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I sleep.
Marco Janssen
"Looks like I had you wrong Purple." He said to Mila. "Your moves aren't half bad, but I don't come second place in passion. Never." Except today of course.

As Mila challenged his stretching, Marco's movements got more dynamic, doing as she said and more. His hips swayed and the pelvis was sure to get involved. It was a dance of stretches. Marco's tightened muscles relaxed and his spine was invigorated with the actions. It was if Marco had been trained by Buddha himself.

"Pete, you getting in on this? You're gonna get a bad back if you don't stretch and you, octopus girl!" He singled out Eledone with a glare of enthusiasm. "I hear if octopi don't stretch their tentacles they get rigid and fall off!"

Marco reached as low as he could, reaching past the tips of his toes and to the very back of his soles. Then with an almighty inhale (partially to smell octopus girl in secret) he saluted the sun with two open hands. "Purple girl! Show me your pose, let's excite our dopey teammates! Let me take a look at those muscles." He said as he flexed himself. His muscles were huge obviously, big enough to be swings for an adult child or to use as a table for a fancy five course meal at a valentines dinner.

"Alright, that's enough stretching for me." He said pointing to himself. "Anyway, I know some of you don't know me. The name's Marco, but call me by my code name, "GI Joe". My quirk let's me wind up my arms and unleash full power like those toy soldiers! Due to my strength and good looks, I'll take the lead of the vanguard. I am not too smart with strategies, so I am leaving that up to boss man but don't think that makes me stupid! Peter you're my back up, Purple is the cheer leader and Octopus girl... You'll be our mascot, kids love octopi! Good plan am I right?"

@Team Janssen
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i'm a ghost with the most, babe.

Sybil's satisfied, toothy grin remained plastered onto her face, especially when Ines responded positively, albeit coyly, to her little pun. The faintest shade of pink rouged her cheeks, only barely perceivable under the green pallor. She couldn't remember the last time someone kissed her hand - she had a hard enough time getting a greeting cheek kiss from others back in Paris. The smile dimmed, only for a second, with coquettish demure. Cute? At this point in her life, Sybil had become comfortable, even happy, with her appearance. Nevetheless, the complement made her want to hide her fangs. The sincerety in Ines' voice was all that kept her from disbelief.

"Ines." She committed the name to memory, the delightful word leaking out of her mouth softly, like a tiny knick in an air-filled hose. Sybil hoped they would interact more, soon. The two of them had worked in the past, but names were not Sybil's strong suit. Faces, however, always seemed to stick. It only helped that Ines, in all her feline propensities, was gorgeous. Sybil loved to look at pretty people.

As her companion, ever the diplomat, turned to address others in the room - Sybil watched. Like she always does.

Though she remained silent, the ghoulish empath still grinned with excitement at the activity - the life - that surrounded her. Lovebite's introduction made her internally squeal with giddiness; (Sybil never would have guessed she'd cross paths with that wonderful celebrity so quickly!) the rancorous laughter of the blonde-haired man forced her to stifle giggles in turn. She fought against salivation when a calamari-haired mistress entered the room.

Even Aadia's curtness thrilled Sybil, despite the way that the rather stern woman addressed the situation at hand.

Größel, Vezeniye, Zorich, Kriegerr.

Sybil's black eyes darted across the room. She recognized all of their faces, mostly from snooping through D.S.J. paperwork, but only Ines' name stuck out as a previous interaction. The green-skinned girl sighed with quiet relief at the fact they were on the same team.

Größel. They may have crossed paths once or twice as workers of the rescue division, though her time as one was slim. Sybil remembered reading that he spoke French. Back when she first started at the agency, a familiar speaker would've been a godsend. Peut-être parlerons-nous bientôt ! she thought hopefully.

Zorich. One of the few women that made Sybil salivate - that color purple looked delicious. Like candy, or butterflies. Sybil remembered seeing her working on the field as a first responder, though they never really interacted. But how could she forget someone that beautiful and shiny?

