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Multiple Settings BoN Act 3: Modern Age



🤘🏻Master of Puppets🤘🏻
The Ragnar Republic
The Leper Emerges
Turn 6
The Bunker
"All units prepare to fire!" Came the call, each man getting into their positions to begin the barrage and thus the war. Unlike the barrage, the war was not about the begin. Months of observation had revealed the Cult of Excess to be nothing more than the remnants of the Fate Collective, the creators of the Life Eater Virus and long term enemies of Ragnar. While their rapid regrowth was a concern, especially given their presumed obliteration, the Ragnar had no option but to remove them from existence.

The lines of Earthshakers were load and ready to fire, waiting for the signal to unleash the barrage of flame against their targets. The commanding officer awaited instruction over the radio, and moments later the voice of High Marshal Heinrich Vetter came through. "Begin..."

In response to the instruction the commanding officer roared, "FIRE!"

The thundering drums of war began to play as the Earthshakers fired their payloads towards the Cult's home, the shells of death on their way to inflict revenge. The barrage continued repeatedly, the council of Ragnar watching from monitors in the bunker that was once their home.

"This is the right choice," Heinrich said, looking the Autarch square in the eye. "These scum wrought devastation on our people and deserve nothing short of complete destruction."

Chancellor Bernard Hacker nodded gently but had an expression that wasn't anywhere near as aggressive.

"I do not wish death on anyone but this Cult as they are now known are certainly deserving of it. From some reports we have received, there is cause for concern that if they are allowed to grow that they will surpass their previous power. We do not know why, but regardless, we have taken the correct course of action."

Victor Ulbricht, Autarch of the Ragnar Republic, watched with few words escaping his mouth. His mind raced, doubting his decision but in the grand scheme of things it wasn't a choice that had a clearly defined correct answer. The world would not understand the complexities of their relationship with the former Fate Collective but that could not be allowed to stop the Ragnar.

"Heinrich, has The Leper been activated?" The Autarch questioned.

His militaries leader nodded in response, "Yes he has. He has taken control of one half of our forces while Judge Rutger will lead the other. "

"Excellent. His talents will help us repay them for what they put our people through."

The trio continued to watch on as the Earthshakers fired.

➤See below


Code by Serobliss
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Tu'er Shen the Rabbit God
World Tree

Times were changing under the great tree and while some were eager to adopt and adapt, others saw this as an opportunity to swing society in their favor. It was a publicly agreed upon stereotype that the Moon Elves and their leader Ravennar were not to be trusted. Their hunger for magic and callousness towards life put them on the opposite end of the spectrum from many other groups. To grant them even more secrecy, Ravennar declined the position of Warden and passed the role on to her second; Faran. The younger Moon Elf fulfilled her duties to her people without hesitation. She worked closely with her mistress in order to keep the other factions guessing and she did whatever was needed.

The recent unrest within the elven forests, stoked by the Moon Elves, was the perfect opportunity for Faran to act. In the hopes of bettering relations with a foreign power and undermining the King, she stole and sold a spellbook from the archives. The book was purchased from the mysterious Auctioneer at the King's request for the belief that in the wrong hands it could be dangerous. The plan to undermine the King's authority was only a small part of a much bigger scheme that even Faran herself did not know the true scope of. "Inform Lady Ravennar that the book has gone to the Ragnar Republic." Faran whispered to a crow that was perched upon her finger. "Tell her we are ready to move to the next phase of the plan." With a light jostle, the bird took off and flew from the palace through an open window.

Averual, an elf too young to know of the last age and the splendors of the time, was still itching to leave the forests of the World Tree. His desires could be seen as heretical even among his fellow Sea Elves, but he wished all the same to be back at sea. So when he heard a unit of Crawlers had been dispatched to the west coast the young elf found himself moving without thought to follow them. It took many moons, but when they finally arrived, Averual felt a sense of joy and calm wash over while he watched the waves of the ocean crash against the cliffs. The crawlers made their camp near the cliffside and the sea elf had to forgo a proper shelter.

He took cover in the treetops, hidden behind leaves and branches. He had no proof, but he was certain that they were building something here and if not that then they were definitely going to set sail and that was something he wanted to be part of. He'd have to bide his time of course, but a chance like that was worth the wait.

Lucian, Ambassador to the mortal races had spent much of his time in Halamshiral as an outsider and a pet to the King. He lived a much better life now than he had before he was given this role, but it was not a paradise. Now more than ever that sentiment rang true as it seemed the elves were beside themselves and drifting apart. The King seemed detached, more so than usual and that left the people with less surveillance, which Lucian had noticed was just enough. Some of his Wardens were making their moves, playing at a game of tug of war and it seemed the prize was the King's attention. They whispered of his distance and lack of agency. Their complaints and threats of demons seemed to be the only thing that stirred Ellario to action and they knew it. Lucian had observed Gihu'nan secure a place for her people by stoking the fear of demons and she was made a general, second only to High General Telmen.

The Sea Elves whined of despair and unrest and now were being given a city of their own as well. It was likely they would soon get their navy back too. While they all viewed Lucian as a fleeting moment in elven history, he was spectating and would soon join in the game. "Your Majesty." The human greeted as her entered the archives and bowed his head. "I think we should discuss the stability of your realm and some concerning information I have gathered on the Wardens." He peeked over his glasses at the King who in return glanced over his shoulder at the mortal man. "Speak, Lucian, and keep it brief."

A wicked smile would stretch across the ambassador's face when the King turned back to his books.


Paid Actions:
Recruit 2x Exemplar Sentinels in Talsyn
Construct Quartermaster’s Office in Halamshiral
Recruit World Gardener In Talsyn
Free Actions
Sell Spellbook to Ragnar Republic
Army 3 Enters Overwatch in Talsyn
Send 20 resources to the Legion of the World Tree


Reserves income Expenses Next Turn
122 45 (Cities) 19 (Event} 25 (Diplomacy) 15 (Tribute) 15 (Upkeep) 70 (Recruitment) 20 (Diplomacy) 121


Armies Locations/Actions
  1. Crawler (Ranged)
Overwatch in Halamshiral
  1. Crawler (Ranged)
West of Halamshiral
  1. Wyrwood x1, Exemplar Sentinels x2
Overwatch in Talsyn


Cities Buildings Effects Happiness Order
Halamshiral (2/5 Building Slots) Magistrati Enclave Grants a bonus to Order and establishes Trade +1 Order
Radio Jammer Against the Empire of Hate has been built and gives a roll of an 8+ as a defense against their own faction being taken in by the dangerous levels of hypnosis and hype that can convert others to their cause.
Talsyn (2/5 Building Slots) Quartermaster’s Office Five units stationed within the city will have upkeep waived.
Barracks Able to train an additional troop for every troop training action that is taken


Name Description Character
Purple Wand Vibrates None

Trektek Trektek conman2163 conman2163

Auriel Maza

Professor of Cuddles
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
[Post Theme] - Dexrus - November/December
Constellations - WIP
Meditation They say that everything has a reason to exist, that all exists with a purpose. Many despair, many fall prey to the false god of not knowing, not finding what they are meant to be. Yet, they lack the understanding to see that this is the first step in the desire to be controlled. For being purposeless in creation grants the greatest gift, self-determination.


