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Multiple Settings BoN Act 3: Modern Age



The lord of randomness and the warp
6th legion
There was a lot of reshuffling in the gecklicko command structure many rank having shifted quickly as the rebellious actions of the forward command group had come to light months earlier battalions of walkers being awoken and repaired to be sent to the front keeping logistics on their toes day in and day out the quarter master Iggy mors was darting around requiring an exosuit to carry the piles of paperwork needed despite the state of emergency, everything needed to be in its proper place leaving the poor woman to wonder why they hell they rebelled had something corrupted their spirits? No couldn’t be right? Hot headed youngster that believed in some kind of manifest destiny? That seemed likely honestly she didn’t know she just wanted this to be over soon there where already casualties and it was in the fact of themselves..

1) processing plant mechanicals (civilian unit) (20)

free action: Army 3 (ranger, Grimold, ) moves southwest
2) army 3 merge with army 2
2) Army 2 attack rebel city

base camp lv2- radar array: +1/0 against enemies while fighting in their Capital Tile - processing plant: eco-building trade depot: mechanical processing plant: allows an additional keyword on templates
units being constructedmilitary
1X gunner -1X Grimold -2X ranger --------------------------------------------------------------------- civilian 1x processing plant mechanicals --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hero unit: Chaos Squad HP 4 Movement 1 Attack 3 Offense 3 Defense 3 (Guerrillas)(Heavy)(Robust)

currentincomeexpensesupkeepturn final


Tu'er Shen the Rabbit God
World Tree

1673987586531.pngIn all his centuries of living, Ellario had not seen the world as busy as it was right now. Nations and people were mingling and cooperating in ways that they had never done so before. He wasn't a technophobe, but he preferred the old days where people had to interact with one another and you could look someone in their eyes and determine their mood. But those days were gone and he wouldn't dare contemplate sending his people back to the days of quills and parchment for his own preferences. Either way this weaving of fates of different people was good as those same bonds would be needed to stand against the demons whenever they returned in force. in the interest of keeping up with their growing neighbors, Ellario had charged Warden Gihu'nan to construct a new village in the forest. This would be the elves' first expansion since the founding of Halamshiral centuries ago so the nation was abuzz with excitement.

1673987614965.pngTalsyn, named for the homestead that the Wood Elves left behind when Halamshiral was founded, the village was a marvel as it blended nature into every inch of village infrastructure. As Ellario and his retinue arrived to the village and were greeted by Gihu'nan, the forest seemed to sing and thrum with energy. "We bow before the World Tree's chosen." The Warden was accompanied by other important figures among the Wood Elf community and they followed their leader's lead by bowing as she did. Ellario nodded his head in appreciation and then stepped forward to engage with his Warden. "Tell me Gihu'nan, how was it to build a new home for you people under the World Tree?" A smile stretched across Ellario's face as he thought back to the day he planted the tree's seed in what was at the time an empty field.

"Halamshiral is a beautiful city, my King, but we feel more at home in the forests of the World Tree. We are grateful for the World Tree's gift and bounty." The two left their retinue's behind and started to wander through the village as Gihu'nan gave Ellario a tour. They then came to the village's meeting hall. The building was empty and as they entered, Gihu'nan closed the door behind them, locking it. "I must share some dire news with you, my King."

As he turned to face the Warden, Ellario's smile and the look of excitement on his face started to fade. "We are listening." He replied.

Gihu'nan let out a heavy sigh and looked the King in his eyes. "I encountered some foreigners who spoke of...demons. It seems they have finally returned." They news broke Ellario's heart and he seemed to shrink as he stepped back, putting distance between him and Gihu'nan. "I wanted to tell you in secret to avoid panic and disorder."

While she spok, flashbacks played in Ellario's mind of the last demon attack. He could never forget the fires that burned their old home or the monstrous creatures that cackled in the smoke and ashes. "We..." His mind raced with thoughts as he failed to wrangle control over them all.

