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Kanakazawa M.

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Today was the day of the U.A. entrance exam and the applicants had just begun arriving at the doors. Sun showers had been on and off all day the rain had just started up again, but no one went back. Ashikaga stood quietly outside the doors of U.A.'s entrance, blankly staring up at the rain that began falling down. A slight smile appeared on her face before she quickly darted her head down, and she tugged her coat hood over her head and took a step inside.

After the rules were explained, everyone was taken to a lot and were gathered behind the fake city. There were 4 different robots they had to look out for, the small ones were worth 5 points each and the giant ones are worth no points at all meaning they were better to avoid. The students were now preparing themselves only moments before the exam started all standing outside of the door to the fake city where it would be taking place. The atmosphere was tense. Everyone there wanted to get into the best class, it felt more like a competition than a test at this point.

Ashikaga let down her hood then combed her hands back through her hair, pulling it back into a tight ponytail, "Alright." Her eyes darted side to side, she then slowly look behind her at the competition. A shark kid caught her eye and turned away, and the kid next to him glared back sliding his thumb over his neck as he whispered, "Now, I'm coming after you." Ashikaga turned back around and automatically and scratched the back her head. "This is the competition, huh," a sensation of stress coursed through her body as she looked ahead again. "They're not to bad though," she whispered to herself, "Even though everyone might be strong it doesn't matter if I get most of the robots," she thought out loud as she raised her hand and cover her mouth as a cheeky smile began forming on her face.

A buzzing sound blasted from the loudspeakers placed on the large gate. The voice of the Hero Red Riot spoke through the loudspeakers "Are you, ready Students? 3, 2, 1, GO!" A loud clicking noise was heard and the doors to the fake city unlocked. Everyone started rushing in running past one another. Everyone had the same goal in mind: passing the Entrance Exam and getting into the famous hero school. Ashikaga sprinted forward turning left at the first building. She glanced back and saw three others following behind. Ashikaga stopped, then when the three passed, they went separate ways and the air became still though the sound of footsteps was still heard. Ashikaga slid her foot against the ground and kicked up some dust. She crouched to the ground then exploded herself. The dirt charred and a cloud of soot masked her body.


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Himiko Hiroka
Location: Testing Ground, Fake City

The short form of Haruka splashed up the water in her steps as she was sprinting down the street towards the entrance exam hall, drowned in a large hooded lime coat several sizes too big backpack almost as big as she was bouncing across her back. If she had thought it through when she stopped off at the orphanage for her bag she would also have thought to ask her father for a lift in the car but by the time that came around she had already progressed several miles in the direction of the academy, in which time she had rolled over several cars, over barriers and sliding through the corners in a mad sprint to make it on time. In an ideal world, she would have set off a bit earlier at a more leisurely pace though she had found a large stash of scrap at the beach and couldn't just leave it alone.

Barrelling through the door she skids to a halt to catch her breath "IM.....HERE!" bending over taking deep gulps of air as she scans around the new area, please let this one be the right building. The sudden interruption did gain more than a few looks and glares with the deafening silence that followed only being broken by the soft patter of rainwater dripping from the girl, then the nervous laughter and squelching of shoes as she awkwardly tries to make her way to an open seat with the bag. "Excuse me, Sorry, The weather right? Heh Heh" it did seem most of those gathered didn't get the humor in the situation, though still best to just smile and go along with it, not like they could do anything about it now in any case, best try and pay attention if she had any hopes of passing it.

The basics of the test seemed simple but it did raise questions how some of the more indirect quirks would help, then again her father did always mention about solid foundations so that could be part of it as well, in any case she needed to think how best to find them quickly, then how to take them down, though with so many people here she would need to do it quicker than the rest...or at least go further ahead maybe so while others are dealing with the first ones she could get the rest beyond that freely? though that idea needed her to be faster in order to get ahead in the first place. She could try and sniff them out but the rain was making that a lot harder so couldn't be much of an option.

