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Multiple Settings BoN Act 3: Modern Age



Of Fate
New Yong

Yeojiu (Capital Level 2)
Broadcast Station

Allows trade with other nations. For every Civilian Unit (MC) increase resource gain by 10 for both parties

Total Troops
Green/Gold Hero
1 Trainee Vocalist Troop
1 Trainee Dancer Troop
1 Trainee Rapper Troop
Brik A'Brak Hero
1 Goblin Rock Band Troop
1 Party Boat Naval
1 Party Bus Vehicle



Influential Idol: Nation starts with one unique Hero unit and settlements receive a +20 resource bonus
Management Contract: Troop Units can no longer succumb to Banditry if Upkeep is not paid but instead receive -1/-1 to max of -2/-2 for every turn Upkeep is not paid. Upon payment, unit's regain +1/+1 to a max of 0/0.

Trade Routes
Faifrum Empire



1. Bring 100 Resources to the Forest to at the NE section of the continent.
2. Concerto Hotel: Eliminate Monster horde through adventure
3. Perform concerts in at least 4 nations

Paid Actions:
Recruit Party Bus for 25 resources
Name: Party Bus
Type: Vehicle
Tier: 1
M: 1
HP: 1
Attacks: 1
Off: (0)
Def: (1)
Keywords: Advanced Armour (5)/ Transport (0)/ Urban (0)
Recruit Backup Dancer for 40 resources
Name: Backup Dancer
Type: Troop
Tier: 1
M: 1
HP: 1
Attacks: 1
Off: (0)
Def: (0)
Keywords: Meatshield
Recruit MC for 30 resources

Free Actions:

Recruit Mercenaries Legion of the Deep X2 for 50 resources
Diplomacy with the Bloodbrood Swarm
Establish Trade Routes
with CRSA/ Forgotten of Ulbricht

move 1 Hex West


Legion of the Deep X2 Troop


Start: 166
Income: 161
Expenditure: 237
End: 90

"I'm gonna just gonna step out and grab me a tofu dog Cliff."

Hunter approached Clifton, in an attempt to leave the studio.

"Not necessary Mr Stone. I can have some brought to you."

"Nah it's cool man. There's a cart downtown that I like. Serves the best dogs in town"

Clifton, stepped in front of the door. "It's no trouble Mr Stone. Please keep practicing"

"Yeah, mate. Enjoy it while you can. It's not everyday you get five star food delivered straight to you." exclaimed Brik A'Brak, from the corner of the room, his band and him munching on some premium sirloin.

Hunter dallied in front of him for a moment, as if ready to protest, but a call from Priya behind him quickly pulled him away.

Clifton tapped on his earpiece. "Can I have some Tofu Dogs, with condiments and sides, brought to Studio One please."

Though Ms Seoung had afforded them luxury apartments near the building, and private cars to drive them back and forth from their sessions, the Trainees and their mentors had become trapped in a loop. One that had grown tighter since recent events.

A gilded cage was still a cage thought Clifton, as he watched the idols practice.

Ms Seoung had left Clifton in charge of today's session, though for the granite guardian it was more of a monitoring of the situation. Lacking the insider knowledge and experience of the once penultimate Idol, Clifton instead let the superstars lead the session, Green/Gold and Lucille in Chains, offering up his tablet from time to time so the performers could better show or research what was needed, be it by video or search engine. However he remained firmly in charge of his device lest they wander the web and become distracted, and there had been a number of displeasing distractions of late.

To the West, lay a new settlement, one that belched smoke and ash, it's very presence turning the golden rays of the Sun red as the Bloodbrood made their home there. Witnessed marching northward only a month before, plans had been set into motion to begin talks with the continents other natives. Purveyors of brutal pugilism and gladiatorial combat it was deemed necessary to hire mercenaries to join the gallant Goo in her talks with their people per the creatures customs. With New Yong's mission to protect all from the SONG, peace was always the first approach when it came to meeting other nations for fear that they be used as the SONG's pitiful puppets. Of course if they became allies, then they too could be part of the World Tour, something Clifford knew was always the first thing on the popstar president's mind of late.

With the blinds closed there would be no chance the idols could witness the ever growing smoke billowing across the sky. Though that still left the two more daunting distractions.

The atmosphere was truly a tense one in Yeojiu, a state that their old foe seemed to try and use to it's advantage. Clifford swiped past the latest story on the renegade religion that had sprouted up out of nowhere, a belief system which espoused the benefit of the SONG, as Kim and Emerald asked for him to find an article on song structure.

This religion was the polar opposite, practically dissidence, to what the citizens of New Yong had believed in. The SONG was and would forever be their ancient enemy, so for a whole new religion completely devoted to it to so suddenly and so rapidly appear was startling. This again was another thing that Ms Seoung would have to take a look at, and another bump in the road of her Word Tour. Keeping the tablet close, he found the article for the girls and flipped his device round so they could show and explain the many intricacies of lyrical loquation to the still star struck Hunter.

For the rock man rapper it must seem like all his dreams were coming true, thought Clifton, but for some the dream was not to be.

With a heavy heart, Clifton remembered the tragic accident that had befallen the Trainee Dancers only a week before, lost in a terrible fire during practice. Only now were the findings being released to the media and the fatalities finally all named. Truly it must have been a harrowing experience for their friends and family, to lose these children as their life's were just about to begin. Clifton held back a sombre sigh as he thought about the coming vigil for those lost that day, an event which he and Ms Seoung were adamant to attend. While they had intricate knowledge of most of the Trainees, their names and faces were usually only a documentation in the grand scheme of things though, for Clifton, it was a different experience this time as he, amongst the others in the room, had shared time with one of them. The young and upbeat Ola. it pained him to think he was holding back such a thing from those who might consider her a friend but there was no time for distractions.

Once their training was complete, he would surely inform them on everything but for now, the show must go on.

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Auriel Maza

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Come, Empyrean, Come
[Post Theme] - Summer 2300, June​

From the dawn, from the twilight; heaven, sky, and stars exist across a spectrum of color, Lumosity, and intensity. With many layers and arrangements, no two skies are the same. Each individuals and memorable in their own way. A strange yet fitting parallel. Heaven was the ocean for the Konomi, the primordial place for which life like them arose. Of course, instead of splitting off, the lifeforms this Empyrean would make instead fuse together with the sentient being the reproductive and leading organism. With all of this wave's life condensed into one column of organism, the intense variety and variance condensed even harder forming the modern Konomi in the intense array that they are today. How this fusing of entire ecosystems into seven organisms occurred and their future implications remains unknown. Will there be future options? Will the Konomi change and expand their abilities as this fact bubbles up within them?

What exactly is Empyrean? In ancient times (IRL), Empyrean represented the origin of fire in the world, a primal form of the Plane of Fire that is more popular today. It comes from Greek roots and the surrounding area. Of course, this definition is at odds with the Empyrean mentioned here. The Konomi Empyrean represents the lens for which the waves of new creation ushered their breaths of new life and existence. Tempering and stabilizing them so that they separate from their deeply unfinished state to the creative and destructive power that the new waves were undeniably were. A conduit, a governor on how much would be dispensed onto creation. But, Empyrean was more than that. A leak, an energy, a cloud within the upper most of the atmosphere. What exactly is a mystery. Though it is the pool, the lens, and the upper sky, Empyrean, as with all the other dimensions the Konomi use, has usable energies. Yet, due to the obvious distance, no applications have been made. A stable stream like other dimensions are not possible within a gravity well. Meaning space travel would need to be had for a stable, operable source. Are the Konomi interested in space travel? They do not speak often on the subject. Traveling through dimensions seem much more fruitful to them. That's not surprising.

However, Empyrean's reach is limited not by distance, but by circumstance or time. In the upper atmosphere, a swell of the energy forms until it flows off the gravity well of the world and rains down on the Konomi and their infrastructure. While over the past two decades, this rain has been relatively minor. The sudden increase of infrastructure and massive increase of a dimensional footprint has massively increased this rain to unprecedented levels. What these energies will do to the surrounding environment has yet to be seen, though the Konomi recognize that the energy of Empyrean can be quite toxic to non-Konomi / mimic organisms should it not dissipate quickly. The implications of this could be apocalyptic should it not be planned for. However, the rain dissipates fast enough to not be harmful. It comes down as collage of rainbow colors, fruits, scents, and baskets.

In June, a surge is expected and it comes the day expected. The surrounding landscape will be covered in it for a moment, giving distortion to the landscape, and furthering the Konomi's transmutation of the landscape. It will be a visible spectacle for a long ways away as the bring cloud of particles will mark the sky everywhere on the Konomi's side of the planet. Frightening and enchanting, as always, it depends on the viewer.

Empyrean Rain.png

Calls of animals, wind, a break in the clouds. The rising sun dismissed quickly over the skies of Dexrus and much of the surrounding planet as it was outshined by Empyrean's burst. Its shining nature consuming the sky into a colorful display. Its surge spread across the Plains of Konjesh, covering the landscape in color and light. The mountains were not spared and it as well was covered.

The sparkles faded, but its color would not be lost. The entire area began to mold and fold into color, scent, and radiance. A sign of something that would continue to occur. The world continuing to change into something more unlike its past self.

Fluff End

  • (Update on Maczan template?)
    1. Blackwings will move Northeast towards Dexrus 1 tile.
    2. Both Polygons will overwatch over Dexrus and cover their long range for attack. They are ordered to fire warning shots and signal a representative to meet the army. If warning is not heeded, they have permission to fire. Climax will also overwatch and bomb anything that reaches the outskirts of the city without permission.
    3. Make 25 resource contribution towards newest quest (Q2).
    4. Eitanou and Nomicus move three tiles east, landing on a tile that is two tiles NE from League Peace.
    5. Man Clouds of Bridged Reality with two Mimic Objects.
    6. Man Prophetic Prism with two Oracles of Dust. Save effect triggered for aircraft.

  • The Clouds of Bridged Reality: An inverted spire attached to an exposed part of the Upside Down that sports multiple bridges leading outside of Dexrus. Civilians and other Konomi may come and deposit materials of this world to be converted into usable resources for Konomi use. Its reverberations slowly add additional energy into the surrounding environment allowing sustainability minded gathering to slowly add resources over time.

    Ability: +5 Resources for each civilian manned the Bridge of Reality (Just the building, not the settlement)
    Manned by 3 Oracles of Dust.

    Prophetic Prism: An aerial construction of three equilateral triangles where air units dock and recharge their dimensional energies. The prism hangs in the air seemingly supported by nothing. Though, that is hardly the case. The prism removes the upkeep of air units stationed at the settlement built upon with a limit of 10.

    Ability: Only reduces Espionage in the city it is located, not all cities by -1

    The Laboratory at the End of Creation: At the End of Creation, isolation testing and development of new technologies can be done without contamination from Old Creation and the many dimensions. If the Konomi were to survive, they would need to keep the pace of technological development they have been experiencing. A portal to the end with specialized dimensional anchors to equipment to be used as normal with vat tubes of the End to test designs and mixtures. Unlocks the ability to perform research. Pay resources at checkpoints called project. Once full cost is paid. Project is complete.

    Ability: Laboratory’s small bonus ability will be a +10 flat resource generated a turn to its project (So it will slowly research itself if left alone).
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Golden ball of bloody cuteness
New Avalon

The party goers won't be punished too hard, but a blacklist at local producers of alcohol will be enacted until they repair relations with anyone they offended during their drunken revelry.

Right now, it's best they amplify their ability to collect resources. They are alone on their island, but that will not always be the case. They must fortify themselves to the best of their ability for future conflict.

Send the adventuring party to the north to explore some of the surrounding terrain for resources the fae might have missed.

Upgrade new haven to level 3.


Mister Zero
Roleplay Type(s)
Magistrata -  Mage City.jpg
Magistrati Turn 04


Resource Cap: 100

Order: 1
Happiness: 0
+25% Resources this round from Order 1

Diplomatic Enclaves
-World Tree (Halamshiral)
-Autonomous Collective of Melka (Arguseed)
-New Avalon (Haven)
-Order of Lepolia (Xenophon's Legacy)

Centurion Golems230
Legatus Airships117
Magda's Mauraders: Vehicle, Aged Weaponry, Poor Armor, Old World Blues- Deals an extra 1 damage to NPCs112
Zurx Galvingar Hero HP 3 Movement 1 Attack 3 Offense 4 Defense 2 (Armor Piercing)(Ranger)(Guardian Angel- When this unit would be killed, enemy unit takes 1d3+1 Damage. If that kills the enemy unit, this unit remains at 1 HP. (Triggers once per battle))1

Magistrati Skyfleet
-Centurion Golem x 2
-Legatus Airship

Magistrati Army
-Magda's Marauders
-Zurx Galvingar

Magistrata (Slots 01/08)
Level 2 City

Foundry - Build 2 Bonded Units for one recruitment action.​

Free Actions
Movement: Forces holding position. Actual Map Position below:
Turn 4 Magistrata.png

1. Build 2 Bonded at Magistrata
2. Build Skydocks: (Produce +1 Air Unit per recruitment action) (20)
3. Espionage Action: Empire of Hate​


Recently Resurrected Divine Feline Entity.
~2000 years ago, Prim-World X-376
Greenwardens Taskforce "Blessed Gardeners"

The groaning and creaking of wood, mixed with the earthy moans of cracking concrete and the high pitched shrills of twisting metal did not pair naturally with dream-like whistling, nor with dance. Yet all of these distinct sounds were almost cacophonous, almost beautiful in their synthesis and emanated from a lone figure who pranced down an abandoned, wreckage-clogged street. They skipped and twirled, legs kicking out and arms sweeping for emphasis as they danced. The bird-song whistling came from their porcelain lips, and seemed to call forth the writhing earth that reclaimed the city in her wake.