As the sun began to set on the forests of Konjesh, Amno awaited on a high platform in the midst of the constructing Defense Matrix Uplink. Growing like tendrils as Kainysi fly to supply the structure, its glowing presence made a constant hum. The fabrics and fields of its presence melded around Dexrus. The music and sounds of the city echoed and enchanted itself alongside the hums. A rotating triangle portal opened on the platform, by multiple columns that floated nearby with multiple energy connections. The particle, darkness mist of the Upside Down filled the platform as Shachar exited, holding multiple plates with small crystalline drones.

"Are the operations coming to peak expectations?"

"Of course, as I foretold in my designs."

"The city continues to develop into a deep orchestra of New Creation.

    1. All units will overwatch.
    2. Make Purchase of item from Fruitful Flower for 60 Resources.
    3. Due to the long time since the last update on the Maczan template, I have modified it. It is in the template section, but I have also provided it here for reference. I created the template previously, so I am modifying it now so that it can be approved.
      1. Shadowed Maczan. A maczan is the last option in the Konomi reproduction process before a Konomi replicates one of their own kind. A Maczan requires two Konomi in the process to form. After being born, dimensional energies and components are grafted onto them to give them their combat prowess. They are often formed with solidified plates of the Upside Down, giving them rising flames of shadow and iridescent glows of the dimensional energies that invigorate them.

        Keywords: Shield of Durin (25), Advanced Weaponry, Robust, Hulking
        • Shield of Durin: Grants one unit +2 THP.
        • Stats: 1/2/2 THP/1/0
        • Cost: 50
        • Upkeep: 25

  • Current Stat Bonus: (+1/+5) Next turn: (+2/+5)

    The Clouds of Bridged Reality: An inverted spire attached to an exposed part of the Upside Down that sports multiple bridges leading outside of Dexrus. Civilians and other Konomi may come and deposit materials of this world to be converted into usable resources for Konomi use. Its reverberations slowly add additional energy into the surrounding environment allowing sustainability minded gathering to slowly add resources over time.

    Ability: +5 Resources for each civilian manned the Bridge of Reality (Just the building, not the settlement)
    Manned by 2 Oracles of Dust, 1 Mimic Object.


    Prophetic Prism: An aerial construction of three equilateral triangles where air units dock and recharge their dimensional energies. The prism hangs in the air seemingly supported by nothing. Though, that is hardly the case. The prism removes the upkeep of air units stationed at the settlement built upon with a limit of 5.

    Ability: Only reduces Espionage in the city it is located, not all cities by -1
    Manned By 1 Oracle of Dust.


    The Laboratory at the End of Creation: At the End of Creation, isolation testing and development of new technologies can be done without contamination from Old Creation and the many dimensions. If the Konomi were to survive, they would need to keep the pace of technological development they have been experiencing. A portal to the end with specialized dimensional anchors to equipment to be used as normal with vat tubes of the End to test designs and mixtures. Unlocks the ability to perform research. Pay resources at checkpoints called project. Once full cost is paid. Project is complete.

    Ability: Laboratory’s small bonus ability will be a +10 flat resource generated a turn to its project (So it will slowly research itself if left alone).


    Curtain of Absolution: A large curtain where materials from the Clouds of Bridged Reality are then processed in this specialized facility to improve yield. Materials pass through and undergo additional reactions and conversions. A structure that improves resource income.

    Ability: Generates 1 resource on its own.
    Manned by 3 Mimic Objects


    Fruitful Flower: A large lotus like structure where multitudes of dimensions converge. Matter and energies from across creation are brought here to forge and create equipment for the Konomi's needs. A structure that crafts new items on a 10 on a 1d10. Items may not be used until the next turn.

    Ability: May spend 60 or more resources to guarantee an item is made.
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A lovely day in the demiplane of dread
LOG# A008





The following is the dream that has been plaguing my sleep. Without Hel’copin here all we can do is grin and bear it whenever these visions start to occur in this place. Even with all our indecision and arguing we’ve decided to try making an especially large offering this month. Maybe some of it gets to them anyways. Maybe something will happen. I’m tired of waiting. Just tired.


Rush of water past my ears, the sensation is wrong somehow.
Forward, always forward, that’s how I’ve always done it, but I feel it streaming past me from below.
Something moving, a deep, terrible thrum.
Like a door sweeping open for the first time.
Or a gate.
Blackness above and the glow of red below, I see the glow before I feel it.
A wave of heat against my skin, boiling.
That’s why the water’s wrong.
We’re boiling.
I’m boiling.

Coughing, choking on the water in my mouth, in my lungs.
Ought to be gills, where are they?
Shouldn’t be down here, not like this.
Forward, try to move forward.
Hear my mother say to me,
(God how I’ve missed her voice,)
“They’re waiting on you.
You’re late.”

Twelve chairs around the table.
They shouldn’t be here with me.
Being cooked alive from the inside out as the light grows.
Red glow across their faces, but I still can’t see them in this light.
Only eleven of us, poor sod.
Why wouldn’t he listen?
Crushed, beaten, bruised, gone in an instant.
And we’re dying in this heat.

See the glow beneath their skins, all except one.
He’d be the one not to catch aflame.
Not again, clever bastard.
Some sound from above, like something moving.
Moving forward.
And ten glowing faces turn up, the heat beneath our skin illuminating the cool darkness.
Shapes move, back and forth, in time to their muffled cries.
Strike, cry, freeze.
Down to us below, as others take their place in the dance.

I try to reach for one, flesh so cold in this light.
In this heat.
Feel myself start to drop, cold on my tongue, between my teeth.
Opaque red streams up to the dancing.

And nine glowing faces turn to follow my path down.


And then I wake up.


Paid ActionsFree Actions
1) Repairs the S.S. Davisii (Upgrade capital (1/3)).Declare diplomacy with World Tree.
2) Repairs the S.S. Davisii (Upgrade capital (2/3)).80 Resources are sacrificed to Hel'copin, part of the island to the north descends into the ocean. (Rolled a '5' on backfire chance, see below for location.)
3) Repairs the S.S. Davisii (Upgrade capital (3/3) 80 Resources cost).The Scouts are set to intercept any threats approaching the S.S. Davisii.
The Kobold Warriors are set to intercept any threats approaching the S.S. Ferrieri.
The Shiver prepares to move again, no longer hunkered down.
Research and development on the I.S.I.N.A.P.S. Unit #RE is completed (New template is made, 10 Resource cost.)



