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Fandom Boku no Hero: Peace Sign Academia OOC



The Pun Tyrant The Gif Hydra
OPEN TEACHER ROLES: 1 General Studies teacher, History Teacher, 1 head of security, 1 quirk councelor, 1 accountant, 1 librarian open to more suggestions

punch punch punch.gif

Note- The rules reform is not done yet. There is still more clarification to do, and a few more rules to add or update. I know this may seem very overwhelming and maybe for some it will be, but once again I want to state that being in this RP means THIS is the kind of thing you signed up for. From the beggining you were promised an RP that was gonna be complex and demanding and push the usual boundaries to their limit, but whose reward, if you sticked through it well enough, could be proportionally amazing. So I will not try to excuse the extensive nature of these rules, but I also tried explaning their purpose within them, which I hope also assists in clarifying them given there was confusion in the previous versions of some of them. Good luck

Basic Rules:
1. Please have RP common sense (don´t powerplay, don´t metagame, repect the GM as GM, etc...) and be civil (try to be polite, try to be friendly, don´t be douche, that kind of stuff) [note: in the future, I will make a better list]

2. Players must watch the announcement thread. If you are not getting alerts for this thread, please let me know. Announcements are wide important information for all members of the roleplay. Missing one can have big consequences.

3. Please be respectful to every player here, but also to the authority of myself and my co-GMs, who currently are: Shammy the Shamrock Shammy the Shamrock , Space_Kaiser Space_Kaiser , BriiAngelic BriiAngelic and yuckeroni yuckeroni

4. It is not permitted to hide information IC or regarding character's. No information hidden from me regarding the characters is at any point approved, and revealing outside of the proper time may be result in it's rejection. The attempted use of hidden information in the IC is considered cheating. If your character has infomration you want to hide, if that part is in the secret system, please mark it with a {S} on the CS and PM it to me.

5. If there is something you don't understand, please contact me or a co-GM via PM, a tag on the OOC or a question in the Q&A section.

6. Players are not allowed to be heavily disruptive OOC or IC. Disruptive behavior that is repetitive or purposeless may result in a ban according to several categories.

Joining Rules:
7.Before posting a character or any other post that not a request to join, please request to join the roleplay, tagging me. The Roleplay has a lot of people already, it'll be impossible to keep track of you if people are sneaking in characters without warning. In addition, while we are not yet limiting the number of players, we may be soon and as time goes on and the plot gets more engrossed with the existing characters, joining in can become increasingly convoluted.

8. Before posting a character, read EVERY BIT OF INFORMATION ON ALL SECTIONS. In case of doubt about whether you need to read something or not, you do need to. While it is not guaranteed that you will use every bit of that information, any of it can be a positive or negative force pertaining to my review of your characters and your IC posts.

9. You do not need to have watched the second season of the anime nor read the manga to join. However, cannon information from both of these is still cannon here, except in what pertains to time line, since the RP takes place a year prior. You do need, however, to have seen the first season and have some awareness of the events of the second (or just not be bothered by spoilers of it)

IC Rules:
10.No fourth wall breaking or other emmersion breaking techniques are allowed IC. I hope I don't need to explain why breaking the immersion pointlessly is a bad thing.

11.Please try to spread out the interactions. If you already have a group you are interacting with, heck, even just one player, don't hoard yourself with new interactions. This will both overload you in the long run and prevent new players from forming bonds with each other, prevent a more diverse set of interactions and can lead to players getting isolated more easily. Instead, try helping new payers getting into interactions with each other, which not only helps fixes the aforementioned problems, but also helps establish a more consistent learning curve between old and new players, making it their needs more clear to me.

11. Please minimize all content related to the cannon characters and events. Not only does this RP take place a year prior to the series, it also may deviate from it in a certain key aspect in the future, so a lot of cannon content cannot be taken for granted.