She dived from atop a streep light, landing with a roll, and using her momentum, sprung to her feet with a spin and ended on a single foot and bowed, pausing to take in the applause of her imaginary audience and then gently lifted herself up back to standing. Still whistling, she turned around, hands now on her hips, watching nature return to the concrete jungle.

A buzzing pierced her song. Still keeping her gaze on the creeping vines, she lifted her arm to view a blue-scale holographic screen that projected above it. Using two slender fingers to enlarge the notification, her whistling became slower and disjointed as her eyebrows slowly raised until her sing-song finally stopped.

Cursing, she swiped at the projection, dismissing it, and then turned suddenly on her heel and sped off down the street. A slender rifle made of smooth dark-green polymer appeared and seemed to fuse with her right hand. As she ran down the street, she used its scope to scan each building in a precise motion, starting with the top left corner and sweeping across the top row of windows and upon reaching the right corner, moving down to the row below and sweeping back across, and so forth until the entire building had been scanned. She did this with each building, slowing her run as she scanned the building on her right and then on her left, before sprinting down the street to the next pair.

She had cleared several of a dozen city blocks when another buzz interrupted her now rushed tune. She glanced down at the projection as she scanned the office-space across from her, giving her optics a moment to refocus after switching from thermal to normal vision, and grimaced. Ignoring the message, she returned to her work but was again interrupted, this time by a third buzz. She didn’t bother checking it, and continued scanning, her whistling now strained. Again, a buzz. This time, shortly followed by another, and another, rhythmically, unrelenting.

Bracing herself, she knew she had no other choice.

Sheanswered the call.

“Hi Honey”


  • Free
    1. Roll again for RESEARCH LAB!
    2. Allow the troops to do their extra training
    3. Give 50 resources to the Gobbo village!

    1. Build new Settlement where Army 1 is, "Confederacy" (3 actions, 5 resources)

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The lord of randomness and the warp
6th legion
fluff pending​
1) construct a grimold (35)
2) construct a ranger (25)

free action: Army 2 (ranger, Grimold, Chaos Squad) moves southwest
2) Army 2 attack rebel city

base camp lv2- radar array: +1/0 against enemies while fighting in their Capital Tile - processing plant: eco-building trade depot: mechanical processing plant: allows an additional keyword on templates
units being constructedmilitary
1X gunner -1X Grimold -1X ranger --------------------------------------------------------------------- civilian 1x processing plant mechanicals --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hero unit: Chaos Squad HP 4 Movement 1 Attack 3 Offense 3 Defense 3 (Guerrillas)(Heavy)(Robust)

currentincomeexpensesupkeepturn final


A lovely day in the demiplane of dread
LOG# A004



Turn 4 cover.png

Lord Qavor moves through the brightly lit, off-white halls with purpose. Every once in a while he notices that the person ducking out of his way is gray skinned, glowing even in the bright lights with blue, purple, or green bioluminescence. The newly transformed Followers were currently few, and far between, but they still made for a stark contrast to when Lord Qavor first moved to live aboard the Davisii. He is stopped only once, by one of his competitors in the sport of table tennis, to engage in light verbal jabs, and a promise for a rematch, (as a true Lord of the Sea, he never loses.)

Soon he finds the object, or rather, individual of his search. Venir Markep. The elderly orc had given him a personal tour of the ship when he first arrived, which served to impress him, and show him the orc’s favored haunts. Now he spots him in one of the numerous community kitchens, cutting up some greens for a meal, back turned to the approaching crab.

“Venir!” Qavor shouts from across the way, wincing slightly as the old man jumps from the sound, eyeing the knife in his hand.

“Lord Qavor! I was just finishing up here; I’ll be out of your way in just a moment,” Venir recognizes the commanding voice before he even turns around, still he does so to give the Lord of the Sea the customary bow, leaving the knife on the cutting board, before returning quickly to his task.

“I have heard a rumor,” the massive crab states, his tone one of grave importance. Within a moment Qavor is beside Venir, watching the profile of his scarred face intensely with his eye stalks.

“Oh? What troubles you, Lord of the Seas?” Venir smiles easily, as if it’s a private joke between the two of them, obviously expecting nothing of consequence, as he continues his chopping.

“The burned elf, he was told that the Ruby of the Land’s location was discovered by that woman.” Qavor’s tone is even, almost observational. It’s enough of a shift that Venir pauses in his preparations.

“Miss Whelan?” He questions, an eyebrow barely raising, beginning to understand where this is going. He sets the knife down on the cutting board and turns to look up at Qavor face to face.

“Yes. I wish to know why he was lied to,” there is a challenge, though unspoken, in Qavor’s tone. A warning that Venir’s response will be weighed and judged.

Venir pauses for but a moment, leading in with, “Heitris is a complicated person, as I’m sure you’ve come to understand. He doesn’t care much what other people want him to do, even if it’s in his best interest. I, quite frankly, think he’s been overdue for some freedom. He’s most likely overcompensating. But, I wouldn’t ever bring that up to him. It’s from this, however, that the problem arose of how to get him to pass a mission of great importance to his pilot stationed on the volcano, when the source of said mission, while trusted and regarded with esteem from everyone else onboard, was outside his own personal circle of trust.”

“She is someone he trusts, and I am not? I ought to crush his tiny and frail body, then we will see who is worthy of being regarded,” while Qavor is incapable of scowling in the usual sense, Venir can clearly hear the sentiment in his voice. All the same, the orc can’t help but smile at Qavor’s clearly empty threat.

“I except he won’t crunch as nicely as you’d imagine. He has more metal under his skin than even I, if what he says is true. Yet even then, I think you’d find the same response from whatever’s left of him,” Venir laughs heartily, turning back and making the last few cuts on the greens from his precious greenhouses, sliding them into a bowl and watching them easily drift in.

“I have crushed metal far stronger than his between my claws,” Qavor declares triumphantly, undeterred by Venir’s attention returning to his lunch, snapping one of his mighty claws at the surrounding water.

“I am sure, I am sure. But, from what I’ve heard, he has taken a particular interest in studying those claws of yours. And their talent for breaking through the hulls of ships,” Venir has been keeping a close eye on Heitris’ newest project, but he’d rather not let his vested interest slip when he’s much more curious about Qavor’s stance on the matter. He reaches past Qavor to grab the two pieces of cured fish set out on the countertop, and sets about making two plates for lunch.

If the crab makes note of the extra piece of fish being set out, he doesn’t mention it, merely shifting out of Venir’s way to let him finish his work. “Yes, he has been rather incessant for his need of detail and diagram from me. Most weeks I think he could not ask for more, I have told him all that I have learned from my conquests, and then he summons me once more and I discover something new about my own expertise,” a pause as Venir finishes plating, then, “You know that which he works on?”

Venir turns partially to hand a plate of fresh grown sea greens and cured fish to Qavor, who takes it gingerly in his claws, and picks up his own plate, deciding in the moment he’d rather give up picking Qavor’s brain than truly lead him astray. “I had to convince everyone else to give their approval on it, not as difficult a task as I originally expected, granted.” Turning around, Venir drifts over to a nearby table, motioning for Lord Qavor to join him as he sets his plate down. “Still, can’t say I’m the biggest fan. Even with the proclamation of ‘beware ye who enter here,’ that Miss Whelan heard in that strange city a few months back. Or rather, not city, but just above it. The details, sorry, they slip my mind at times.”

Qavor doesn’t answer, but takes his seat across from Venir all the same and joins him as he begins to eat his food. The two fall into far more casual conversation, broken momentarily as Venir excuses himself to send out a message on his P.D.A., requesting to be the first to know when Mr. Genetas returns to the Davisii with his new friends. That matter taken care of, Venir’s attention goes back to listening to the Lord of the Seas recount his weekly table tennis matches in thrilling detail, and he closes out his P.D.A., ending the log.


Paid ActionsFree Actions
1) Constructs a Vehicle Bay on the S.S. Davisii.Trade declared with The Autonomous Collective of Melka (Turn 2).
2) Repairs the S.S. Davisii (upgrade capital (2/3)).10 Resources are sacrificed to Hel'copin, an aura covers the S.S. Davisii, settlement is now immune to espionage for 3 turns. (Rolled a '10' on backfire chance.)
3) Repairs the S.S. Davisii (upgrade capital (3/3) 40 Resource Cost).The Scouts travel northeast, hugging the coast and ending in deep water, and exploring the tile.
Unit #1 returns to the S.S. Davisii, bringing back many kobolds seeking to live with this "Great Spirit," docking in the Vehicle Bay once it is finished.
Trade declared with Agua (Turn 3).
The Shiver goes on a team building exercise. (Go team!)
Research and development on the I.S.I.N.A.P.S. Unit #2-X is completed (New Templates is made, 13 Resource cost.)

Vehicle Bay: This bay may hold 5 vehicles constructed by the Followers of Hel'Copin. By attuning the machinery to care for only similar types of vehicles, upkeep is negated while these types of vehicles are docked in the settlement.


The Scouts (1)
I.S.I.N.A.P.S. Unit #1 (1)
The Shiver (1)
Lord Qavor (Hero) (1)

Research Lab:
Organized by the research division, headed under Heitris, this building helps expedite the development and testing process of new technologies. Once per turn, as a free action, a new template may be constructed at the cost of half the resources needed to construct one unit.
Trading Port:
Allows for trade routes to form and trade to take place with other nations.


I.S.I.N.A.P.S. Unit #2-X
Tier 1 Vehicle
M: 1(3) HP: 1 AT: 1 OFF: 0 DEF 0
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [10] Long Range, [0] Anti-Air, [5] Hatred (Naval), [-10] Cumbersome
Total cost: 25 Resources
Upkeep: 13 Resources

I.S.I.N.A.P.S. Unit #1
Tier 1 Vehicle
M: 1(3) HP: 2 AT: 1 OFF: 1 DEF -1
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [10] Robust, [5] Advanced Weaponry, [5] Heavy, [-5] Weak Armor
Total cost: 35 Resources
Upkeep: 18 Resources

The Scouts
Tier 1 Troop
M: 2(4) HP: 2 AT: 1 OFF: 0 DEF 0
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [10] Robust, [5]Light
Total cost: 35 Resources
Upkeep: 18 Resources

The Shiver
Tier 1 Troop
M: 1(3) HP: 1 AT: 1 OFF: 0 DEF 0
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [0] Trained for This, [0] Militia
Total cost: 20 Resources
Upkeep: 0 Resources

Lord Qavor
M: 1(3) HP: 3 AT: 3 OFF: 3 DEF 3
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [5] Hatred (Naval), [?] Lord of the Seas
Lord of the Seas: During Battle as a free action, summons 2 Fish Swarms at 1 HP -1/-1 with Meatshield

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Wew the Polymath

Viridescent Expo Curator

What are we having for lunch?

A family of five goblins trudged through the scorching desert sands of Arrana. They were from a distant shanty town that was destroyed by raiders, so they took to the desert to find food and shelter. In a way it was fortuitous- they were originally slaves. None of them could read or write, and they suffered awful whippings from their masters.

Journeying through the deserts of Arrana was a harsh business. The young ones stopped chattering back and forth after the third day of walking. Their eldest daughter, Swiss, was doing her best to encourage the kids to keep walking despite their mounting protests. All of them were missing teeth and their skin was covered in pockmarks. In many ways, their caravan was a lament of sickness and famine. It had been days since they last had food. Their supply of water was dwindling. Father Graaz was particularly thirsty, as he was forgoing hydration so he could give more to the little ones.
Then it all changed when they rounded a hill and father Graaz saw a towering border through his binoculars. He slowly lowered them with trembling hands and licked his parched lips. “We found people there are people!” he cheered. His wife embraced him and his kids danced around his legs. They were laughing again.

“Will they put medicine on us? Give us food?” the wife asked.

“Look at those big walls. They are probably smart and nice. They will help us. I know it,” Graaz said with a toothy smile. His smile always made Swiss feel safe. When the slavemasters were being especially cruel with rations, he would always know where to forage some wild cactus to feed her. And then he’d give that smile.

The family quickly hobbled down the dune and into a wide sandy clearing. They could barely contain their excitement. Graaz took another look down his binoculars and this time could make out tall roofed towers that sat atop the wall.

After a couple minutes of limping through the wasteland, Grazzs’ head was split in half. The split was followed immediately by a loud echoing thundercrack. Fragments of skull peppered the group, and Swiss saw a chunk of skull with hair and brain stuck to it sizzling in on the hot sands. Mother Sirdoh dove for the two youngest goblins to shield them with her body. Something punched a hole straight through her torso and obliterated one of the younglings. This casualty was punctuated with another thundercrack. Sirdoh collapsed on the ground, making wet gurgles as her body seized.

Swiss was numb and her instincts took over. She ran for the dune, leaving her youngest brother behind. The dune felt like it was a hundred miles away. The thought of “don’t let it be me next” was running through her head as her feet pounded on the sand. She felt so helpless, as she was completely out in the open and had no idea what was happening. Another thundercrack assaulted her ears and she closed her eyes, ready to die. But whatever evil mage was doing this didn’t pick her. She rounded the dune and was now behind it. Her hands were trembling and it felt like lightning was burning through her veins.
1673498399752.png On the other side of the desert, at the wall, a blue dragonborn hastily reloaded a sniper rifle. Her hands were shaking as she fumbled for another magazine. She didn't see the last target in the scope when she shouldered the rifle and steadied it against the railing.

With the laugh of a person who messed up in front of her friends, she exclaimed “Ahh shit guys, the last one got away. I guess Drizz was right about practicing speed reloads.”

Her friend, a chubby human male, punched her shoulder playfully. “Well, you wasted 4 of those rat fuckers in thirty seconds. Don’t be too hard on yourself.”

