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so hey im writing part 2 to uncertain future now just tryna get a sensing of how any of the other students would have felt if dea left the hero business behind her
Tarou would probably assume that she did that of her own volition and it's better for her. As for Octavia, I have no idea, it would depend on how will the current interaction go.

Shammy the Shamrock

*Jumps Through Window*
”All Men Are Not Created Equal.” Those were the words I had learned when I was a child. My name is Tomura, Tomura Shigaraki. For most of my life, I wasn’t seen as a good kid no matter what I tried. My quirk was just too scary for anyone to see as good. The quirk I possessed was known as Decay and allowed me the ability to destroy whatever I touched with five fingers. It scared me sometimes.

However, I had kids who actually challenged me, Dabi-chan was always the first to do so. I never fought back, how could I with such a quirk? I could never kill another human being. My grandmother had taught me well and I always thank her for that. The other source of my passion to be a hero was One Force, the hero with a million quirks. It was always a hot debate on what his quirk was. Some said mimicry, and others just believes he was just so great that he was able to take every quirk known to humanity.

I’m getting sidetracked, sorry. This isn’t all needed to grasp it, you could call it filler. So I’ll start my story, this is the story of how I became the #1 Hero.

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