13. No group of less than five players is allowed to post 12 posts with less than four posts of interval from players outside the group, provided the roleplay has at least 9 roleplayers. However, if a player fails to reply or present a proper justification as to why they didn´t in the space of four days, their character will be taken over by me or one my co-GMs for a week. If there is still no appropriate response at the end of 11 days (total), the character´s control will be usurped (and the character potentially killed off) and a vote among the co-GMs will take place as to whether to ban the player from the RP or give them one more week.

14. Every IC post must respect the content minimum and 2 lines of direct interaction. It must also contain the specific IC time of the day and what the IC day is.

15. Characters must adress each other in the way of their anime/japanese counterpads, using honorifics and unless they are the rude or foreign type, adressing others by their last name until given permission otherwise. More information on how to do this is available in the lore section. In order to have a universal standard, though, only the version there will be accepted as following the rules.

OOC Rules:
16.Please keep every bit of information from the manga in spoilers and with a clear indication that it IS spoilers for those things. We accept people who haven't gotten to either of those, so it's not fair to them if you're go around spoiling things, even if they seem minor to you.

17. Ask Questions in the Q&A. The Q&A is a section in this roleplay specifically to ask questions about the roleplay, and so that people can easily go back and we see the answers to previously asked questions instead of everyone having to repeat themselves 483 times for every topic.

Voting Rules:
18. During community votes, each person has 1 vote, except for myself and co-gms. A co-gm´s vote is valued at 2 votes, while mine can range from 2 (normal) to 3 votes (in case of a tie).

19. Once a community vote is done, only GMs or co-GMs are allowed to change it, and only in extreme circumstances of paradim-shifting new information. In any other case and for everyone else, the results are law.

Character Making Rules:
20. Players may have up to 3 characters: the first a student, and at least one teacher in the following two. Remember that by making a character, you are compromising to be active with it.

21. Please mark any unfinished character sheets with "[WIP]" on top of the whole CS. will not review characters who still have "[WIP]" on them, indicating they are not yet finished, but if your character is not finished and doesn't have it, it's an infraction upon the rules. Characters in review don't fall in this category, naturally.

22. Players who are in the roleplay have 1 month to make a complete character and 1 month to get it approved after it is complete.

23. Tag me in the OOC when your character is done or when you are done revising it after my review. Otherwise I will have no way of knowing you are done.

24. For admitedly personal bias reasons, I will not be accepting any applications with notions of the demonic or divine in them (a character can be relgious, but I don´t want hints of "selling your soul" or having an ability that gives you demon powers or anything of the sort...). I can get a bit hotheaded about it, so it's better to be safe than sorry.

25. You can't modify your character (going back and changing it after it's been approved) without permission by tagging me and a co-Gm, then us agreeing to you making the specific change you requested. If you do get permission, then you will need to edit any and all IC which might contradict this change.Breaking this rule can result in an immediate ban from the roleplay as it can represent an active attempt at cheating me. Players in the "thin ice zone" cannot change or modify their characters.

26. As of this rule's making, Co-GMs who review characters will be given the authority to "pseudo-approve" characters. If the characters seems alright to them, they can give it a green light to start roleplaying. However, the pseudo-approval is only valid if I don't speak in the contrary. When I return from whatever kept me from reviewing the characters myself, I wil be looking over the pseudo-approved ones as well. Any changes I think necessary will then have to be implemented in both the character sheets AND any currently existing posts. Of course, players may request to wait for my return before getting approved. Co-Gms who have at least once used the review guidebook to properly review a character will also have the authority to approve a character normally, provided they do so within the boundaries of the guidebook.

27. Any and all characters made starting from the introduction of this rule are subject to becoming NPCs should the player leave the roleplay or take a hiatus after being approved.