"There is no need to worry, your grace. The World tree has a united people to protect it. The Wood Elves and the elves of the Legion will not allow the demons to win again." The words brought Ellario some comfort and slowed his pounding heart. He wanted to be the guardian that the World Tree and his people needed, but he was a King with no combat or war experience. "I...I will return to Halamshiral and meet with General Telmen. We need to get ahead of this." The King said softly.

West of the city, Averual, a citizen of the Sea Elf fleet, stood on the cliffs at the edge of the World tree's forest and watched the waves crash upon the rocks. He let out a low sigh and raked his fingers back through his hair. "What I'd give to return to the sea." He turned his head to glance back over his shoulder at the World Tree, looming over him like a jailor. "I don't owe you anything." Like many of the children who were too young to remember the demon attacks and now too old to put their faith in the World Tree whom they did not grow up with, Averual felt disconnected from the great tree and instead longed for the homestead lifestyle that the elves had adopted in the tree's absence. This sentiment was shared more so among those who once called the sea home and were now bound to the forests of the World Tree until such time their Navy was needed. There were young elves among the Sun Elves who harbored a similar unhappiness after having spent time interacting with the mortal races only to become isolated from them, forcing them to lose friends and loved ones with no chance to say their final goodbyes.


  1. Army 3 (Wyrwood) Moves SE 1 Tile
  2. Army 1 (Exemplar Sentinels x1) Enter Overwatch
  3. Engage in Diplomacy with the city of League Peace
  1. Recruit Wyrwood unit at Halamshiral
  2. Construct Quartermaster's Office in Talsyn - Reduces the Upkeep of units
  3. Construct Barracks in Talsyn.

Treasury Income Expenses Nex Turn
116 +35 (Cities) +15 (Trade) + 5 (Tribute)) = 55 (Capped at 60) -20 (Upkeep) -20 (Recruitment) -40 (Construction) -20 (Auction) 71


Armies Locations/Actions
  1. Exemplar Sentinel x1
  1. Crawlers (Ranged) x2
Halamshiral, Overwatch
  1. Wyrwood x1


Buildings Effets Happiness Order
Magistrati Enclave Grants a bonus to Order and establishes Trade 0 Happiness 1 Order
Radio Jammer against the Empire of Hate has been built and gives a roll of an 8+ as a defense against their own faction being taken in by the dangerous levels of hypnosis and hype that can convert others to their cause. 0 Happiness 0 Order


Item Name Description Owner
Spell Book of Trystan Galvanger This Spellbook appears to be a poor copy of the original, but still seems to at least have 1 good spell. +1/0 Fireball- Can cast instead of normal attack. Uses full attack to cast. Deals 3 damage on a successful strike to a single target Not Applied
Purple Wand Vibrates Not Applied
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The exile of the Legion was finally over. They had been accepted back into the fold of the World Tree and had found new purpose in their existence. Without a need to recreate the world tree Project Genesis could be turned to other pursuits. Though the High General Telmen had met with the King of the World Tree their conversation had not gone to plan. Rather then seizing the military potential that Genesis could be the King had ordered it ceased. In response Telmen had gone underground with the project. Though their bases had not been particularly open before World Tree suddenly found the Legion far more secretive. They were suddenly less willing to proffer information in response to any inquiries. It was evident however that efforts were being made to expand operations in the city of Lostla however, as the High General ordered the construction and upgrade of existing facilities. To what end was not clear. Mobilization efforts were obvious as well when battalions of Genesis troops formed up and marched out of Lostla to the Southwest. At the head of their columns marched elf officers, and following was the artillery batteries that had been stationed in the city for ages now.