Kriegerr. A rather new entity of D.S.J., but one with great promise, according to a ton of the head honchos that Sybil's, ahem, overheard. As a fellow observer and reconnaissance, Sybil greatly looked forward to what the two could accomplish together, even with Kiregerr as more of an intermediary than a teammate.

All under the leadership of the one and only Eloise Phasicles! Didn't it just roll off the tongue? Could this get any more interesting?

Upon Agent Phasicles' mark, Sybil jumped into action, scuttling over to the silver-haired woman. She grinned eagerly, interlacing her pointed fingers. As the others who joined them began to speak, Sybil lost more and more chances to interject; relegating to observing the group with passionate anticipation.

As soon as the quiet Kriegerr finished her spiel, Sybil jumped forward, latching on to the pale woman's soft hand.

"Hey! What am I thinking?"

Pineapple! Colon, right parenthesis. That was a smiley face! Haha, I promise I won't think any dirty thoughts.

Her trail of thought quickly began to deteriorate.

Oh no, now that I've said it, I'm going to start thinking dirty thoughts. Do you speak French? If it's in French maybe you won't understand it. Comment Pinocchio s'est-il aperçu qu'il était en bois? Lorsqu'il s'est masturbé, il a failli prendre feu ! Haha!


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Colorless Spectrum

Always Blue

Morgan Acantha Zorich

Hh. "A delightful assurance to hear but it doesn't change the fact that I am tardy on the first day." She remarked with a sheepish grin. Only now did she took a good look at the person beside her. Whoever this was, it made her heart skip a beat. What made it beat? She can't tell. Was it the octopus hair? The face? Both? It was a good thing that blushing isn't a thing for her. She could hear a sultry purr coming from Ines, one of the few she knew by name and face but not really an acquaintance like most of the people here. Noticing Eledone's red face she couldn't help but give out a light giggle, "I have heard that she has that effect on people. Kinda jealous that you're getting all the attention here. I don't blame Ines though, you are quite attractive. Everyone here is, to be honest." She doesn't mind, she likes all things cute and beautiful.

There came another who was the last person to arrive, Peter whom she has heard to always be on time when he remarked about being fashionably late she couldn't help but find it funny. She was after all, pretty easy to please. Morgan immediately put all of her focus on Aadia once the very leader of the oddity of a unit spoke. She gave a quick briefing before giving out the assigned teams then going further with the first mission the new division is supposed to hold. to be under Eloise, the word she could describe for that was a simple "wow." The woman has always been a craze around the D.S.j, she remembers her sister fangirling about Eloise and wanted to join just for that reason. If she was correct, Größel was the big man with animal pins. It's a very endearing sight, if she's being honest she wants one of those pins since it can go well with the animal plushies in the room. Oohh, I should get cute animal stickers to put on my stuff. She does hope that they get along, he does seem to be a sweet person despite his size. Ines, as stated before she'd heard rumors of the beautiful kitten. She just hopes that the woman doesn't give her such flattering comments that would distract her from work, she's sure to get purpled by any sweet comments that come out of her mouth. Lastly, Sybil, there's something very attractive about someone with real confidence about oneself. Wonderful trait, very attractive and sexy.

Marco's voiced thundered throughout the room for his team. Morgan looked over to the other team, the blonde man was going on about stretches, "My forte." She quipped to herself silently, if she were on that team she'd show Marco how stretching is really done. Eloise then called the team out cheerily, with the addition of Kriegerr the rather introverted looking one of the lots. "Welp, guess it's time to go." Morgan stretched her legs to wear the team had gathered and made her way like so all the while holding the piece of paper in front of her earlier. Greeting everyone of her teammates with a huge grin, "Hello everyone! I do hope we all get along." She blurted, keeping up with Phasicles' enthusiasm then giving a light yet hearty laugh after Manny's remark. Sybil was quick to go to Lynn after the latter's sermon of her ability, a very interesting one indeed. Morgan is actually a bit skeptical of it, she a pretty private person after all. Nonetheless, it is needed and she is already lined up after Sybil. Rocking herself back and forth as she waited before looking over her shoulder to ask the others, "Anyone like to go after Sybil?"