28. Have common sense and be respectful, especially towards your GM and co-Gms (here found with yellow names)

29. If I or an co-GM observe a vast lack of presence in the OOC compared to your presence in the discord sever, this being defined on a case-by-case basis, the player will be temporarily banned out of the server. As a rule of thumb, there ought to be at least 1 post in the OOC every three days from each player that is active on the discord server. If a player does not contribute to discussions OOC or start them on a regular basis but is doing so in discord, they may receive an escalating ban starting at 1 day after two weeks of this habit. Will receive increasingly long bans from the discord chat, starting from a day to two days, three, then a week, two weeks, a month and then forever. Please participate in at least a couple of conversations OOC every week, each week that you are active on our discord.

30. Keep spoilers (anything from the start of s2 counts as a spoiler), questions, suggestions and gory/disgusting/lewd content to their appropriate areas

31. This is ultimately a place I am making in hopes of helping us all have fun, bond together even better and talk to each other in ways that we might not achieve otherwise. If I see the environment is not doing it's work, this server will be shut down.

32. Do not RP here

33. I reserve the right to alter, add or remove rules as I see fit(edited)

34. Follow the following rules pertaining to the shipping channel:

34.1 Only ships of the roleplay or main fandom are permitted.

34.2 Only fanfic of the main fandom is permitted.

34.3 Flaming people or otherwise treating them unfairly because of their ships is not permitted and may result in member banning and if it happens too often in the shutting down of the shipping section.

34.4 Fanfiction writers can either posts their fanfic in spoilers (naming the spoiler after the chapter name) or simply post a link to RPN's creative section where your fanfic may also be written.

35. Please post in this section only if you belong in the art team. If you want to join follow the instructions on the first post there. You may still follow

36. All art on the Art Corner is subject to public view and criticism, as well as regular image decency rules

37. The PSA art team is non-profit. While individuals are allowed to receive and accept commissions at their own consent and risk, the art team as a whole is dedicated only to the production of art for the PSA as they wish and as requested by the Rp's needs.

38. Only serious donations will be permited

39. You are allowed to, with permission, change the donated quirk's details or type (donated or paid) or even remove it, provided it was never taken/used by any other.

40. Quirks can be donated by people outside the RP

41. You may request feedback on your donated quirk by tagging me OOC about it. This includes a right to an explanation as to why you got the ranking you did for said quirk.

42. There is no post requirement in this section exception not making exceptionally bad posts such as a series of one-liners

43. The contents of the special events are entirely independent from the main IC and should in no way affect or be mentioned in it

44. All special events can only be started by myself and begin and ened on the specified dates. They can however, be suggested by players via tagging me in the OOC with a proposal.

45. Do not confuse the special events in the lore section with those of this section.

46. You may only post in this thread if your complaint legitimely matches one of it's criteria/options
47. for every code, you may only vote once per option
48. the voting here counts in the same way it would in the voting section, except it does not require a majority to pass

GM Rules:
49. Any player who disagrees with me on a subject or would like to object is welcome and encouraged to do so via PM. However, remember that ultimately, I am the GM. While I will listen to what you have to say and make sure to explain my reasoning as well as I can, or change it if it seems you are correct, should I find the discussion to be unproductive I still have the final word. Question are to be asked in the OOC until there is a Q&A section.

50. As GM I have and reserve the right to change, remove or add rules as I see appropriate at any time.

51. GMs and co-GMs will keep their work as GMs separate from their own needs as a players.

52.Do not post on any of the following sections: Announcements, Lore, Mechanics, Shop and Tasks, Extra Info, Visual Aid, Approval Guidebook

The content minimum is a concept that establishes what elements needs to en oresent in a post in order for it to be acceptable for a given roleplay. The content minimum is irrespective of size: if you can pull off all it needs in just one paragraph, good for you.

For this thread, the content minimum will be as follows:

•Any and all character thoughts, emotions, reactions and actions- I don't think I need to be explain these

•All appropriate mentions and interactions- if anyone is or should be interacting with you, if there Is someone your character noticed but won't go interact with

•All changes in position in time or space- time skips and any motion your character does: I want to know when and where they start and when and where they finish.