Economy Breakdown:​
Lostla (Lvl. 1 Capitol)|+20 Resources
Genesis Pattern Infantry|x2|(-20)/2(Ration Hoarding) | (-10 Resources) {} Victorious Pattern Artillery|x1|(-15)/2(Ration Hoarding) | (-7.5 Resources) {} Puppet|(-5 Resources)
Net Gain/Lost: -2.5 Resources {} Action Cost: -20 Resources {} Total Remaining: 77.5 Resources

Paid Actions: -Upgrade Lostla to Lvl. 2 Capitol (-20 Resources)(-3 Actions)
Free Actions:
  • Army 1 (1x Genesis Pattern Infantry, 1x Victorious Pattern Artillery) Move Southwest 1 tile
  • Army 2 (1x Genesis Pattern Infantry) Overwatch inside Lostla
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Of Fate
New Yong

Yeojiu (Capital Level 2)
Broadcast Station

Allows trade with other nations. For every Civilian Unit (MC) increase resource gain by 10 for both parties

Total Troops
Green/Gold Hero
1 Trainee Vocalist Troop
1 Trainee Dancer Troop
1 Trainee Rapper Troop
Brik A'Brak Hero
Name: Brik A'Brak
HP 3
Movement 2
Attack 3
Offense 4
Defense 2
(Goblin Rock- For every 3 Goblin Rock band in his tile, deal an extra 1 damage on a successful attack.)(Light)(Armor Piercing)
1 Goblin Rock Band Troop

Name: Goblin Rock Band
Type: Troop
Tier: 1
M: 2
HP: 1
Attacks: 1
Off: (0)
Def: (0)
Keywords: Light
1 Party Boat Naval
2 Party Bus Vehicle

Name: Party Bus
Type: Vehicle
Tier: 1
M: 1
HP: 1
Attacks: 1
Off: (0)
Def: (1)
Keywords: Advanced Armour (5)/ Transport (0)/ Urban (0)
1 Backup Dancer Troop



Influential Idol: Nation starts with one unique Hero unit and settlements receive a +20 resource bonus
Management Contract: Troop Units can no longer succumb to Banditry if Upkeep is not paid but instead receive -1/-1 to max of -2/-2 for every turn Upkeep is not paid. Upon payment, unit's regain +1/+1 to a max of 0/0.

Trade Routes
Faifrum Empire
Forgotten of Ulbricht



1. Bring 100 Resources to the Forest to at the NE section of the continent.
2. Concerto Hotel: Eliminate Monster horde through adventure
3. Perform concerts in at least 4 nations

Paid Actions:
Recruit Party Bus for 25 resources
Name: Party Bus
Type: Vehicle
Tier: 1
M: 1
HP: 1
Attacks: 1
Off: (0)
Def: (1)
Keywords: Advanced Armour (5)/ Transport (0)/ Urban (0)
Recruit Goblin Rock Band for 40 resources
Name: Goblin Rock Band
Type: Troop
Tier: 1
M: 2
HP: 1
Attacks: 1
Off: (0)
Def: (0)
Keywords: Light
Instill Policy Ballad of Black Dragon

New Yong and it's allies receive 0/+2 against the SONG. When fighting the SONG, allied units must roll a d10 for every unit in the battle. On a 8+, units are incapacitated for the round

Free Actions:

Spend 50 Resources to decipher the book

Mercenaries move 1 Hex West


Legion of the Deep X2 Troop


Start: 90
Income: 261
Expenditure: 251
End: 100

Goo scooched down among the manicured grass at the base of the statue, running her fingers over the polished scripture at it's base. Behind her, workmen of various sizes and statures were well underway packing up another successful concert by the starlet star maker and her idols. It was her latest superstar that now stood by her side behind the iron fence, watching her with confusion as she silently paid her respects.

"Uh... Goo Goo? What we doing ere?" asked Brik A'Brak, his shades almost dangling from the end of his long nose.

"Just keep making sure no-ones watching, darling."

Swinging her neck around in one swift motion, a silver pendant was revealed, the burnished letter S at it's tip landing in her ample bosom. Normally hidden down her back, the piece in itself was not remarkable in anyway in it's appearance, looking no more than a common personalised pendant, but it was one of the most valuable items in all of New Yong.

