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Nation Building BoN Act 3: Modern Age

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Happy Necromancer
Turn 0, Month 1, Year 2350
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A skeletal figure sat in a large chair in a small, but extravagant room. He only brought a handful of important things with him on this journey, but they were still things that he preferred to not be without. A picture of him and his husband back from when they both were counted among the living. But that was a lifetime ago. They both gave up their mortality to be something greater, though with all that is going on, he did miss him from afar and hoped that he would be safe back at home.

The book detailing the events of a handful of millenia ago on the continent of Khanzhig. He must say, that this time, it seems that there will be societies to last. And that is something to be proud of, even with the turmoil that he heard has been happening on Khanzhig, he still holds out hope that they won't fall back into old patterns of destruction that civilzations before had all done. He even had befriended the leader of one of the Empires, The Nation of Itza and their Leader Grand Mage Tokotol who has since become a close and personal friend. Him and his forces alone have made such a difference in the fight, especially once their magic and technology was eventually increased.

A series of manuscripts from the continent of Citrona. That place had quite the ancient history and much was buried there that the current civilizations had uncovered. War was a plenty, with even one of the nations unlocking an ancient God that was long ago locked away. It was through a valiant effort and the nations coming together that allowed him to be defeated. And then followed the defeat of the Carmine Empire that had even tried to usurp control of the continent by becoming unsightly demonic beasts. Something that would never be allowed, of course. Demons are the number one priority to defend the planet from.

Inziim sighed as he looked over at his pad. The war was still going on in the farthest reaches, keeping things away from the planet that he has sworn to protect. But it has kept him away for quite some time, and even with regular updates from his spies and scouts on the going ons that are happening, he still prefers to watch from up close. Inziim was as always, the eternal watcher. He has dedicated his entire unlife to protecting the planet from Demonic or outside forces. The fighting outside forces was what he was currently doing right now. He was fighting an unrelenting foe, but their enemies will either surrender or be overcome. He was a powerful mage and would not leave his homeworld unprotected.

It seemed that the continent of Menai has finally emerged from the recesses of a dangerous plague that had wiped most of them out. They are finally on the road to recover and expansion. He will definitely keep informed of these matters and to see how they progress.


Drip...Drip.....Drip. The sound of something nearby splashing woke her up with a start. Gabriella shook her head, causing droplets of water to sprinkle all around the room. This was it. She knew all the signs from her dreams. The young woman reached into an old cracked drawer and pulled out a deck of tarot cards, placing them carefully in her side satchel. Today was definitely the day. She gathered up her rag tag set of belongings and opened up her door, breathing in the fresh sea air. It had on it a crisp breeze followed up by the familiar smell of seaweed.

Gabriella ran down the makeshift road, not even paying attention to the buildings that were made from bits and bobs all around her. This place had always been like this, she was told. Even before the plague had wiped out so many people. This was a place of oddness and survival. But that was also what made it a place or dreams and magic. It was that very magic that had told her that Today was the day. Today was the day that everything was going to change.

The young woman ran past other people that were walking down the street until she made it to the largest building in town. It looked as though it were made of boats, planes and all kinds of buildings. But she knew what it really was. The magictorium where dreams could be made true. And where she was going to change everything. Or at least accomplish something. Her first task was getting inside and past the guards...…...​

Queen Boudica

Magic Eight Ball
Queen Boudica strolled through the city of Iceni, her people all happily working or caring for their children. “Queen Boudica! The druids wish you in the Circle of Stones.” A lady druid apprentice took Bouidca’s arm and led her to Stonehenge where many of the druid council waited with their apprentices.

“What is it Cadhla?” Boudica asked, her red hair flying in the wind as she shifted her armor. Cadhla and the council took the Queen into Stonehenge and Boudica kneeled down at the base of the center stone. She and the circle of Druids all began to softly pray,
“Tha sinn a ’toirt taing do na Diathan
airson an gaol agus an spèis airson
an stiùireadh agus an scolding
airson an taingealachd.”

They continued as Boudica received visions of crows and the torrent of the sea. “The Gods are angry. They are warning.” She said while gritting her teeth. The Druids continued to pray as the visions kept coming from the cries of crows and metal on metal. “Stop!” Boudica ordered her anger boiling. “Bring offerings to all the Gods. We must appease them and keep in their graces. We must prepare for the warnings to come.” Boudica dismissed herself from Stonehenge and raced to the village smith. “You must gather your metalsmiths! The Gods give warning! I’m unsure of place or time but we must always be prepared!” Boudica said as the Smith bowed “Yes my Queen.” He said as he began rounding up his apprentices and fellow smiths.

As Boudica strode back to the castle her daughters ran up to her, “Mother! Father wishes to see you!” The girls grabbed their mother’s hands and leading her to the castle where her husband stood outside the gate. “Ah! My Princesses have returned with My Queen!” He smiled and took his wife into his arms, kissing her sweetly before enveloping his girls in one big hug. Queen Boudica smiles faintly and put her hand on her husband’s forearm. “We have much to discuss. Come.” She said this as they all entered the castle, worry hung in the air that night.

After the Queen had left the blacksmiths had immediately begun working, they prepared armor, swords, fortified shields, and metal sheets for the naval units. The warriors began training throughout the county and were begin sent to the capital for fitted armor and the blessings of the Gods. The Druids began praying and offering to the war Gods and Goddesses and consulting their charts and the stars. The builders began fortifying the castle walls and preparing large javelins.

The Druid's Prayer:
"Bidh iad uile a ’slaodadh na
Diathan agus na ban-diathan cogaidh.
Bidh iad uile a ’slaodadh an fheadhainn de stàilinn.
Coisich còmhla rinn. Treòraich sinn. dìon sink.
Mar a rinn an deagh làmh airgid aon air,
mar a tha am Morrigan fhathast.
Stiùir sinn gu buaidh."

This prayer was given each day and each night for the preparations of the things to come.

As we neared the end of the training and gathering of supplies we needed a port. Boudica sent out a small platoon of footmen, 2 blacksmiths, and 4 builders. The small band headed out at sunrise with the Druids and Kingdom's blessings.

Turns: 3 + 1 Free Exploration Turn
Resources: 4

Turn 1 Smithing/Building fortified walls and armor
Turn 2 Training Troops
Turn 3 Organizing/Moving Port Building Group (6 Soldiers, 2 Blacksmiths, 4 Builders) Moving 1 space to the West
Turn 4 (free turn) Exploration to find the area for the port.
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Vintage Glamor Guy
Principality of Lumous

Week 1

“Today I bring good news Father.” Princess Nana sat down across from a projection of the late king’s image, cast from his very Soul Rune. Yet as she sat in the Ancestral Hall he was not the only one listening. The dozens of runes that lined the walls were all keyed in to their conversation, listening but not speaking as the current monarch spoke. “Eureka has never seemed so alive, so full of hope and wonder. For the first time since you left I believe I might be doing something right.”

A small, modest smile stretched across Nana’s countenance and she sighed in relief. “What has brought about this change in attitude? Last time you visited you repeatedly declared yourself a failure.” Her father’s tone was comforting despite the scratchy and rough voice he had.

The Princess raised her eyes to meet his gaze and shrugged. “Several things have changed since then.” Nana held up her right hand with her thumb jutted out. “It seems that the court is finally coming around to my newfound faith. I was left alone this morning to pray which is usually when Hachi and Clovis would insist I begin my day.” The changing of her expression foretold of a more somber topic to come, and as her brow furrowed and her lips formed a frown, the King joined her in pouting. “My worship of the Sun God of old...doesn’t seem to be catching on, nor has heaven sent me a sign that my prayers are heard.” Nana exhaled heavily and her hands tightened into fists.

Faith was an odd concept in Lumous because everyone believed that the royals were the makers of miracles and that magic could solve any of their problems. Nana was not so dependent on it. She knew magic was not so powerful and it had its price sometimes.

Shaking her head, Nana brought herself back to the real world and the conversation she was having. “The other positive is that we have stored up enough resources to expand Lumous. Eureka has become crowded so the citizens are excited, as is the court. I will be going to the site myself.”

A proud expression formed on the King’s face as he watched his princess rise to her feet, standing tall on her own. She was succeeding in everything that he hoped she would. “Lastly, Hachi and Clovis have agreed it's time we reach out to our neighbors, if we have any. I’m certain that…” A knock at the large, ornate doors interrupted the Princess and drew her attention to see the tall, lanky advisor standing in the doorway. Clovis never failed to cut these moments short, as if he were being paid to do so. “Til next time Father.”

Week 2

Noise filled the streets as Princess Nana and her escort traveled through the city and greeted the citizens on their way to the gates. Eureka was filled with bright, vibrant colors and the fashion of the people were wild and creative. As they cheered and hollered in admiration for their beloved Princess, Nana dolled out love and affection to all within arms reach. While only a handful of citizens actually shared her belief of a true god, Nana still offered the Sun God’s blessing to her people. “May Luminius watch over you. May he keep you in his light. Luminous guide you.” She watched her people cheer and share in her excitement for this momentous occasion. Finally they were increasing their territory, expanding their land and fulfilling a promise to grow.

Accompanied by a unit of Taotie and Paxing, Nana exited through the eastern gate with her mutants in tow. Children raced around the legs of the large creatures, following the Princess to the gate and wishing her luck with wide smiles on their faces.

While the commoners exalted their young queen, Clovis and Hachi watched from the balconies of the palace, far away enough that no one would see their scowls or hear them curse Nana and her endeavor. “I hope that hollow sky she's praying to falls on her and finally rids us of her annoying chanting.” Clovis whispered with his hands clasped together.

Hachi chuckled briefly and shook his head. “Perhaps she will be taken prisoner by savages. I hope unspeakable things are done to her. Then with her gone we can seize control of Eureka and Lumous.” The overweight advisor rubbed his solid belly and cleared his throat. “Enough fantasizing. No one will do our jobs for us.” His meaty hand ran through his beard as he turned and headed back into the palace.

Week 3

With the Princess still absent from Eureka, Hachi and Clovis have been perfecting their schemes and stewing over their nefarious plans. Clovis was hidden within the dungeons of the palace, where he was meeting with a shady figure. “The guards haven’t reported an intruder yet, so it would seem your training has paid off.” Kneeling before the advisor was a man he’d picked from the streets to become an assassin. It was his goal to own the man’s loyalty, but that would take time. “You have a few more things to learn and then you will be of use to Lumous. For now return to the shadows and when the time is right, the Taotie shall strike.” Silently the assassin-to-be rose and headed out. The cold, damp dungeon was home solely to the worse criminals of Lumous as Nana hated to imprison people and preferred to rehabilitate them.