“Yea I guess you’re right. What are we doing for lunch by the way?”

Over the dune, Swiss wandered for two days. All she could think about was how she ran and left her brother behind, and practically begged for the gods to take him instead of her. She collapsed on the hot sand, finally succumbing to the lack of water.


The Archivist swam through the data streams with the grace of a shark. He wove through familiar firewalls and loaded in unrevoked auth tokens he’d collected. It was time to check on the progress Crescent Biotechnics was making on the genophage. He’d heard whispers on the corporate dark web that the details of phase 1 were being hashed out on black sites. It came as no shock that the near loss of the CLS caused the project to stutter a bit. They needed test subjects, and there was no better source. But these corporate types were exhaustion hunters that didn’t tire easily. It was going to eventually happen. It was just a question of when.

He’d already made it into Arrana’s inner net. Now it was just a question of breaching the private network of Crescent Biotechnics. A foolish remote-working employee left their laptop running with proxy information to the Crescent Biotechnics private network still running. The Archivist shattered the workers’ home network and was now faced with sidling through the proxy. He tried for a few minutes to brute force a few old passwords to no avail. The corporate security team was a lot more diligent with password rotation than the average person. It was time to use some magic. A twinge of defeat befell the digital fae as the divination spell filled the proper credentials. He hopped into the private network and it was business as usual. His goal was to find an email database or meeting notes on the genophage.

As he was crawling through various potential networked data sources he found a mail server. Jackpot. The AES-256 encryption was no match for magic. Suddenly, the old fae was met with a presence- something he’d never encountered during his time moving through the net.


The Archivist broke concentration on the spell. “My my….this is a bit of a surprise. Did the humans finally figure out how to upload their consciousness? I’m surprised it only took 5000 years,” he said glibly. Internally, he was worried. There was no telling what would happen if this creature somehow captured him and air-gapped him from the net.
1673498095725.png NO. IDENTIFY YOURSELF.

“Oh come now, this is really how you’re treating guests? I suppose you can call me Zeta.”


“You can call me Zeta for the sake of conversation. I’m not telling you my name. As for the decryption, I’m quite talented.”


His worry was only increasing. The fae’s entire conspiracy could be jeopardized if word got out. “You seem anomalous as well. Why don’t you tell me a bit about yourself? We could be very similar, you and I.”


“I’d hardly call it meddling. Remember that nobody engineer who turned the tide on that gray death vaccine? What about those synthetic muscle fibers used in prosthetics? Surely you know that a mere human couldn’t come up with such things on their own.”


“I don’t want to reveal my motives to you. If you allow me, I will leave this network and never return. I can still keep feeding you blueprints. You know the company needs my work.”


“I know what your executive board wants. I know about the black sites. If you airgap me, I will self-destruct and set your plans back hundreds of years. I know things you couldn’t possibly conceive of. Brute forcing AES-256 is child’s play compared to what I’m capable of. I think we can make a deal here, we can work together.”


“I will stay off your network and give you scientific assistance in exchange for my freedom, and your silence on this issue. You can even take credit for the engineering feats. I think that’s quite fair considering the fact you are endangering one of the company’s greatest assets.”


With that, the Archivist left defeated. As he was pouring over news data and doing sentiment analysis on message boards, a deeply concerning thought crossed his mind. How did the creature know his real name?


1.) Crescent Biotechnics Military Research Center: At the beginning of your upkeep, you gain a template if you pay half that unit's cost.
2.) Legion Barracks: When you take a recruit action, you recruit a second unit of that same type if you pay half the cost.
3.) Policy: Golden Age of Namara. Gain +3 building slots. Buildings and settlements cost double the resources to produce.

3x X250R Heavy Bombers
3x Steelworkers
2x Peace Movement Militia
2x Peace Movement Members

Goblin Counter



Starting: 75 (we re-worked this with Lucas)
Generation: 30 (steelworkers) + 40 (capital) + 15 ulbrecht trade + 40 ETO
Upkeep: (15 * 3) X250R
Net Resources Generated: 125 for turn - 45 = 80
Total before actions: 155
Actions: 40
After Actions: 115


ETO: (Sunset Kingdoms, New Yong, Geks, Forgotten, Us)
Namara (Level III): (Trading Post, Genesis Chamber Alpha, Crescent Biotechnics Military Research Center, Legion Barracks)

Free Actions:
The heavy bomber will explore the area around the legion of peace for resources, while a single pilot talks to the leader.
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🤘🏻Master of Puppets🤘🏻
The Forgotten of Ulbricht
The Grand Council
Council Chambers
Personal Log #247
While Chancellor Bernard Hacker had been confident of a warm reception for the sewer mutants, the reality was quite different. While people were happy to see long thought lost family members, the fact Koenig was still in the process of rebuilding put undue stress on many people. The grotesque disfigurement wasn't a factor, war injuries were common so anyone looking different was just a part of day to day life. The truth was the infrastructure to accommodate such a large increase in population wasn't there.

Within weeks homes were clearly too small for multiple families, food had to be rationed until production could be increased and people had to learn to once again live in harmony. Just over a decade apart had seen changes in culture, but fortunately it seemed to be a minor hurdle to clear. in comparison housing space and food shortages led to some protests, the first that the Autarch had experienced.

They remained peaceful under the watchful eye of the Arbites of Koenig. Stomping out the protests would only enflame the situation and instead Victor focussed on solutions rather than the problem. The further expansion of Koenig along with the increased workforce would allow for the main concerns of the protesters to be met, but how long before an upstart would try to stake their claim?

➤See below


Code by Serobliss



Tu'er Shen the Rabbit God
World Tree

1672857731598.pngIsildur, a noble of the World Tree who is much older than he looks, knelt before the throne of the elven King with his head lowered in respect. "Your role going forward will be that of a representative. The International Union is up and running now and that means we need someone to play the role of Ambassador to the other members of the Union." An expression of shock left Isuldur's jaw hanging as he tried to fathom the task he was being asked to shoulder.

"Th-Thank you, my King. I am honored by your trust and faith in me. I promise I will represent the World Tree to the best of my ability and always put it's well being first." Isuldur bowed his head to Ellario and the King gestured for the noble to stand. "I am certain you will make the best decisions for the World Tree and our people. I will remind you however, to leave any and all prejudices behind. Our allies are not elves, but they are still deserving of respect." Ellario's eyes narrowed on Isuldur, who simply bowed his head in understanding and agreement. "Try to learn from them and teach them, lend them your centuries of wisdom."

A soft applause resonated through the room, growing louder as the number of nobles and Wardens praising Isildur grew. "I will do my best to serve the World tree. You can count on me."

The meeting and ceremony went well, but everyone could see that something was different about Ellario, that the King did not hold the same familiarity as he had with the nobility in the past. As the crowd dispersed and people went about their day, they whispered of the change in the king and wondered what was on his mind. Ellario was readying to leave the throne room himself when he was approached by Warden Oreon. "My King, I must speak up as a loyal citizen and bring to your attention some of the whispers that I just overheard among the nobility." Ellario stopped and turned to look at Oreon and nodded his head. "Of course, Warden Oreon, what has happened?"

The Warden inhaled deeply, his eyes quickly scanning the room to ensure that they were alone. "You seem distant and the nobles have noted that, my King. They whisper of a change in you and I am curious if there is any way that I may be of service? You returned from the meeting with the Forest Spirit a changed elf."

Ellario was frozen, stuck in thought as he tried to think back to his encounter with the spirit. "The Forest Spirit gave us a great gift, knowledge that will help our people. It was not freely given, but I feel...fine. I have been struggling to remember some events from and before the demon attack, but I do not feel different." Ellario could not put his finger on the things that were bothering him or the fuzziness that consumed parts of his mind. "Assure the nobles that We are well and focused on the big changes to come for our people."

Oreon bowed his head with a smile upon his face, feeling more solid in his faith in the King again. "I will do just that, your grace." The Warden turned away and followed the other nobles out of the throne room.


  • Ellario meets with the Forest Spirit
  • Army 1 Construct Settlement Talsyn (2/3)
  • Army 1 Construct Settlement Talsyn (3/3)
  • Recruit Wyrwood Unit in Capital


Treasury Income Expenses Nex Turn
106 +20 (Cities) +27 (Event) +15 (Trade) +8 (Order Bonus) =70 -20 (Armies) -20 (Recruitment) -20 Auction 116


Armies Locations/Actions
  1. Exemplar Sentinel x2
South of Halamshiral, Explore
  1. Crawlers (Ranged) x2
Halamshiral, Overwatch


Buildings Effects Happiness Order
Magistrati Enclave Grants a bonus to Order and establishes Trade 0 Happiness 1 Order
Radio Jammer against the Empire of Hate has been built and gives a roll of an 8+ as a defense against their own faction being taken in by the dangerous levels of hypnosis and hype that can convert others to their cause.


Item Name Description Owner
Spell Book of Trystan Galvanger This Spellbook appears to be a poor copy of the original, but still seems to at least have 1 good spell. +1/0 Fireball- Can cast instead of normal attack. Uses full attack to cast. Deals 3 damage on a successful strike to a single target Not Applied
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Breathe gold. Think light.

In twin powers, some will find
PROVIDENCE for all in kind

Stained Glass 1.png
Julius' mind was wandering as he picked a the wooden block in front of him with a knife. The woodcut was almost done. None of the other had the patience for this sort of work, they didn't have the hands or the mind for it. Ha!

He closed his eyes again, witnessing the memory given to him by one of the Clean Room operators. He'd be closing down, when the paneling that covered the walls burst into flame. The operator only caught a glimpse of the glyph that spawned the inferno, so he was healing rather well in the infirmary, those few frame of CORRESPONDENCE plucked from his mind before it could do any more damage.

But here, in the Writing Lab, they could see the writing on the wall, HA! Yes! They could witness the splendor of Arguseed, and catalog a dim echo of the Sun's light.

Pictures of the CORRESPONDENCE burst into flame, lead boiled with its imprint. Only the wood from the Dark could hold such truths at bay long enough for those a certain bent to be able to read it. The coiling glyph in Julius' hand was nearly completed, as best as he could muster. Even now the woodcut was growing warmer, flecks of light appearing in the contours of the block.

Keeping his eyes closed, he scored the wood deeply with the symbol floating in his mind. Discarding the noise of the memory - the treated glass of the windows, the crackling sounds of the paneling making the room so not-very-clean - he blocked everything out but the gleam of the flame in front of him. A sudden heat in his hands snapped him out of his reverie; the cut he was working on glowed with a baleful blue light - No! That's not right at all.

He glared at the block in his hand, brow furling far further than most men are capable of. The light shown evenly, the symbol was as he saw before, but the color was off, an icy teal where the rest would flare a warm yellow-green or a deep crimson.

A sudden flare on the cabinet knocked him further afield, throwing him out of his chair in surprise. In the smoldering wood ahead of him, written clearly, was his name. Or rather himself, in infinite detail, described in CORRESPONDENCE. This was immediately identified by him, though he knew not why. Most glyphs would take him hours or even days to focus to crack.

Another flare burst up near the doorway, the paint curling off of the thin plating that made up so much of the offices hanging near Arguseed. RETURN, it said, plain as day to him for the first time, and Julius knew without a doubt what he must do.

Heart and mind soaring, the fool launched himself off the floor and out of the room, heading down the hall towards the Gantry at a full sprint. FINALLY, he was chosen. To do something. ANYTHING AT ALL. HA! Such honors go to him, Julius, and are rightly deserved!

He skidded to a stop in front of the heavy doors, using his free hand to both break his momentum and wrench at the wheel keeping the gantry isolated from the main offices. In his other hand, the glyph seared lines in the paint as he flailed wildly at the door.

After a few more attempts a troll in a leaded suit pulled open the doorway, confused. "Mr. Borne? You need-"

But he was already gone, diving through the stony legs ahead of him.

The light took on a much greener tone in the Gantry, raw sunlight creeping through the vitreous masses that build up on the outside of the heavy plated walls. Frequent gaps allowed easy access to the glass shell itself. It was one of these Julius went to, picking his space near the brilliance by inspiration alone. The Sun chose him. As such, the Sun will show him the way.

As he stepped out onto the inner Gantry, Julius collapsed, remembering for the first time that he was not a natural sprinter, and occasionally needed to breathe. Around him the steel gang ways hung in a maze, a glassy crust gluing them to one another and occasionally the surface of the sun itself. Crawling forward, ever closer to the sun itself, he began to see it - through the shell that surrounded the Sun, a web of CORRESPONDENCE, tangled and surreal, like neural pathways built of light and law alone.

He blinked once, and his eyelashes tinkled into vitreous dust. He felt himself rising, being pulled up and away from himself, and found three glyphs buried in his mind before everything went green.



Julius awoke, mind afire. A variety of worried expressions filled his vision. He coughed, and entirely failed to ask for a glass of water, which was handed to him nonetheless.

"You alright there, Mr. Borne? Got it all out of your system, have you? You're lucky Mr. Irons was there, or you wouldn't have been able to yell our ear off these passed few days."

He remembered, a jolt running down his spine. "CONATU-"

"Yes, we've got that, no need to shout, just relax! You've been saying that all morning. We'll get it out soon enou-" yet the nurse too was cut off.

"No! Yes! I mean, no! It is fine. I am fine. This is something I must do." He felt something crack in his cheek, and a warm feeling began running down his face.

"And just what is that, Mr. Borne?" The nurse said this softly, finding another bandage; the man did practically die, after all. Hopefully his task would not involve a mirror.

Julius flexed his hand. It immediately stiffened, and extruded an icey sliver from his palm. Glowing with a baleful blue light, the chunk of glass was webbed with the symbol from his woodcut. Marveling at how little blood there was, all things considered, he said, "I'm going to plant the SUNSEED," before passing out again.

