Light)(Hatred- Vehicles)(Tiny- If attacked by any other unit other than a Hero, they must be enemy must succeed on a second roll to hit)

currentincomeexpensesupkeepturn final
The World Tree

The disappearances occurring in the western city of Gondolin were now a top priority of the elven king now that the troubles of Amnonicus were being put far from thought. With Ellario’s permission the Sea Elves were given authority to do whatever it took to uncover the mystery.Averual, First Mate of the Admiral’s fleet was put in charge of the task force responsible for finding their missing people and the culprit. “We will commit ourselves to discovering the truth and with the help of our allies in the International Union and expertise of the ocean, we will prevail over this unseen threat.” Averual declared.

In the capital, politics were the hot topic in every household and in every garden. The Wardens had gathered at the King’s request with Lady Gihu’nan participating through video call while still away and marching home. The discussion was heated as insults and slurs were thrown about by everyone present and even threats made their way onto the table. Hours were spent bickering and deliberating until finally the Wardens agreed to the King’s proposal. “We can no longer ignore the outside world and we cannot move forward with it without fully understanding those who inhabit it. The World Tree will always be our focus, but we must give some energy to coexisting with our neighbors and learning to understand them. From this day forth we shall be the Elven Empire. The great tree’s place is not in politics, it has its role to play and I now understand mine more clearly. You will each be given your own territory to govern and be permitted to act with limited autonomy, even interacting with the mortal races if you so choose. Our differences are what will protect that World Tree and by this change we will permit our people to grow.” When done, the King dismissed his Wardens.


Paid Actions:
Investigate disappearances in coastal city
Construct Barrier Stone in Halamshiral
Enact Policy: The Elven Empire
Free Actions
Army 6 moves to Halamshiral and joins Army 1
Army 5 moves North 1 Tile


Reserves Income Expenses Next Turn
84 60 (Cities) 20 (Tribute) 33 (Upkeep) 50 (Construction)


Armies Locations/Actions
  1. Crawler (Ranged)
Overwatch in Halamshiral
  1. Crawler (Ranged)
Overwatch in Gondolin
  1. Wyrwood x1
Overwatch in Talsyn
  1. World Gardener x1
  1. Exemplar Sentinels x4
Teleporting to Dexerus
  1. Exemplar Sentinels x2
Moves to Capital


Cities Buildings Effects Happiness Order
Halamshiral Lvl 2 (2/5 Building Slots)
Radio Jammer Against the Empire of Hate has been built and gives a roll of an 8+ as a defense against their own faction being taken in by the dangerous levels of hypnosis and hype that can convert others to their cause.
Quartermaster’s Office Five units stationed within the city will have upkeep waived.
Talsyn Lvl 1 (2/5 Building Slots) Quartermaster’s Office Five units stationed within the city will have upkeep waived.
Barracks Able to train an additional troop for every troop training action that is taken
Gondolin Lvl 1 (0/5 Building Slots)


Name Description Character
Purple Wand Vibrates None
BoN Act 3: Modern Age

The War was over. Amonicus was fallen, its people captured, its armies destroyed by the combined forces of The Fafrium Empire, The Eternal Legion and the support of the ETO.

It wasn’t common knowledge what happened to the prisoners of war, but rumors ran amok that they ended up in CRSA Blacksites. At least on message boards within the DEEP NET. Of course, nothing could be confirmed in the slightest. And that was just the way it should be.

The strange and alien creatures of the Amonicus would be a major note in history, resulting in a major war that almost ignited a much worse catastrophic fight between two world blocks of power.

But another war continues to be fought in the West between the Empire of Hate and The Galmorean Empire with members of both the IU and the ETO moving to engage for the benefit of the rest of the world. But would it be for the increase of power within their own Power Block? Or merely just to help safeguard one of the oldest powers remaining in the world?

And does the ETO have their eyes set on The World Tree, now renamed The Elven Empire, next?

Will peace reign? Or will wars continue to raise its ugly head with conflict?

Turn 11, Month 12, Spring, Year 2301

Rangnar Republic


The Cult of Excess was a powerful foe, even in some ways more terrifying than when they had been the previous enemy of the Ragnar Republic. Their flagrant excesses extended to the way that they now tolerated pain on an unprecedented scale.