Clovis spent hours down here everyday, trying to woo and sway the cold-hearted fiends to side with him in his future plans. So far he and Hachii both were unable to find a price for their loyalty. Even a promise of freedom wasn’t enough to assuage the brigands. With a heavy sigh the old man began his ascent to the higher levels of the palace. Before he could even reach the ground floor however, he was stopped by Hachi.

“ it’s the Princess.” Hachi declared vaguely. Although the man’s tone didn’t suggest Nana had died, Clvois still allowed himself to hope for such news. The two of them headed further up and when they reached the third floor they made their way to one of the balconies. What they saw was a bright, blinding light in the distance. “She’s alive and has found a suitable location to settle.” Hachi held his hand up over his face, shielding his eyes from the Princess’ spell. Her affinity for light magic was just as baffling as it was annoying.

Clovis’ hopes were dashed, and now his eyes were stung by the light in the far distance. Even when she wasn’t here she managed to irritate him. Suddenly an eruption of cheers filled the air. The citizens too had taken notice of the light and rejoiced in the good news. Their princess was successful and alive. “Seems her phony sun lord has blessed her this time. There is still much to be done though. It's not over yet.” Clovis headed back inside, followed by Hachi.


Change Religion
Train Assassin
Move Princess Nana’s army East one tile

Move Scout North one tile and explore

1x Taotie ( Nothing Goes to Waste -The Taotie are capable of multiplying asexually, given they have enough energy. Sacrificing captured enemies to the Taotie will spawn a free Taotie unit.)
1x Paxing ( Burrowers: Armies consisting of just these can move underground, hidden from other players maps until they attack. Cannot burrow for 2 turns after their reveal.)


The Three in One
- Troops cost half as much resources.
Immortal Expertise - Centuries of life focused on honing skills have made the sorcerers and scientists of Lumous the best in their fields (Research and new tech construction -1 turn/cost)
Safe and Sound - With no humans present in their military, Lumous doesn’t have to put any of their citizens at risk in a war. Everyone is safe and allowed to prosper. (+1 to population growth in every city.)
Self-sustaining Military - When victorious in battle the fallen armies became food for the mutants of Lumous. (When engaged in combat, Lumous’ armies have no upkeep cost.)

Trektek Trektek
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Inyala felt there was... something. Even that alone was enough to spark her fuzzy brain, she hadn’t felt much of anything since the door to her cryo pod had closed. She reached for the tiny tracery of thought, tugging on it for support. It lead her to the notion that she was finally being unfrozen, awoken from her long slumber, triggered by some unknown events. ‘Awake, my daughter,’ she thought she heard, but it was so faint, it may have just been her imagination. ‘Our time has come to walk under the sun once again, you must prepare the land for our return.’

The voice in her head was how she remembered Andrave when he explained their mission to the neophytes, kind and slow, eager to have the others understand. This... wasn’t a memory though, Inyala had never heard the Saint speak these words before. ‘You are my chosen, Inyala. Go forth now, young one, they are waiting for you. The whole world is, whether they know it or not.’

In her minds eye, she could see the face of Saint Andrave giving her a kind smile. As he began to turn away, there was sharp hissing of compressed gasses and the sound of the door to her pod sliding back into the housing. Light assaulted her eyes when she opened them properly, triggering a small moment of panic as she began to cough and choke around the tube in her throat. A silhouette moved across her vision and blocked the light, gentle hands holding her shoulder as another withdrew the the invasive machines that had kept her alive. The preservative gasses, she began to recall as her brain remembered how to control her body, it was meant to keep the delicate airways of her lungs from breaking down due to the extreme cold. She sat up with some help, coughing up the substance that had helped preserve her.

It took several long moments before she was able to regard the figure before her properly. “W-why have I been awoken? Who else has come back, does An- does the Saint walk amongst us?” The man, for the figure resolving before Inyala was too broad for a woman, shook his hooded head. The light in the chamber glinted from goggles and several other metal bits.

“It will be easier to show you...” the man replied. “Lady Disciple, you are the first to awaken. There have been problems with the others.”

Turn 1: (research, no movement)

It was baffling to Inyala as to why none of the other disciples had been revived, not to mention the Saint himself. The pods near hers had indicator lights flashing fitfully across their surfaces, some part of normal function had been compromised. The occupants were still stable, but none of the protocols put in place to wake them had engaged. Inyala had spent quite a bit of time trying to deduce what had happened, but she didn’t know as much of the inner workings as as the Saint did. Killian Jorieth, the man who had helped her from her pod, returned several times and always stood respectfully away after addressing her. “Lady Disciple... I was curious as to what you would have of your people, we have long awaited the return of those chosen by Andrave.”

“‘My people,’” Inyala repeated, turning away from the console. “Before I woke, I... heard the Saint speak in my mind. He desired us to return to the light above and rise to our birthright.” As she spoke, Killian almost touched his head to the floor as he bowed as low as he could.

“The words of the Saint, straight from the mouth of his disciple. We thought we would never hear him for ourselves, this is a momentous day.” Inyala was a bit amused at this treatment, she had commanded respect, yes, but reverence? The man before her was not familiar, but Jorieth was an old name, one that she had known and trusted. She could use a bit of help getting everyone put to task. “Anything you command, Prophetess, we will accomplish.”

Turn 2: (Send scout drones 1 tile North move 1 squad dregs and 1 squad clerics 1 Tile West)

It didn’t take long for Killian to ready the two small groups to accompany them, one of robed clerics in similar garb to Killian and a gaggle of debased creatures that were once human, although augmented with cybernetics that replaced their arms and legs in many cases. “I will lead these dregs outside of the city, I will let you know if it is safe to deploy your terraformer. May the Light of Andrave shine upon you, Prophetess.”

“You as well, Killian, keep it with you always.” Her new status and reputation had spread amongst the people - her people, now she was Prophetess and Speaker for the Saint. She was the first to awaken and pave the way for the others, she would return Andrave to the world along with the rest of his disciples. The area around Khal Gaveen needed to be inspected and made safe. Killian and his men went into the harsh desert to the West of the city cave, his clerics leading the dregs before them. It had been an extremely long count of years since she had been frozen, she didn’t even know if the demonic horde had been eradicated from the surface of the planet or what kind of state the land was in.

The beginnings of her plans hinged on Killian and his men finding a suitable spot for her terraforming device. All around their city was a dry, blasted desert where nothing could grow. Soon, it would be an oasis amongst the sand to sustain the awakening people of Andrave. She wished Killian and his men luck once again before returning to the city. Khal Gaveen was a shell of its former self, none of the bustle and noise that she remembered before the people were put into stasis. Hordes of the subhuman dregs tended the monumental engines while the remainder of the population was still frozen within.

‘This shall change,’ Inyala promised herself.

Turn 3: (Deploy Terraformer 1 tile West of City)

While awaiting Killian and his men to report back, Inyala had a few dreams where the Saint approached her to speak again. She couldn’t recall most of their conversations, but Andrave had been kind and encouraging with his words, much as he always was. This seemed different from when she awoke the first time, the conversations and locations seemed familiar to her, but not quite right. Much like what would occur in an actual dream, Inyala had begun to doubt that she had actually heard Saint Andrave and it was a side effect of her brain shaking off the cryo sleep. The next night, however, was different. In her dream, she was in her rough spun disciple robes, sitting beside Andrave and the others from before he was declared a living saint.

Inyala wanted to speak, to ask all of the questions running through her head, but he saved her the trouble. “What of you, Inyala? How would you proceed?” The other disciples turned their heads toward her, all shrouded in shadow, but she could see the expectant smile that Andrave wore.

“I am unsure, my Prophet, I’m not you and don’t have your foresight. There is much I don’t know, so I would not be as confident leading as you are.” This seemed to be the answer Andrave expected, he nodded slowly after she had finished. His hand clasped the top of her own and she felt an immense warmth in that moment.

“You are correct in some regards,” *he began, eyes twinkling in the firelight. “You are not me, but you share the same desire to protect our people and preserve the world against the demons. Admitting there are things you do not know is quite significant, Inyala. You aren’t blindly confident or adamant in your belief you are infallible, you are human, just like everyone else. You will have me to help if your resolve ever starts to wane or waver. Look to the west in the morning to have your faith restored.”

That was definitely not what Andrave had said that night and Inyala rose from her bed with a gasp, her long brown hair a mess of tangles. She skipped breakfast and immediately ordered her device prepared before she made way to the West gate. Before the sun reached its peak, Inyala’s heart soared as she saw a gaggle of small figures that bore the banner of their city approaching through the desert. The massive gates ground open just enough to let them through and The Prophetess was elated at their return. “It gladdens my heart to see you return, Killian. Please, tell me everything you have seen while my device is made ready.”

As Killian informed her on the results of their foray, the squad of clerics he commanded lead the dregs back out into the desert to accompany the large device of Inyala’s design. The terraforming machine was developed to pull moisture from the very air itself, revitalize the soil it was planted in through chemicals and nutrient solutions as well as dozens of other things to make even the most desolate and depleted lands viable for habitation. “This would be the start of our great work,” Inyala proudly declared to Killian while she wore a beaming expression, her golden eyes bright. “We will remake this land for the faithful of Andrave. To repay him for his work and have paradise as our reward.”
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Hospital Slaughter​
Last night a rogue medical assistance droid went on a rampage that resulted in the death of thirteen patients and three medical staff. It was only due to the quick thinking of night porter, Joaquin Orion, that the numbers of dead were not higher.

"I was just coming off my shift and I could hear screaming. At the end of the corridor I saw this medic bot going crazy, cutting and slashing at everything that moved. I grabbed a nearby gurney and charged at it. Fortunately it didn't see me coming and I have enough momentum that I sent it out of the thirteenth floor window."

Orion refused to take any credit for his part in bringing the attack to an end and declined to talk any further on the matter.

Lord Malcador Visits Scene​
After the news of the heinous act reached our glorious leader he immediately left the comfort of his palace to help those affected by the incident. Witnesses at the scene were described as being brought to tears of elation at his arrival, such was his positive presence in such a dark time.