•Descriptions of relative positioning- if you're in a room, I want to know where in the room

•setting description upon transition- if you go into a new place describe how it looks and feels

•setting interaction- if anything in the setting, be it the breeze, the heat, the toys in the ground, whatever, if there is interaction with you

A serious flaw is a concept indicating any PERSONALITY flaw that has a high chance of causing your character to fail on their own terms, overcoming their rationale in favor of negative or selfish inclinations. A character without these flaws simply cannot be trusted to at once be consistent and fail at important times (failing only when it's not important beats the point). The importance of failing at important times is wide, from being much better to drive characters, to making sure everyone gets some time in the spotlight, to allowing the plot to progress more organically and decisions to have meaning, as well as to give your personality actual impact. And these are just a few of the applications of needing serious flaws.
-A flaw which is too unstable (usually flaws containing words like "sometimes" without explicitly stating what those sometimes are) are not serious flaws because they cannot be trusted to come up at important times
-A flaw which is contradicted is not a flaw at all
-A flaw which is only a problem if others explore it is not a serious flaw, as your character has nothing to grow from it, it's others that made the wrong decision and tricked you (something like being too nice or too trusting are examples of this)
-A flaw which is not significant enough, like being midly shy, is not a serious flaw. This is because the chance of it overcoming your rationale in important times is basically null.
-fears, deseases, weaknesses, and other such things are not personality flaws, and therefoe not serious flaws

There are more cases where a flaw is not a serious flaw, but this is the general scope of the problems. There isn't a concrete rule to this, but if you're unsure about how many of which to put, try to get a character's qualities and their serious flaws to be of roughly equal number.

The concrete limit of your quirk is the upper limit and lower minimum of every aspect of your quirk's ability. Any trait granted by the quirk, directly or indirectly, must have specified limits. While the majority of these categories w

To make it simple a review is when your character is, as far as you can tell, already finished, but you still need my approval, so I come over and point out what I think needs changing. Then you try changing your character and improve it, and I look over it again and the cycle goes on until the character is good enough to be approved.

A modification, on the other hand, is when you, after getting permission, go to change an already approved character. This is not the change of character growth, but rather a personally motivated change because of some detail you forgot or that you realized as you began to roleplay. The situations in whcih you can modify a character will be extremely rare.

A GM post is a post that I make as GM rather than as a player. In these posts I will be giving narration, using NPCs of relevance for everyone or giving out information everybody should at least have the chance to know. Typically you can recognize these posts by being either in the perspetive of an established NPC, or in a cinematic or omniscient 3rd person perspective.

Permanent Damage is one of the major factors of quirk rejection as it is banned from the RP. Specifically, you cannot have a quirk, weapon or fighting style that as a standard causes permanent damage.

Permanent damage is essentially when the ratio of how debilitating a particular kind of damage is, to how long it takes to recover from by normal means accessible to oneself. There are three kinds, these being physical damage to another person, damage that is highly destructive of the PSA's infrastructure or property and psychological/mental damage.

This is what the review guidebook says regarding permanent damage:
Quirks cannot be able to cause permanent damage as a standard. This goes for property permanent damage (heavy damage to the PSA facilities), mental permanent damage (as defined by the community vote to be anything impairing a target from functioning as a person in any way) and physical permanent damage (baseline any effect that would leave a scar or cause bone-breaking equivalent of internal damage). A certain degree of anime logic can of course be applied here, such as an extremely strong punch not outright crunching someone’s body like cereals dipped in milk. This rule also applies to any quirk that would require this permanent damage be inflicted onto others (example: Stain’s quirk requires him to ingest blood from others, therefore making it so he needs to perform those heavy cuts).

Exception: Permanent damage caused to one’s own self is permitted so long as there is no actually permanent permanent damage (example: death, deadly sickness) as a standard.

This is just a simple clarification that in here relationships doesn't limit itself to describe romantic relationships, but goes for any kind of it, like siblings, cousins, friends, parent and child, mentor and student, rivals, etc...