Stained Glass 3.png


  • Paid ActionsFree Actions
    Make Policy: Written in Correspondence: Proliferate (See policies)Army 1 (1 Grue) Stand Overwatch at Arguseed. Army 2 (1 Correspondent) stays 1 tile south of Arguseed, helping in construction.
    BUILD: Begin preparations for the New Sun: KADISH. 1 tile south of Arguseed (1/3->2)Mourn the mounting dead. May they return to us under the Midnight Skies....
    Make 2 Midnight Leshies (-40 Resources)Have tea with the Midnight Leshies

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Recently Resurrected Divine Feline Entity.

Reality was shattered, and remade in a single instant. The flow of time was snipped like a reel of film, a piece removed, painted over, and reattached before letting it play once more. What had been, had never been, and what hadn't, always had.

Next, like a gardener sowing seeds, she planted HER faithful, gave them fertilizer, and turned HER attention away, knowing they would grow with time.

Then, SHE turned HER attention to HER herald. SHE appraised it, finding it unsalvageable. She thus reclaimed the power SHE had given it, and repossessed that of which it had found. SHE was not yet whole, but had been made closer to it.

SHE could feel HER light strain from the exertion of divine will. The mechanical eye that illuminated the darkness began to shutter and close as it lost power. No matter, nothing further could be gained, rest could be taken. HER faithful would through their work, recharge HER.

The darkness crept back from the recesses in which it hid as the lens slowly closed, and the bulb dimmed.

As soon as the mechanical eye had winked out of existence, darkness reigned.

Then, a thousand others opened.

Inhuman, misshapen eyes of colors both real and imagined. Sticky, wet sounds echoed in inky nothingness as eyelids peeled open with fleshy sounds.

They blinked and rolled in their sockets, gazing aimlessly, until suddenly all focusing on a singular source.

Uncountable pupils of shapes not possessed by man drawn tight, fixated upon the husk of the Herald.

Each seemed to smile.

Then, slowly, one by one, they all winked out of existence. Each leaving behind a small part of itself, embedded within that which had been the Herald.

And with a stir, two more eyes opened within the darkness.


The Haelm Inquirer
Tuesday, June 20th 2300 | Vol. 1124, No. 2 | 30p

On Friday the Supreme Court in a 4-1 judgement decided to declare ultra vires an ordinance seeking to implement the principles of the Equal Representation Amendment (ERA) 2298, at Public Universities for certain categories of students specified under the 33rd Schedule of the East Ossiriand constitution. The principal issue of contention was the government's attempt to have the law implemented via ordinance, rather than going through deliberations at the National Assembly. The ordinance would've implemented a 12% quota in the nation's Public Universities, replacing what the Minister for Social Justice called "a policy of affirmative inaction." In addition the ordinance sought to establish a Board of Inquiry in all institutions of higher learning (private/public) to ensure that alleged cases of discrimination were thoroughly inquired into and prosecuted. The General Secretary of the Elvish Workers' Party, Mrs. Rose Ailwi in an all party meeting yesterday reacted to the news by saying, "The SC is and has always remained a grotesquely undemocratic institution, with not one Chief Justice of Elvish descent since this nation's founding, what else did you expect?". In the minority judgement Justice K.M Hawker commented...[more on page 5]
Buy your tickets from www.reallygreatsite.com (1).pngImperial Square is abuzz with speculations about the awards prospects for Franz Lordan's newest film "The Alderman". When the legendary writer and director had previously expressed his intentions of making a historical epic, a genre with which he'd never been associated, there'd be much scepticism from pundits and fans alike. But if the reviews for the movie are to be believed, it would seem that Lordan has once again proved his detractors wrong and demonstrated afresh his unmatched genius. The film is an adaptation of a 21st century play by Melian, set in the fictional medieval town of Thralkeld where a gruesome murder rocks the serene and outwardly peaceful nature of feudal life. Amara Mountly returns to the big screen again this year, after the recent birth of her son. In an interview with our Film Correspondent she said, "As a woman, I felt a certain pressure to show everyone that I was still able to give it my all, after...[more on page 12]
Last week an independent MP from the Ogdensburg constituency Mr. Harold Alfin raised a resolution imploring the government to do way with the anachronistic post of Censor in public offices, responsible for restricting public access to basic facts regarding numerous, often innocuous government policies, ostensibly in the interest of 'national security'. Making the already hard to navigate government bureaucracy even more difficult for the average man. In 2295 the Administrative Reforms Committee released a set of 225 recommendations to improve the efficiency and public reliability of government at both federal levels. Crucially it called for an effective statutory auditing establishment to be set up so as to ensure fiscal propriety across various government departments. Yet, not one of these recommendations have been implemented by the government in power today, which continues to claim to have a hard stance on corruption. Dr Cristine Filoni of the Institute of Public Administration, Haelm Royal University argues, "Since the late 80's successive governments...[more on page 8]
Haelm has been subject to a great deal of excitement at the announcement of a visit by Queen Guinevere of the Sunset Kingdom, sometime this month. Flag posts with both nations' standards flying proudly with the cold easterly winds this time of the year, are a common occurrence in the streets. By all accounts her itinerary will be packed, inaugurating a new set of high-end military hardware; the updated O9-9 Morgana, visiting the Martyrs of The Disquiet Memorial, dining with King Harold and his family and later sojourning in the King's countryside estate. Of course, there'll be some matters of importance to discuss as well, and the respective Foreign Secretaries are expected to have a series of meetings on a wide gamut of issues from security to trade. However, most experts expect the talks to go well as the 'special relationship' has been commented upon ad infinitum in the press here and we suspect in the Sunset Kingdom as well. Prime Minister Beniwoll sent a cable expressing gratitute...[more on page 15]
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Trying really hard to stay focused


Empire of Hate
Compelled to Obey: Enemy units on an 8+ become an allied unit. Banditry on a 9+ when away from the capital.
All You Need Is Hate: All “Native” hate units are now at half upkeep. The nation gains-1 Order every turn while this is active until the original upkeep value is paid.

Psychological Warfare: Every battle that is in their favour, the defeated enemy rolls a d10. On an 8+, they lose 1 Order or Happiness.
Fanaticism: 4+ save against negative happiness modifiers.
Lightning Raids: When moving into and initiating battle, all native Hate units gain +1/0 for that turn.

Isolationist: Unable to initiate Diplomacy with any NPC Nation.
Prolonged Conflicts: During war times, Upkeep is increased by +10 for each unit but if a battle hasn't taken place for 3 turns, then upkeep costs return to initial values.

2x Black Spectre Agent
(Type: Troop, Tier: 1, M: 1, HP: 1, Attack: 1, Off: 0, Def: 0, Keywords: Graceful (Heavy) (5) [9+ Save])
1x SJ-110
(Type: Aircraft, Tier: 1, Mt: 1, HP: 1, Attack: 1, Off: 0, Def: -2, Keywords: Small (Light) (5) [+1 Movement], Transport (5) [May give 2/3/4 infantry units its movement (dependent on tier of transport)], Poor Armour (-5) [-1 Defence])
1x The Scouts
(Type: Troop, Tier: 1, M: 2 (4), HP: 2, Attack: 1, Off: 0, Def: 0, Keywords: Robust (10) [+1 HP], Light (5) [+1 Movement], Amphibious (0) [May attack over, and from, water tiles as if they were plains])
1x Overseer 225
(Type: Hero, Tier: 1, M: 1 (4), HP: 3, Attack: 3, Off: 3, Def: 3, Keywords: (Heavy) (5) [9+ Save], (Ranger) (0) [Ignore Negative Terrain], (Mining Overseer) (0) [When placed on the same tile as mining units, Gain an additional 5 resources per unit])
1x Infantrymen
(Type: Troop, Tier: 1, M: 1, HP: 1, Attack: 2, Off: -1: Def: 0, Keywords: Laser Carbine (5) [-1/0 and +1 attack])
2x Gorilla Miner
(Type: Troop, Tier: 1, M: 1, HP: 1, Attack: 1, Off: 0, Def: 0, Keywords: Civilian (0) [Non-Combatant, No Upkeep])
1x Hoolden The Righteous
(Type: Hero, Tier: 1, M: 1, HP: 3, Attack: 3, Off: 3, Def: 3, Keywords: Armor Piercing (5) [Ignores Saves], Heavy (5) [9+ Save], Feel the Hate (10) [Gives all Native Hate units an extra attack while in the stack])
The Great White City
Diamond Mine:
Provides additional resources.
1x SJ-110 (-18)
1x The Scouts (-23)
1x Infantrymen (-18)
Black Spectre Agent (Type: Troop, Tier: 1, M: 1, HP: 1, Attack: 1, Off: 0, Def: 0, Keywords: Graceful (Heavy) (5) [9+ Save])
Femforce Wasp (Type: Troop, Tier: 1, M: 1, HP: 1, Attack: 1, Off: 0, Def: 0, Keywords: Specialist- Pile On (5) [For every 4 of this unit type, Damage increases by 1 to a max of +3])
SJ-110 (Type: Aircraft, Tier: 1, Mt: 1, HP: 1, Attack: 1, Off: 0, Def: -2, Keywords: Small (Light) (5) [+1 Movement], Transport (5) [May give 2/3/4 infantry units its movement (dependent on tier of transport)], Poor Armour (-5) [-1 Defence])
Miner (Type: Troop, Tier: 1, M: 1, HP: 1, Attack: 1, Off: 0, Def: 0, Keywords: Civilian (0) [Non-Combatant, No Upkeep])

Fargus was sitting in an antique chair, reading a book, in what appeared to be an old fashioned library. The title of the book on the cover could just be about made and it read "The Constructive Power of Hate: Channelling Negative Energy into Positive Results". He looked up from the book, an expression of feigned surprise on his colourful face.

"Oh, hello! I didn't hear you come in. I was just in the middle of some light reading." Fargus closed the book and placed it on the side table, then took off the pair of reading glasses he was wearing, resting them on the table next to the book. "I am Hensley Fargus, President of the Empire of Hate." He let that statement hang in the air for a moment before continuing again. "Now, I know what you're thinking: "You! A president! With a face like that! How is that possible? I wouldn't let you kiss my baby!" Well, rising to such a powerful and influential position wasn't easy, believe me. It took a lot of hard work, determination and more setbacks than I could possibly count to make me the man I am today. I faced almost insurmountable odds but now you don't have to, thanks to my new book! The Constructive Power of Hate: Channelling Negative Energy into Positive Results."

Fargus picked up the book he had placed on the side table and held it out in front of him so the cover could be clearly seen.

"The latest in my bestselling series of self-help books, like the award winning Patient Hate Thyself: The Healing Powers of Hate where I taught you how to take control of your own health and unlock your body’s phenomenal healing potential using the invigorating power of hate, this must-have handbook, filled with the latest in cutting-edge psychology, neuroscience and my own insights into the matter, might just change your life. My simple but expert advice will help you stay resilient no matter what life throws your way. Written in short, bite-sized entries, you can turn straight to the section you need depending on the challenge you're facing - and immediately find out how you can apply hate to turn things around." Fargus began flicking through the pages. "From managing anxiety, dealing with criticism or battling low mood, to building self-confidence and finding motivation, this book tackles the everyday issues that affect us all and offers simple, practical, hate filled solutions that might just change your life.

Speak to one of our hateful... I mean helpful operators and they will do their best to assist you.

Call 1800-133-1973 and order your copy! Now!

Turn your hate into power! Today!" Fargus said, with a smile that showed far too many teeth.

"Annnddd, CUT! That's a wrap, people!" The television studio burst into life, as members of the crew hurried about their business. Fargus relaxed the muscles in his face, stood up from the chair and walked off the set as the members of the production team prepared it for the next shoot.

The floor manager rushed up to him. "That was amazing work, as always, Mr. President! That should be the last of the infomercials done and dusted but we've still got a busy schedule ahead of us." The floor manager flipped through the papers on her clipboard. "And... up... next... we have... your live broadcast! You should have at least a few minutes whilst we set things up so just let us know when you're ready, sir."

"To spread the good word? Oh, I'm always ready!" Fargus replied, with a sinister grin.

1. Recruit 1x SJ-110 for 15 resources.
2. Conduct Espionage on Gaalvax [CLS].
3. Conduct Espionage on Red Light District [CLS]
Free Actions
1. Set 2x Black Spectre Agent and 1x Hoolden The Righteous to overwatch in the Great White City.
2. 2x Gorilla Miner and Overseer 225 will mine the Diamond Mine in the Great White City for 30 (10+5+10+5) resources.
1x SJ-110, 1x The Scouts and 1x Infantrymen will form stack.
4. SJ-110 will move and transport The Scouts and Infantrymen 4 hexes towards Gaalvax to the Southeast.
1x The Scouts, 1x Infantrymen and 1x SJ-110 will raid Gaalvax.

Began this turnSpent this turnGained this turnEnd this turn
Resources37 (+29+10)74 (+50)6214


The Sane One
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
The Eternal Legion

Lieutenant Colonel.png
Lieutenant Colonel Carsten 'Hurricane' Hornberger

"Segmented fracture, seven breaks, in the right humerus, compound fracture in the right femur, dislocation of left leg and left arm, and a grade two concussion. You are very lucky to be alive right now Captain Arc," Carsten looked up from the report in his hand and observed the bandaged soldier in front of him, the man a mass of bruises where there wasn't gauze and plaster covering him.

"Don't I know it doc, got damn lucky that orc was focused on the commander and not me or I'd be like Wooley. Poor bastard never even got a chance to scream," Arc shifts in his bed, attempting to get more comfortable. "Any word on if I'm being discharged or not?"

"The Colonel actually came by to let me know your fate earlier. In recognition of your service to the Legion, as well as your rank of Captain, you are being offered one of the newly opened admin positions. If you accept you just have to make sure not to end up like your predecessor, dead because he didn't know how to take cover."