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cin like cinnamon !
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Ines' tail curled once more at reactions.

Manny's reaction to those who didn't love coffee as much as he did came first to her and it was comical, how much passion people had for bean and leaf water. It was good, hence Immanuel's small spiel on those who "didn't take coffee seriously enough" - he could be so passionate, sometimes. Ines was certain that he actually got away with drinking and consuming so much sugar because of his quirk; he needed energy, full stop. He couldn't use his power best without it. She just wondered if maybe they could find a better energy source at some point in his life...maybe at some point. For now, it was hilarious as hell to imagine him getting his coffee ready every morning, probably deciding at least two or three times during that he hadn't put in enough sugar.

Sybil's reaction to receiving a kiss on the hand was quite adorable. It was like she didn't get called cute as often as she should. What a shame. People with quirks that didn't dramatically change their look didn't get it. Ines did. She didn't have the strangest change from a normal human child in comparison to Sybil, but she empathized with what Sybil must have gone through. And that didn't mean Sybil wasn't attractive. It just meant that most people, who didn't give her the attention and praise she deserved, were missing out. As expected.

Then, it was the seafood-haired girl's reaction to a compliment. Ines liked compliments, because one could gauge interest and comfort level with them. The girl seemed very shy. A passive kind of reaction, but it was so precious. So innocent. She had to know more about her. She would have to speak to her once the mission was over. What was such a sweetheart doing in the DSJ? She must have such a set of credentials. So intriguing.

Ines listened to the others, as well. Morgan, a girl she recognized better now, speaking to the octopus-haired girl about Ines and her jealousies; aww. It almost made her purr, once more. Her tail curled in response to that. Another she'd have to speak with, afterwards. Manny, making fun of her flirting habits. He knew his time was coming. Aadia, giving the brief as professional as ever. "Größel, Vezeniye, Sybil, Zorich under Agent Phasicles", hm? Well, she knew most of them pretty well. She watched as Yuri attempted to be in charge and how Marco practically wore the crown instead in his attempt to hold Aadia's attention; poor Yuri. Never stand between a man and his object of desire, unless he was evil. Marco, obviously, got a pass, she thought to herself with amusement as he brought an arm around...Peter? That was right, Peter. Marco practically held him like a rag doll, unfortunately for Peter.

Ines watched as Eloise moved to one side of the room and Yuri the other, and she almost sat up, when she heard Immanuel, once again, take a moment to slander her good name. Not once, but twice. She couldn't believe such words against her "excellent" character. Ines snorted at her own joke. Manny was one of the first in this group to know Ines, and he thought it was time to mess with her. When she was supposed to be taking this seriously!

She leaned back in her chair, and then, she seemingly disappeared for a moment, before reappearing by Manny, her arm resting on Immanuel's shoulder. "Immanuel, you're talking about me a lot~. Are you missing me? I can always give you some attention after we're done with this mission. We have to give our full attention to Miss Phasicles, here~."

Ines looked down at Eloise, and she gave the woman a nod. She'd be on her best behavior when they got to their site. "Name's Ines, for those of you who don't know me." She spoke to the others, noticing the small line to speak with Agent Kriegerr. She gave Manny's shoulder a squeeze before planting her feet on the ground. She noted Morgan's hesitation in shaking Agent Kriegerr's hand and she smirked, heading towards her and the line.

"I can go ahead." She spoke, moving forward and waiting for the Kriegerr girl to finish with Sybil before taking her hand.

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Eloise PhasiclesWow, geez, this was an energetic bunch. The thing about dossiers and files was that they rarely reflected just how the people in them behaved out in the real world.