An oppressive ability is one which can strike without allowing a response from the opponent. While it may involve autohit, it doesn't necessarily need it, but they do tend become autohits later if they weren't to begin with.
Examples of this are rapid fire (from missiles, arrows and so.... ) that prevent an enemy from moving and don't have any way of being stopped once they start, autohit abilities that prevent action, paralyzis abilities that trigger too easily etc...

Autohit is a term describing a move that connects without needing consent, either because it's automatic or because it's so absurdly hard to dodge it that it would be too logic-breaking to do so.

Infinite Dodge is the concept of an ability that perfectly or close to perfectly dodge all accessible moves without appropriate limitations to prevent it's spamming into being unhittable.

In very basic terms, one's personality is a matter of their tendencies, preferences and behaviors. Not about what they can or cannot do, as that falls into their skills.

A move which single-handedly defeats an oponent if it connects under any normal circumstances

Magic is characterized by a potentially physical process having an effect outside of any physical process. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, applying a cause and effect that don’t connect in any way between two physical processes or a physical process selecting something that can’t be a physical factor (example: a quirk creating a sword from a legend can’t be done because the legend is a cultural idea, not anything physical. Creating a sword with that other sword’s properties may be possible, however, provided one can make it into a single quirk)(example2: ). Outside of quirks anything outside of what would be possible normally is to be considered magic.

Time from the completion of the usage of an ability until it can be used again

Variability refers to the complexity, number of options and applications , fllexibility and adaptability of a quirk. The rule is the more variability a quirk has the less power each of it's options should have.
A quirk having a lot of information does not necessarily imply it is complex and neither does a simple summary imply it doesn't have that complexity. And the same also goes for variability.
An example of a quirk that is too variable is any form of manipulation quirk as they are too flexible.

A quirk's concept is the basic idea of what the quirk does, without how it functions and all the further details. Any quirk that functions conceptually is possible to adapt if given the right details, namely in terms of concrete limits, though if not given working details it won't get approved either. On the other hand even if given a good set of details, if the quirk doesn't work conceptually it will not get approved.

A quirk's effect is what defines it. However, this effect can be given different uses depending on how one uses a quirk. The difference between a quirk that is actually multiple and a quirk with several applications is that while the latter has a several ways of using the same effect, the other has those different uses built into the quirk itself.
For example, if someone had the power to create ice and create fire, that is two quirks. The effects are too distinct and not connected. However, Todoroki has only 1 quirk, controlling temperature. Because temperature can be raised or lowered, it creates ice or fire. Hence Todoroki applis his quirk to create those two, but his ability isn't actually to make them. 1 quirk, multiple applications.
As a rule of thumb, if you can't summarize your quirk in one short sentence, you probably have multiple quirks. However, this isn't a 100% fullproof method for either conclusion.

Accumulation quirk's are a type of banned quirk which consists of any ability capable of building up or accumulating any kind of bonus or power over time without a reasonable cap and/or bypassing the QEP system.

This is any quirk capable of in any way incorporating another quirk. While some are permitted, they require exteme limitations and generally any other effect on top of the mimicry automatically makes it a rejected quirk.

Indicates a particular high category, commitment, minimally respectable effort, a semblance of care and/or a careful standard


Anything your character does that should trigger a reaction or the call the attention of another character with whom they are trying to interact with- dialogue, doing an action to another character are two examples of this.

It is important that direct interaction is evident, both in that other players pick up on it within the post and that they understand it as direct interaction. Any complicated reasons or particular aspect of your education or the culture you are used to present very little reason to assume it is evident.