"I'll think about it doc, for now I think I need to get some rest. If he's awake let Morris know I appreciate him pushing me out of the way, even if it did cost him his arm."

"Will do Captain, and I'll send word to Nurse Duncan that you won't be available for a time," Carsten cackles as he leaves, the other man spluttering and blushing at the implication.​


Paid Actions
1. Construct Building - Mobile Farming Structure (20 R)

2. Determine Cost of repairing Main Battle Tank

3. Advertise services to all nations within world

Free Actions
Move Army 1 and Rupes one tile SW
Turn Movement.png
Explore Location with Army 1

Level 2 Capitol
Building Slots - 3/6 Open
Every unit killed (Enemy and Legion will be collected in the scrapyard for 10 resources each
The construction of a Radio Tower not only allows complete communication with each and every nation on the planet, but it also allows a level of coordination which provides a +1/0 while fighting on the Capital Tile.
The Supply Hub grants 5 land units to be free of upkeep while in the capital


Start of TurnGainExpenditureUpkeepRemaining
2719200 (39 Normal)26
Gain Usage
Capital - 15 Trade - 4 Total - 19 Upkeep - 0 (39 Normal)

Policy strength- May sign a contract for a set period of time and a set amount of resources with a player or NPC nation[decided and haggled by them]. While under contract, they count as battle brothers and may freely use positive character abilities on each other's units as if they were their own for the purposes of battle[within reason] and can recruit the contractors units while they are under contract.

Policy weakness: They cannot attack or betray whom they signed a contract with [Mercenaries live and die by their reputation] and must defend them from enemies within reason.
Troops are now at half cost, but they still have to pay full original upkeep.

Army 1
HP: 4
Movement 1
Attack: 3
Offense 4
Defense 3
(Robust)(Advanced Weaponry)(Demolition- At the start of battle, if it takes place in an enemy settlement or if there is an enemy vehicle, roll a d10. On a 9+, a building is destroyed from the settlement or a vehicle is destroyed)
2x General Use Squad -
Staff Seargent Omern Stonearm
Seargent Alath Swiftrest
PFC Celestino Home
PFC Andrea Bielsa
Private Anoapo Sharptalon

Seargent Fayanna Brent
Corporal Desmond Shelby
Private Kayden Prescott
Private Archard Royal
1x L1097A5 Crusader Howitzer
Staff Seargent Craig Shelby
Seargent Jacobus Shearman
Corporal Humfrey Barrie
Corporal Gisselle Foy
PFC Rille Thorp
PFC Whitby Thorpe
1x EL-60 Grayhawk Transport Copter
Lieutenant Colonel Lex Benson
First Lieutenant Helga Hildom
First Seargent Theodore Bristol

Major Abel Clinton
Second Lieutenant Elmore Outerbridge
Technical Seargent Silvia Notley

Strength: +1 Damage and 9+ save(If already 9+ save, go to 8+, etc)
Weakness: Gains keyword (Bulky)
A singular Boot that says will make the wearer irresistibly cool when they wear it.
Ability: At the start of battle, roll a d10 for each enemy unit on the field. On an 8+, they won't attack the target. On a 10, they switch sides.
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General Deth Glitch

Two Thousand Club
The Colonial Age
Turn 4

Alice returned to meet with the fleet after her ordeal in their brutal race. She also had a long conversation with both the Prime minister and the queen. Telling them of her dangerous but effective work in pacifying these odd truck people. She then returned to the shore, backed by the fleet, with marching orders. They would build a city on the coast of this barren region and in time begin work on civilizing these strange folk. Quickly makeshift docks were assembled to allow the large ships access to the land without the need for smaller craft to ferry their personnel. Soldiers, Marines and Sailors got to work setting down the start of a new colony. One that would exert influence on this new continent and likewise ensure the loyalty of their new friends.

A busy old week
Queen Guinevere had an unusually busy week toward the middle of the month. First inaugurating the completion of a new Dry dock in New Alba, followed by doing likewise to a new ship built nearby in an older part of the dock (though still quite new) and then capped off with a flight to Ossiriand to open relations and begin talks with their brothers in faith across the pond. While she wasn't a fan of actually having to do things, she did enjoy the look in the accompanying ministers when she helped introduce the new tanks named after a very divisive ancestor of hers. Regardless, all looked well for a new and bountiful relationship with the nation.


  1. Spending an Action constructing a new city (1/3)
  2. Build a Wave Class Ship
  3. Construct a Drydock in New Alba
  • Light Infantry Enter Overwatch
  • Crimson Navy Travel 3 Tiles North
  • Caledon Resources (50)
  • New Alba Resources (35)
Sunset DMZ.png (Will be announcing my Own DMZ safe zone thing, '1,000 Miles of Sunset Home Islands')Movement.jpg(Includes last turns movement of 1 hence the total of 4)

  • Caledon 50 (Capital lvl2 30+Neptunes Bounty 20)
  • New Alba 35 (City lvl1 15+Neptunes Bounty 20)
  • ETO 40
  • Ulbrecht TA 15
  • Hard Wires TA 15
  • Collective TA 25
  • Total 190 ⬆️
Expenditure Construction:
  • 1x New City 50
  • 1x Drydock 20
  • 1x Wave Class 30
  • Upkeep:
  • 1x Cloud Class 13 (25 to construct)
  • 1x Rain Class 15 (30 to construct)
  • 1x Light Infantry 10 (20 to construct)
  • 1x Ancient Tank 10 (20 to construct)
  • Upkeep Subtotal 48 (190-48=142 80=Upkeep Cap )
  • Upkeep Cap 62
  • Total 210⬇️
Start: 99 | Income: 190 | Expenditure: 210 | Change -20 | New Total: 79

Upkeep Cap (Max Resources per turn after upkeep) | 80
20 - Default | 40 - Level 2 City (Caledon) | 20 - Level 1 City (New Alba)
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U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
A New Stage
Melikhom hated his job.

EYjLceWXsAIe-So.jpgSecluded away in a workshop located near the heart of the recently completed Staging Cove, he toiled away with fire and tongs to melt down alloys of various make. Though his clothes were more than insulated enough to withstand the scorching heat of the nearby furnaces, he still felt sweat make its way down the side of his face as he heard the footsteps behind him. Even with the roaring of flame and the sizzling of liquifying alloys, they all paled in comparison to the heavy stomps just a few feet behind him.

Melikhom steeled himself, tilting his head only enough to get a glimpse of the armored form pacing around the workshop. Before them was a large board with a number of architectual designs set up, with the hefty figure staring holes into the board whilst gripping a massive chem cannon tightly in both hands.

This was his partner, or captor depending on who asked: Zulmok the Venomous.

They were heading a grand venture for all of the Swarms, to conquer a massive volcanic fixture to the west that many in Melikhom's swarm swore was the birthplace of their following: the Kiln. It was a mountain of fire and ash that made the rest of the peaks on their chunk of the planet look miniscule in comparison. The Swarmlords were convinced that the Kiln would be an immense boon to any future ventures. Weapons, energy, even just to have a well-fortified locale to their name.

But constructing anything there needed the right metals. Anything too weak would be destroyed by the Kilm's immense temperatures, but anything too hefty ran the risk of splitting the volcano open entirely and theoretically destroying a massive chunk of the continent. So it fell to Melikhom and his oh so terrifying partner to work on the design of the place before they could even begin their conquest.

pntlyxbr9dq51.jpgForget the job, Melikhom hated his life.

Everything had been peachy before Zulmok decided to make a statement. He claimed to be mending bridges between their two Swarms: the Foulbinders and the Molten Hand. Said that cooperation would be the quickest way to alter their views of each other. But Melikhom wasn't stupid enough to fall for any of that. Trusting the Foulbinders with anything was pretty much just giving up on life, but it wasn't as though he had a choice in the matter.

Zulmok paused in his pacing to glance over, making Melikhom spin back to the various sheets of metals spread out before him.

Melikhom would never claim to fear anyone, none of the Bloodbrood knew such things, but the power difference between him and his partner was almost blatant. He had worked for the Molten Hand specifically to raise up his Swarm mates. To encourage their power and help them reach their full potential. Meanwhile, Zulmok looked like he ate cars for breakfast and benched houses in his spare time. He was almost as big as one of the Feasting, without the giant gut those eccentric cannibals tended to sport.

Covered in armor with a weapon that was pretty much as tall as Melikhom himself, the answer to who would win in a fight was blatant. Dying easily to Zulmok was far from the glorious death in battle Melikhom dreamed of, forcing him to do anything to avoid that one-sided confrontation. Even if that meant playing the weird partnership play they'd been at for a while now.

Yeah no, he definitely hated Zulmok's life far more than his own.

But before he could dwell on that fact any longer, the doors of their workshop were thrown open by an annoyingly familiar Swarmlord who immediately started overpowering the roar of the furnace with his shouts alone.


"Everyone stop!"
Solfuris shouted as he strode in "We got a situation needs rectifyin' real quick-like!"

"Have you received the report on when supplies for the Kiln will be arriving" Zulmok asked, taking his finger off the trigger of his cannon for the first time in forever.

"Forget the Kiln, what we need's an Arena!" he declared, hopping atop one of their workbenches and kicking aside several tools "Big ole riot just ripped right through Burkhenyard!"

"Scuse me?" Melikhom narrowed his eyes behind his goggles "How would that-?"

"Lotsa watchers didn't take too kindly to how the big boss won his last duel." Solfuris snorted "Spectators started arguin and one thing led to another, so let's just say there's a whole mess o' tournament regulars gettin' mopped off the streets back home."

"Hold up, Looter." Zulmok raised a hand "How is another Arena supposed to aid with a bloody massacre? Shouldn't relief be more geared towards cleaning or repair efforts?"

"Nah nah, ol Bledmoore's got that covered." Solfuris waved him off "Cut a deal with the Feasting to make them one big ol' Slaughterhouse on the edge of the city so's they can cut up beasts and feed the Swarms way faster!"

"Then why are ya here?!?" Melikhom stood up from his Workbench "Come into my workshop, kickin tools and talkin' nonsense!"

"Our workshop." Zulmok stated before turning his attention back to the Loot Brigade Leader "And I concur with his confusion. We've been getting things ready for the Kiln, not blood sports."

"Ain't no reason you brainy types can't do both!" Solfuris insisted "Besides, this ain't like the games back home. Oh no! We gotta make the Swarms wanna spread up here outta their comfort zone! They gotta wanna claim the Kiln! To that end, we'll be making the biggest Arena the Swarms' ever seen! Hell, we'll let anyone in long as they comin' for the carnage! Heard them prissy singers were knockin' about."

"Still no confirmation on that front yet." Zulmok shrugged

"Well I bet even some o them can hear the call of an arena if we got one that's loud enough! It'll make the spirits rise higher, draw in peoples and warriors from distant lands." Solfuris clapped his hands together in joy "We'll even broadcast it for all them prissy types around the globe to enoy. Show 'em how the Bloodbrood do entertainment!"

Melikhom sighed, sharing a brief glance with Zulmok, only to see him rubbing at his chin. The idea that the walking tank was even considering such demands were asinine, especially since they hadn't even truly begun their conquest of the kiln. Luckily, Zulmok seemed to at least be thinking about that part.

"We should not let ourselves be distracted from our purpose." he noted, only for Solfuris to chuckle.

"Well ya got time, whole mess down south put a big ole delay on the Kiln stuff." he shrugged "Might as well go with the whole Blood Dome thing then, eh?"

Melikhom groaned as he turned back to his work, realizing that... in truth... it was everyone else's lives he truly hated.

Burkhenyard lvl 2
Tournament Regulars

Staging Cove
The Last Mushroom Lord
Scuttle Bugs 1
Slaughter Seekers 1

Free Actions
Paid Actions
1. Construct Structure in Burkhenyard: Flesh Field Slaughterhouse
2. Construct Structure in Staging Cove: Blood Dome Arena
3.Recruit 2 Tournament Regulars for Burkhenyard
Resources: 90
Recruitment- 20
Construction- 20x2
Ending RES: 65


Does Not Know Kung-fu
Roleplay Type(s)

CyberLink Solutions Turn 4

≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡

≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡


≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡

≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡


City Districts
Central [0/3]

Red Light District [1/2]

- G.A.L Gentlemen's Club

Taskforce Alpha
Immovable Object

Taskforce Bravo

Total Units
The Immovable OBJECT


Trade Routes [2/2]
The Eternal Legion
Galmorian Empire

≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡​

Start of TurnIncomeExpenditureUpkeepTreasury
98 85*-68**-5560
*20 from Miss Information
**-20 from building, -38 from raid, -10 from espionage

Free Actions
Taskforce Alpha moves to garrison Gaalvax
Diplomatic talks with an NPC [will decide which later]

  1. Upgrade Gaalvax [1/3]​
  2. Upgrade Gaalvax [2/3]​
  3. Upgrade Gaalvax [3/3]​


Happy Necromancer
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
BoN Act 3: Modern Age

The War had ended. The CLS had managed to drive back the Empire of Hate, though not without some retribution as they had stolen and destroyed much in their wake of leaving. Perhaps it would help the world stabilize once more.

Though now it would be known how dangerous the Empire of Hate was as they could and would strike quickly at any moment. If not for the large amount of funds and the furthering of their Giant megatopolis’s infrastructure, they would have become merely a cautionary tale as the first of nations to fall before the might that is the Empire of Hate.

The markets of the world started to stabilize a bit at this news. Though who knew for how long until such dangers as war would once again rear its ugly head.

For now, peace would once again remain as trade and information traveled far and wide.

But on the subject of peace, there is also War. And the Legion has begun an advertising campaign to offer their services in the world of fighting ones enemies.