But that could only sustain a man for so long in the face of unrelenting firepower. Even after wave and wave of volleys fell from the sky, The Monster of The Cult of Excess stood, almost mocking them.

It was at this point that it managed to charge the enemy lines, causing death by trampling, ripping soldiers to pieces and some even being eaten before it was brought down by a massive Battle Fortress which rained down large amounts of heavy fire before it finally collapsed in a heap of bloody mess.

All that remained was the small army that guarded the home of The Cult of Excess now that its Vanguard of Defenders were wiped out…..

Empire of Hate

The Galmorian Empire finally fell as its last Queensguard managed to be brought down after another month of the fighting. It managed to bring down the remaining Spectres that had been in the fight on its way out.

It had taken GREAT effort of motivation from Fargus. But it was accomplished at last. Another nation brought into the fold to become free as part of the Empire of Hate.

But now, the capital of an Ancient Empire was finally theirs. All that remained was to track down the leader of Empire who seemed to have disappeared during the conflict along with a handful of loyal retainers.

But now that the fighting overseas was dealt with, they could deal with the attacks on the homefront from the Sunset Kingdom who were already launching airstrikes from an aircraft carrier off the coast on the homeland as well as directly assaulting the capital with long range firepower.

It seems that it would be difficult for the Empire of Hate to truly sustain Peace with such aggressive neighbors.

But at least it gave them plenty of targets to HATE.

Followers of Hel’Copin


The S.S. Sireneensis was filled with various construction and anomalous facilities to help improve the lot and life of the Followers.

But as advanced as they had been in the waters, there was something more out there. Someone more advanced. But were they Friendly? Or were they sinister in their intent?

It came out of nowhere as a large underwater vessel of strange long and cylindrical design came from the deep depths and contacted the capital.

They introduced themselves as The Scholari League, the true successors of Coghaven. They offered advanced genetics research in exchange for their assistance in securing the seas against those who dwell upon the land.

If the offer was rejected, they said that The Followers would not see them again.

The Sunset Kingdom


The Sunset Kingdom made good on their promise to intervene should the fighting not stop in the Galmorian Empire. With the Empire of Hate taking the capital of the Old Empire, they launched their own strikes on the Capital of the Empire of HATE.

It seemed only fitting to strike them hard and fast, especially while some of their army was away overseas. A sea that The Sunset Kingdom was already in the process of fully controlling. At least upon the surface.

The strikes were already hitting the White City hard. But no matter how hard it was hit, without boots on the ground, they’d never be able to take the city.

That would have to be the next step.

The Autonomous Collective of Melka


The massive army of Melka made its incredible and speedy march up to the North. The world at large was surprised by not just the quickness that they had moved, but also that they were coming to intervene in the conflict with the Empire of Hate.

A bear that had been poked was claimed as the cause of the action. The member of the IU was spurred into action by the actions of The Sunset Kingdom, a member of the ETO.

But with its massive army, they could take the White City should they not be stopped before its pearly gates. Though without the Kingdom having any boots on the ground, its actions would have to be of the long range variety.

Would they risk open warfare between the two Power Blocks in the attempted acquisition of the White City?


Their projects into a space based network of satellites and and orbital fortress would be completed in a much shorter time frame then originally supposed due to the assembly of parts in the various enclaves that were situated across the globe.

They would be a force to be reckoned with. But not the only force, of course.

Their enclave also gave information as to the other matter that was being investigated. A group calling themselves the Scolari League and announced themselves as the true successors of Coghaven had emerged from the deep depths and contacted the Followers of Heli’Copin. Informants had discussed that they offered advanced genetics research in exchange for assistance in securing the seas against the land dwellers.

They must be the ones responsible for the disappearances around the globe.

The Consecrated Socialist Republic of Arrana

The army continues to grow and grow as the CRSA gains the largest army in the world. As the World Tree, now the Elven Empire seems to be strengthening its borders, it seems that the CRSA is doing the same.

In the aftermath of the war with Amonicus, it seems that any survivors of those people that did not escape into the unknown, managed to find their way to CRSA Blacksites to be experimented on in horrible ways as was all those that were deemed enemies of the CRSA people.