The Scouts (1) (S.S. Davisii)
I.S.I.N.A.P.S. Unit #1 (1) (S.S. Ferrieri)
The Shiver (1) (S.S. Bessonowi)
Kobold Warriors (2) (S.S. Ferrieri)
Lord Qavor (Hero) (1) (S.S. Davisii)

Research Lab:
Organized by the research division, headed under Heitris, this building helps expedite the development and testing process of new technologies. Once per turn, as a free action, a new template may be constructed at the cost of half the resources needed to construct one unit.
Vehicle Bay: This bay may hold 5 vehicles constructed by the Followers of Hel'Copin. By attuning the machinery to care for only similar types of vehicles, upkeep is negated while these types of vehicles are docked in the settlement.
Manufacturing Bay: Truly a work of automated precision, this bay may create +1 vehicle per recruit vehicle action.
Tuning Lab: The path to perfection is never done, at least, not for the elf named Heitris. Any vehicle constructed in this settlement may have one additional keyword. This keyword must be the same for every unit of the same template.
Trading Port:
Allows for trade routes to form and trade to take place with other nations.
Magistrati Enclave: Allows for trade with Magistrati, grants +1 Order and +1 Happiness.


Meat for the Beast: Hel’copin manifests themself in ways that are strange, and still unknown even to the cult that worships them. The Followers of Hel’copin may sacrifice resources to the eldritch beast in exchange for their protection. (When activated roll a 1d10, on a 1 or 2 the effect acts in the reverse as a debuff.)

Every turn the Followers of Hel’Copin must spend Resources every turn as a sacrifice to their shark-like god. At the cost of these resources they may ask Hel'copin to manifest the following effects:

(10) Resources, Aura of Faith: Around the settlement the sacrifice took place in, this settlement rebuffs any non-followers from entering, but a group may still force their way past the aura. (Settlement becomes immune to espionage for 3 turns.)

(20) Resources, Impassable Fog: select a sea tile. It becomes shrouded in a dense, almost palpable fog that seems to restrict one’s movement. It costs double movement to move through the affected tile. This can be manifested on multiple tiles per time used.

(30) Resources, Sea Brought Blight: Even the creatures of the sea are not safe from Hel’copin’s wrath, one hex within x hexes of the settlement the sacrifice took place in is afflicted with a surge of toxic water, hindering its ability to generate resources.

(60) Resources, Wrath of the Sea: One hex within x hexes of the settlement the sacrifice took place in is afflicted with terrible storms. All units within that hex are attacked by Hel’copin. Additionally, this power may reach a land hex that is one to two hexes inland, as Hel’copin sends a tsunami to batter those places.

(80) Resources, March From the Sea: Hel’copin causes the water to raise and rock to crumble, as one hex on the coast becomes converted to ocean. This cannot effect a hex with a settlement on it, but it can effect hexes with units on them.

Heart of the Machine: In anticipation of their full embracement of the sea, there are some followers who fear that they will be wholly unable to act should the need arise to strike out against those on land. The research division has presented a solution: Drones! Vehicles constructed by the Followers retain their amphibious keyword, but are unable to operate more than 4 hexes away from their cities (or allied cities). A unit with the Drone Controller keyword may count as a settlement for this purpose. In addition, vehicles constructed by the Followers of Hel'copin are now immune to any effects that target a creature's mind or emotions.

Proposed keyword: Drone Controller [5]

I.S.I.N.A.P.S. Unit #RE
Tier 1 Naval Vehicle
M: 1(3) HP: 1 AT: 1 OFF: 0 DEF 0
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [5] Hatred (Aircraft), [0] Anti-Air, [5] Armor Piercing, [-10] Cumbersome
Total cost: 20 Resources
Upkeep: 10 Resources

I.S.I.N.A.P.S. Unit #SC
Tier 2 Naval Vehicle
M: 1(3) HP: 2 AT: 1 OFF: 0 DEF 0
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [5] Heavy, [-10] Hulking, [5] Screening, [-10] Cumbersome
Total cost: 10 Resources
Upkeep: 5 Resources

I.S.I.N.A.P.S. Unit #2-X
Tier 2 Naval Vehicle
M: 1(3) HP: 1 AT: 2 OFF: 0 DEF 0
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [10] Long Range, [0] Anti-Air, [5] Hatred (Naval), [-10] Cumbersome
Total cost: 25 Resources
Upkeep: 13 Resources

I.S.I.N.A.P.S. Unit #1
Tier 1 Naval Vehicle
M: 1(3) HP: 2 AT: 1 OFF: 1 DEF -1
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [10] Robust, [5] Advanced Weaponry, [5] Heavy, [-5] Weak Armor
Total cost: 35 Resources
Upkeep: 18 Resources

The Scouts
Tier 1 Troop
M: 2(4) HP: 2 AT: 1 OFF: 0 DEF 0
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [10] Robust, [5]Light
Total cost: 35 Resources
Upkeep: 18 Resources

The Shiver
Tier 1 Troop
M: 1(3) HP: 1 AT: 1 OFF: 0 DEF 0
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [0] Trained for This, [0] Militia
Total cost: 20 Resources
Upkeep: 0 Resources

Kobold Warriors
Tier 1 Troop
M: 1(3) HP: 1 AT: 1 OFF: 0 DEF 0
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [5] Meatshield, [-5] Limited Range
Total cost: 20 Resources
Upkeep: 10 Resources

Lord Qavor
M: 1(3) HP: 3 AT: 3 OFF: 3 DEF 3
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [5] Hatred (Naval), [?] Lord of the Seas
Lord of the Seas: During Battle as a free action, summons 2 Fish Swarms at 1 HP -1/-1 with Meatshield

I.S.I.N.A.P.S. Unit #SC (Old)
Tier 1 Naval Vehicle
M: 1(3) HP: 1 AT: 1 OFF: 0 DEF 0
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [5] Heavy, [-10] Hulking, [5] Screening, [-10] Cumbersome
Total cost: 10 Resources
Upkeep: 5 Resources

I.S.I.N.A.P.S. Unit #2-X (Old)
Tier 1 Naval Vehicle
M: 1(3) HP: 1 AT: 1 OFF: 0 DEF 0
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [10] Long Range, [0] Anti-Air, [5] Hatred (Naval), [-10] Cumbersome
Total cost: 25 Resources
Upkeep: 13 Resources

??? Ruby:
???? I got a rock : )

Holy Orb: Not equipped,
Strength: Deals an extra 2 damage against Demons

Weakness: Demons deal an extra Damage to wielder

Mechanical Foot: Not equipped,
Strength: +2 Movement, 0/+1

Weakness: -1/0

Bird Bestie Air Strike: LARGE BIRD: All Units,
Once During Battle, can summon: LARGE BIRD.
LARGE BIRD: Automatically wipes out a single 1 HP unit even through saves or deals 1 HP damage to a unit with more than 1 HP. This damage is unblockable