"Nonsense, Grossel. You'd do great, as far as I'm concerned!" Eloise patted the man's shoulder lightly, and grinned. "I'm countin' on ya to back me up when it really counts, alright?" First thing of teaming up, she learned, was to set up a minor hierarchy. Set up the second-in-command, so that when shit really went down, there was someone the others could rely on if she wasn't available. "And I need all of you to keep Agent Grossel here on his feet, alright? You're all responsible for each other, and I wanna trust that I can trust you guys to trust each other to have each other's backs!" Eugh. Waxing platitudes like these were the worst part of the job. As the face of DSJ, she HAD to give off this kind of vibe of positivity, and it was like dropping a weight on her shoulders each time she did it. Well, anything to keep the crowd pumped and ready to go, right? She beamed a bright smile towards all of them.

She watched as Kriegerr took the helm, allowing them to access her Mindnet, as she called it. Sybil was the first to clasp onto Kriegerr's hand, with almost child-like glee and excitement. Eloise couldn't bring herself to hate that attitude. It was endearing, almost. Eloise would even go so far as to call it cute, like a child who was opening a present for Christmas. She allowed herself a tiny smile internally. Ines was next in line to take Kriegerr's hand, shooting a flirtatious rebuttal to Grossel's earlier comment. Sharp ears, as expected from someone like her. They knew each other too. Things would flow smoother with people who knew each other. Their attitude towards each other needed work, but it was nothing fire couldn't forge properly. She glanced at her phone's screen, then moved to one side.

"I'll pass for now, Kriegerr. I need to hurry to Aadia's office to get the keys, or she'll yell at me. Grossel," she turned to Immanuel, snapping her fingers. "You're in charge, alright? Get the group to the rendezvous point in time. If not, you're gonna be treating the whole team to drinks after this assignment, got it?" She laughed, and waved at her team mates, before slipping out of the door, as smooth as she could. She shut the door behind her, and once she confirmed that no one was within sight of her, her features melted away, and reformed back to the old, dumpy-looking brunette form that she was more comfortable with. She rubbed her neck, and grimaced. She wasn't all that comfortable about connecting to Kriegerr's mind network. Having someone peer into how she worked was borderline creepy, to her at least. She didn't know why the others were so eager to get their minds poked and prodded with under a magnifying glass. Just the knowledge that someone could read everything she was thinking made her shudder. No way. She was going to try and avoid connecting to that network as much as she could. Patient confidentiality or not, she wasn't going to just going to shake and tell.

Tugging on her jacket, she rolled her shoulders, and set off for Aadia's office.
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The One Eyed Bandit

bearer of the dreaded brain worms
Gasoline-laced sewer stench. Berlin's underbelly was always the same. Dark, dank and unchanging, it was one of the few places in the city that wasn't harrowed by the D.S.J's ever-looming presence. Slightly ahead, the thrum of conversation could be heard. A plan was being rehearsed, each of its leading actors repeating their role time and time again. It was the secret to success, in a world like this. The perfect crime, every time. Unless they wanted the city's stupid bloodhounds catching onto their trail, that was the only choice they had.

"███ ███ ██████"


Above their heads sat a manhole, and above that lay their target, a small bank. Only a few days ago it'd been the site of a hostage situation. A group of tried and true Japanese Villains had found their way into the country, and decided to assault the building in pursuit of "something important", or so the underground channels said. They didn't know much about the details. What was important, was that the building has been compromised ever since then. Most of the usual security detail had been injured in the incident, so the place was being staffed by a temp agency for the coming weeks. This was their first day on duty, and the same went for specific member of their detail.

They'd have one chance.

The place wasn't a quiet one, and was frequently busied by the comings and goings of the general populace, even in the wake of the recent incident. D.S.J response would be faster than usual, but even their closest branch to a location as far from the city center as this one should afford them enough time to get in and out. Their escape route, too, would only stay open for so long.

"████ ██████"

The sound of conversation cut off, and light spilled in from above. It was time.