With the growing animosity of the CRSA and the Elven Empire over their role in attempting to shield Amonicus from their fate, would it be a matter of time until their two forces collide? Whether they are both given the support of their Power Blocks or not.

6th Legion


Base Camp continued to grow and spread further and wider than ever before, attracting the attention of more and more Gecklickos to their cause. Their ranks swelled with new recruits and those that had great pride in their homeland and people.

The memorial was frequented by many, adding to the care that was shown by the government.

The Elven Empire

The now Elven Empire has sprung into existence. The elven people were overjoyed, but some members of the ETO were not only not impressed, but also outright offended by their original stance on attacking a new member of the ETO, The Fafrium Empire, in defense of the Amonicus who were deemed the aggressors in the battle.

With the buildup of forces in the Elven Empire, their seemed to be a large buildup of their neighbor in the CRSA as well. Was this just part of a normal military buildup? Or was it to be a vanguard against the World Tree?

What mattered more to the Elven Empire was that now each of their leaders were given new governances.​
The Ragnar RepublicA nation bound for the stars...or death...

With the local threats to Ragnar dealt with, peace once again reigned over that part of the world. Amnonicus mightiest had fallen to the power of the earthshaker, reduced to nothingness by their awesome power. Elsewhere, the greater demon worshiped by the Cult of Excess was finally defeated as Judge Rutger unleashed the might of his cerebrum weaponry. The demon's head exploded in a fountain of gore and with it the hopes of the Cult of Excess.

Peace could not be allowed to give way to complacency and so the Ragnar pushed forward with the development of the Hydra. War efforts had meant that it had remained in the development phase for several months longer than intended, yet this only helped to identify a more focused operational focus for the project.

While the Magistrati had begun their own projects in space, rumours of a defensive fortification and observation network, for Ragnar they would go much further. Entire newly built city sectors of Koenig were initially devoted to launching satellites before becoming launch pads for military vessels. It would not take long for the satellites of Ragnar to fill the sky, a combination of both observational military and civilian providing a lot of use for the people. However, it was the expedient creation of Project Hydra that began to raise eyebrows across the world and draw attention.

A large military space station, Project Hydra provided an orbital launching platform for weapons and armies alike. Armed with numerous batteries of heavy weapons and defensive batteries, Project Hydra could lay waste to targets both on the planet below and in orbit. In addition, the development of orbital drop pods meant that the armies of Ragnar could deploy to any corner of the world. Rapid reaction forces had never been so true to their name. Yet, while these functions of Project Hydra were impressive in their own right, it was the unknown secret of the project that gave it true power. The station was only the showpiece of the project, the truth of it was that it was not even necessary.

The truth of Project Hydra was hidden in the thousands of satellites that had been launched into orbit. Each contained a warhead capable of devastating cities, whether nuclear or chemical in origin, they could be sent hurtling to the ground below to unleash death on unfortunate victims. Even their allies in the ETO were unaware of the true purpose of the satellites.

Ragnar wanted to ensure their own safety and each satellite sent a signal that needed to receive a response from a console within Koenig. If this response was ever not received then it would assume that Koenig had fallen and as a result each satellite would impact the planet with its payload, reducing it to an uninhabitable rock floating through space. This signal also worked the other way, if a satellite's signal was ever not received or overdue, it would raise an immediate alarm. Autarch Victor Ulbricht did not want this course of action to ever take place but they had to be prepared for every eventuality.

The final part of Project Hydra was the development of interstellar travel. The creation of cryostasis meant that people could be frozen for centuries without aging, allowing them to traverse the cosmos. Numerous of these ships were launched to ensure the long term survivability of the Ragnar, sent out into space to colonise distant worlds. Some were lost while others had varying degrees of success colonising lands. Regardless, the Ragnar were now a galactic nation.

The Ragnar wanted peace, it is all they ever wanted, but the trauma from years ago still haunted them. Projection of military might was the only way they could perceive it coming to pass, yet the build up of such military might often have others the opposite impression, regardless of intention. Even so, the Ragnar would stick to their word, defending their allies and protecting their home while avoiding wars of offensive means. What would happen in the future was down to the fates to decide, but if Ragnar was not going to be part of it…nobody would.

