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Fandom BNHA Search [1x1 OC/CC Trash]

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"There's a fog in the air, you've stumbled upon a strange search thread..."

Hello everyone, I'm a little bit of a newbie around these parts, so here we go with a little search. I'm looking for a BNHA roleplay. Before we get into the nitty gritty of the search, here are a few things about myself that you might find interesting, maybe?
1- 30, nobody under 18. You're great, I just don't want to write with you. I apologize!
2-Discord is my jam, but I am willing to try Private threads, messages and Google Docs if you are very patient with me and also have a Discord for OOC stuff and plotting device areas. I am happy to do whatever makes things a lot easier for my partner.
3- Semi-lit to Lazy lit, but I don't mind just winging it. Everyone's got a different style, so don't be rude about it! My minimum requirement is at least 4 good paragraphs. I want to improve my writing style, but I also do not want to experience writing burn out, if you get me!
4-I'm familiar with the ANIME only, I know some spoilers, but I have not read the manga. I don't read manga well and it can take me a really long time due to my life and some mental issues.
5-I do art sometimes. I might even do art regarding our RP, it's happened before.
6- I don't mind answering questions so please ask any that you have!
7- My profiles are so messy, but...I kind do have them, at least!
8-Doubling up is best, please don't message if you don't double!

Usually, I have a lot of characters I would like listed, but I'll cut this already short advertisement down a little more. The current brainrot I have is Bakugou and Dabi. I will do triple ships, so if you have a character you are itching to RP as, let me know. All characters will be in University or Pro Heroes during or RP.
Fluff/romance is preferred! If you are a person who loves Slice-of-Life, I gotchu! I love action and adventure as well. If you plot with me, I think we can make something neat work out. I do not enjoy coming up with the plot on my own, it's not cool for me.

Play for me:
Bakugou Katsuki
Dabi [No spoiler name here]

I want these tropes, but I am open to more: Enemies to Lovers, BullyxBullied, Bad boy/Shy or Outgoing girl

I'll play: Anyone, except most villains and Mineta.

My Most Used Muses:

Keigo Takami [Hawks]
Amajiki Tamaki [Suneater]
Shota Aizawa [Eraserhead]

Muses I want to portray:
Shoto Todoroki

Tropes I am looking to play for you, will do more!: Engaged to be Married, Newly weds [Arranged], Prince of the School/ ???? girl/boy, Childhood crushes, Drama in general!

I apologize, I'm looking for m/f shipping primarily. I will do f// or m// for you so long as it is OC/Canon, but for my side I would like m/f. I'll do OC/OC for you if you would prefer to have a male character of mine in the RP, but I do, however,expect an OC/canon for my side.

Please have an idea for an OC. I don't believe in Mary Sues as a concept, but please try to make a character that works well with others. If you tend to have any issues with Main Character Syndrome, please let me know, we can split RPs or something and we don't have to have our OCs interact with one another. I'm an accomodating person, but I prefer people who will RP at least ONCE a week. Everyday is fantastic, but I do not expect it. If you are the type to make somebody wait a month for a reply, I'm afraid I might lose interest in the RP. Strike while the iron is hot and such!

TLDR- Be kind, rewind, OC/Canon, M/F ship, 1x1, message me somewhere and let's get to plotting~ Don't be afraid to contact my Discord Handle or whatever is needed. Please, make sure to let me know of any accomodations I should make for you as a partner.
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Hey! I’d be down to double up with MHA do you’re still interested! I’d also be up for moving over to discord if that’s ok!

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