Guidelines for Swifter Character Approval and Enjoying the Roleplay better
-Don't be afraid of the losses, be afraid of the dead ends: When you work on your character, stop thinking of things in terms of how well you will fight with them. That gets old and broken really fast. Plus if your character is just a war machine, there will be not much to do in the roleplay. The characters are students, they came to learn. If your character is just fighting and you've already reached peak fighting there's nothing to do when we're not fighting and even fighting will be boring for eveyrone involved. Instead, try to focus on figuring what is unique or what gives the character a strong sense of being their own invidual and truly a student who is alive in this almost alien society. Fitting a slot that complements others and interacts with them in refreshing ways makes you friends, being amazing edgy fighter #325 scares them away.

-Weaker and flawed is (almost) always bettter: If you do end up thinking about power, then favor weaker characters and characters with more personality flaws. Weaker and flawed characters creates the opportunity for character growth and puts you right in the spot where you help the RP by being someone whom I can work with plot-wise and by being someone who isn't stealing other people's spotlight. Flaws and weaknesses give you something to work with. Weaker characters are also generally much easier to pass and you defintely need plenty of flaws usually.

-Don't be afraid to be an average Joe: While I did praise being unique so far, don't take this to mean you should be a special snowflake. People often forget how great characters who simply lived various nuances of normal life can be. You lived a normal life most likely and so did your neighbour and so did I, and we had our share of experiences that makes each of us unique. The less grandiose you have to be, the more you can work with the new layers of problems presented to you by the plot, and the more grounded your character will feel. Plus you run less of a risk of contradicting basic elements of the setting.

-Update things over time instead of all at once: A lot of people feel like they have to write characters all at once. This is as far from the truth as it can be. The WIP tag exists for a reason. Just copy the template and slowly fill it over time, pushing into it whatever you find a good idea until it's done. It's much better than hoping for one day having a miraculous burst of inspiration and ending up waiting months to have ANYTHING out.

-Research (outside and within the RP): There is a lot of great information on character making, roleplaying and writing in general, making posts, etc... plus good information on the fandom. I also made a point of detailing several key aspects you might want to know in this roleplay's other sections and even just looking through the other player's characters and their reviews can give you a better idea on how to make yours.

-Plan: In this entire roleplay, one of the things I most encourage players to do is planning. Planning gives you access to tools like foreshadowing, plot twits that make sense, actually functional character dinamics, amazing fights and may other things that at best you can get on very rare occasions with great luck if you're on full improvise. Planning with other players also helps build hype for the upcomig which can motivate you to write even if you're otherwise in a slump or with a writer's block and can give you new insight into the characters and setting of this roleplay, nor to mentioned help bond with your fellow players.

-Check out the Q&A and Tasks frequently: Both of these are sections that are updated on a much more regular basis and don't get announcements for it. However, the answers in the Q&A and the tasks that help you get more QEP are both important information. QEP can give you many benefits, and the answers in the Q&A can help you find new angles to look at things, answer your own doubts or even correct something you mgith be doing wrong before I have to point it out.

-Vote in every chance you get: Votes are important. They are the way to voice your opinion in how to imrpove the roleplay in matters that I choose to leave to the community. You are part of that community and you are affected by the vote. So you don't want to regret not voting when you had the chance. Figure out the best option, even if none is perfect for you, and vote on that. It's not a 100% guarantee of it winning, but at the very least it will help me get an insight into your tastes and may help to guide future decision of mine, And in some occasions your vote may even be what changes the tide in the favor of your cause.

-Tie your Backstory and Personality: The events that we experience help shape our personality. That is a common fact and is in fact in the basis of character growth. But you can also use it to help write what you have more difficulty at. If you have a hard time coming up with a good personality, how about going to the backstory and trying to figure what kind of person would come out of it? Or vice versa. Go to the personality and wonder what would have to happen to shape someone like that?