The Ragnar were fun to play and if it wasn't for balancing reasons, this plan would have already come to fruition. Although it wouldn't have been fair having this in place turn five...obviously.

They're a hardworking and honest people but they are greatly flawed, wanting to avoid a repeat of the life eater virus. Their survival is paramount and it will come at all costs.

So that's it, thank you to everyone who took part and made it enjoyable. Also thank you to the other Council guys for helping the game run. Roll on the Stone Age.
Magi of the Stars

The Magistrati installations would be completed shortly and the launches would commence. The Ragnar Republic had beaten them to space, but it did not matter. Any satellite entering Atlas Station territory would be destroyed, hacked or otherwise sabotaged and de-orbited above Magistrata. They had little care if the same was done to their own over nations like Ragnar whom they had little expectation of recovering data or archives from.

The deeper truth was the Magistrati had given up on this world and its peoples. The wars and expansionism hinted at darker times. The militarization of space by Ragnar, which they had internally predicted, had only made them feel confirmed in their efforts to fully push ahead on Project Astronomicon. The true debate had been on if they should bother in the development of a orbital weapon to try to facilitate bringing about peace. The Colleges voted against this after days of debate as the Praetor weighed all options.

The revelation of the Elven Empire no longer surprised them. More expansionism veiled in Elven xenophobia. A depressing outcome. They would remain silent on their true intent as they attempted to hold the IU together and fend off war with the ETO. Moving so far as to remove the Elven Empire from the IU if need be to let the ETO have their bloodbath if they so craved it. All of it to buy time.

Few nations save Ragnar would understand fully why Magistrata would slip on into the ocean and lock itself permanently into the position of a major equatorial zone. All of it to facilitate space operations and potentially a space elevator to accelerate their space work more.

More launches would come from the Astral Sea Facilities. Project Astronomicon would become the sole purpose of the Magistrati. Planar scouting and orbital research would build up towards the endgame of the powerful city-state leaving the planet. All the while as they prepared for this, the Magistrati would build up their Archives through asking for the works and knowledge of others. Where it was not freely traded, their elite network of operatives would take it. Reparations paid if discovered but otherwise, their rapid cataloging of the peoples of the world would keep the Colleges busy who weren't directly focused on the completion of the true goal of Project Astronomicon.

They found it annoying to face the reality of harassment by the Ragnar beyond this world but simply remained silent and focused upon their work even as the College of War began planning for such issues. The Ragnar and the others could have this world. They would leave it to them and their Scolari League kin. They would attempt some outreach to them, but in the end, it wasn't really important. The Scolari were likely the kidnappers of all those innocents. Their time would come or this world would annihilate itself somehow with all the saber rattlers.

All that was left, was for Magistrata to take to the stars. Their Enclaves active one day and dead silent the next come the day of departure. Each Enclave left fully functional for their partners to pillage with a letter thanking those who had been their allies, but informing them they had elected to depart the planet. This world was not theirs, but the knowledge must be preserved perhaps beyond this era for others. They wished this world luck and peace, even as they expressed doubts about the latter.

To the stars and a brighter future...​
The Elven Empire

With the changes occurring under the boughs of the World Tree, the newly appointed Emperor oversaw the growth of infrastructure as his Wardens, some newly appointed as well, looked outward for growth.

Under the the leadership of Warden Aurum, the Sun Elves reached out to the world with technology old and new. Their Queen revisited old friends and nations whom her people had been partners with in the past. They were returning to their friendly nature and looking to experience the parts of the world they had not seen in centuries beyond counting.

The passing of Lady Gihu'nan marked the death of one of the oldest living elves and with her passing, a trove of knowledge returned to the Great Tree. But the Wood Elves were strong and in their late leader's place rose a new Queen. Her primary goal was the defense of the World Tree and the Elven Emperor. She followed in her predecessor's footsteps and would raise a mighty army combining nature, elves, and technology. The Standing army of the empire would never leave the forests again under her watch, but they would be ready for anything.

