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BNHA rp: Newport City/Academy


The Flowiest on site
In the fictional city of Newport America...

A devastating blow has been dealt to the side of law enforcement, criminals run rampart, gang sightings becoming common occurrence, some even say some police and heros are corrupt...
A eccentric man who has had enough of criminals and their devastating quirk longs for a safer environment for his soon to be born child. He longs for justice that strikes as needed where needed how HE wants it.
This man has used his resources to track You down and make a offer that is very hard to refuse...

(You being either a....current pro hero, a ex pro hero, a vigilante, Or a person with a powerful quirk.)

Are quick to take his offer and join his vigilante team for the greater good! And that money he promised helps to...
This is a BNHA rp that will focus on a vigilante squad working for the man who supplies them with the resources needed to operate on a professional level.
Six people (seven or eight at most. If alot of people show interest maybe I can adapt it.)
Shall work as a team on most occasions to serve justice.
I'm open to someone else collaborating with me to get this rp to be amazing but I'm confident it will be decent with my own ideas.

I'm no writing genius but I would consider this above a casual level,
no one line/paragraph posts
No "lone wolf edgy badasses" who cannot work on a team
No powerhouse quirks that make the need for a team useless.

Depending on what you people want will set the tone,
you want a dark gritty mix between goblin slayer and the dark knight?
Or the classic BNHA PG rating?
More questions involving the plot, the setting and whatever else you ask will be answered anywhere but here to avoid clutter.

Who's keen? Like this post and I'll tag you once the threads are up.
Spots reserved 6/6
1)@Flowiest-D (obviously I mean I'm making the thing...)
2) @roxas xvii-v
3) @Castello
4) @RandomBlobMan
5) @LittleRedAssassin
6) @DarknessSama17
7) @TheFalconSinOfLies ?
Please make sure you are on the discord OOC before making a character.
Fandom - BNHA vigilante squad: characters
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The Flowiest on site
I'm thinking of having two plots going for this RP.
The vigilante squad will be doing there own thing

And a class of aspiring hero's in the city's academy will also have a story arc to follow.
Not sure if I should have two threads keeping them separate but referencing each other when needed it or to have the rp set on the city as a whole.

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