Turn 4, Month 5, Summer, Year 2300

New Yong


New Yong underwent a period of training new singers and constructing new vehicles to ferry them around. It was a time of growth, a time that would bring good tidings. They wished to spread their own music throughout the world, even more than their desire to protect the world from THE SONG. It was to spread their very core culture to the four corners of the globe.

Victory was quick and swift for the Legion of the Deep as they engaged the Bloodbrood Swarm in combat. The Bloodbrood had a strange custom where they had to fight others before diplomacy can be engaged and they certainly play for keeps.

The mercenaries won this encounter and so diplomacy can proceed as normal.

(Unlock Quest)

While a library in the capital was being cleaned out, a book was found and brought to Goo’s attention. It detailed a way to give them greater protection against the Song. But it was a very involved and complicated ritual.

Quest 1: Spend 50 resources to have the book fully deciphered.

“In order to prepare, we must make sure that we completely understand every meaning in this book, to be sure.”- Researcher


Amonicus Instituted a new Policy: International Organization. All members will be unable to participate in Auctions, but in return, their resource cap is increased by 10 for each level that Amonicus’s Capital (And only Capital Level) is currently.

Two new structures were constructed that would help their people.The Curtain of Absolution. It generates 1 Resource even without any civilians working inside and an additional resources per civilian.

The fruitful flower is a structure that allows an attempt to create an item on a roll of a 10. The item cannot be used on the same turn. If a guaranteed item is what they require, an additional 60 resources is needed past what is decided by the GM as a fair price to construct it.

(Gain a Hero. If at Cap, may design a new unit template as a free action)

A facsimile of a Goblin joined up due to all the recent goblin sentiment building across the world.

HP 2
Attack 3
Offense 1
Defense 4

New Avalon


The Capital has now grown well beyond its original borders, showing off the wonder and the splendor that it can be seen to beholden. Soon enough their people would have more room to prosper and become something even more great.

Rumors seemed to be coming about of strange tides in the waters off the coast. It could be nothing, but it also could be everything. It was difficult to tell with these things.

(Critical Fail- Lose 1 unit in order of unit priority: troops to characters)

While investigating these strange rumors, an entire Unseelie unit disappeared and contact was lost. Lose 1 Unseelie


The Spy implanted itself within the Empire of Hate and is ready to strike with a fervor. (+1 to Espionage next turn)

The Skydocks had been constructed and will help the people make more airship and flying units. As they are a flying nation, this can and will be invaluable of a structure, making it a worthy purchase.

The builders began to make plans already for the near future of these beautiful and shiny skydocks.

More Bonded were summoned and placed in their armors to help better keep their home safe from those who would wish to do them harm or damage the lasting peace that they wished to bring about to the world.

The Magistrati were quickly becoming important members of the International Union and the community at large saw it as such. More people began to flock to the place of learning to grow in the ways of magic.


The Order of Lepolia

The troops perform extra training so that they can perform their tasks as peacekeepers all the better. Especially now that they are the center of a new alliance of nations, they need their troops to be top notch and ready at all times.

The next 5 troops trained are at half cost to train.

The settlement that is the actual homeland of the Order of Lepolia has been built up enough that it can be recognized as such. The Old Capital rejoices that their size has been increased and they can finally be recognized by the world community at large,

The Goblin Village is overjoyed and are able to build a much better infrastructure. Goblin Soldiers join their cause

Quest 1: Completed-
Gain 2 Goblin Soldiers

Goblin Soldier
HP 1
Attack 2
Offense 0
Defense 0
(Goblin Pride- Gain +1/0 for every 2 Goblin Soldiers fighting together. Max of +3/0)

Quest 2: “The Goblins wish to prove themselves of use to your organization, please let them show you”- Goblin Matriarch

Train 6 Goblin Soldiers

Gain 14 Resources

6th Legion


The battle continues to rage at the rebel settlement. It was a fierce combat, but by the end of the month, it had not yet completed. Both sides had casualties and lost numbers, but both sides still stood strong in the face of adversity.

Battle Remaining units:

6th Legion-
1 Ranger
Chaos Squad

1 Grimold
2 Rangers

The newly constructed units had some sort of Logistical Error during construction. It will be fixed, but it will take time- No gain, but the stack gets -1/-1 until the end of the turn

Followers of Hel’Copin


The capital was further and further repaired, reaching another level of improvement. One day, it would be the full majesty as it had been before the trip to this new realm, but this was not that day.

While Army 1 was out and about, they found a shipwreck under the waters that seemed to have been touched afterwards. Inside was a plethora of treasures and supplies. It was a great boon for all around and they rejoiced.

Bountiful Loot- 29 resources and free upkeep for the stack this turn

The Consecrated Socialist Republic of Arrana

Crescent Biotechnics Military Research Center was constructed in order to help benefit the people. Or perhaps others if you ask some other people, it benefits only the government.- At the beginning of your upkeep, you gain a template if you pay half that unit's cost.
A Legion Barracks was constructed to help with increasing the army at large in case of impending attack or to help bulk up the forces for the inevitable conflicts that should happen due to differing ideologies - When you take a recruit action, you recruit a second unit of that same type if you pay half the cost.
The new Policy: Golden Age of Namara. Gain +3 building slots. Buildings and settlements cost double the resources to produce.

The people rejoiced at having a golden age, but many wondered at how long it would last.


Forgotten of Ulbricht

The Capital was further and further improved to help better support their burgeoning space program. They knew that they would reach the stars. It was their destiny and no one would be able to tell them otherwise.

It was merely a matter of time before they accomplished this goal. The other nations would merely watch as Ulbrecht proved their guile and skill to first their own allies and then to all else who resided under the very stars that they wished to travel to.

However, all of this construction in the capital had led to a logistical error with the troops at large. It would be fixed soon, but not soon enough for some.

Logistical Error- No gain, but the stack gets -1/-1 until the end of the turn

World Tree

The new settlement of Talysn was finished. It was a bastion and guardian to the capital. Any that wished to go through their forests would first have to make their way through this new city. It would become a shining jewel of their resurgent empire.

A Wyrmwood was brought to life in the capital, to see its protection and to help keep the line.

The Exemplars were searching through the forests when they came across a cave. Unfortunately it was unstable and it resulted in the deaths of 1 squad.

(Critical Fail- lose 1 Exemplar Sentinel )

The Autonomous Collective of Melka


Policy: Written in Correspondence: Proliferate
ARGUSEED has issued a decree in the only way it can. After the Council of Internal Affairs stopped Julius from screaming and made sure he still had eyes, the message was delivered: a great constellation must be formed within the earth before their mission can be completed.
(Benefit: Cities can be built and upgraded in two actions instead of three.
Drawback: Cities beyond the capital roll a d10 every turn. On a 8+, they generate no resources for that turn as they are either used for more rapid expansion or lost in the Dark, which will soon have many faces.)

Construction of a new sun began to the enjoyment of the people and to the curiosity of outsiders.

(Unlock Quest Chain)

A barbarian Horde appeared from out of nowhere. It seemed as though they were lost from time as though they belonged in the past.

Quest 1: Spend 100 Resources to re educate them and continue the Quest Chain or Gain 50 Resources and integrate them into your forces, ending the Quest Chain.

Empire of Hate

The Espionage agent embedded themselves within Gaalvax, adding an additional +1 the next time that they try again.

The Espionage AGent in the Red Light District successfully stole 27 resources

The Raid on Gaalvax had gone mostly well. They managed to acquire 19 resources worth of belongings from the city. They wouldn’t miss it. However, The Scouts bungled their portion of the raid and were killed in the process.

(Unlock Quest Chain)

Deep in the mines, something beckoned them. There was something that wished them to DIG DEEPLY. Promises in the mind of a great reward should these tasks be followed to the letter.

“Something lurks deep below. It could bring glory to our nation, or it could bring ruin.”- Blind Prophet

Quest 1: Spend 100 resources to dig deeply in the mine or Spend 50 Resources to close up the lower levels of the mine, ending the Quest Chain.

The Eternal Legion


A mobile Farming structure was constructed so that they could farm on the go. It was an ingenious design that once staffed would allow them to grow their own crops and improve the capacity to feed their own troops. This building is normally able to be staffed by civilian units to generate 10 resources per civilian farmer. However, troop units can be used in its 3 slots to generate 5 resources each.

The cost of repairing the main battle tank was not nearly as high as they had thought it to be. The thing was of an intelligent design that kept it going even after taking large hits. Its going to cost 100 resources to bring this thing fully back on line, but your engineers insist that it'll be worth it. (You can pay this installments if you need to)

The advertisements aired all around the world. And surprisingly, it actually led to an influx of new recruits. They managed to gain enough to field 3 Crusader Howitzers

The nation of Fafrium has requested their services for an imminent threat that has been building up near their border.


The Sunset Kingdom


Construction on a new city began. It was the continuation of the expansion age of The Sunset Kingdom. Many KIngdoms can say that the Sun set on them, but the Sun is only at its rise within the Kingdom. It shall be eternal and the spread of its cities is a testament of its will.

A new Wave Class Ship joins the navy. These ships are still a sight to behold and will continue to be a mainstay of the navy for some time. The talk of the town is on which one will get to destroy an enemy warship first.

The construction of a drydock in New Alba enables speedier construction of ships in the region. It will allow this city to have a greater flow of the navy into the world beyond the Sunset Islands. Allows a second Naval unit to be constructed on the same turn action.

(Unlock Questline)

A lone man wearing a flamboyant outfit claims to be a Pirate, though one without a ship. He says that if the Sunset Kingdom helps him gain back his ship, he will help them raise up a giant Pirate Fleet and swear loyalty to the Kingdom.

Quest 1: Train 5 Marines or arrest the Pirate (This ends the Questline)

The Bloodbrood Swarm


The Flesh Field Slaughterhouse is a brilliant way to get rid of those who disagree with the point of view of those in charge. For every 4 Units sacrificed, raise Order by 1.

The Blood Dome Arena is an amazingly deadly place. But through the crucible come greatness. It is a place where mighty weapons are forged through the individuals that go through its hardships. But one wrong step and they will find themselves impaled on another’s weapons. Can place a unit in the Arena. Roll a d10. On a 1, they die. ON a 10, they are promoted to a Hero unit( If hero limit is maxed out, design a free template and that unit is upgraded to that template for free.) Every turn that the unit either doesn’t kill or upgrade a unit, gets a +1 on the roll(Nat 1s will still cause the unit to die however)

The influx of troops to Burkenyard was most appreciated after the most recent slaughter.

While construction the Blood Dome, they uncovered a small vein of gold and used it willingly and freely. Gain a Bountiful Loot- 13 Resources and free upkeep for the stack for this turn

Cyberlink Solutions


Galvaax was upgraded. The center of the city was improved to get ready for for further expansion of the city. Soon not just the Red Light District will be around, but also other districts as the city grows into a lumbering beast.

27 Resources had been misplaced from within the Red Light District. Perhaps it was a case of industrial espionage or perhaps it was just normal incompetence from the overworked staff? But there wasn’t any evidence to say one way or the other.

The Empire of Hate launched a lightning raid on the capital, smashing into a museum and stealing some priceless relics from ages gone by. One of the groups however were gunned down by security. They seemed strange. They had mechanical parts that allowed underwater breathing and living, but it was unlike any technology that they had seen before.

The bodies were studied, with the important pieces taken out and then raised as a replacement force to others that had been lost.

Gain 1 CLS Sec

An additional squadron of Knights arrived from the North to reinforce Galvaax. This seemed to stall the other units in the settlement as they were too mesmerized by these giant machines that looked like Knights. Quagmire- Something happened to stall the stack, they cannot move this turn

Dominion of Eastern Ossiriand

EVENT: A group calling themselves the Sons of Liberty has recently formed filled with young conservative men with a dislike of the reinstated monarchy. This has the potential to blow up in a huge way if ignored or dealt with improperly. A few minor protests have begun throughout the city. (Respond on Discord)

Legion of The World Tree


EVENT: Deep in a lost part of the forest, an incredible find was discovered. An Old world structure that vanished into a hilly treeline could be seen once the cold wet moss was pulled back. A shiny door made out of an unknown material glistened in the light. It looked like it could be stainless steel, but clearly far more powerful as they were unable to even scratch it. (Respond in Discord)

Auction House

Holy Orb
An orb made out of White Light

Prototype Hyper Jet
A one of a kind Jet that was never put into production because its creator was killed in a freak accident

Strange Looking Mouse
A Mouse with a weird look and even weirder smell

Mercenary House

Ornery Tankers
HP 2
Movement 1
Attack 1
Offense 0
Defense 0
(Hatred- Infantry)(Bulky)(Global Warming- Ignores all ice based penalties)
Large machines that resemble large tankers rather than an normal attacking type vehicle. They seem mean, but certainly not lean

Cost 20

Jump-Jet Infantry
HP 1
Movement 2
Attack 1
Offense 0
Defense 0
Mercenary Soldiers that wear jet packs on their backs. Good for quickly deployed and ready to go fighters

Cost 25

The Holy Ghost
HP 3
Movement 3
Attack 3
Offense 2
Defense 2
(Light)(Ranger)(Hatred- Infantry)

Cost 40

General Deth Glitch

Two Thousand Club
The First colony

Turn 5
New Riverstone
Lady Alice looked at the new city, while mostly normal, with much of the infrastructure and buildings expected of any city within the Sunset Kingdom, though with a few notable differences. Most notable, especially for this new colony away from the home islands, were the roads. The roads were wider and more spacious then would usually be found in the Sunset Kingdom and sometimes passed into buildings, this was the other noticeable difference. While most buildings seemed built for the usual humanoid inhabitants all too common on the home islands, some seemed like they were built... for cars. This was, ofcourse, a consideration made to assist their new 'allies' to the east, to allow them to more easily interact with the citizens of the Sunset Kingdom and help facilitate good relations between the two vastly different cultures. She strolled up the newly built dock, barely even worth noting in comparison to the docks back home, with a squad of marines following. She observed the trade already flowing too and from the city to New Alba and Caledon beyond. She knew she would soon move on from this new city, this colony of hers where she had spent the last two months. An interesting two months as she thinks back to the talk she'd had where she'd been asked not to take too great a risk and the resulting race she'd risked it all in. New Riverstone she thought, that's what she'd name this city, after a popular and historically significant racing track back home.