The lord of randomness and the warp
6Th legion
with the court marshaling over the commiserate could finally rest commissar lord Renbo Relio was basically flaked out in his office with all the paperwork having been done "how could we have fallen so far.. to fighting one another over such petty things.. what of the other legions did they fall to the same fate" he wondered outloud hoping that prehaps the codex imparius was followed by other legions or maybe and dreadful to think that they where the only ones to maintane order had their generals fallen to madness of conquest awoken ages ago and simply gotten snuffed out by the great enemy as it ruled where they only ones to remain for its power to decay the knife eared menace faded form existence.. whatever the case was.. for now they where alone.. but at least they where unified.

meanwhile mogari bloras was left at forward operations he'd lead the squashing fo the rebellion and was, gifted command of the post, while never one for base command operation it was still an honor none the less realistically he left most of the decision making up to logistics if anything he was merely an honourary figure head as he'd made the operation run smoothly though he decided to commission a proper memorial and comparative site within the confines of the settlement he'd spent a majority of his time in command working with chaos squad and they'd proven most useful asset and worthy of the legion in full even if they where not truly part of it, it mattered little they still deserved the same honor within the site as all others that participated so the next generation would know what truly happened.

quartermaster Iggy Mors was tasked with the vault it took a lot of resources and requisition to get the correct cutting mechanicals up and running form deep storage but they'd manage stripping back the vault and find.. not only a laser but a function "thinking machine" or AI as it was known while not viewed with any schemtisism the Arcturus unit as it called itself appeared to be part of the vault and its former secuity force the marking on its metal plating indicated it to be part of strange the 5th legion why it was in the 6th legion vault not even it was sure as it had its memory unit removed and stored away somewhere before being added to the security staff of the 6th. Iggy spent a long time getting Arcturus situated once more explaining it what had changed.. it would be.. a long day

1) upgrade basecamp tier 3
2) upgrade basecamp
3) build in forward operations: commemoration site

base camp lv2- radar array: +1/0 against enemies while fighting in their Capital Tile - processing plant: eco-building trade depot: mechanical processing plant: allows an additional keyword on templates
forward operations lv2
units being constructedmilitary
1X gunner -1X Grimold -1xranger --------------------------------------------------------------------- civilian 2x processing plant mechanicals --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hero unit: Chaos Squad HP 4 Movement 1 Attack 3 Offense 3 Defense 3 (Guerrillas)(Heavy)(Robust) Arcturus Hero HP 4 Attack 3 Movement 1 Offense 4 Defense 2 (Robust)(Meatshield)(Massive Frame- Should this unit be destroyed, it instead has its maximum HP reduced by 1. This can only be done as long as the HP does not hit 0 when doing so)

currentincomeexpensesupkeepturn final

Wew the Polymath

Viridescent Expo Curator

The Peace Movement rejoiced when the news broke. The first pro-goblin candidate was placed in the Synod. This momentous occasion was marked by wild parties in cities controlled by the Peace Movement, and many people wandered about drunk. The Traditionalist party was naturally infuriated, with members getting into street brawls over this matter. Eventually, local governments had to deploy police to quell the brawling, and Peace Movement
protestors were relegated to their homes to relax.

Among the celebrants were Leopolean diplomats proud of their great work finally taking effect. There was much to do. Although they achieved a small victory today, a single Peace Movement member in they Synod would make little difference. Some of the more stoic Lepolean diplomats contemplated this fact and it soured their faces and enjoyment of the party. Such is the price of being analytical.

Off in the distant territory of the CLS, the manic scientists of Crescent Biotechnics worked on their plague diligently.


Free Actions

Previous Turn Actions that Differed

* Upgraded X250Rs to new template instead of upgrading consecrators to elite
* Made all border snipers

Free Actions
* Gain template- CSRA Consecrator
* Just took off an action because it's too late :P

1.) Upgrade CSRA Consecrator template
2.) Upgrade Border Snipers to legendary
3.) Upgrade all border AA to max level

3x X250R Heavy Bombers
3x Steelworkers
1x Peace Movement Militia
2x Peace Movement Members
2x Tier II Border AA
1x Hypersonic Jet

Goblin Counter



Starting: 205
Generation: (30 (steelworkers) + 50 (capital) + 30 trade + 40 ETO) * 2 from last turn = 300
Upkeep: (20 * 3) X250R
Net Resources Generated: 300 for turn - 120 = 180 (capped at 70 * 2) = 140
Total before actions: 345
Actions: 30 CLS donation + 55 acution + 40 capital upgrade + 40 Recruiting Border AA + 10 for Border AA template + 13 Consecrator template = 188
Final: 157

ETO: (Sunset Kingdoms, New Yong, Geks, Forgotten, Fafrium, Us)
Trades: (Ammonicus, Ulbrect, CLS (7 resources tho)
Namara (Level V): (Trading Post, Genesis Chamber Alpha, Combat Research Lab)

Tier 1 Border AA: 1/1/1/0/0 (Militia, AA)
Tier 2 Border AA: 1/1/3/0/0 (Militia, AA)
Tier 3 Border AA: 1/2/3/0/0 (Militia, AA)
Tier 1 CSRA Consecrator: 1/1/2/0/0 (Advanced Weaponry)
Tier 2 CSRA Consecrator: 1/1/3/2/0 (Advanced Weaponry, Advanced Armor)
Tier 3 CSRA Consecrator: 1/2/3/2/0 (Advanced Weaponry, Advanced Armor)
1.) Upgrade Border AA template to Legendary
2.) Upgrade Consecrators to Elite
3.) Upgrade A

3x X255R Heavy Bombers
3x Steelworkers
1x Peace Movement Militia
2x Peace Movement Members
2x Tier II Border AA
1x Hypersonic Jet

Goblin Counter



Starting: 157
Generation: (30 (steelworkers) + 50 (capital) + 30 trade + 60 ETO) = 170
Upkeep: (20 * 3) X250R
Net Resources Generated: 300 for turn - 120 = 180 (capped at 70 * 2) = 140
Total before actions: 297
Actions: N/A
Final: 297

ETO: (Sunset Kingdoms, New Yong, Geks, Forgotten, Fafrium, Hard Wires, Us)
Trades: (Ammonicus, Ulbrect, CLS (7 resources tho)
Namara (Level V): (Trading Post, Genesis Chamber Alpha, Combat Research Lab)