Once an Admiral, now a King, Tial and his fleet set sail to the open seas once more and in doing so they bridged the gap between the elves and other seafaring nations. Their exploration efforts were focused on locating relics of their old kingdom and keeping track of the demon threat. Averual, once the First Mate is rising officer in the empire's navy and the Sea Elves thrive once more on the ocean.

Ravennar, now officially recognized as Queen of the Moon Elves, settled her people in the mountains to the east of the World Tree. There she and her archmages worked tirelessly to produce a barrier spell that would defend the World Tree. But from their mountain perch the Moon Elves continue to scheme and plot ways to advance their magical prowess.

Emperor Ellario, aided by Lucian his Ambassador to the mortal races, began his mission of world peace in earnest. He resigned from the International Union as he always intended to. The coalition, while full of well-meaning members, was only meant to assist in putting an end to certain threats, but the inactivity of its members proved to be its greatest weakness. Much of his attention went to building bridges with foreign powers. While the elves would not be leaving their forests for expansion purposes, Ellario wanted to be able to lend aide to the world and the people who inhabited it without incident and that meant knowing the people.

The Elven Empire would continue to work together, adhering to the Emperor's wish to propagate peace and destroy demonkind.
LOG# A012



DALL·E 2022-11-11 19.47.53 - Digital art of an eldritch shark god with a spiral mouth in shade...png
The Scholari League had the attention the Inner Circle, but more importantly, they held the attention of the head researcher, Heitris. Though initial contact was struck with the S.S. Davisii, it was the S.S. Sireneensis that took up the conversation, as Hel’copin covered the research station in an aura to keep prying ears at bay. It was demanded that those who had gone missing in the waters surrounding the Follower’s ships be returned in one piece, and in exchange an agreement would be struck between the Followers of Hel’copin, the Scholari League, and the Kingdom of Agua. One of equal benefit and protection against those on land. While harsh against those who had showed them kindness, or pity, on land, Heitris could not let go of the chance to keep Venir alive with their research, and to extend the lives of the other Followers as well.

The S.S. Sireneesis had a skeleton crew to begin with, and the Shiver was quickly dismissed. Except for, that is, Elza. She was the only other person privy to the exact nature of working with the Scholari, and headed the project that would keep it that way. Drones once used to find the cause of their missing people were repurposed to keep all activity far away from the research station. And when technology failed, a wereshark in the waters proved to be more than efficient. Hel’copin, for one, seemed pleased, as even when an increase of offerings began aboard the station to speed up the destruction of the island, the aura would not recede from over the S.S. Sireneesis. As the ship expanded rapidly, the research that the Scholari provided was put to quick use.

Venir made a full recovery, much to the joy of the Inner Circle, and picked up where he left off, as the heart of the Davisii. He maintained the act of a doddering old man in the presence of the IU, mostly to maintain the notion that the Followers were not a threat, though he was sharper than he had ever been before in the aftermath of his recovery. As tensions mounted, it was clear to him that the Followers should not be long for this world, lest they be forced to witness the destructions of a second world by the acts of mortal hands. As such, he focused on placating the IU and the world at large until their plans were complete, and Hel’copin returned for them.

Pressure from those who looked towards the ocean with greed spurred precautions from the Followers. As well as, of course, the threat of demons as brought to their attention by the Elven Empire. In order to protect themselves and their new allies, Whelan was entrusted with overseeing construction of their armies. Months of hard work was able to be displayed in an instant, as impressive vehicles were finally constructed en mass aboard the S.S. Davisii to protect their ocean without suffering the loss of life of their people. If their oceans were invaded by those that walked upon land, they would find the sea teeming with mechanical life, and the Davisii impossible to approach lest they become swarmed by the gigantic mechanical monstrosities.

Unit 2.pngcrab vehicles.pngreaver vehicle.png
As the Call of the Leviathan resumed with the last of the volcanic island falling into the sea, the Followers received instructions from their god to make preparations to leave once again. As tensions neared a breaking point on land, Agua and the Scholari were given everything they desired as the Followers silently made their ships mobile. The process was quicker than before, the Followers had never intended to stay after all, and leaving their home world almost served as a trial run to leaving this one. As a last request before the onset of the storm, delivered to the Scholari from Heitris, the last of his I.S.I.N.A.P.S. units at his personal disposal were gifted to them with the wish that they give CLS, the polluters of the sea and shadow of all that was vile from their home, hell for killing their first Scouts. Then, the storm broke.