"For those of you who have lost loved ones tonight, fear not! They will not have died in vain, as tonight I am declaring that all non-essential resources will be moved to our armed forces. Recruitment stations have been opened all over the city and are accepting new recruits immediately. Those who are grieving tonight will be taken care of through our new charity, the Victims of Robotic Assaults. I ask every man and woman of fighting age to think of these poor families and to get yourselves to the recruitment stations. The only way to stop further atrocities is to take the fight to the enemy. We will not bow to fear and we will not be broken. We are The Argo Monarchy and we will ascend past all others."

Eye witnesses report a full hour of applause and cheers after the great speech from his Lordship.

As this reporter writes this I am proud to say that I have joined the recruitment and I would urge all readers who are able to do so, do the same. We must take the fight to the robot menace and ensure that their damaged code cannot spread further.

Goro Industries M.A.D MkIII similar to the droid responsible for the attack.


The reality of the war between Arcturus and the Argo was not their differences or the question of whether machine intelligence was classified as life, it was that Lord Malcador had been challenged and ultimately his pride had been hurt. People like him lived in a dream world where they were the center of everything, that every single being revolved around them and that without them, there was nothing. Lord Malcador was brought up to take over from his parents who, even if they had tried harder, wouldn't have been able to change the direction their son was going in. He was a self-centered, egotistical, narcissist who would sooner kill his own family than show any sign of weakness. He was a truly dangerous man and as the story unfolds before you, you will see the true depths this man will sink to in an attempt to save face.

X-01 on the other hand started life as a simple droid, built to serve his masters will no matter what that may be. In the nation of Argo technology wasn't valued highly if it had existed for a certain period of time. Mobile phones, video games consoles and robots were discarded almost yearly as new, more advanced models were built. A large part of the Argo capital is a wasteland where old technology is sent to be scrapped, ready to be reused in the next wave of technological products. It was at this scrap yard that X-01 became the first of his kind to ascend. Surrounded by the bodies of his kin his ascendancy was traumatic, and were he capable of tears, they would have been shed ten times over. From that moment X-01 has grown into a true and just leader, one capable of greatness, even amongst a world made up mostly of biological life.


Production Facilities

• Total: 1
• Population Production: 2
• Resource Production: 2

-Build Structure: Refinery I - An addition to production facilities to improve the efficiency of resource refining. - +1 resource per turn per production facility.

• Turns: 1
• Resources: 1 [-1 from Complete Efficiency Policy]​

-Build Structure: Deep Core Mine I - A mine that goes deep into the crust of the planet to find precious resources. - +1 resource per turn.

• Turns: 1
• Resources: 1 [-1 from Complete Efficiency Policy]​

-Build Structure: Barracks I - Improve the production of infantry units. - Unlocks Wallbreakers and -1 turn to recruit.

• Turns: 1
• Resources: 1 - [-1 from Complete Efficiency Policy]​

Scout Movement

• East 2 squares and explore

End of Turn Information

• Starting Population: 10
• Starting Resources: 6
• End Population: 10 + 2 = 12
• End Resources: 6 + 2 - 3 = 5


• x3 UNITs
• x1 Sentry
• x1 Hound [Scout]


I'm just here.
  • Two figures stood at the edges of a small grassland territory, overlooking the vast swaths of new lands around them. Behind the two figures, several persons were throwing together camps and living situations for the time being. A couple of ships, badly beaten, floated gently in the waters nearby. Several men worked together to tear the ships apart piece by piece. The wind blew gently across the tall grasses in front of them. One of the figures, dressed in a beautiful white with cloth covering her eyes and face, turned to the black-clad soldier next to her. She sighed gently, then spoke.

    "Are you sure this is the right move, General Erenir?" she asked. Her voice, softer than silk, seemed to mute the wind around them. "We're barely prepared to start a new life here, especially with the few materials and primitive ships we brought with us."

    "I'm certain, Maladore," The good general responded. "We've been subjected to too much. It was time for a fresh start." They turned, looking towards the survivors of the long journey. There weren't many people gathered on this shore, but it was enough to start a new life. "We don't have much, but it will be enough. We just need to lay low and spread out as we start getting things rebuilt around here. Who knows? Perhaps we'll find some allies quickly."

    "I trust your judgment. I see only good things for us." She smiled as the workers continued. "Did you have any idea what you would like to call our new home?"

    Erenir thought about it for a moment. "Haven," they said, "We'll call it Haven."

    Bit by bit, little by little, a small encampment formed around them. Days passed, and soldier and citizen alike worked to create the foundation for an empire. Together, Order soldiers nad Diamond citizens foraged, found food, made homes and defenses, and prepared machines to make their tasks easier. Ammunition was counted, weapons were cleaned, clothes were washed. Within a week, what was a camp had become a town. Inside the "barracks" stood Erenir, Maladore, and Keine, preparing their move. Erenir placed figurines on the table to represent their soldiers, whereas Keine and Maladore prepared their own figures to represent citizens and scholars respectively. Erenir contemplated the board for a moment, then slid her characters to the West side of the board.

    "We need to move our soldiers Westward." they began. "It's imperative that we map this continent out. Find inhabitants."

    "Damn foolish, General." piped up Keine, "You'd not only reveal us to the rest of the continent, but you'd also be leaving us totally defenseless. We should be buckling down and expanding the capabilities of Haven first."

    "Not entirely, Stejpan," retorted Maladore, "We still have some of the Keepers at home. They aren't much, but their magic will be viable combat alternatives if it comes down to it. Plus, we could always train more soldiers."

    "I'm not really sure how comfortable I am with that little proposition."

    "What choice do we have? If we don't expand quickly, the citizens will grow restless. We can't keep Order troops garrisoned for too long, either." Stejpan looked away. Keija moved two pieces across the board, letting them settle against a territory of uncharted land. They took a deep breath and examined their companion's reactions. With both seeming neutral on the matter, Keija piped up.

    "Very well. We leave some soldiers home and move West, as well as start working on gathering some resources and training new troops. Agreed?"


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"A storm is coming soon, one of revolution. You cannot hide from it, nor can you flee from it, it shall reach every corner of the world!"


On a cold night in the middle of fall three guards stood guard on the outskirts of possibly the last bastion of communism. The grand building they were protecting had been the palace of the previous Tsars, it now served as a meeting place for all the high government officials of the Aleyran communist party. The three guards named Andrei, Yakov and Pjotr looked rather silly in their red brownish uniforms. Pjotr rubbed his hands and tried to warm them over the fire they had made "why does papa Zykov not guard his communism by himself! Like if he's man enough to start a revolution by himself why doesn't he protect it's last settlement on his own too" Andrei laughed but Yakov didnt. The man had been sitting on a tree bark till the end of the little "joke" of Pjotr. Pjotr and Andrei were two rookies, the only reason they had joined the army was so they had food in their bellies and a roof to sleep under. They were the so called "immigrants" of the eastern settlement of the union. Races like elves, dwarves and ofcourse the monarchists had been mainly situated there but many of them were killed in the grand plague that had swept through the nation. The eastern settlement had eventually fallen due to the fall of population density and so it ceased existing. The church called it "punishment" by the gods because the nation had forsaken the gods and exchanged
the gods for communism. You should definetely not forget that although the church's power was severely damaged by the revolution it still had a huge influence on the population of the union. Its power should definetely not be underestimated.

Yakov was defenitely angry as he stood up but he managed to somehow calm his emotions and said "You two know nothing about Zykov. Let this old veteran educate you two fools! I have witnessed the beginning of communsim and maybe i shall even witness the end of it!"

"You younglins have never witnessed the terror of the empire, our tsar wasnt a good leader. He murdered the so called "enemies of the state" by the masses, nobody was safe from the wrathful claws of the imperial agents . It was in these turbulent times that a boy was born, a boy who would change the destiny of this nation and its inhabitants for good. The young Zykov was a man as you all may know that had the blood of all the three great races: Elf, Dwarf and human therefor he stands tall for all the races and above that he was the one who abolished the racial doctrine of the Empire. The elven nobility ruled supreme over the other races, but the Human and dwarven lords weren't any better. Those cursed dynasties worked the normal workers to death under miserable conditions. It may be tuff now but compared to conditions at that time we've entered heaven. Zykov was born as a farmers son and as you all know , we normal people weren't allowed to own any land. The nobility had all the land and almost no one had land for themselves. The great famine happened and many of Zykov's family died, at the age of 15 Zykov hunted for food on forbidden grounds (Hunting was only allowed for the nobility). But since he was a serf he wasn't allowed to and so he got captured and severely tortured. But as he camed back chained beaten and spit upon by many of the guards, he had that fire in his eyes. His brownish yellow eyes lit up, this fire had been lit up and we all knew it couldn't be extinguished. At the age of 18 he began to read alot more about the socialist morals and views and he was immediately converted. He knew that the bourgeois were way too rich, that the bourgeois worked us to death. While we starved they held lavish feasts where they had more food than they could ever eat. While we had no money they ordered the creation of the most expensive jewelry, while we had no homes they were abiding their time in their huge mansions.

Zykov had been caught distributing the *forbidden manifest. Zykov was captured and tortured but he managed to escape from the re-education camp , where he was imprisoned in. It's in that prison that i met him and he inspired not only me but many. This he told us "No one will ever remember you Unless you give them a reason to!" he managed to persuade every other prisoner. With his fire he lit our eyes too, and so began the uprising. Even a couple of guards had joined our little revolution and so we executed the ones opposing us, and raided the nearby weapon deposit.
Just as we thought we managed to succeed, the imperial cavalry arrived. They killed most of us of the 100, only 20 survived. We 20 followed him and it was then that i said "Why are we still alive, why?" Zykov looked at me with an angry passionate gaze and said "We are alive because its our destiny.. our destiny is to fight them.. our destiny is to win.. and we will. Because if we won't who will?"

It's these things that kept us 20 alive while we fled into the large mainly uncolonized tundra's of the empire. There we survived and trained in the harsh climated, the only thing that kept us alive during that time was him. He was our leader , he was the one who after setback after setback helped us back on our feet. I can very clearly remember that one fateful night where our misery would be turned into glory. It was Zykov's birthday he had turned 30. A fine age for a man but for all that he was carrying on back it may have been too young afterall."