Tier 1 Border AA: 1/1/1/0/0 (Militia, AA)
Tier 2 Border AA: 1/1/3/0/0 (Militia, AA)
Tier 3 Border AA: 1/2/3/0/0 (Militia, AA)
Tier 1 CSRA Consecrator: 1/1/2/0/0 (Advanced Weaponry)
Tier 2 CSRA Consecrator: 1/1/3/2/0 (Advanced Weaponry, Advanced Armor)
Tier 3 CSRA Consecrator: 1/2/3/2/0 (Advanced Weaponry, Advanced Armor)
Tier 1 X250R: 1/1/2/-3/0 (Flying, Poor Armor, Ground Support)
Tier 2 X255Z: 1/1/3/-2/0 (Flying, Advanced Weaponry, Ground Support, Poor Armor)


Leader of the Conmanist Party
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
For once in what seemed an age no construction was being done in Lostla. Everything was in place. No more concrete was poured, no more land cleared, no more beams set or windows emplaced. The city was not quiet. It hummed with the activity of dozens of factories churning out goods for the war effort. Boots, rifles, bullets, shells, helmets. The High General drew up plans to begin placing a new city soon as the first airplane and ship was proposed. Preparations were beginning as well to organize units of civilians into Rear Echelon supports for the troops on the front line, thus increasing the efficiency of their resource gathering for war. It was anticipated that soon the city's economy would boom once again past where it was now. Morale was high in the city.

News came in from the South as their battalions marched across the forests to reach the foot of the mountains. They continued south on their great crusade to reach the enemy. They now slowed their pace and kept a careful watch for enemies however. Scouts constantly went in and out of the lines of the forces as they drew closer to where the demons had last been sighted.
Economy Breakdown:
Income: Lostla (Lvl. 4 Capitol)|+50 Resources
Upkeep: Genesis Pattern Infantry|x1|(-10)/2(Ration Hoarding) | (-5 Resources) {} Victorious Pattern Artillery|x1|(-15)/2(Ration Hoarding) | (-8 Resources) {} Elite Clone Troopers|x2|(-20)/2(Ration Hoarding)| (-20 Resources) Puppet|(-20 Resources from lvl. 4 Capitol) Total: -53
Net Gain/Lost: -3 Resources
Previous Remaining: 16 Resources Action Cost: 0 Resources New Remaining: 13 Resources
Paid Actions: Create 3 New Templates, -3 Actions
Name: Eagle Pattern Fighter-Bomber Type: Air Tier: 1 M: 1 HP: 1 Attacks: 1 Off: 0 Def: 0 Keywords: Ground Support (5)
Name: Defiance Class Carrier Type: Naval Tier: 1 M: 1 HP: 1 Attacks: 1 Off: 0 Def: 0 Keywords: Carrier (10)
Name: Rear-Echelon Support Unit Type: Non-Combatant Tier: 1 Keywords: Civilian (0)

Free Actions: Army 1 (1x Victorious Pattern Artillery, Hero Y'lsin) No Movement Army 2 (1x Genesis Pattern Infantry, 2x Elite Clone Troopers, Hero Leet) Move South 1 tile
Hero Leet HP 3 Attack 3 Offense 3 Defense 3 (Clone Leader- Grants Clone troops a +1 Attack)(Armor Piercing)(Hatred- Infantry) Hero Y’lsin HP 3 Attack 3 Movement 1 Offense 3 Defense 4 (Anti-Air)(Advanced Armor)(Elven Pride- While in a settlement, boosts all ELVEN units to +1/0)
Personal Assault Armor | Equipped to: Leet | Stats: TBD
Elite Clone Troopers Elite Troop HP 2 Attack 1 Offense 1 Defense 1 (Hatred- Infantry)(Heavy)
Notes: Hero gained, +20 Resources gained from gift from World Tree next turn
Trektek Trektek LadyOfStars LadyOfStars


Golden ball of bloody cuteness
New Avalon
Good, good! Not everything is to the new standards of this world, perhaps, but now they have units for all three types of travel! Wonderful. Now, time to get some more allies found! Corrina has a couple in mind, but best of course to start with those who may understand the vibrant, diverse nature of her people the best. She's sure the Leannon will just love these folks.

Train two Navy Seal units. Send one to New Yong with an invitation from Corrina for a small gtoup to visit Haven (as well as a set of rules of hospitality. Mortals seem quite awful with that.)​

General Deth Glitch

Two Thousand Club
The Blast of War
"Conscience doth make cowards of us all."
"War is coming and our new allies are not ready." The Prime minister stood to say in response the the opposition questioning the motion to supply the Hard Wires with mercenary units.
"Let the Honorable gentleman know that, that is precisely the issue. War is indeed coming and instead of shoring up our own defenses and keeping our own nation and peoples safe we are donating, from our own treasury I might add, expensive military units to defend the peoples of another nation." replied the opposition.
"If I may address the honorable lady. There are large groups requesting that we demilitarize. The strain on our economy is very real but, as I am sure we can all agree, we cannot risk demilitarizing, you however want to start informing the people that we plan to militarize further and divert more funds into our armed forces" the room erupts in cheers, jeers and a variety of other loud and vocal responses, not giving too long a pause to let it settle the PM continues "What you are asking for is revolution. If we take the route that your suggesting then it'll be our heads on pikes and this nation will be naught but rubble. This plan, allows us the best of both. Bolstering our allies and in turn our own ability to defend ourselves. Without the long term repercussions of increased military upkeep and the strain on our economy. It also paints a clear message to our enemies!" The room erupts again "We can let them know that we support our allies. We can let them know that we will not abandon our friends and most of all!" The room raises to a cacophony of noise "Most of all. We will show them our strength and our resolve. If war is happening, we will not be caught unawares." Opposite him the opposition leader is sat shaking their head but its clear this line of questioning is over and so they move to a new line as the endless debating of the house continues.
No man can stand alone
The Governor of Riverstone met with Big Poppa. He arrived with much fanfare and, leading the procession, the two Ornery Tankers. "It is my honour, to present to you, a gift. With threats on all fronts and our navy already busy at work, we hope that this gift, of two hulking tankers of significant combat capabilities, will provide you security and the peace of mind to not have to fear any outside threats. We ask nothing else in return except that, just as we already pledge ourselves to your defense, you would support the defense of Riverstone if it were to come under attack." With that he stepped back as the grand, though modest by Sunset Navy standards, procession continued through. Cannons being fired and soldiers standing to attention and marching with Big Poppa as the idol of this respect and pomp. "I hope that our peoples can continue to grow closer and secure a united future in which all can be safe. One where we never have to fear, well, anything."​

(Going to do Tax and Map when back from Work :) )
1. Continue Upgrading Capital (2/3)
2. Finish Upgrading Capital (3/3) (Now Level 3)
3. Hire 2 Ornery Tankers to gift to the Hard Wires

Free Actions
1. Jump Jet infantry in Koenig enter overwatch
2. Fleet A moves East
3. Fleet B moves West

(I will attach a picture (for unit movements) and then write fluff later today sorry)
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Mister Zero
Roleplay Type(s)
Turn 7

Magistrata -  Mage City.jpg

The city of Magistrata bustled with workers and machinery even as new anchor rituals were being enacted. More stone and land was being pulled up from the world as the city slowly drifted along its northbound course. There had been much to do and with the recent loss of a diplomatic enclave only countered by the gain of another, the city leadership had come to the conclusion to that it was time to push the city to great self sufficiency. It admittedly was also because Project Astronomicon has been recognized as the future of Magistrata and they were going to need all the viable space and production capacity possible. More labs and think tanks to be set in more. More space for the Colleges to expand their campuses to better create entire new divisions to contribute to the great workings.