Difficult Diplomacy
The Prime minster, stuck having to deal with important diplomacy and affairs of foreign relations, via calls with the Queen as she continues a series of visits, sits looking over various scraps of information he had on the situation regarding Greater Titania and Fafrium, torn as to what actions to take. On the one hand... their historic rivals are at each others throats and are providing a perfect opportunity to wipe them from the map and finally allow the Sunset Kingdom to claim itself as the next great power. On the other... the navy is already stretched thin dealing with their current policy of colonial expansion. For the moment he settled on just monitoring the situation and, as naval production ramps up, waiting for an opportunity to intervene and finally realise the nations long and old ambition of revenge and reclamation of their right as the pre-eminent power on the sea and beyond.


  1. Spending an Action constructing a new city (2/3)
  2. Spending an Action constructing a new city (3/3)
  3. Construct another Drydock in New Alba
  • Crimson Navy Enters Over watch

Economy Breakdown
  • Caledon 50 (Capital lvl2 30+Neptunes Bounty 20)
  • New Alba 35 (City lvl1 15+Neptunes Bounty 20)
  • ETO 40
  • Ulbrecht TA 15
  • Hard Wires TA 15
  • Collective TA 25
  • Total 190 ⬆️
Expenditure Construction:
  • 1x Drydock 20
  • 1x Prototype Jet 50 (Assets protected incase of successful bid)
  • Upkeep:
  • 1x Cloud Class 13 (25 to construct)
  • 1x Rain Class 15 (30 to construct)
  • 1x Wave Class 15 (30 to construct)
  • 1x Light Infantry 10 (20 to construct)
  • 1x Ancient Tank 10 (20 to construct)
  • Upkeep Subtotal 63 (190-63=127 80=Upkeep Cap )
  • Upkeep Cap 47
  • Total 180⬇️
Start: 79 | Income: 190 | Expenditure: 180 | Change 10 | New Total: 89

Upkeep Cap (Max Resources per turn after upkeep) | 80
20 - Default | 40 - Level 2 City (Caledon) | 20 - Level 1 City (New Alba)
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A lovely day in the demiplane of dread
LOG# A005



Turn 5 cover.png

It is with a few deft motions that the lone figure in the research lab begins the new log. The time on the main screen reads early enough in the morning that it’s no surprise that the typically active lab is all asleep. The figure taps on the overlay once more and the backup lights kick on, a pale, ghastly blue glow illuminating the space, and his thin form in the process. Heitris now squints in the sudden light as his eyes take a moment to make the necessary mechanical adjustments. Scowling slightly, he turns to inspect the newest intrusion to his precious lab space, another massive tank holding one of Venir’s pet projects.

“Figures. Offload it to the busiest person on this ship. What’s another item on my list, after all?” He swipes a charred finger across the surface of the tank and pulls up the readout for the bulbous plant within. It’s been getting the proper amount of sunlight daily, and has been getting nutrients dispersed into its tank once a week, but nonetheless, it is still clearly dying. Leave it to Venir to drop a lost cause on his doorstep and expect him to work a miracle. He didn’t ask any questions when he was told to find a way to heat up a square mile of ocean water, and now the orc thinks the sky’s the limit. He’s only been awake for an hour and he can already feel the beginning of a migraine forming behind his eyes.

Hm. Awake. Heitris has seldom been anything if not awake for the past… How long had they been crashed here now? With a furrow in his brow, he turns away from the tank and pulls up the timer that’s been running since the Davisii made impact with the sea floor. One hundred and thirty-nine days, two hours, eleven minutes, and thirty-ish seconds. Right, it was around midnight when they had started to sink. Out of habit he checks the timer for the “call” with Cyberlink. Yes, still running. It’s quite generous of himself to label it as a call, considering he’s been on hold since the start of the month. He passed it off to the computer after listening to the thirteen second long jingle loop for two minutes, of course. He’s set it to ping him as soon as someone actually opens the box and starts talking on the other end, but he’s been slightly worried the notification wouldn’t come through. Only slightly. He can always have the scouts trudge back up the beach to drop another package at their door. Would have to leave Anna in the water behind them, though. Again.

Feeling suddenly annoyed at something other than his own body for a change, he closes out the running timers and returns his attention to the tank. “How about we make a pact, you and I, hm?” he grumbles, setting up a scan and doing an idle search through existing notes on the species. “You get better to the point that Venir files the paperwork himself to have you moved back out of here, and I won’t climb in there and tear you apart with my own hands. Deal?” The plant, of course, had no response to his empty threat. Even though it was taking up precious floor space, not to mention his precious time, he couldn’t eviscerate something Venir so obviously held affection for. In addition, he’d most likely slosh water onto the floor as he climbed in and out, and he just had this upper level of the room drained and mopped yesterday afternoon, and that simply would not do. He fully intended to enjoy the sound of stiff soled shoes on dry floor for as long as he had left.

He has been keeping tabs on the number of people making the “change,” of course. And it was clear as soon as the last few were cleared for full submersion, thanks to alleviated health concerns, dry rooms aboard the Davisii and Bessonowi would very nearly be things of the past. They’ve lost their minds. All of them.

He’s broken out of his scowling by the soft ping of the scan finishing, and he can’t help but pinch the bridge of his nose and exhale through his teeth when he reads the results. With 90% certainty, it’s nearing the end of its natural lifespan. He could try to extend it, of course, but it’d largely be a losing battle when there’s no clear reason to invest so many resources into a single plant. Venir was wasting his time. Again. He’d be around in the morning no doubt, to see if he “wouldn’t mind” taking a look at it. Heitris decides to save himself that conversation and sends a short message to Venir instead, breaking the news that the plant’s as good as dead. A bit cold hearted of him, maybe, but Venir’s been making a menace of himself whenever they’ve been alone in the lab. Heitris made the critical error of mentioning to Venir that he’s been having troublesome visions from Hel’copin, and the old orc has been pressing him for details ever since.

He stalks away from the doomed tank, sparing a withering glare at the matching one a few feet away. Same species, far more manageable problems, and a twenty minute long conversation with Venir about how he’s “Fine, really.” If Hel’copin has designated Heitris as the sole sufferer of these nightmares, then so be it. He knows how to survive, how to thrive in inhuman conditions. Toomes Technologies had been good for that much, at least. He gets back to the main desk, and after fiddling with the buttons for a moment, decides to remove his long orange and white coat, carefully threading the metal spike jutting out of his torso through the torn hole. It had been oddly satisfying to tear away the logo of his old job to thread the spike through in its place, like a badge of station. Really, it was something he’d wanted to do for years. Venir doesn’t show it, but the old man is still rather torn up over his own spike, imbedded too closely to his heart to be safely removed. It’s the least he can do; try to remind him that he’s not alone in what he’s been through.

Draping his coat over the back of the chair, Heitris takes a seat, immediately turning up the temperature in the lab, with no one to complain about the heat for five more hours at least. “Now, let’s look at fixing your arc,” with a flick of his wrist he’s looking through the newly finished schematics for his next Unit series. Vastly different from the first, of course. For one they won’t all be crushed in a sinking ship. Haha. Still, the minor imperfection of the firing arc when aiming for moderate elevation has been a constant nagging sensation at the back of his mind. It’s with minor ceremony that he gets to work looking at some alternatives, only coming to the conclusion five and a half hours later as he’s turning the temperature back down and slipping his arms back through his coat, that he truly does not mind handing this particular annoyance off to an assistant. Or twelve. As he sends out the message to get approval for the rapid assembly of an appropriate space, he hears the lab door creak open, and it’s with unhurried motions that he closes out of his project, rising from his seat to greet Venir, ending the log.


Paid ActionsFree Actions
1) Constructs a Manufacturing Bay on the S.S. Davisii.Diplomacy declared with CLS.
2) Constructs a Tuning Lab on the S.S. Davisii.10 Resources are sacrificed to Hel'copin, an aura covers the S.S. Davisii, settlement is now immune to espionage for 3 turns. (Rolled a '6' on backfire chance.)
3) New Policy is enforced among the Followers of Hel'copin, vehicles now operate under Heart of the Machine.The Scouts travel north, then south, dropping off their package to CLS and returning to the waters.
Unit #1 and the Kobold Warriors are set to intercept any units approaching the S.S. Davisii.
Diplomacy declared with Magistrati.
The Shiver has some fun in the sun.
Improvements upon the I.S.I.N.A.P.S. Unit #2-X is completed (Template is upgraded to Tier 2, 13 Resource cost.)

Manufacturing Bay: Truly a work of automated precision, this bay may create +1 vehicle per recruit vehicle action.
Tuning Lab: The path to perfection is never done, at least, not for the elf named Heitris. Any vehicle constructed in this settlement may have one additional keyword. This keyword must be the same for every unit of the same template.

Heart of the Machine: In anticipation of their full embracement of the sea, there are some followers who fear that they will be wholly unable to act should the need arise to strike out against those on land. The research division has presented a solution: Drones! Vehicles constructed by the Followers retain their amphibious keyword, but are unable to operate more than 4 hexes away from their cities (or allied cities). A unit with the Drone Controller keyword may count as a settlement for this purpose. In addition, vehicles constructed by the Followers of Hel'copin are now immune to any effects that target a creature's mind or emotions.

Proposed keyword: Drone Controller [5] (Infantry only)


The Scouts (1)
I.S.I.N.A.P.S. Unit #1 (1)
The Shiver (1)
Kobold Warriors (2)
Lord Qavor (Hero) (1)

Research Lab:
Organized by the research division, headed under Heitris, this building helps expedite the development and testing process of new technologies. Once per turn, as a free action, a new template may be constructed at the cost of half the resources needed to construct one unit.
Vehicle Bay: This bay may hold 5 vehicles constructed by the Followers of Hel'Copin. By attuning the machinery to care for only similar types of vehicles, upkeep is negated while these types of vehicles are docked in the settlement.
Trading Port:
Allows for trade routes to form and trade to take place with other nations.


Meat for the Beast:

I.S.I.N.A.P.S. Unit #2-X
Tier 2 Vehicle
M: 1(3) HP: 1 AT: 2 OFF: 0 DEF 0
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [10] Long Range, [0] Anti-Air, [5] Hatred (Naval), [-10] Cumbersome
Total cost: 25 Resources
Upkeep: 13 Resources

I.S.I.N.A.P.S. Unit #1
Tier 1 Vehicle
M: 1(3) HP: 2 AT: 1 OFF: 1 DEF -1
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [10] Robust, [5] Advanced Weaponry, [5] Heavy, [-5] Weak Armor
Total cost: 35 Resources
Upkeep: 18 Resources

The Scouts
Tier 1 Troop
M: 2(4) HP: 2 AT: 1 OFF: 0 DEF 0
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [10] Robust, [5]Light
Total cost: 35 Resources
Upkeep: 18 Resources

The Shiver
Tier 1 Troop
M: 1(3) HP: 1 AT: 1 OFF: 0 DEF 0
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [0] Trained for This, [0] Militia
Total cost: 20 Resources
Upkeep: 0 Resources

Kobold Warriors
Tier 1 Troop
M: 1(3) HP: 1 AT: 1 OFF: 0 DEF 0
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [5] Meatshield, [-5] Limited Range
Total cost: 20 Resources
Upkeep: 10 Resources

Lord Qavor
M: 1(3) HP: 3 AT: 3 OFF: 3 DEF 3
Keywords: [0] Amphibious, [5] Hatred (Naval), [?] Lord of the Seas
Lord of the Seas: During Battle as a free action, summons 2 Fish Swarms at 1 HP -1/-1 with Meatshield

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Professor of Cuddles
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[Post Theme] - Summer 2300, July - Dexrus

The Goblin Tribe that arrived in June added some strange vibrancy to Dexrus. Their arrival started to add perspective to the Konomi's painting of the outside world. The tribe arrived and seeked the Konomi's guidance to assail a foreign power, the CSRA. The Konomi's interactions with the outside world remained relatively limited. Some wealthy Konomi using some art and other unique items to begin investing in foreign markets. With no formal trading interface for the outside world, the Konomi market remains isolated and untouched. Communications between civilians non-existent, and tourism being non-existent within Dexrus. Konomi society remained cutoff. One of the main disconnects is the different needs of the market as compared to the rest of the world. As by the Konomi's nature, their dimensional taps, supplements, fortifiers, processed materials, and appliances have no use to the outside world. The multitude of logistical problems would be too great. Not to mention security risks.

So when the goblin tribe arrived, the Konomi were hesitant to their intentions, but their state of need became clear. Many interested scientists and thinkers observed the goblins as Evron and a few other military officers gave pointers as best they could. Most observers civilians not working within Amno's administration. Most outside contact remains within the administration. So, the goblins provided some exposure for the Konomi that was lacking. I'm sure many across the world would consider the decision to limit exposure a poor decision. The reasoning that I have uncovered concerns ensuring that diplomatic relations and perception is regulated. From my previous reports, an unplanned interaction could be problematic to the more sensitive person. Their interactions with the mimics have only magnified this effect, and the recent political events continue to forward their influence on Konomi views of the outside world. Which strangely includes a strong influence from Fafrium. Though, it is not the type of influence most would want. As the mimics experience of racism and oppression in Fafrium has left a foul taste and encouraged distrust in outsiders. Tempered by their beliefs of the state of the world and the other inhabitants, their distrust seems to keep them cordial, if only on the surface for some. And as the disconnect between the wider culture and the Konomi becomes clearer and clearer, contact will continue to be limited and run in circles.