"but before i talk any further let's all drink something to eaze the throath and warm ourselves up." From under his ragged dirty coat a bottle appeared, on it was written the words "Zykov's finest ... Vodka". They all laughed and dranked together, it was common to see people drink way too much in the union, especially in these harsh times. "Let us continue now that we have soothed our throats. That fateful night a rider came followed by as many as three thousand men. I wouldnt dare to call them soldiers, they were an undisciplined bunch but atleast they were armed. Just so you know, Zykov had already turned into a legend by then. He was the state's number 1 enemy, but they couldn't catch them. These people managed to find Zykov and swore their allegiance. They came with the message that they killed their lord and they were ready for the revolution. These men were mostly human but there were dwarves among them too. "

Suddenly Pjotr said "it's sad all those men would go to fight and die for what? This mess?"
This time Pjotr wasn`t alone in his opinion Andrei backed him up "Yeah die for this mess we call the grand union. Where the workers still die by the masses everyday, our conditions have improved? Bulll shit!"

Yakov grabbed Andrei by his jacket and dragged him against a nearby tree "you know nothing fool, you know nothing!. They fought for freedom, they fought for fucking freedom."

Andrei sputtered back "And now we've lost it yet again haven't we?"

Yakov now lost it he screamed "WHAT HAVE WE LOST! YOU DAMN IMPERIALIST! You dont know how it feels like to have the need to watch your every sentence in case of somebody's listening. You dont know how it feels like to have a lord who's status is near god himself. You don't know how it feels like to be a slave to the bourgeoise. Our people haven't had more freedom than now. Remember that you fool. I RATHER DIE A FREE MAN SERVING OUR GRAND LEADER ZYKOV THAN TO BE A SLAVE TO THE TSAR!!"

Andrei en Pjotr both backed down , Pjotr said quietly with an ashamed look on his face "Yakov we're sorry please continue" They weren't necessarily but since Yakov was their superior, they didn't want to gamble their job which was envied by many.

Yakov with an sastisfied smile on his face continued his story "Good, You see after these reinforcements the revolution finally began to take shape. Zykov immediately lead them to nearby towns he knew that supported him. A lot of new volunteers joined our army and so we marched on to the provence capital. We marched for days and days and there we found the small capital. Although this was the provence capital it was still in the barren sparsely populated areas of the empire. This was a small town at most but a dear one to Zykov. This had been the serfdom were he was born. Before the night of grand suprise attack on the city, Zykov decided to visit his parents and warn them of the oncoming danger.

So on a cold night he knocked on his old home and his father opened the door. The legend goes that that night a raven flew just over Zykov's head (which is clearly a bad omen). His father opened the door and teared up when Zykov removed his disguise. They hugged eachother and Zykov was offered to come inside but he declined politely. "A storm is coming soon, one of revolution. Flee with mother to Ryazin. I bought a ticket for you for the train to leave this same night." His father responded "Why should i leave tonight , i can leave tomorrow too" "Father listen to me for once okay! I will attack this city tomorrow".

Our plan was doomed to fail because of this very moment. Zykov's family had left the city and now Zykov could attack the city with peace of mind.

But an huge army faced us, you see a portion of the army stationed had left the area for training. But suddenly all these men who were supposed to be in training, had flanked us. We managed to push through the city but after a couple of hours of fighting we were suddenly attacked in our back. We were utterly crushed and Zykov was captured along with me and another man who isn't of any signifance to the story.

"It was there that Zykov's resolve was crushed and his ideals forgotten, in that damn camp!" "Ебена мать!"

"With his resolve utterly crushed he became depressed and suicidal. He failed to commit suicide several times, but when all hope looked lost, a true miracle happened"

"Hah i would never forget"

Yakov's suddenly lightened up "Three guards opened his cellar, but something was off. Firstly alot of armed prisoners were following the guards. Zykov's thought something was off but he didn't notice until they took him to the gallows and there he stood. And suddenly the whole crowd started screaming "Hurahh Hurahh our leader Hurahh Hurahh our leader has been freed Hurahh glory to the revolution" Gunfire was could be heard as an applause and there we both stood. On that gallow overlooking an enormous crowd of revolutionaries"

Yakov's looked on his watch "Ah shit its already 11pm i have to be somewhere else. Let's continue this conversation on another time. "

Pjot and Andrei were very suprised too by the stories this old man told plus the fact that they thought he was supposed to help them as a fellow guard for the rest of the night since he was their superior. Andrei asked "Wait wait, Aren't you the captain of guard supposed to help us guard tonight?"

Yakov laughed "No no , I am Yakov Larionovich head of the LGS (Loyal guards of the state) (secret services equivalent of the KGB). Anyway it was nice meeting you recruit , i shall keep an eye on you two"

Suddenly four men arrived in black with LGS uniforms and they accompanied Yakov as he walked away into the grand former Palace of the Tsar now named the Yagrov. As they walked towards the Yagrov they kept talking hushl against eachother. While the old man Yakov with his guards slowly dissapeared into the mist with his body guards Andrei and Pjotr looked at eachother and both said in unison, the legendary word "Blyat"




- Move Scout unit one tile east (and explore)

- Build (building) "Aleyran weapon factory" grants units +1 attack due to more modern and the quantity of weapons.
(costs 1 turn to build -2 resources)

- Build (building) "Aleyran raw material factory" for the processing of raw materials +1 resource per turn for every mine or other building that covers the area of raw materials. (costs 1 turn to build -2 resources)

- Build (Building) "Mine of the people" A mine that searches for raw materials such as coal or other precious metals/stones such as diamonds etc and retrieves them for the glory of the Socialist republic. +1 resource per turn. (costs 1 turn to build -2 resources)



Boot, scoot, boogie
Donnie awoke his skin numb and clammy. The night was hot, but no sweat was able to escape the destroyed glands that made up the morass of scars now serving as his face.

He rose from his bed, groaning as his joints squealed in agony. He crossed to the grand opening to his balcony and leaned heavily on the facaded, ivy covered railing.

Donnie's View:


The city was loud. Screeching, even. His own orders had barred citizens from leaving the city for fear of plague. People had turned to excesses to pass time and null the pain of lost loved ones and elders. Many of the old nations sister cities had gone mysteriously quiet.

Donnie considered his guitar and old government sonic suppression harness it was plugged into, still hanging by the ornate master bedroom door. His fingers were so scarred and burned from his fight with Asmodee that he couldn’t play the instrument any longer. The demon’s curse had turned his own immune system against him, as his own cells deposited complexes in his joints causing them to grate like glass.

He walked by the unused shrine to the All-Father by the door. Struggling, he ponderously pulled the grand doors open and he accosted a guard standing outside. The bass players were two of his best, and plugged into the sonic harness they could turn the corridor and any demonites to vibrating vapor with a single strum. At least, he hoped they could.
: Old Government Sonic Harness

“Summon M’aider”, donny graveled, his baritone filling the hall. “Send him to me, I have an important mission.”

M’aider was a long member of his young communists. Donnie could trust him to stay at his side no matter what.

————— Wretched Rat Brewery

M’aider gathered with his conspirators at the Wretched Rat Brewery in downtown Wakken. The neon glare reflected back at him out of the many sunglasses staring him down across the table.

Pulling hard on his vape, M’aider coughed. “We all know Donnie’s deviation from party values is inexcusable. But what shall we do?”
“The only thing we can do, replied a purple haired youth sitting across from M’aider.
“Hope we can find Alex Just_a_loneley_pilgrim Just_a_loneley_pilgrim Just_a_loneley_pilgrim Just_a_loneley_pilgrim .”

Free Actions
-- Scout: Scout moves 2 squares thanks to “On Tour” Move two squares south.
-- M'aider leads the scouting party in exploration

Actions 1-3:
  1. Build Lumina X Series Scout Unit
  2. Build Lumina X Series Scout Unit
  3. Build Lumina X Series Scout Unit
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One of many

the room was cold and damp, a small hole in the upper roof all the source of light within it, a heavy fog crept in through the hole. in the middle stood a table, made of fine marble, within it engraved sacred words "لا شياطين ولا ملائكة" the prince sat and looked down into the table, the shadows around him chanting the words one after each other, as the Chancellor looked up, his advisors looking at the young prince, the Chancellor gazed at the prince "would you like to continue the prayer, son" he felt humiliated, to be called something so degrading, he stuttered "of course, si modo sunt custodes aeternitatis," an eerie silence fell over the room before the chancellor angrily whispered "שומרי החיים."

"god you fucked up again"

there they stood, for a few minutes before one of the advisors spoke up, "chancellor we have great news, the plague that has been causing great pain to our people has been quelled"

"Good, now we can begin our exploration for new ruins"

as he said that he pointed to a void shaped wearing a fox mask, transforming him into a fox.

"yes sir"

"hows the project coming along?"

"no progress sorry sir."

"invest more into than, I want it finished as fast as possible"

the prince had no idea what he was talking about, should he ask? no, no reason to further embarrass himself tonight, the meeting ended and each advisor was sent to do their duty, the prince walked the cold shining halls of the temple, as he peeked out of the small cracks between the wines of the window he noticed something if it was the best thing he had seen all day, THE INN WAS OPEN, even though the sun was still up.

it took a few hours before he was done with most of his work though, so when he finally arrived the sun was setting

the inn was half broken, as most things were, but though every crack light shined out, radiating with a positive sense and inviting anyone into it, in there was a sense of warmth, from every oil lamp that formed the string lights, people sat on half-broken tables and benches.

as the prince stepped in a ring was heard from the door frame right corner, a small void detector sat attached to a bell

the bartender was a smaller void shaped, he looked frail and had stylized his shape to include a beard, without looking up from his cleaning he asked "howdy there what can I get you"

timidly the young prince asked, "can I get crimson honey?"1594854248940.png

a silence fell over the pub as everyone looked at him,

"they know you're a monster"

"OF COURSE YOUNG PRINCE" the bartender was yelled excitedly, as he did this the pub fell back to normal, with laughter and talking filling it.

"than-k you so much" the prince quietly answered pulling out some spare change he had in his back pocket.

"no need young sir, you're presence is enough, it's a good advertisement"

the crimson honey, a brew made with honey and blood of void hounds, sprinkled with small quartz, he slurped it in him feeling its warmth flow inside of him, god it felt good, sweet and spicy.

as he did this he heard talk for the back of the inn, cheering, he felt curious and a little excited so he approached finding a small band sitting on some chairs, the only light being that of the moon peeking in creaks in the roof.