"They've pulled the trigger," Praetor Darkfeather said grimly as he looks at the living map in the War Room or his tower.

"We tried our best, but you should know by now that people are chaotic. Driven by forces beyond anyone's control," Aldona Orsini said with a sigh as she regards the map with her superior.

"Greater Titania fueled its own downfall. It does not help that those fighting it have clear ambitions and admittedly cultural baggage," Tellic Starsoul said while regarding the map and its updating surface with a rub of of his chin. He was far more contemplative about the entire situation.

"And now the World Tree has abandoned our treaty. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised they'd do something unilateral," Darkfeather admitted as the glowing markers continue to shift and adjust representing the forces in motion.

"Grizzkais, we all knew there was potential. Those elves are so isolationist and tunnel-visioned I'm amazed our Enclave lasted this long. Staffing with ONLY elves? The sheer arrogance," Aldona said with a roll of her eyes. She'd never been fond of racial favoritism. As the Magister of Intrigue, she was pragmatic and practical which meant she'd done well to train an entire cadre of elven mages to slip into World Tree if need be. Most of them had served at the Diplomatic Enclave. Now they were being called back.

"Its just as well we disconnect from them. If there are demons, they'll likely go to work on the World Tree sooner or later because its the most direct threat to their desires. We can at least observe and collect data when that happens. Our top priority is securing Magistrata... and investigating these coastal disappearances. We should be pulling into coastal range shortly. I'll have the Skyfleet do a sweep for any hints of what's going on," Tellic said in a more serious tone as he sweeps the map over to their own location and movement.

"Just as well then we push Magistrata to greater scale and ability. I understand that scholar will be poking around from New Yong. Keep him happy and provided access. If he is worried about the Song, we should be too. I had hoped that damnable resonance had died out, but alas it still is out there. Project Astronomicon becomes all the more important. We may need to seek a new home beyond this world. Darkness is moving in the shadows. We all can feel it. Our responsibility is to preserve as much knowledge and as many people as possible," Praetor Darkfeather declared firmly with a nod of decision.

"Let us hope the world lasts long enough for us to achieve that goal."

Resource Cap: 160

Order: 2
Happiness: 0

Diplomatic Enclaves
-Cyberlink Solutions (Central - Free)
-Autonomous Collective of Melka (Arguseed)
-New Avalon (Haven)
-Order of Lepolia (Xenophon's Legacy)
-Followers of Helcopin

Centurion Golems240
Legatus Airships123
Magda's Mauraders: Vehicle, Aged Weaponry, Poor Armor, Old World Blues- Deals an extra 1 damage to NPCs113
Zurx Galvingar Hero HP 3 Movement 1 Attack 3 Offense 4 Defense 2 (Armor Piercing)(Ranger)(Guardian Angel- When this unit would be killed, enemy unit takes 1d3+1 Damage. If that kills the enemy unit, this unit remains at 1 HP. (Triggers once per battle))1

Magistrati Skyfleet
-Centurion Golem x 2
-Legatus Airship

Magistrati Army
-Bonded x 1
-Magda's Marauders
-Zurx Galvingar

Magistrata (Slots 06/09)
Level 2 City

Astral Sea Complex - Research, Fabrication and Lanunch of Astral Sea/Space Projects and units
Foundry - Build 2 Bonded Units for one recruitment action.
Skydock - Build 2 Flying Units for one recruitment action.
Skyhooks -
Whispering Tower -
International Union Bank -

Enclave Developments
Circus Magicka -
Distributed Operations: Each Enclave decreases the cost of Project Astronomicon Developments/Projects by 5, granting Host Nation an additional 5 income

Free Actions
Movement: Magistrata moves 1 Tile N
Investigate Coastal region and villages for disappearances

1. Upgrade Magistrat to Level 3 (40)
2. Upgrade Magistrata to Level 3
3. Upgrade Magistrata to Level 3


Trying really hard to stay focused


Empire of Hate
Compelled to Obey: Enemy units on an 8+ become an allied unit. Banditry on a 9+ when away from the capital.
All You Need Is Hate: All “Native” hate units are now at half upkeep. The nation gains-1 Order every turn while this is active until the original upkeep value is paid.

Psychological Warfare: Every battle that is in their favour, the defeated enemy rolls a d10. On an 8+, they lose 1 Order or Happiness.
Fanaticism: 4+ save against negative happiness modifiers.
Lightning Raids: When moving into and initiating battle, all native Hate units gain +1/0 for that turn.

Isolationist: Unable to initiate Diplomacy with any NPC Nation.
Prolonged Conflicts: During war times, Upkeep is increased by +10 for each unit but if a battle hasn't taken place for 3 turns, then upkeep costs return to initial values.

