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  1. Eh, alright. I was prepared to anyway.

    Okay since I can't do that...How about a quirk that allows the user to copy whatever physical actions they see at the immediate time? To actually be able to use it they would have to get a good look at the person that's doing the action they're trying to copy and even when they are able to duplicate it successively they'll be unable to do it a few minutes later. Also, only one action at a time.

    Or there's two more alternatives I have at the moment.

    The first one is the power to use the user's hair as extra appendages that are stronger and more durable than a normal person's limbs.

    The second one is the ability to make any surface that the user touches when using their quirk extremely bouncy for a moderate period of time.
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  2. I think this one already exists...

    That one is really interesting. Wonder what ya would do with it?
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  3. I love the two alternative quirks, especially the last one, you can use one of them.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Ah...Hold up for a second I'm going to check the Boku no Hero Academia wiki again to see if I missed it.

    In all honesty, I want to expand the idea a bit more first since I kind of threw it out there as more of a ''work in progress'' just in case my first quirk was rejected. I have big plans to make this quirk a fun one though.
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  5. I think I saw it in a manga chapter... At the provisional license arc...

    sure, sure, whatever makes ya feel good
  6. Maybe you did but I wouldn't know since I didn't read up to that arc (I usually don't read the manga of things that are already animated. There are a couple of exceptions though.). I'll go check it out to confirm though since it wasn't on the wikipedia.
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  7. Hence me telling you
  8. So... I JUST Now watched the series. Didn't know about it before signing up for this RP. Wasn't that bad!
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  9. So is our crew ones who dropped from the test but had that 'shine' or just came from somewhere else?
  10. So the OOC is quiet.
  11. can someone tell me what is happening right now in the IC?
  12. I think we're just interacting with each other as some people find their way to the classroom and some others simply wait in the classroom.
    Speaking of which, I might suggest a time skip if we don't have much to say to each other after finding the classroom or something.
  13. No, they never got a chance to take the entry exam and with thins being witness it caught teacher's eyes at the right time.

    I will link them together.

    Just trying to slow the roleplay down so everyone gets to post before it goes further in...
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  14. that´s not what I meant. I mean the OOC, IC, and character sections need links to one another
  15. That what I meant, I will link the OOC, RP anc Character sign up together later
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  16. ah
  17. Bumpedy bumpedy bump.
    Anyone remember this rp?
  18. Well then.
    I just hope people didn't abandon this...
  19. Sorry, sorry. I'm still here so that's another person.
  20. Hmmmm.
    Guys, let's have some random discussions on the OOC section.
    Something like who would be the teacher for the 0-A* class or something.
  21. Hey. So I'm new to the role play. Where are you guys at?
  22. I'm in the 0-A* classroom with
    @Idea @Kinzu Hekmatyar
    Everyone else, I don't know. Probably roaming inside UA.
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  23. everyone one is gatehring up in class 0-A*

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