When the impossibly violent winds and waves settled, nothing was left of the Followers of Hel’copin, except for the plants that were so beloved in the sea, and the weapons of war they had made of whole cloth. No ships, no final letter to explain their actions, only, if one were inquisitive enough to find the first resting place of the S.S. Davisii, one would find two items resting on the sea floor. A long and thin spike made out of old metal, and a radio that refuses to turn off, playing only a single song.


The Sunset Empire
In my stars I am above thee but be not afraid of greatness!
"A new Era dawns! The ETO never had the ambition or proactivity needed to ensure world peace. While Galmorion burned they sat back and did nothing. When Fafrium, now in need of the help of those they tried to oppress, were under their protection and under assault from eldritch forces, Whose fleet was found swiftly at their side?" The Prime minister continued shouting over the clamor of the assembled audience "IT WAS THE CRIMSON FLEET OF THE SUNSET EMPIRE! Thats who. We have brought peace to every corner of this world. We aligned ourselves with the ETO because we saw allies who shared our ambition. Our Desire. OUR HOPE FOR A BRIGHTER FUTURE. Even still the IU sits idly as its nations fall to chaos. We hope the ETO will remain our friends and allies going forwards but from today we stand alone." This caused the gathered mass to an eerie quiet. "Alone atop a mountain of our own making. Not long ago our isolation resulted in this quiet island being but a footnote on the stories of other nations but today we stand as the global trendsetters! We are wealthy! We are strong! We are illuminated! The wealth we have brought to this island will ensure we ride out the coming darkness in comfort and stalwart strength! Today we will no longer be at the whims of the ETO and their calls to war. We and our many allies stand strong under a new banner! The Pact of the Dragon Flame! We will bring the illumination of the Dragon flame to every corner of the world. We will heed every call to the protection of peace and trade and we will bring a brighter future to all!" His cabinet, sat behind him stood and began to rile up the crowd yet more as he continued. "The Sunset Empire, yes I said Empire! Not in the hushed tones of accusation or the proud bragging of a dreamer but as a statement of FACT! Caledon is the heart of global trade. Caledon is a melting pot of a million wonderous cultures. Caledon is truly, unequivocally and undeniably the seat of an empire. Let all those fleeing the horrors of the world look to the beacon we light today and see a bastion of sanctuary for all to seek shelter under! We are establishing ports at all reaches of the Sunset sea. We have mastered the waves. We are investing in the security of this island and our empire beyond the horizon. Today we can truly say that the Sun will forever constantly be setting somewhere within out empire. We will never forget that darkness to come and now we will no longer shun those left in the dark when it does. When they track their way through the darkness of the final Sunset to our bright lights. WE WILL EMBRACE OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS! No longer can we only provide a future for us, but for all! Let all mark today as the dawn of a new era, an era when all are safe from the finally setting of the sun! You, you that have worked toward this. YOU ARE THE ENGINE OF EMPIRE! You are heroes one and all. From the shepherds in the hills and sailors on ships to the factory workers and candlestick makers! We are the Great Sunset Empire and today we remove our last shackle. A shackle we imposed on ourselves with our isolated past. Today we stand tall, above all others as a model for all nations to follow, a flame to light the way. Today, let all revel in their greatness for today everyone is a king!" The crowd erupted into a wall of noise that felt like it could knock the Prime Minister on to his back with its ferocity. Who could argue with his words? The Sunset Kingdom, once a small collection of islands alone and unassuming was growing day on day.