2x Black Spectre Agent
(Type: Troop, Tier: 1, M: 1, HP: 1, Attack: 1, Off: 0, Def: 0, Keywords: Graceful (Heavy) (5) [9+ Save])
2x SJ-110
(Type: Aircraft, Tier: 1, Mt: 1, HP: 1, Attack: 1, Off: 0, Def: -2, Keywords: Small (Light) (5) [+1 Movement], Transport (5) [May give 2/3/4 infantry units its movement (dependent on tier of transport)], Poor Armour (-5) [-1 Defence])
1x Overseer 225
(Type: Hero, Tier: 1, M: 1 (4), HP: 3, Attack: 3, Off: 3, Def: 3, Keywords: (Heavy) (5) [9+ Save], (Ranger) (0) [Ignore Negative Terrain], (Mining Overseer) (0) [When placed on the same tile as mining units, Gain an additional 5 resources per unit])
6x Gorilla Miner
(Type: Troop, Tier: 1, M: 1, HP: 1, Attack: 1, Off: 0, Def: 0, Keywords: Civilian (0) [Non-Combatant, No Upkeep])
1x Hoolden The Righteous
(Type: Hero, Tier: 1, M: 1, HP: 3, Attack: 3, Off: 3, Def: 3, Keywords: Armor Piercing (5) [Ignores Saves], Heavy (5) [9+ Save], Feel the Hate (10) [Gives all Native Hate units an extra attack while in the stack])
1x Diabolo
(Type: Hero, Tier: 1, M: 1, HP: 4, Attack: 3, Off: 4, Def: 2, Keywords: Robust (10) [+1 HP], Meatshield (5) [Unit must be targeted first], Ogre Roar (10) [Gives allied units a +1/0 during the first round of combat])
1x The Avenging Blade
(Type: Hero, Tier: 1, M: 1, HP: 4, Attack: 3, Off: 4, Def: 2, Keywords: Robust (10) [+1 HP], Armor Piercing (5) [Ignores Saves], Immunity (0) [Immune to the SONG])
1x Trainee Vocalist
(Type: Troop, Tier: 1, M: 1, HP:1, Attacks: 1(+1), Off: 0, Def: 0, Keywords: Catchy (10))
The Great White City
Diamond Mine:
Provides additional resources.
Nuclear Power Plant: Reduces recruitment costs by 10 resources for each turn a recruitment action is taken. The minimum paid for that action being 10 resources, and only one can be active per nation.
Diamond Mine: Provides additional resources.
2x SJ-110 (-26)
2x Black Spectre Agent (-16)
1x Trainee Vocalist (-10)
Black Spectre Agent (Type: Troop, Tier: 1, M: 1, HP: 1, Attack: 1, Off: 0, Def: 0, Keywords: Graceful (Heavy) (5) [9+ Save])
Femforce Wasp (Type: Troop, Tier: 1, M: 1, HP: 1, Attack: 1, Off: 0, Def: 0, Keywords: Specialist- Pile On (5) [For every 4 of this unit type, Damage increases by 1 to a max of +3])
SJ-110 (Type: Aircraft, Tier: 1, Mt: 1, HP: 1, Attack: 1, Off: 0, Def: -2, Keywords: Small (Light) (5) [+1 Movement], Transport (5) [May give 2/3/4 infantry units its movement (dependent on tier of transport)], Poor Armour (-5) [-1 Defence])
Miner (Type: Troop, Tier: 1, M: 1, HP: 1, Attack: 1, Off: 0, Def: 0, Keywords: Civilian (0) [Non-Combatant, No Upkeep])

War with the Galmorion Empire had been a long time coming. Fargus had wanted to strike sooner, his intelligence sources indicated the Galmorions were growing increasingly displeased with his raids on their most recent vassal, Gaalvax, and so they had begun gearing up for war with the Empire of Hate but his forces had been hit with numerous setbacks in the last few months.

First there were logistical errors and then more recently the death of an entire squad of Infantrymen during a routine military drill. Some men may have taken it as a sign that his current course of action was the wrong one but Fargus would have none of it. He would hold off his attack no longer.

The Galmorion Empire was a relic of the past, the future belonged to the Empire of Hate.

1. Recruit SJ-110 for 15 resources.
2. Recruit Black Spectre Agent for 15 resources.
Free Actions
1. Set 1x The Avenging Blade and 1x Trainee Vocalist to overwatch in the Great White City.
2. 6x Gorilla Miner and Overseer 225 will mine the Diamond Mines in the Great White City for 90 (10+5+10+5+10+5+ 10+5+10+5+10+5) resources.
. 2x SJ-110, 2x Black Spectre Agent, 1x Hoolden The Righteous and 1x Diabolo will form stack.
4. 2x SJ-110 will move and transport 2x Black Spectre Agent, 1x Hoolden The Righteous and 1x Diabolo using all of their movement and all 6 units will attack the Galmorion Empire.

Began this turnSpent this turnGained this turnEnd this turn


The Sane One
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
The Eternal Legion


"Watch out!" Andrea let out a small yelp as she was yanked into a trench, the sound of an explosion and shrapnel chasing her into it. "Keep down Private!"

"Yes sir!" Andrea barely glanced at the woman next to her, only paying enough attention to notice her rank being higher than her own. Taking a glance out of the trench, she grimaced at the half a dozen bodies she could see shredded and torn to pieces around the area she had just been yanked out of. She was quick to notice though that one of those bodies was Seargent Swiftrest, her commander's face staring up at her in death. Shivering, she looked away and took a deep breath as the droning of planes began to get louder once more, signaling the return of the Amnonicus air force. Readying her rifle she took aim at the sky, determined to attempt to bring one of the planes down no matter what.

"Not going to be able to do much with that Private, not enough power to pierce their armor,"​


Paid Actions
Recruit Unit - General Use Squad x 2 at Rupes (26 R)

Construct Building - Supply Hub at Rupes (20 R)

Free Actions
Continue battle with Mountain and other forces with Army 1. Begin bombardment of Dexrus with Crusader Howitzers
Move Rupes one tile North

Level 2 Capitol
Building Slots - 2/6 Open
Every unit killed (Enemy and Legion will be collected in the scrapyard for 10 resources each
The construction of a Radio Tower not only allows complete communication with each and every nation on the planet, but it also allows a level of coordination which provides a +1/0 while fighting on the Capital Tile.
The Supply Hub grants 5 land units to be free of upkeep while in the capital
An ingenious design that once staffed would allow them to grow their own crops and improve the capacity to feed their own troops. This building is normally able to be staffed by civilian units to generate 10 resources per civilian farmer. However, troop units can be used in its 3 slots to generate 5 resources each.


Start of TurnGainExpenditureUpkeepRemaining
7459 (+28 from event) 465560
Gain Usage
40 (Contract) 15 (Rupes Income) 4 (CLS trade route) 28 (Event) 55 (Upkeep) 20 (Contruction) 26 (Recruitment)

Policy strength- May sign a contract for a set period of time and a set amount of resources with a player or NPC nation[decided and haggled by them]. While under contract, they count as battle brothers and may freely use positive character abilities on each other's units as if they were their own for the purposes of battle[within reason] and can recruit the contractors units while they are under contract.

Policy weakness: They cannot attack or betray whom they signed a contract with [Mercenaries live and die by their reputation] and must defend them from enemies within reason.
Troops are now at half cost, but they still have to pay full original upkeep.

