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Fandom Boku No Hero Academia


You Must Be Out of this World
Hey! A quick thread, I'll probably touch it up later, but I'm currently in the mood to try and spin a story in the world of BNHA. I'll admit, however, that this time I'm mostly interested in attempting to try and do some more original story, with our own cast and characters, that just sort of happen to occur in the setting of the series. It could either be a side-story, going hand-in-hand with roughly canon events, or it could be a totally original thing, in a world where most canon characters are more or less irrelevant. If we wanted, we could even place the events of our tale in a country other than Japan, however we choose to approach it.

I'm looking mostly for OCs, as you can imagine, but besides that I'm okay with pretty much anything else. Romance, darker themes, drama, anything really goes! If you're interested, feel free to shoot me a message!

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