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Well ... That was interesting ...
oh, oops sorry i didnt catch it earlier. if you could perhaps, edit or delete this part? that was just my major issue, i understand we may have talked about it privately but i hadnt explicitly wrote up her reaction or anything to it yet. i'll be making my reply soon, though! <3

"As you'd expect, once Liân found out they both were taking the exam for PSA, she made it into another competition between them. As usual, Kliff went along with it."
Would it work if I changed it to this.

"As you'd expect from rivals, once they both realized they were taking the same exam, it became a competition for them."


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Sup man. Playing The Darkest Dungeon and drinking the best beverage aka. Dr Pepper, so I'm doing fine xd. And how are you?
Good to see the both of ya are just fine.

I'm fine, just wasting my time on playing Prototype since I thought I'd give it a try and wanting to write an IC post as I haven't in a while and really want to but unfortunately, I've got no clue on what I should be writing.


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@Trombone I'm not sure if this was on purpose or not, but you forgot the part where the principal announced the first student to get disqualified. You don't have to put it in your post, just reminding you in case you want it there
Yup, I know. I omitted it purposely, to make room for further commentary and conversations. I belive it happened roughly around 17:30, so I'll add it when that time comes.