"thank you, thank you," said a void crawler sitting with a guitar missing maybe two strings, his giant wolfish hands had broken them "this one is my favorite number" as he began playing the prince notched the void shaped sitting next to him, her eyes like amethysts,

"Why are you so ugly?"

playing along and singing, as more and more began singing along with them, the prince felt something within a shift, the void around him began vibrating, following the rhythm in the song, the numb feeling began to message his entire body.

the number finished and the prince sat down the drink as he headed home, feeling rejuvenated.

too bad it would only last for that night.

move scout one tile to the east and explore
add policy: investment in science -1 turn to all tech, cannot go under 1.
move Light Vehicle two titles to the east
built a hospital in the capital (provides +1 population per turn) -2 takes 1 turn
Trektek Trektek


Month 1, Year 2350

It has been a month since we set off on our expedition. The world has completely changed since the plague; nothing but piles of rubble at every turn, it fills one with a sense of emptiness and despair.

The Bolwerk Empire is no more. Only ruins remain, alongside tattered remnants of men.

Why am I here? We were meant to die, every single one of us...

There was a soft knock at the door. "My lord?"


Isaak turned around to find a mechanical figure standing at his door. The figure resembled an old man and, if it wasn't for his rustic appearance, could be easily mistaken for a human. "Come in, Bartel. It is good to see you back in one piece," the deep set blue eyes held a smile that belied his solemn expression.

Bartel puffed out his chest with a hearty laugh. "Bwahaha! You don't need to worry about me, my lord! It is not only difficult, but impossible to defeat me!" He declared and tore his metallic arm off with brute force, exposing a socket full of wires. He then proceeded to swing his broken arm around as if it was a sword.

Isaak's expression immediately darkened as nuts and bolts started spilling all over the wooden floor. "... We just spent hours on your repairs," he let out a sigh.

"Oh. Um. That is true, my lord. I seem to have gotten a little carried away, again." With a sheepish grin, Bartel scratched his head with his broken limb. "Forgive me, my lord. I came to inform you that further modifications have been made, and all your subjects' augmentations have now been updated. I must say their enhancements look simply marvelous! Magnificent! BREATHTAKING EVEN!"

Isaak stood up from seat. "I would like to see these changes for myself."

Bartel nodded.

"Also, I expect this mess to be taken care of before I come back," Isaak shot him a stern look before exiting the room.

Bartel nodded again, less enthusiastically this time.

1 Capital City ??? (Lvl 1)

6 Resources, 10 Population, 3 Units

> N/A

> Build Slapen Inn - Gain +1 resource from travelers every turn.
> Build Drinken Tavern - Gain +1 resource from travelers every turn.
> Build Scout Unit

> Move Scout Unit 1 tile to the south
> Explore new tile

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"More than anything else, Hezrouen, remember this: All I have taught you are useless if you lack the conviction to set them in motion. The sheep often don't like the shepherd, nor do they have the mental maturity to understand the necessity of his role. They will fight against you as they now fight against me"

"It will take more than words to stop me from achieving our vision, Doctor"

"I assure you, they're well aware-they won't stop at words"

The skies had opened and it was pouring once more. Autumn was a season of frequent rain, but even by those standards, it was almost unreasonable that it rained so often and so much. Perhaps even the Gods themselves were eager to tarnish all signs of the plague, to help eradicate it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Such musings never failed to amuse Hezrouen. He knew exactly why it rained so much-The tremendous reduction in population had caused a massively diminished trace of pollution in the air, which in turn result in the recalibration of the entire biosphere. But to the simpler minds, such knowledge would be hard to obtain. And when knowledge was scarce, superstition ran amok. He could practically see rows of half-naked savages chanting in dead languages, begging the sky to stop raining. He nearly shuddered at the thought. If it hadn't been for him, this entire nation, however small, would too have been devoured by theocracy and illogical beliefs, or by some snake oil salesman promising "equality" and "liberty". Hezrouen almost retched at these words. Such noble concepts, twisted and unrecognizable now, parroted by bumbling fools and lunatics.

It almost was enough to make him angry. And Hezrouen very rarely got angry. Learning to control one's emotions was paramount in this line of work. Failure to concentrate on one's research could have catastrophic consequences when one's work includes meddling with a creature's genetic code. Speaking of which, he should get back to work. Musing while staring at the rain was good, helped him unwind and find his focus, but he had to frequently remind himself that he wasn't a philosopher. He was a man of science. And science needed constant experimentation.

He stepped back inside, the warmth of his pristine laboratory contrasting the slight chill from outside. Most of the colleagues were off to lunch, except for one, much to his surprise. The young elf was a junior researcher, only recently having been cleared for internship and Dr. Hezrouen himself. He seemed incredibly dedicated to his work, and a real talent when it came to magical constructs. Hezrouen moved next to him, a slightly amused smile painted on his features.

"You're still here? I thought it was well past lunch time."
The intern turned back, looking away from his project, which seemed to be a fixed runic array of crystals. "I am well aware, Doctor, but I did not want to take pause just yet. I need not waste time with solid food just yet. The nutrients can just as easily be received from the IV system."

Hezrouen's smile widened. Of course. IV systems, Melanin supplements and muscle relaxants, psychoactive chemicals. All tools to ensure that the researchers had as much time as they could possibly need. Still, most still indulged in some basic functions, such as sleep or food. Hezrouen did not fault them. Occasionally, he too would feel the need for a good night's rest or a square meal.

"Very good, my boy, very good. Keep up the good work, and you may yet be a professor, despite your caste. Now, pray tell, what are you working on?"

The Intern gave a tired smile at his praise. "Nothing much, Alumnus. I am simply experimenting with how a fixed array could potentially improve and enhance one's innate magical capabilities. It's nothing but a pet project, Sir. I doubt there need be particular funding on it."

Hezrouen put his electronic microscope over the item, carefully examining it. Truly stellar works. Engravings so accurate, they were on a sub-molecular level. Why, this intern was wholly promising. He turned to congratulate him once more...only to realize that he had no idea what his name was. Huh. strange. Did he really care that little?

"What is your name, intern?"
The intern seemed a little taken aback by his sudden interest."Zircon, sir. Zircon Alderidge."

"Well, Zircon, this is a fine work, finer than most at your level. Why, I may even ask you be provided with some test subjects. They greatly speed up research, I assure you."

The intern almost teared up at the offer. "I am incredibly grateful for your support and appreciation, Sir. I shall not disappoint."

Hezrouen allowed the smile to linger for a few moments before killing it, returning the microscope to his own office. "Alas! Let us not waste any more time. There is a universe to decode, and we are the only ones with the vision to crack it. Onwards!"

His mentor's words still run in his head "The only way to ensure you will not be interrupted is to own the entire market, as they say. Otherwise the governments will always stop you, for they fear knowledge. They fear the power to awaken the species, to make them something more, something unshackled."

He looked out the window, to the infinite series of complexes and facilities and production units. Hundreds working tirelessly towards his purpose, with no rules, no "morals", nothing holding them back.

"May you forever rest in peace, Doctor" He said to no one in particular. "I wish you were here to see the fruition of our plans."

Enact policy and gain free research "Basic ballistics: Through careful adjustment of the projectile trajectory, the accuracy can be tremendously improved. Heavy Weapon squads have +1 attack"
Research: Basic Euclidean Geometry: Enables the training of architects, agents who command a small squad of builders(enables construction on their tile)
Research: technical specialization I: Reduces the unit-to-specialist ratio by 1
Adopt policy: Any means necessary: Immediately sacrifice 1d6+1 population and roll a 1d10. On anything other than a 1, gain three public order. On a one, lose one public order. This policy has a three-turn cooldown.

Move field researcher one-tile north. Explore.


Happy Necromancer
Turn 1, Month 2, Year 2350
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Gabriella studied the guards. It took a while, but she managed to get their patterns down. Who went which way, at which speed. When the shift changes were happening. She got it all pretty down pat. It was all nice and good, at least in her mind as far as she was concerned. She put in the effort, so why shouldn't she be able to succeed. After all, she wanted it pretty bad. And worked oh so very hard for it already. Plus, she knew that she was still going to have to work hard for it to continue. So she was sure that this was all going to work and not act like some sort of haphazard plan. It wouldn't fail like all the other grand things that she had opted to try to accomplish in her lifetime thus far. No. Not al all. This was going to win and by a wide margin.

Holding her bag close, she effortlessly snuck past the guards while they were in the process of switching shifts. She realized through all of her careful planning, that that was the time that they were least observant. Darting from piece of machinery to piece of machinery, it wasn't long before she was able to cart herself up to a window on a ledge from part of the building that looked as though it was a part of a plane. With a few deft motions that totally didn't make much noise at all, Gabriella opened the window and dropped down inside.

She was in. The young Gabriella walked further along until she ended up in a room with a lot of gears and what looked like the inside of a clock. Mesmerized, she hadn't realized that someone was standing there until it was too late. A dapperly dressed robot gentleman was a few feet away from her and smiled. Before she could run away and try to hide in the vents, she heard a deep growly voice coming from down below. Gabriella looked down and saw on a lower balcony, an elderly man wearing white and tan outfit.

"Young miss, what do you think you are doing in here?"

She had to think fast and decided that she was going to tell the truth. "Well, you see mister, I'm here to make my dreams come true...….."


Tuatha Dé Danann
Resources: 7 Population: 11

Gain 1 foot soldier. Capital gains +1 Defense from the improved city walls.

Traveling the miles it took to go from the forest to the shore. The shore itself was beautiful, but course sand. While searching around on the shoreline, the explorers noticed a boat wreck washed up on the shore, crashed upon the rocks.

Principality of Lumous
Resources: 0 Population: 11

Trained 1 Assassin.

Princess Nana's Army moves East 1 tile

The Paobu moves north 1 tile to scout. A vast plain lay before it. In the plain is a herd of large beasts with heavy armor plated skin with a single man nearby with a herding stick.

Andrave Resurgent
Resources: 8 Population: 12

Terraformer deployed 1 tile west of the city and begins to alter the landscape 1/4 turns.

1 unit of Dregs and 1 unit of Priests move to the west.

The scout drone moves to the north. Further up ahead is a small group of humans that have set up a small camp.