Some are born great
Days after the now well known 'Empire Day Speech', following an announcement of the government her Majesty, Queen Guinevere VII, was crowned again. This crown, far more ornate and encompassing a wade array of cultural traditions then the stuffy old Crown of the Sunset Kingdom, was a crown fit for an Empress. Empress Guinevere the First left her coronation to a crowd enough to envy a god. "Today I accept a great honour. An honour bestowed on me by you. My loyal citizens. Those of you born on this soil are no strangers to the kindness we share on this isle. Those of you who find yourselves in a new land after fleeing oppression or merely seeking a better life, welcome. Both of you are equal in your citizenship of this empire. We stand as the first nation. Whether we want to accept this responsibility or not, this new change, this new, albeit heavy, crown" as she said it, much of the crowd could be heard chuckling at her offhand remark "comes with additional responsibilities. We are now custodians of a world so full of strife and hatred. We must share this kindness with our brothers and sisters beyond the sea. I do not believe myself an empress of this world, but my people, you. My, no, your government. Together, all of us, must work to bring our generosity to the world! I may have a new title to add to a long, outdated and tiresome list, but we have a new responsibility. Yesterday we needed only worry for our own safety but this is a symbol of more. Today and in the coming tomorrows, we will protect all those that seek it. You have worked hard and you have made this possible. I am but a symbol for your majesty. Thank you for making this EMPIRE, something we all can truly, wholly and morally scream to the heavens about with PRIDE. PRIDE FOR THE PEOPLE!" She ended her speech and stepped into her ornate carriage, but as she processed through the streets of Caledon the chant continued, steady and strong. "PRIDE FOR THE PEOPLE!" Many at the back of the crowd didn't hear her speech, but that one line echoed across the sea to every corner of the Empire and to many lands beyond. The sunset Empress stood not just as the leader of its people but as the biggest supporter of all the worlds people.

Some achieve greatness
The Princess met up with First Lady of the Sea, Alice Worson of Albagate. The Siege of the White city raged on, unaffected by the speeches and politics of home. This war would be a symbol of the future being promised at home and ships and soldiers were being dedicated to the task while colonies continued to sprout up throughout the world. "Theres titles in this for everyone, Alice, not just us. Those that achieve great feats will find themselves championed to the, well, its Empress now isn't it. Wonder if that changes my titles? Regardless. We must find victory, a defeat would mark a failure of the Flame Pact at its inception, which we cannot allow. A swift victory is desired though we will take what we can. The collective marches with us and with our new airforce and yet more ships being sent under your flag we should be able to liberate people from this hateful oppression with ease. We can then work with the Collective to establish a new government in this city. Perhaps they will become our allies, but regardless hate must be stemmed. Our air and sea forces are at your beck and call, when the time is at hand we shall march forth into the city as liberators. For the Empire, eh?

and some have greatness thrust upon 'em
Millions flocked to the Empires ports after the prime minsters speech. Many came hopeful but suspicious, expecting his words to be little more then just that but the promise was too great for some to pass up even so. When they arrived at the edges of the new empire and, instead of being turned away, were sent off for passports they were overjoyed. Some who found themselves suddenly under the Sunset flag as their ancestral homes became part of an empire they knew little about were distrustful but the empire made pains to not destroy their ways of life, only providing new opportunities of thrive. Trade flowed freely and wealth seemed to only increase. Especially for those on the home islands. While travel to the home islands was common, the new acceptance of all people resulted in some increase precautions to maintain the islands strict security, especially on Caledonia, the Island home of Caledon. As new ideas flowed into the empire it only seemed to rise from the strength to strength. As people flocked to its borders, the borders expanded to let them in, new colonies to house them, new land to feed them, new mountains to provide the factories with resources to employ them. Yesterday they were nobodies for foreign governments but today they are Great. Great cogs in the machine that is the Sunset Empire.

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it seems things where now stable on there little slice of world wars and strife and passed over the 6th legion and its charged with a new vault and new members of other legions slowly filtering in a greater bunker complex and slowly began to be unearthed it was months before they found another vault but like before it was opened and who they could save became first priority as their ranks swelled with more engineers and technicians available the civil war however brief was not forgotten and many bunker where slowly reconnected through a previously disused tunnel network, each legion found having more information and more intact equipment allowing them to piece things back together slowly but surely, perhaps they'd eventually all reunite? even build their great factory but no matter what they'd still remain in this strange military structure for they found comfort in it comfort in the huge bunkers and complexes and their massive machines.. for now only time would tell where the legion went prehaps to a good more quiet future and not a repeat of the past.
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