Army 1
HP: 4
Movement 1
Attack: 3
Offense 4
Defense 3
(Robust)(Advanced Weaponry)(Demolition- At the start of battle, if it takes place in an enemy settlement or if there is an enemy vehicle, roll a d10. On a 9+, a building is destroyed from the settlement or a vehicle is destroyed)
3 x General Use Squad -
Staff Seargent Omern Stonearm
Seargent Alath Swiftrest
PFC Celestino Home
PFC Andrea Bielsa
Private Anoapo Sharptalon

Seargent Fayanna Brent
Corporal Desmond Shelby
Private Kayden Prescott
Private Archard Royal
Staff Seargent Fox
Seargent Potter
PFC Dixon
Private Spicer
Private Delon

Seargent Morris
Corporal Cervus
PFC Slater
Private Hendrix
Staff Seargent Morris
Seargent Wilmeth
Corporal Moore
PFC Gibbs
Private Franks

Seargent Kirk
Corporal Roberts
PFC Hurst
PFC Rickman
3 x L1097A5 Crusader Howitzer
Staff Seargent Craig Shelby
Seargent Jacobus Shearman
Corporal Humfrey Barrie
Corporal Gisselle Foy
PFC Rille Thorp
PFC Whitby Thorpe
Staff Seargent West
Seargent Kent
Corporal Wayne
Corporal Stewart
PFC Hall
Private Prince
Staff Seargent Tribbiani
Seargent Geller
Corporal Geller
PFC Buffay
PFC Green
Private Bing
1 x EL-60 Grayhawk Transport Copter
Lieutenant Colonel Lex Benson
First Lieutenant Helga Hildom
First Seargent Theodore Bristol

Major Abel Clinton
Second Lieutenant Elmore Outerbridge
Technical Seargent Silvia Notley

Strength: +1 Damage and 9+ save(If already 9+ save, go to 8+, etc)
Weakness: Gains keyword (Bulky)
A singular Boot that says will make the wearer irresistibly cool when they wear it.
Ability: At the start of battle, roll a d10 for each enemy unit on the field. On an 8+, they won't attack the target. On a 10, they switch sides.
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U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
Fluff to be Posted (Really this time.)
Burkhenyard lvl 2
Flesh Field Slaughterhouse
Trading Post

1 Tournament Regulars

Staging Cove lvl 2
The Blood Dome Arena is an amazingly deadly place. But through the crucible come greatness. It is a place where mighty weapons are forged through the individuals that go through its hardships. But one wrong step and they will find themselves impaled on another’s weapons. Can place a unit in the Arena. Roll a d10. On a 1, they die. ON a 10, they are promoted to a Hero unit( If hero limit is maxed out, design a free template and that unit is upgraded to that template for free.) Every turn that the unit either doesn’t kill or upgrade a unit, gets a +1 on the roll(Nat 1s will still cause the unit to die however)
1 Tournament Regulars (In Arena)
Fisher's Wharf- 5 resources per Staff
1 Slaughter Seekers
The Last Mushroom Lord
1 Scuttle Bugs

Kiln Clearer Legion
3 Slaughter Seekers

Free Actions

Kiln Clearer Legion Explores tile
Fisher enters The Fisher's Wharf
1 Slaughter Seekers enter the Blood Dome arena
Paid Actions
1+2: Upgrade Burkhenyard to Lvl 3 (3/3)
3. Recruit 2 Scuttle Bugs For Burkhenyard

Resources: 109
Gain+ 60
Upkeep: -12
End Resources: 82


Does Not Know Kung-fu
Roleplay Type(s)

CyberLink Solutions Turn 6

≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡

[Coming Soon]

≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡


≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡

[Coming Soon]

≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡


City Districts
Central [3/5]
- Barracks
- Barracks
- Barracks

Red Light District [1/2]
- G.A.L Gentlemen's Club

Taskforce Alpha
Immovable Object
Alon Siaxus
2 Adventurers

Taskforce Bravo
1 CLS Sec.
2 GPD Units

Total Units
1 CLS Sec.
2 GPD Units
2 Adventurers
The Immovable OBJECT
Alon Siaxus


Trade Routes [5/6]
The Eternal Legion
Galmorian Empire
Cult of Excess

Unit Templates
CLS Sec.
Type: Troop [Basic]
Tier: 1
M: 1 (3)
HP: 1
Off: 0
Def: 0
Keywords: Meatshield (5), Mindless Undead
GPD Unit
Type: Troop [Basic]
Tier: 1
M: 1 (3)
HP: 1
Off: 0
Def: 0
Keywords: Militia, Mindless Undead

AST [Asset Management Team]
Type: Troop (Basic)
Tier: 1
M: 1 (3)
HP: 2
Attacks: 1
Off: 0
Def: 0
Keywords: Robust [10], Necromancer

HR-CV [Human Resource Compliance Vehicle]
Type: Vehicle (Basic)
Tier: 1
M: 3 (5)
HP: 1
Attacks: 1
Off: -1
Def: 0
Keywords: Transport (5), Light (5), Aged Weaponry (-5) Mindless Undead

Type: Vehicle (Basic)
Tier: 1
M: 2 (4)
HP: 2
Attacks: 1
Off: 1
Def: -1
Keywords: (Robust)(Advanced Weapons)(Poor Armor)

Immovable OBJECT
Type: Hero
M: 1 (3)
HP: 5
Attacks: 3
Off: 0
Def: 4
Keywords: (Heavy)(Robust)(Meastshield)

Alon Siaxus
Type: Hero
M: 2 (3)
HP: 4
Attacks: 3(4)
Damage: 1(2)
Off: 4(5)
Def: 2(1)
Equipment: Singular Eye
Keywords: (Displacer)(Armor Piercing(Inspirational- Gives all units in the stack a +1/+1

Displacer: Displacer (15): Unit creates mirror images of itself to deflect attacks away from itself. Unit gains a diminishing save of 8+. Each attack that is prevented this way reduces the save by one until it is depleted. (8+, 9+, 10, nothing). Unit cannot benefit from other types of saves.

Type: Troop
M: 1 (3)
HP: 1
Attacks: 0
Off: 0
Def: 0)
Keywords: Civilian, Adventurous - Having at least 1 prevents a failure on the exploration chart every turn. Can be sacrificed to auto succeed on a singular Adventure Roll(Even if the roll was just failed)

A Singular Eye
The eye somehow magically targets foes and speeds up strikes, but slows footwork
Strength- +1/0, +1 Attack, +1 Damage
Weakness- 0/-1, -1 movement

≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡​

Start of TurnIncomeExpenditureUpkeepTreasury

** +100 from quest
***-180 from units, -20 from building

Free Actions
Contact Titania and Fafrium [Diplomacy]

1. Recruit AST, Recruit GPD Unit, Recruit GPD Unit, Recruit GPD Unit
2. Recruit AST, Recruit GPD Unit, Recruit GPD Unit, Recruit GPD Unit
3. Build Cyberlink Securities Internship Quarters in Red Light District

New Building
Cyberlink Securities Internship Quarters
The Internship Quarters counts as Necromancer 9 for the purposes of keeping Mindless Undead units alive, however, it only effects mindless undead that have the Civilian Keyword.​
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Breathe gold. Think light.



  • Paid ActionsFree Actions
    RECRUIT 2 Correspondent Alpha at Midnight GroveArmy 1 (1 Grue, HORTUKA, 1 Spiderling) Stand Overwatch at Arguseed.
    UPGRADE KADISH to level 2 (1/2)Await results of the BARBARIAN HORDE's catching up with the modern day.
    UPGRADE KADISH to level 2 (2/2)Army 2 stand Overwatch at Midnight Grove


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