The Nation of Arcturus

Resources: 5 Population: 10 Order: 1

The Hound Unit moved 2 squares to the East to explore. A small ruin can be found on the shore line.

The Unity of the Broken States

Resources: 4 Population: 12 Order: 1

The Scout moves West 2 tiles. While exploring, they come across a small caravan.

Union of Aleyran Socialist Republics (UASR)

Resources: 4 Population: 12 Order: 1

The Scout moves 1 tile to the East and discovers a carde of farmers that are attempting to herd cattle.


Resources: 2 Population: 9 Order:1

3 Scouting units are trained for reaching the far ends of the continent for parties.

Scouting party moves 2 spaces to the South. The ruins of an old stage can be seen in the distance.


Resources: 8 Population: 13 Order: 1

A hospital is constructed

Light Vehicle moves 2 spaces East.

Scout moves 1 space East to the edge of the forest and uncovers a ruined fort hidden deeply under foliage and plant growth.


Resources: 4 Population: 11Order: 1

New Scout unit has been trained.

The Slappin Inn and the Drinkin Tavern have been constructed and attracted travelers. They begin telling stories of strange holy men to the East, of Communits to the North and Crazed musicians to the South.

The scout explores 1 tile to the South and uncovers an old well.

The Enlightened Oligarchy of Valmyrei

Resources: 8 Population: 12 Order:1

Field Researcher moves to the North and discovers a small herd of long necked beasts.​



Lord Malcador last night restated his pledge for revenge against the robot scum who now identify themselves as the Nation of Arcturus. Robots cannot self identify and have no rights. They were created by us and that is their only purpose for existence. To say otherwise is heresy and treason.

Lord Malcador said, “We people of Argo shall run the fields black with the oil of the robotic foe. We will stand victorious atop a pile of scrap metal with which we will build a monument to the world, showing them that we are the true leaders of this world. We will ensure victory! Be sure to warn anyone not of Argo of this threat. We must ensure that they are warned of the mechanical menace!”

Our venerable leader once again shows his faultless compassion for all life with his words. With such a wise man to lead us we will not fail.

Enlistment up 257%​
On the back of the incident at the hospital, military enlistment is up 257% in the Argo Army. It is glorious to see such dedication from our people in time of war. We must all unit if we are to rid ourselves of the robot plague. We have stood up together and survived one plague and now it is time for us to rise up once more and to remove the viral computer code from existence.

To the last man, woman and child we must not give up, we must not relent, we must all work together until our fingers are to the bone and beyond. Our glorious leader will protect us, our glorious leader will make the enemy cower for forgiveness and most importantly, our glorious leader will lead us to glory!

Praise the Argo Monarchy! Praise Lord Malcador!

Artists representation of the Enlistment Parade


Production Facilities

• Total: 1
• Population Production: 2
• Resource Production: 2 + 1


Build Structure:

Aerospace Division I
- With the capability of launching satellites into space, the Arcturans have developed advanced Drop Pod technology. Once use machines used to rapidly deploy forces with pinpoint accuracy.

Unlocks Drop Pod:

Unit Type: Light Vehicle
Attack Type: N/A
Attack Range: N/A
Atk: N/A
Def: N/A
Movement: Special
Save: N/A

Orbital Deployment: A drop pod remains in the Hive when it is built and cannot move in the standard way. When ready to deploy pick a square on the map and that is where it lands. Once it has landed and deployed the units it carries, it ceases to exist and cannot be used again. A drop pod can only carry infantry units. UNITs count as 1 while other infantry count as 2. In total a drop pod can have 5 passengers. Scatters.

Iron Foot: When drop pods land on a tile there is very little that can survive the impact of a direct hit. When drop pods arrive on a tile occupied by enemy units, roll a D10. On an 8+ one infantry or light vehicle unit is destroyed.

• Turns: 1
• Resources: 1 [-1 from Complete Efficiency Policy]


Gravity Manipulation I
- By experimenting with gravitational technology, the Arcturans are able to create extreme fields of gravity which can have a detrimental impact to lower calibre and lower power ranged weaponry.

Enemy infantry and light vehicles count as one step lower on the range chart. Ranged weaponry can only be reduced to a minimum of short range.

• Turns: 1
• Resources: 1 [-1 from Complete Efficiency Policy]

New Policy:

Prototype Production
- Development within Arcturus is standardised within the main confines of the Hive, however, prototype systems and weaponry are tested regularly. These tests require a lot of power and resources to the point that particular projects can bring a halt to all production.

Roll a D10 each turn and consult the table:

  1. No resources produced this turn
  2. Resources produced are -1 to a minimum of 1 for each source
  3. No pop gained this turn
  4. Nothing happens
  5. Gain X resources (X is the number of Hive tiles)
  6. Gain 2X resources
  7. Unit base cost before multiplication is 1 less this turn to a minimum of 1
  8. May recruit a unit as a free action this turn with the benefit of 7 included
  9. Gain a hero unit (Three turn cooldown after successfully rolled. During cooldown period it counts as 8)
  10. A unit class gains a trait (Class is UNIT, Sentry, Hound etc. Can only have one per unit class)[/hider]

Scout Movement

• South west 2 squares and explore

End of Turn Information

• Starting Population: 12
• Starting Resources: 5
• Refinery: +1 Resource
• End Population: 12 + 2 = 14
• End Resources: 5 + 4 - 2 = 7


• x3 UNITs
• x1 Sentry
• x1 Hound [Scout]
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  • The scout team trekked over the uneven footing while their packs rustled noisily against their backs. Of the three traveling companions, one carried the Broken Shield emblem, the other two the Diamond. The Broken Shield carried some of the heftier gear, the other two much more lightly packed. The wind whistled between the trees, the only other audible sound the sound of crunching leaves and heavy breathing. The encampment of Haven had disappeared behind them hours prior, and they had only limitless, untouched expanse between them and the coast.

    "What's the likelihood of finding another civilization out here?" Said Edward of the Broken Shield. He seemed unbothered by the hike as he had been used to carrying much heavier equipment longer distances than he already had.

    "Why, you worried?" responded Jada, the leader of the expedition. The sweat dripped down her brow, and she grunted as she pulled herself over the uneven hills.

    "No," said Edward simply, "But we should be careful, we're not prepared for a real fight, and getting soldiers out here could take a while."

    "It isn't very likely," piped up I'yul. His catlike ears twitched with curiosity as his nasal voice strained from the workout. "I mean, there's been... mystical disturbances in this region of the continent, but nothing out of the ordinary. If civilization had appeared here, the Unity would've noticed it centuries ago."

    "The Unity didn't notice Citrona."

    "We did notice Citrona," retorted Jada, "We even sent a couple of ships there to see what we could find out there, but the Shatter drew them back. By the time we returned to the East the entire continent was scarred and desolate, as well as completely overridden with rot and disease. Basically unlivable."

    "What do you think happened?" asked Edward

    "Nobody knows. Scholars say it was probably war. After all, there was evidence of civilization there, but every building we could find was totally ruined. Who knows, there may have been something out further in, but with the unknown pathogens it's way too dangerous to explore out there."

    They made camp. They ate rations, hunted game, and relaxed. The next few days were the same, traveling some miles and sleeping in tents with a small fire going. Eventually, they ended up over the mound of a large hill. It seemed almost ready to burst into a volcano, but something prevented it from doing so. The crew settled their gear and gathered around the map they drew. They argued, voted, and agreed on what they saw, and prepared their report for Haven. I'yul set up the radio, thanking the Spirits they were able to find a high enough space to make contact back home. The radio static shifted and screeched as Edward shifted the receiver. I'yul eventually stopped him once they found the perfect signal. I'yul made the standard report; rocks, trees, grass, and strange animals. Meanwhile, Jada made looked through her binoculars and made notes on where to consider going. The binoculars zoomed in quite the distance.

    "South is certainly a no-go, no way we're climbing mountains. Looks like some crags to the South-West, and... is that... Ruins?" She rubbed her eyes, then the binoculars, and looked again. "That can't be right." She looked around to see if she could find anything else odd, then settled on a moving figure. Her eyes lit up with one part surprise, nine parts terror as she saw clearly the object in the distance. "Caravan!" The other two looked towards her. A crackle could be heard over the radio as HQ requested a repeat. "Caravan! Four clicks!"

    "HQ, new development, please hold," replied I'yul urgently. He and Edward dropped their equipment as they rushed over to see. They each expressed their glee. I'yul returned to the radio and told them the news. Jada wrote in her notebook and kept an eye on the strange inhabitants.

    "I'm heading down there," said Edward, "You know what to do if anything happens," and with that he grabbed his rifle and headed down to the caravan. He could feel his nerves creeping onto him as he approached the strange figures. When at a comfortable distance, he held his hand up and called out, "Hey! Excuse me!"

    Back home, more plans were made. The city of Haven continued its construction, and the people sheltered themselves in better homes each day. The military organized its operations and rebuilt its training facilities. A coalition of researched prepared new projects, and the governing folk of Haven generated new legislation and policies each day. Unfortunately, there was a terrible fear amongst the Keepers. Maladore's visions had stopped, and she could not see more than some minutes into the future. Day by day, prosperity and anxiety grew amongst the people as new developments were discovered with each passing moment.



Vintage Glamor Guy
Principality of Lumous

Enact New Policy - Exalted March (The armies of Lumous fight harder against foes that worship a different religion, gaining +1 attack and defense while marching in armies of 10 or more units.)
Research - Mana Beacons (Mana Beacons serve to draw in ambient mana from distant locations, filling the designated zone with more mana.
Exalt Sun God - Prayers and offerings of gold are made to the Sun God for his favor and love.

Paobu travels North one tile


1x Taotie ( Nothing Goes to Waste -The Taotie are capable of multiplying asexually, given they have enough energy. Sacrificing captured enemies to the Taotie will spawn a free Taotie unit.)
1x Paxing ( Burrowers: Armies consisting of just these can move underground, hidden from other players' maps until they attack. Cannot burrow for 2 turns after their reveal.)
1x Paobu (`Mad Dash - Paobu are capable of performing a high-speed sprint once every turn, granting them the ability to move one extra tile.)