Nine Thousand Club
Yuri maintained his smile as he watched his subordinates interact with each other. It seemed like there wouldn't be any problems with everyone getting along. He'd have to wait a little longer before he could see how they worked together in the field, but this was a good start. Building positive relationships between the squad members was key to working effectively as a team.

"In that case, I'll go collect the keys from Agent Darnallson's office. Meet at the carrier once you've finished your preparations." With a small wave, Yuri parted ways with his squad. Before exiting the Sunlight Room, he turned to face the group that gathered around Eloise.

"Good luck on your mission, everyone. I'm wishing you the best." Even if they weren't under his command, they were still members of the same branch. They may have been going to separate locations, but everyone in this room would be working together as a larger team. He wanted to build a good relationship with all of his coworkers, not just the ones he'd be meeting with the most.

Wanting to speak with his fellow squad leader before they split up, Yuri quickly followed after Eloise. For a moment, he thought he was too late, seeing no trace of the silver-haired woman in the hallway. However, considering the timing and the direction she was facing, the only conclusion he could come to was that the brunette in front of him was the person he was searching for. He had some information about her Quirk's ability, but never really spent too much time thinking about its capabilities. If she could manipulate flesh in some way, then something like changing appearances was definitely possible. Although, that brought up the question of why she was doing it now? Was this her true appearance, or did she just decide to change on a whim? Were either of the two faces he knew the real her?

Several questions popped into his head, but he didn't think on them for very long. In the end, it didn't really matter. Everyone had things they wanted to keep to themselves. Unless she wanted to bring it up herself, he wouldn't ask. It wasn't like altering her appearance would change the person inside. Eloise was still Eloise at the end of the day.

Yuri offered the woman a smile as he caught up to her. "Looks like we've got a tough road ahead of us, huh? Good luck on your mission. I hope we can do our best together from now on." Aadia was a superior, and the others were subordinates. While he didn't intend to treat them any differently, he had to worry about things like showing respect and authority when ranks were a factor. Eloise was technically the only person he was equal with. With that in mind, he would've really liked it if they could get along.

Placing a hand on his shoulder, Yuri stretched out his arm as he walked alongside Eloise. Guess I should do some stretching too. He probably wouldn't leave a very good impression as a leader if he cramped up in the middle of a mission.


The One Eyed Bandit

bearer of the dreaded brain worms
The twin thrumming of engines sung deep and heavy through the park complex's air. The smell of gasoline came soon after, and the D.S.J emblem brandished upon both vehicles shook lightly. Both were equipped quite heavily, built to withstand a wide ranged of common quirks, as well as mundane assault.

At the same moment, as if on queue, shadows skulked into the sunlight.

In a matter of what seemed like moments, alarms filled the air and smoke billowed up into the sky. In a quiet corner of Berlin, the apocalypse graced the city's sleepy residents. Fires burned furiously in the hoods of the cars that filled the streets, shop windows shattered into smithereens without warning, and a sickening ruckus filled the air. A fully fledged villain assault. Alarm bells rang, and before long the local law enforcement was well underway in engaging evacuation procedures.

Then, there was silence.
As team Phasicles pulled into their assigned area, they are met with a sea of bodies. Cramped into a tiny alleyway, practically an entire village's worth of citizens is crammed. For each, a chest rises and falls slowly, with the beat of their breath, oblivious to the squalor that surrounds them, and not another soul can be found for miles. Yet, silence does not haunt the air. Faint mutterings and shufflings skitters about at the edges of your senses, stowed away just enough to escape your gaze, but not quite enough to avoid your suspicions entirely.

Yure, on the other hand, is faced with chaos. Stood and glass shattered so finely has practically been reduced to sand lines the streets. Cars lined the pavement as exploded, grey husks, their paint jobs stripped away by a rapid conflagration of gasoline and fury. Amongst the sea of hellfire and ash, however, not a single drop of blood was to be found. Not within the wrecked cars, pilfered storefronts, nor upon the scorched brick steps that led to the local bank.

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