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Fandom BNHA NextGen: Interest check (Open) 7 seats left.

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, Super Powers

Kanakazawa M.

Allah is the Greatest
1585056947528.png Since my first interest check was deleted (for discord link reasons :lenny:), I'm making a new one!

Many years after Deku graduated U.A., he became the #1 hero and lived life, fighting crime as the symbol of peace. After a tragic incident occurred within his family, he knew it had been time to pass on his quirk. To find that successor, he resolved to look to the next class of A1. One of twenty middle schoolers, all determined to get into A1. Each with there owns goals and aspirations.

We've already started the roleplay, but it's still short enough for anyone to join in. If you come in really late you can be a recommended student.


At least 2-3 paragraphs per reply, I don't care about the grammar that much, I just need to be able to read and understand it.
For religious reasons, I can't allow anything but straight characters. And any birth gender is fine.
Read up on the RP, we've started at a certain point.

7 spots in A1 left

(We can use two main teachers:lenny:)

Those are pretty much all the rules. Thank you for understanding.
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