-Think about a random, unarmed quirkless person. If they can't beat your character while both of them are fighting seriously in any way, odds are your quirk won't pass

-How about going through our quirk donations to see what we have to offer? XD

Player Idea Idea user @CrossedInLyke Trombone Trombone user Roxasarass Roxasarass user @Kuroko
QEP 796 tbd 115 1192 tbd 548 tbd 160

Player Blitzer Blitzer yoobinnie yoobinnie Shammy the Shamrock Shammy the Shamrock The Lost Soul The Lost Soul Noble Scion Noble Scion YoungX YoungX kibou kibou GinkyGotBack GinkyGotBack The One Eyed Bandit The One Eyed Bandit
QEP 56 18 1372 651 226 205 133 337 780

Player simj22 simj22 Onee-chan Onee-chan Lucem Lucem InternalAssumpter InternalAssumpter yuckeroni yuckeroni @Echo the Guinea Pig Lord Nenma Takashi Nenma Takashi Rage Rage @AKKaleb
QEP 904 102 128 910 933 76 180 188 tbc

Player Otakuyaki Otakuyaki Archtoddler Archtoddler The Mechanist The Mechanist Xel Xel Space_Kaiser Space_Kaiser Bum Bear Bum Bear National National St. Elsewhere St. Elsewhere general ostruppen general ostruppen
QEP tbc 553 290 463 766 tbd tbd 446 tbd

Player Leovonis Leovonis JustifiedRoles JustifiedRoles zacharychi zacharychi Illiterate Illiterate Astral76 Astral76 BriiAngelic BriiAngelic Bornlucky Bornlucky
QEP 592 152 186 387 83 1222 54

Player Dishonoured Dishonoured August August Randomfella Randomfella D duegxybus superrsalt superrsalt Karcen Karcen SheepKing SheepKing Shazam Shazam Kishune Kishune
QEP 55 471 201 52 150 227 214 156 241

Player Elenion Aura Elenion Aura Enkye Enkye
QEP 319 130

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spirit hunter
Awesome you got a character name decided on yet? (Asking for the bit on the character sheet)

Mine is Hayate Isamu.
Yeah, I've got a character name in mind. It's Hachiman Kageyama. You can check some of his things out in the character section if ya want to. I'll have to make a few changes to the back story then.

Twenty-Fifth Baam

The Irregular
Yeah, I've got a character name in mind. It's Hachiman Kageyama. You can check some of his things out in the character section if ya want to. I'll have to make a few changes to the back story then.

We both have very sarcastic character however, the rest of the personality is the complete opposite. To make things even better my character is narcissists.


The Pun Tyrant The Gif Hydra
Idea Idea just wanted to make sure that this is fine to start with just in case you want characters to get rivals in the roleplay.
Yeah. In fact, starting with a relationship to other player´s characters means additional paths to interact and great moments that can be crafted IC, so it is rewarded with QEP to create a character with a relation to another player´s.

Twenty-Fifth Baam

The Irregular
Yeah, I've got a character name in mind. It's Hachiman Kageyama. You can check some of his things out in the character section if ya want to. I'll have to make a few changes to the back story then.
Just somethings you might want to know, my character met yours during the second to last year of the school before PSA. So how do we want them to become rivals was it school work related or quirk related or just overall that our characters didn't like each other and ended up becoming rivals in that sense?


spirit hunter
Just somethings you might want to know, my character met yours during the second to last year of the school before PSA. So how do we want them to become rivals was it school work related or quirk related or just overall that our characters didn't like each other and ended up becoming rivals in that sense?
Second to last year of school before PSA huh? Alright. And regarding how they eventually became rivals, I'm thinking of them just overall not liking each other and then a single school work related thing happened and that was the start of their actual rivalry.

That schoolwork related thing being... a group related project or some field trip or etcetera. Whatever ya want it to be.

Twenty-Fifth Baam

The Irregular
Second to last year of school before PSA huh? Alright. And regarding how they eventually became rivals, I'm thinking of them just overall not liking each other and then a single school work related thing happened and that was the start of their actual rivalry.

That schoolwork related thing being... a group related project or some field trip or etcetera. Whatever ya want it to be.
That works, maybe my character stole your group idea and managed to finish the project first (This is something he will do less because he has to more because it's fun to mess with people) which is how they fully became rivals.

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