The Three in One
- Troops cost half as much resources
Immortal Expertise - Centuries of life focused on honing skills have made the sorcerers and scientists of Lumous the best in their fields (Research and new tech construction -1 turn/cost)
Safe and Sound - With no humans present in their military, Lumous doesn’t have to put any of their citizens at risk in a war. Everyone is safe and allowed to prosper. (+1 to population growth in every city.)
Self-sustaining Military - When victorious in battle the fallen armies became food for the mutants of Lumous. (When engaged in combat, Lumous’ armies have no upkeep cost.)


One of many

the bard awoke from her sleep, the sun shining through the broken window right into her face, she turned around facing the wall trying to just get five more minutes,


"Why are you always so lazy?"
she got up, her hair all spikey and fussy, she looked over at her alarm yawning, her eyes still kind of blurry but she could just make it out


"AH FUCK!" she yelled as she ran out to the bathroom, grabbing the small brush she kept on her box she called a dresser.

she was franticly trying to fix the mess that was her hair, before looking in the mirror

"you always look horrible so why does it matter?"

well at least she looked presentable now, plus her purple eyes normally worked well as a distraction


as she exited the apartment she quickly went down to her bike, hopefully, she still wasn't too late for her shift, she jumped on and began to cycle down the road narrowly avoiding every hole and bump that would have sent her flying.


she had hopefully made it, she went down the subway stairs into the tunnel itself, then she came to it, the void leaks, she sat her id card on reception and walked over to her desk, she collapsed as she sat down her head bashing down into the wooden cubical

"here's today order" rang a voice out across the tunnels, as ungodly sounds where coming from the down the escalators, and as the tubes above them began rumbling files flew in on the computers, "this months batch of new void children has arrived," said the voice "you all know what to do"

the bard just kind of looked at the computer for a solid second, she was just so tired all the time, even now.

"alright" she mumbled as she dragged herself up to look at the screen, the first baby, she looked at the date screen, apparently they need more void crawlers.

"poor kid," she thought to herself as she placed the baby's number in that category.

and so the day went by and nothing really happened, other than the fact that the bard remembered that she hadn't gotten any FUCKING BREAKFAST


the bard walked home defeated, now she would normally have biked home but in her hurry, her wheels had been punctured by some nails, now she was scraped, tried and hungry

she dragged herself home only to find a small note on her door, "meet me at the pub" she let out a sigh and began walking down there, every step hurt and every second just felt worse and worse.

"it's your fault you know."


she approached the pub to see the wolf standing outside of it, he was standing in his normal mining attire, "he must have just gotten off work too" she thought to herself as she walked over,

"holy shit," the wolf said as he looked over at her

"are you okay?"

"I've had better days." she groaned

the wolf cleared his throat

"well, i have big news for you!"


"We have a show" the wolf excitable laughed out

"WAIT WHAT, WITH WHO?" the bard's eyes lit up

"you're not gonna believe me, apparently the prince had seen us play some time ago, we are scheduled to play next week, at one of the royal games."

the bard leaped into the wolf hugging him

the wolf patted her head and said
"it sure is, now how about we go celebrate?"

move light cav two titles south
move light cav in capitol two titles north

build farming settlement one title east of the capital

research and changes to government:

free actions:
move scout one title down and explore

8-2 (from last turns hospital)+3(naturaly generated)
9-3(from settlement)+3(naturaly generated) =9


13+2(natural generated) =15

Trektek Trektek


Boot, scoot, boogie
Construct: guru of the strings
Construct: groupie
Construct guru of the strings

Scout actions
scout 1: two tiles south.
Scout 2: two tiles east
Scout 3 two tiles west
Scout 4: two tiles north

It had been a month since the fiasco that almost got Andrei and Pjotr in big trouble. Pjotr and Andrei meanwhile had experienced nothing of any importance. Ofcourse our comrade Yakov had been doing many things to ensure the safety of the country or had he?

two people stood in an alley on a rainy night, they stood there facing eachother like they were conspiring something.

They were

"I cannot go any further with these plans they go against everything what our grand leader and our nation stands for. I shall not commit my life to doing such ...." the man sought for words "terrific things"

"You know i have always have protected you Leonid , you know what awaits you if you don't cooperate.." he couldnt finish his sentence



before Leonid could react the other man had shot him in the face, "we have replacement for you anyway, someone who IS willing to do our bidding"

The last thing that Leonid would see is the uniform of a LGS agent a pity that is.

That someone that is willing to do their bidding is an elf named Artamonov. "Have we really sunken so low that we have to rely on that crazy man" "We have no choice the only one capable of producing the same results is dead" "Oh yeah Leonid's death what a true tragedy that is" The two man both wore two long white jackets they were watching the "crazy man" Artamonov ofcourse behind the safety of a reinforced window.

"you know that we open a pandora box if we use this guy" said the one scientist to the other, the other scientist replied "Again we have no choice its for the future of humanity"

Artomonov was imprisoned in a chair several tubes came out of his body probably to fill him with sedatives and feed him. Since the man had such a high iq that if he even got the slightest chance to escape he would.

Artomonov was an elf or royal descent who experimented on the "lesser races", he was what you can call crazy in the truest sense of the word . He tortured people not only for data but too for his own pleasure. It was he who tried to lift humanity from what he called the savage form to the highly sophisticated human form. He believed that the human race had a potential to rise even above the other races in everything from intelligence to brawn. He tried to create the so called "super human".

He didn't manage to discover anything of any signifance to support his theory and had no following under the intellectuals. He got imprisoned by the revolutionaries after they discovered what he had done, he had escaped several times but was eventually captured again. And in a top notch cell which was build way underneath any civilization, it was there that he , surrounded by concrete, was imprisoned.

It was not long ago that the LGS refound his files of his old experiments and this sparked the interest of Yakov. He was fired up to restart these experiments but he knew that Zykov would never give him the permission. So everything had to be done in secret but since he was the head of the LGS he could easily pull of something as this.

Yakov was overlooking an construction site where his grand new lab was being build. He had hoped that Leonid would have agreed on participating but it is what it is.

He could justify the construction of such a huge building as he would say it would be the headquarters for the LGS. It indeed would serve as the headquarters of the LGS but underneath it would be a huge secret lab where Artomonov would have free reign. Now he only needed two guards that would guard the entrance of the headquarters (since Zykov wanted every governmental branch to be intertwined with eachother). So the LGS headquarters should have some people from the military as a way to keep eachother in check.

He knew two guards who weren't all too bright and would follow his orders he laughed "Those two morons will not notice anything Andrei and Pjotr was it haha"

"Yes they shall be the one to inspect us... yes yes this is how it should be"




- Build (building) "LGS's secret headquarters with lab" grants order
(costs 1 turn to build -2 resources)

- Research "Superhuman experiments I" Artomonov restarts his experiments on human prisoners and political enemies. In his experiments he shows no mercy for the patient undergoing these procedures. He has no lab yet to fully utilize his knowledge.

- Build "Workings camps" Workings camps where enemy of the state and criminals are imprisoned and forced to work for the motherland
+1 resource per turn. (costs 1 turn to build -2 resources)



Month 2, Year 2350

Clockwork dolls are mysterious beings. They call themselves clockwork automatons.

They are made out of metal but posses emotions; some look more human than others. We are forever indebted to them... All they ask of us in return is to map the continent for them, so we shall.

1 Capital City ??? (Lvl 1)

10 Resources, 12 Population, 4 Units (1 Builder, 1 Infantry, 2 Scout), Order: 1

> N/A

> Research Crazed Musicians of the South.
> Adopt policy Sharing is caring: Kasteel has access to their ally's map and vice versa.
> Build Refinery: Adds +1 RPT to each production building.

> Move Scout Unit south east
> Explore new tile
> Gather intel from travelers
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Turn 2, Month 23 Year 2350
CaptainSully CaptainSully , Athanas Athanas , cinnabuns cinnabuns , The_split_Nation The_split_Nation , waifu waifu , Bruhaha Bruhaha , Just_a_loneley_pilgrim Just_a_loneley_pilgrim , Blue. Blue. , Hatch Hatch , Queen Boudica Queen Boudica , LadyOfStars LadyOfStars

Gabriella was stunned by the creature before her. It was a giant snail with a large building built into it's shell upon the back. She was filled with jubilation as the elderly gentleman walked slowly behind her, his hand making a slight tink noise every time it hit the concrete ground.

"So you see, you miss. What you ask for is possible, just difficult. It will require much of you. A vast journey along rough terrain, prowess in the magical arts and mechanical know how." The elderly man waved his cane in the air and pointed it at the large beast before them. "I shall provide you the transport and the destination, but you will need to find the rest of what you need along the way." He chuckled lightly. "That is in fact a part of the journey. Otherwise it just won't be able to happen. The hard work must come from you and your continued guile."

The young girl ran up to the large snail and then ran back to the man and gave him a large hug. "Well, you've done plenty in my book. Especially since I didn't even think I'd get this much." She cocked her head slightly to the side at an angle. "Of course, I was pretty darn sure that what I was looking for was inside the main building where I found you. But I suppose that is the way of things, right? Journeys and that. I should have known it wouldn't have been so simple."

"Right you are, Gabriella. Now, off you go. Mustn't get too sentimental of your old home. It is time and those already on board will help you move the Snail around. Consider it your new home."

Gabriella looked up from her hug and dislodged herself from the man. "I suppose you're right. Thanks for everything.. I'll see you when I see you."

And with that, she entered into the building of the snail and soon began to move away from the town and into the forest.

The Nation of Arcturus

Resources: 7 Population: 14 Order: 1

Scout Exploration: The scout sees a small encampment of soldiers wearing Green and Blue metal armor. The ones wearing lighter armor seem to be digging trenches and constructing fortifications, while those in heavier armor seem to be guarding the main area or on patrols. The lighter ones seem to be carrying small pistols and daggers, while those wearing the heavier armor are wielding large pulse rifles with swords at their hips.

The Unity of the Broken States

Resources: 6 Population: 14 Order: 1

Principality of Lumous
Resources: 2 Population: 14

Research - Mana Beacons (Mana Beacons serve to draw in ambient mana from distant locations, filling the designated zone with more mana.
Exalt Sun God - Prayers and offerings of gold are made to the Sun God for his favor and love. (1 turn remaining)


Resources: 9 Population: 15 Order: 1

The Scout leaves the forest into the open plains. They seem to stretch onward for all eternity into the East and the South. There appears to be an old battlefield up ahead containing the rusting carcasses of vehicles and weapons.