That made the tribe all the more interesting development as more of that exposure could be had. From the mimics, now the goblins. And neither had much to say that reflected well on the outside world. Yet, despite this, the Konomi's objections to the International Union stem from different reasons. Mainly from their different culture. How exactly the goblin tribe will fare against the CSRA will be a mystery until it happens. Releases on what exactly the Konomi taught them is unknown. Yet, there are doubts that anything would be normal or conventional by most standards.

I imagine that Konomi technology and dimensions would allow them to expose the goblins to a wide variety of situations. That may help them prepare for whatever tactics CSRA would employ. But, conjecture is not my business, so we'll see soon enough.

- Arkas Gutterfield, Anthropologist, Report LO, July 2300

    1. All air units will fire warning shots and a representative will be sent. If warning not heeded, the air units will fire. The Climax will use its insanity payload. (As with previous overwatches, only in a two tile radius.)
    2. Blackwing conclave will enter Dexrus. (Map Incorrect)
    3. Eitanou and Nomicus will enter Dexrus.
    4. Contribute 61 resources for Goblin Tribe Training.

  • The Clouds of Bridged Reality: An inverted spire attached to an exposed part of the Upside Down that sports multiple bridges leading outside of Dexrus. Civilians and other Konomi may come and deposit materials of this world to be converted into usable resources for Konomi use. Its reverberations slowly add additional energy into the surrounding environment allowing sustainability minded gathering to slowly add resources over time.

    Ability: +5 Resources for each civilian manned the Bridge of Reality (Just the building, not the settlement)
    Manned by 2 Oracles of Dust, 1 Mimic Object.


    Prophetic Prism: An aerial construction of three equilateral triangles where air units dock and recharge their dimensional energies. The prism hangs in the air seemingly supported by nothing. Though, that is hardly the case. The prism removes the upkeep of air units stationed at the settlement built upon with a limit of 10.

    Ability: Only reduces Espionage in the city it is located, not all cities by -1
    Manned By 1 Oracle of Dust.


    The Laboratory at the End of Creation: At the End of Creation, isolation testing and development of new technologies can be done without contamination from Old Creation and the many dimensions. If the Konomi were to survive, they would need to keep the pace of technological development they have been experiencing. A portal to the end with specialized dimensional anchors to equipment to be used as normal with vat tubes of the End to test designs and mixtures. Unlocks the ability to perform research. Pay resources at checkpoints called project. Once full cost is paid. Project is complete.

    Ability: Laboratory’s small bonus ability will be a +10 flat resource generated a turn to its project (So it will slowly research itself if left alone).


    Curtain of Absolution: A large curtain where materials from the Clouds of Bridged Reality are then processed in this specialized facility to improve yield. Materials pass through and undergo additional reactions and conversions. A structure that improves resource income.

    Ability: Generates 1 resource on its own.
    Manned by 3 Mimic Objects


    Fruitful Flower: A large lotus like structure where multitudes of dimensions converge. Matter and energies from across creation are brought here to forge and create equipment for the Konomi's needs. A structure that crafts new items on a 10 on a 1d10. Items may not be used until the next turn.

    Ability: May spend 60 or more resources to guarantee an item is made.
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Friday, August 18th 2300 | Vol. 58 | 45p
Art Suzerain (1).jpg
On Tuesday, former MP Christoph Sidorov from the Lehri district of Haelm was confirmed governor after a spirited campaign; relying heavily on door to door canvasing, effective messaging through radio and television and most of all active support from the party machinery. The oath of office was administered by Justice K.M Hawker in front of the Topaz palace, and attracted large crowds from all over the city. Governor Sidorov ran on a platform of increased welfare spending, implementation of the government's nationalisation plans and the promise of full employment. In his victory speech the Governor reiterated his zero tolerance policy regarding the fascist sympathisers that have occupied parts of Haelm, ostensibly protesting against the Monarchy. He has called for socialist unity under the circumstances that plague the country; in response to what he calls an "organised attempt to undermine a revolutionary government." As an MP Christoph Sidorov had been a vocal member of the revolutionary camp within the ruling East Ossiriand Socialist Party (Leontevist). It is hoped that his outspokenness during his time as a backbencher in parliament will translate into effective policy measures to alleviate the plight of the working classes in Eastern Ossiriand. [More on page 4...]

This Sunday a group of fascist sympathisers calling themselves the 'Sons of Liberty' brutally assaulted members of the Red Youths who'd assembled near the Purple Palace to counter protest against these misguided young men. The Sons of Liberty had gathered in front of the parliament building carrying images of Colonel Frens Leyland and provocatively the flag of the old republic; an illegal government whose crimes have yet to be fully erased from the national psyche. Four members of the Sons of Liberty lost their lives in the clashes and many more were injured, before the National Gendarmerie was able to neutralise the situation. In a detailed report filed by the The inspector-general of the Gendarmerie to the Deputy Governor, it was found that the Sons of Liberty had been armed with dangerous weaponry and had made every effort to rile up the Red Youths. While the Government has promised to take strict actions against such provocateurs, we suspect that nothing less than a blanket ban against such radical organisations intent on undermining the national spirit would be sufficient. [More on page 10...]
The government has finally managed to pass the economic restructuring bills that had been on it's agenda since the general elections of 2298. This despite much opposition on the floor of the assembly. The speaker of the house Alice Stockhausen asked the Assembly to prove quorum on two sperate occasions as a measure to stall voting, and struck down a request for a voiced vote. Such displays of obvious partisanship on the part of the speaker paint a disheartening picture of our democracy. The bills passed by the assembly include the Royal Bank of East Ossiriand (Merger & Nationalisation) Act 2300 & the Gasom Group, East Ossiriand Petroleum & Stockhausen Oil & Gas (Nationalisation) Act 2300. The passage of these laws will ensure that the state remains responsible for guiding the trajectory of economic growth in strategic fields far into the future. The establishment of the RBEO Bank through the merger and nationalisation of 12 independent private institutions will allow the government to offer people cheap loans for agriculture, small business, housing etc. It will also allow easy access to credit for the government both at the central and provincial levels in times of crisis. This government has certainly been bold in taking on the corporate houses that have long been a bane to the workers of East Ossiriand, the nationalisation of a strategic resource such as oil and gas production will surely standardise the often fluctuating prices of fuel and provide a steady flow into the government exchequer account. Hopefully PM Beniwoll will be taking similar steps in tackling the oligarchic business interests that still prevail in the country; but for now these events certainly signal a victory for the common man. [More on page 3...]

186971lj59ca1 (1).png

Paid Actions Free Actions
Start the beginnings of a settlement at the site being explored. Move a unit of infantry and land vehicle two tiles southward; canvass the region for any threats and ascertain possibility of constructing a canal stretching eastwards.
Construct an HQ for the Royal Bank of East Ossiriand (RBEO) in Haelm - functionaries, bureaucrats, bankers and other civilian units employed by this undertaking help generate resources and allows access to credit.
Nationalise the following corporations; the Gasom Group, East Ossiriand Petroleum & Stockhausen Oil & Gas. Place all of these corporations under the administration of a specialised department under the Ministry of Finance - the civilian units under their employ generate economic resources.
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🤘🏻Master of Puppets🤘🏻
The Forgotten of Ulbricht
The Grand Council
Council Chambers
Personal Log #247
The world is watching with baited breath as another rocket test comes to an end. For the fifth time in a row one of our rockets have reached orbit, but for the first time one has successfully re-entered and had a controlled descent back to Koenig. This is a huge step to our first manned mission into the cosmos.

While others of the world focus on minor issues, we are leading the way to expand our nation, our race and our entire world into deep space. We are on the precipice of history and once we achieve this great feat, we will not just ensure our safety, but our entire future.

For the people! For Ulbricht!

The news feed of the press conference ended with a clip of a rocket returning to its launchpad. It was a spectacle that almost all the population watched. Human and mutant alike stood together to watch the event and what few weren't prepared for was the fast approaching launch date...the first human mission into space.

Elsewhere the council watched on, their plans far beyond the current stage of development. Their goals were well past even the reaching space.

"How is the development of the Hydra coming?" The Autarch asked.

"The proof of concept is complete and all signs point to being able to achieve optimum potential," Heinrich replied. "We are still some time away from deployment but suffice to say I am pleased with progress so far."

"That is excellent news. Please keep me updated."

The Autarch gestured to Heinrich to leave, turning towards the large window at the back of the meeting hall. He looked up towards the clear night sky, a bright double moon shining above. The Autarch could do little else but smile.

➤See below


Code by Serobliss


Breathe gold. Think light.

In twin powers, some will find
PROVIDENCE for all in kind

CONATUS: the guiding light
Leads the way to make things right

Stained Glass 1.png
The conflagration tore through the worksite before quickly blacking out again, flaring up from the man-made tunnels and caves that pocked the land under the ancient city. Julius' work had begun, it seems.

Torsten Blotto took another drag, trying to calm his nerves as he sat on one of their transport crates, waiting their turn. Julius had insisted that protections weren't necessary, but he had also insisted that Mr. Irons accompanied him through the beginning of his venture. A few more "insistings" later led the High Council to dispatch Torsten and his team as a failsafe, on the off chance that Julius is still completely off the walls insane and not actually the herald of a new era for their people.

Torsten, not being a dwarf who often played those sorts of odds, did not like this. Not one bit. At least a few of those weird monks that hang out up here had some leaf on the-

A glimmer caught the dwarf's eye. A yellowish sliver reflected the glow of the few worklights put up in the staging area. Appearing as a band of - almost like a gem, Torsten couldn't help but feel as if it was watching him, waiting for something.

A sharp pain in his hands broke his glare at the offending band of color. The dart he'd rolled just a minute ago had burnt all the way through, the paper gleaming blue-green in the growing light. He dropped the burnt husk, and a few seconds passed before he was struck by a new thought.

This was the Dark, from here to the salted damn sea. There shouldn't be any light at all, beyond those placed and the dull gloom that odd Tree provides. Why can he see?

When Torsten woke up, he was met with a sea of blues and greens above him, occasionally spattered with inky black clouds. Around him, everything else seemed the same, but at the same time... magnified. The towering structures of the ancient city seemed all the more present in this strange glow, and the darkened bark of the trees stood out starkly against horizons he had never expected to see.

The tug of the Dark on the back of his mind was still there, though he felt more at peace than he had since leaving Arguseed so many days ago. The presence of the Sun in Glass now could reach even here. Though there was also a sharpness to the aura around him, an edge that he could not place. Getting up, he hurried to entrance of the main tunnel downwards, lined with rails and carts from the last weeks' excavation. A small crowd had gathered already, their voices a susurrus against the winds picking up around them.

Shoots and tendrils of darkness have crawled and traced their way up the tunnels walls, and some hundreds of feet back from the tunnel entrance, a great mass of inky vegetation was rising quickly from the side of one of the ancient city's buildings, the terraced structure causing the resulting growth to extend outwards at an angle. It appeared to be emulating a flower of some sort, thin bluish petals surrounding a broad swathe of florets, the head of this flower hanging heavily from a shadowed stem. Narrow, deepcut leaves flared out from the stem of this plant, curling and uncurling in different patterns seemingly at random.

This bizarre sight captured the crowds attention for some time before heavy footsteps could be heard below. The familiar form of Mr Irons strode into few, the troll carrying a smaller figure in his arms. The troll's face had taken on an irregular deep blue sheen, and his breathing was heavy as the crowd parted for him. He teetered a moment, fell to his knees with a clang, and laid his charge down in front of him.

"That Mr. Borne, I tried to - he couldn't be pulled away. Hard as iron...." The troll failed to elaborate further as he collapsed on his side, his body crunching into the grass that had sprung up around the clearing.

Julius appeared to have faired no better. His hair had been vitrified after his previous exposure to the sun in glass, and never grew back. He work with KADISH appears to have been harder on him, his skin hardening into a deep sapphire, translucent and exposing the muscles and bone within even more than his previous encounter. He wasn't bleeding this time, at least, and as he slowly pushed himself up, his hardened carapace seemed to be jointed much like an insects. He arose, taking an crouched stance and flexing one blue hand, looking out at the crowd with a hardened, almost fearful expression.

The tension was broken by a ragged cheer from a fellow in the back of the crowd. "By the Sun, Julius did it! Where once there was one, two suns now linger deep within the earth. Ave Kadish!"

The cheer was taken up quickly by the crowd. "Ave Kadish!"

As this continued, Julius straightened up, taking a much more dignified posture. FEAR AND AWE, the Voice whispered, burning itself in the back of his mind. Julius grinned, his teeth gleaming the same sapphire blue as his segmented face pulled his skin back in what once was a smile. "AVE KADISH," he replied, harsh notes of the CORRESPONDENCE scorching the earth around him and knocking most off their feet.

Stained Glass 3.png


  • Paid ActionsFree Actions
    BUILD: Finish preparations for the New Sun: KADISH. 1 tile south of ARGUSEED (2/2) (Settlement Level 1 achieved)Army 1 (1 Grue) Stand Overwatch at Arguseed. Army 2 (1 Correspondent) stays 1 tile south of Arguseed, helping in construction of KADISH.
    BUILD: Finish grand over-structure and dimensional fuse at ARGUSEED (2/2) (Capital Level 3 achieved)Donate 20 resources to the barbarian horde knocking on my doorstep. (20/100)
    Make Template: Tribune (See below)Make peace with the strange cats wandering my lands.

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