Bending low, she held the S to the only missing letter of the plaque. Slotting it into to place, the ground made a low rumble as it gave way, revealing a hidden stairway. Brik A'Brak pierced eyebrows raised in astonishment, his lip pursed in pleasant surprise. Goo sequestered her pendant. "Let's be quick dear"

Without waiting Goo strode into the darkness of the opening. "Ey Lad's!" Brik A'Brak hissed, careful not to alert anyone "Get ya butts ere quick!"

Only just visible from behind the statue, Brik A'Brak had to wave his arms to get his bandmates full attention. Hurriedly, Bibel, Chotchy and Knackers hopped the fence, with Bibel swinging from the top, carefully holding on to his top hat. With one last look around, Lucille in Chains followed into the tunnel.

The darkness of the entrance quickly fell to light, as the Goblins traversed the stairs, the fire from the torches on the walls illuminating the darkened space. With careful deliberation the band took each step as they came. Rounding a corner they caught sight of Goo on her hands and knees beside an elaborate door. Tilting their heads to admire the view, Brik A'Brak slammed his band mates heads together. "Dat's our boss, you louts" he whispered

Getting to her feet, Goo picked up her ruby pumps and held them by a finger, taking a step towards the wall. "Darlings, will you please bow before the door"

"Uh... Why?" asked Brik A'Brak, turning away from his chastising.

"This is the final step in becoming a true idol of New Yong. While you may be able to play and perform for the gracious masses, only this step truly matters for our mission. For we are the eternal enemy of the SONG." Goo's soft tone suddenly changed "I had hoped to bring those two laughable leaders of that stupid religion down here with us, to have them rescind their idiotic belief by shoving the truth in the faces, but they slinked away at the end of the concert like the snakes they were. How infuriating!"

She held her pumps against the wall, intending to vent her anger with them against the stone but she stopped herself, and took a long deep breath. "But steps are being taken so deep breathes" she muttered to herself.

"So please gentlemen, bow before the door. Only through paying the proper respect will it open"

The Goblins did what they were told, though with some trepidation, their small frames allowing each one to bow comfortably on a step. With a groan, the door opened, the dragon eyes upon it growing dim. Goo put her shoes back on and led Lucille In Chains into the chamber.

Massive in scope, the room was bare apart from the tremendous doors, almost three stories in height, at each angle of the circular chamber. Stepping into the space, Brik A'Brak let out a sharp whistle. Suddenly there was a horrifying roar from within the chamber, one of the doors on the far side shaking on it's hinges as something bashed against it. Other noises began to follow emanating from the other doors within the room, moaning and screeching in rage. "Do not worry child. The Black Dragon's cell has remained intact for thousands of years, it will stand another thousand more."

Standing with their instruments drawn, the Goblins searched the room for the voice. It was Chotchy, who spied a relaxed Goo, lazily pointing to beside her feet. Following her finger, Chotchy grimaced slightly at the desiccated, withered mummy at her feet. Dressed in an ancient Gi, the creature sat cross legged on the floor. Ever so slowly the mummy opened its eyes.

"Gentlemen. This is our Great Guardian Ping" elaborated Goo, waving her arm over the mummified monk. "It's is she who has watched over the maddening monsters the SONG has brought into the land since colonial times, giving herself wholly to the Green Dragon's mission so many centuries ago. Through sheer perseverance and meditation she has remained a stalwart shield against the greatest evil of the SONG ensconced in each of these rooms."

She looked at each member of Lucille in Chains in turn "It is through her enlightened eyes, that your worthiness to our cause will be deemed."

"And if we ain't worthy?" asked a concerned Knackers, absently drawing his fingers across his nose to ear chain.

Goo didn't answer the question, simply turning her head away as if to disown them.

Laggard and gently the Great Guardian began to smile. "Come closer, honoured friends. Let me see you..."

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