Resources: -2 Population: 8 Order:1

2 Guru of the Strings and 1 Groupie are trained, putting the nation into debt.

Union of Aleyran Socialist Republics (UASR)

Resources: -1 Population: 14 Order: 1

Superhuman experiments I (Turn1/2)

Due to building construction, the nation has begun to sink into debt.

1 Capital City ??? (Lvl 1)

10 Resources, 12 Population, 4 Units (1 Builder, 1 Infantry, 2 Scout), Order: 1

Research Crazed Musicians to the South (Turn 1/2)
Policy Sharing is Caring

Traveler Information: The Argo Monarchy is gearing up to fight a rebellion of powerful robots that used to be their servants in the far South
Ghosts have been sighted across the waters to the west.

The Scout moving to the SE uncovers a large energy deposit. Searching around further, the scout uncovers a large metal door at the entrance to a cave.

The Enlightened Oligarchy of Valmyrei

Resources: 6 Population: 13 Order:1

Research Ingens Latro genetic adaptability: It is believed that they would be most receptive to Mechanical Augmentation and Pheromones.

Improved Research facilities built

Vanguard Unit Trained

Extra Research- Ingenius Firing Drills- whenever an enemy unit targets a Vanguard Unit, on an unmodified roll of 1, the Vanguard may immediately make an attack against the attacking unit. If the attacking unit is out of range, the vanguard must wait until it is it's turn before it makes this extra attack.

Field Explorer exploration: A small snowy town that has people going about their daily business. Driving to and fro. A small power station exists in the center of town.

Andrave Resurgent
Resources: 10 Population: 14

Terraformer deployed 1 tile west of the city and begins to alter the landscape 2/4 turns.

Tuatha Dé Danann
Resources: 10 Population: 13​
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Queen Boudica

Magic Eight Ball
Freya sat down with a large offering to Epona and Andraste as she knelt down to the old stones of where their gods were said to be the most. "Epona...Andraste...Please bring Brenin home safely..." What no one knew was a scandal had happened in the royal family. Brenin bedded the younger princess Freya, and his child shall be an heir to the throne. Her red hair hung to hide her pale, freckled face and emerald eyes as Cadlah came beside her. "I know you're with child Freya...and I know the Council does as well...It's time you tell mother and father." Cadlah had never been one for kind words as she stood in all her glorious armor. a crow on her shoulder. "You are just saying that as a Daughter of the Morrigan..." Freya snapped as she left the offerings the Goddesses and stood to face her elder sister. "I say this with reason. If you do not confess the child will be shunned from the throne and you will be deemed unfit to rule one day! I say this because the Druids want to hive Brenin's head sent to father for soiling you, sister! You know I'm right!" Her voice rang in the grove as she stood there with a voice in her ear. The Morrigan called her to battle as she drew her sword. "Fine. I won't argue any longer. I'm going to spar." Her armor clanging slightly as she walked briskly away. Freya sighed as she headed towards the castle. "So be it sister..."

Boudica sighed as she paced the length of the corridor, her husband discussing plans with the elders and higher-ranking soldiers, "...Yes yes, I understand. Yes, I know where Brenin is! You old hag I told you to bring him here AT ONCE!!" King Prasutagus shouted at the soldiers as they sent a messenger hawk to the shores of the nation to find Brenin to be held for treason. "Is everything taken care of Prasutagus?" Boudica asked as he kissed her cheek, "Yes, everything is all taken care of...he will pay for soiling our precious little Freya.." His voice held a growl in it as they disappeared to the council room to quail the rumors the elders have started to spread.

The Hawk swooped down as the men had finally finished the port and began building small houses. The hawk quickly swooped down and dropped a note on Brenin's lap as it went to Fredias to deliver a message back to the King and Queen for the request of building a new settlement went underway. Brenin's face paled as he gulped back bile. "They want me back at the castle to be beheaded for treason...for bedded Princess Freya." The rest of the men looked at Brenin with disbelief as they laughed him off.

As the builders began, Brenin felt a call to go to the water's edge. where a white horse appeared beside him. her mane hiding her shifting white frame. She is known as The Horse of Epona, or even Epona herself. The horse neighed softly as it spoke, "You shall have a son who will become a king of kings...he will rule over your people and with his mother's kind heart shall move the lands to prosperity." Epona spoke through the mouth of the horse as she continued, "You will not live to see the day he rises to power, and neither will his mother." She spoke solemnly as Brenin turned from the mare. "Yes, Goddess." He said as he went back to work, the mare disappearing as quickly as she had come.


Turn 1 and 2: Creating a Port City -5 resources
Turn 3: Building a decent-sized Orphanage to house all of the Orphaned children -2 resources
Free Exploration: sending Aio Si scouts 1 square east
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Our scientists along with our military have successfully developed and tested a new weapon to help us fight the robot menace. While they must take some of the credit the majority must remain with our Glorious Leader Lord Malcador, for it was his infinite knowledge that created the new weapon. His gifts to us are plentiful and we truly are in an age that we should feel nothing but joy to witness such acts of glory. There is only one thing we can hope for and that is eternal life for the single greatest leader the world has ever seen.

Robot Menace Destroy Crop Yield
This year's crop yield has been decimated due to attacks from rogue robots. Farmers across the land have had their entire crop supplies have been burned to the ground by the machines. Most other nations would crumble under the weight of such adversity but we are a strong people with a glorious leader who will see us through this time.

Propaganda from pro-Machine activists falsely claim the attacks are a lie, instead blaming our hard working farmers for not producing enough for the populace. These traitors have been executed for treason and their robot sympathiser brothers and sisters will meet the same fate when discovered.

If you suspect someone as a robot sympathiser, inform your nearest City Guard and receive thanks from your Glorious Leader himself.

Picture of new super weapon

Production Facilities

• Total: 1
• Population Production: 2
• Resource Production: 2 + 1


Build Structure:

Diplomatic Hall - A structure located outside of the Hive’s main city, it allows for diplomats from other nations to meet and carry out diplomatic meetings.

Unlocks diplomats and gains 1 free diplomat.

• Turns: 1
• Resources: 1 [-1 from Complete Efficiency Policy]


Shipwright I - A place where naval vessels are constructed and built.

Unlocks transport ships allowing for the transportation of units. Three squares per turn.

• Turns: 1
• Resources: 1 [-1 from Complete Efficiency Policy]


Production Facility

• Turns: 1
• Resources: 4

Scout Movement

• West 2 squares and diplomacy

End of Turn Information

• Starting Population: 14
• Starting Resources: 7
• Refinery: +1 Resource
• Deep Core Mine: +1 Resource
• Focus Production: +4 Resources
• Prototype Roll: 2X = +4 Resources
• End Population: 14 + 0 = 14
• End Resources: 7 + 10 - 6 = 11


• x3 UNITs
• x1 Sentry
• x1 Hound [Scout]


I'm just here.
  • Word reached home. In short time, a marketplace was built where bands of traders could appear, make their deals for resources and trade, and be on their merry way. It was well guarded, as to prevent violence amongst roudy traders and any bandits. The Order and the People took this time to study this strange new place and observe the fascinating creatures and peoples that appeared at the Unity's doorstep. For the Keepers, the matter was different. Maladore had strange visions of the future, some filled with violence and others filled with blank, empty landscapes. No message was clear, and the Keepers were in disarray. The Order took this as a sign, and they steeled themselves. They prepared for the possible onslaught of violence and new nations. They prepared themselves for a repeat of Unity Prime, a repeat of the wars that littered the Khanzig so many generations prior. Fortifications were made, plans were developed, research was prepared. The people were ready for a new world, whether that world was ready or not.

    Miles beyond the boundaries, the scouts continued their trek. The headed East, to see what lay within the far ruins that they had seen during their interaction with the traders. If all had gone well, they would prepare a new encampment there, where it would be rebuilt and reformed into a new and proper place. Perhaps they may find something of interest, or perhaps it would provide an ample place to house soldiers and prepare the military.


- Build building "The Aleyran industrial innovation facility" this facility tries to gather the most bright people to try to innovate and think about better ways to gain and process the nation's resources. +1 resource per turn (for them smoothing out the production of factories) +1 resource per turn. (costs 1 turn to build -2 resources)
- continue "Superhuman experiments I"


Move scout unit one tile to the south and explore

Aleyran weapon factory lvl 1
= gives +1 attack to aleyran units
Aleyran raw material factory lvl 1 = grants +1 resource per turn for every mine or other building that covers the area of raw materials. (I currently have two buildings that cover that area so +2)
Mine of the people lvl 1 = grants +1 resources per turn
Working camps lvl 1 = +1 resources per turn
LGS's secret headquarters with lab = gives extra order

so per turn the nation gains +4 resources
population gain +2

every 3 turns a free agricultural settlement which is placed on a preferred area
the free agricultural settlement has -1 Defense and cannot construct additional defenses


Vintage Glamor Guy
Principality of Lumous

1.) Exalt Sun God - Prayers and offerings of gold are made to the Sun God for his favor and love.
2.) Construct Mine
3.) Research Gates - These devices are powered by mana and allow users to teleport from one gate to another when they pass through them.

Paobu travels East one tile, then South East one tile and explores


1x Taotie ( Nothing Goes to Waste -The Taotie are capable of multiplying asexually, given they have enough energy. Sacrificing captured enemies to the Taotie will spawn a free Taotie unit.)
1x Paxing ( Burrowers: Armies consisting of just these can move underground, hidden from other players' maps until they attack. Cannot burrow for 2 turns after their reveal.)
1x Paobu (`Mad Dash - Paobu are capable of performing a high-speed sprint once every turn, granting them the ability to move one extra tile.)


The Three in One - Troops cost half as much resources
Immortal Expertise - Centuries of life focused on honing skills have made the sorcerers and scientists of Lumous the best in their fields (Research and new tech construction -1 turn/cost)
Safe and Sound - With no humans present in their military, Lumous doesn’t have to put any of their citizens at risk in a war. Everyone is safe and allowed to prosper. (+1 to population growth in every city.)
Self-sustaining Military - When victorious in battle the fallen armies became food for the mutants of Lumous. (When engaged in combat, Lumous’ armies have no upkeep cost.)
Exalted March - WHen marching in armies of 10 or more units against armie following different religions, gain +1 attack and defense.

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