Ok one problem at a time, break it down. This test is to get into a hero academy, that means they need to test something that a hero would have to do which in this case seems to be taking down villains...then again heroes don't really compete to take down the villains they work together to make sure the villain doesn't do...villainous stuff. That aside since it's hard to have a test with people not competing, the robots are the villains in this situation, and they are attacking a fake city, where in the city would a villain attack most? places with lots of people, places with valuable stuff, or places where they wouldn't be seen.....the stronger ones would have more confidence and go for the bigger targets, which may mean the ones worth more points?. Nodding to herself as she mumbles softly she keeps the thought stream going, ok so if I head directly for those points I could save time since the faster ones would be searching instead that could slow them down, so what has a lot of people and is valuable? hmm, a Stadium? no too big for this place, Banks? Yeah, that could work, Hospital? Hmm well, there are a lot of people there and a lot of valuable drugs maybe?...no Banks are more classic that's best shot. Ok so where the biggest banks in a city?...the Center! Oh so she can rush to the center of the city and that should be the best place to........huh were is everyone?.

Looking up for a moment she notices the gate just opened with shock and drops the bag with a large impact as she darts off as fast as she can through the city, make her way past several already broken robots and others falling in there wake, she kept going even as she passed several intact ones causing them to follow her in return. To the outside viewer, it probably looked like she was running from the machines themselves but the contrary would soon become clear as she caught her breath in a more open area with several machines. Ok new problem, I'm being chased by several robots and just ran headfirst into the higher concentrations of them.....how do I make one of these things down?. She should probably have tried to think of that first as she was soon narrowly avoiding a metal appendage from her side, leaping from where the tarmac had been shattered and rolling with a skid across the slick pavement "Ok thinking is costing me, let's just go with the gut and act like its a plan instead".

As they charged to her they did notice something though, just as she had skidded the machines were doing the same as they turned quickly to pursue her, they didn't have the control and they were clumsy in the rain so that was something to use. Taking a long deep breath her mouth seems to chew something for a moment before heading back in, but raising her fists in the process to her face close together and ducking down low in a rolling motion from side to side, Weaving to the side of the robots next slamming appendage. The blow missed and the girl seemed to be gaining more momentum with each side to sidestep with the baggy clothing making pinning down where to strike her smaller frame all the more difficult even before the erratic movements, her father had drilled the movements into her and she had carried on with them since they became second nature. Getting in right in front of the robot she finally throws a fist forward, crouching down to load up power and putting all her weight on her lead leg before exploding forward with her fist that turns black and actually shatters the front of the robot "GAZERU PANCHI!" The machine flipping backward onto another and crashing into a pile. The girl was about to celebrate the fact it actually worked, it was the first time putting that into practice on something so was still a little surprised it worked, looking to her hand for a moment of distraction just as metal from behind slammed into her face and sent her spinning off to the side, sliding again through the rainwater in a crumpled heap before another seemed to kick her away once more.

The side of her face felt like it was on fire with a stream of crimson coming down the side of her face as well as pain from her ribs as she coughed out from the force and tried to gain some air back into her lungs, ok don't get distracted...she had only really practiced with one clear target so with so many around her that was probably an oversight she should have tried to account for. Struggling to her feet once more she didn't have much time before they were on her again, ok she needs to stay aware of all of the around her so pivoting and keeping aware, her father said it was like picturing the bubble around you, if you attack you make a hole that can be attacked through, a guard is just making a more complete bubble but at the moment? she could only really keep that facing one way so what could she do?. The answer was soon forced however as after dodging several more times she found her back against one of the buildings, well now she was stuck but at same time it dawned on her, there was nothing behind her she needed to be worried about at the moment, it was all in front of her....so maybe she just needs to picture the group of robots less as multiple attackers but one.

With another attack coming in she weaved to the side to have it hit into the wall of the building and goes to strike it the attacker once more, the other in front of her trying to get her during the attack but another weave and she grabs the head of the robot to bring her knee up into it, the same black effect over the point of impact. With this, the two fell either side of her creating a tunnel of sorts with just one direction, no more side attacks, so a flurry of punches just kept coming at each who came into her, the same rolling weave making striking her a nightmare. If she could keep this up she should get enough points to pass, even as the previous attack had one of her eyes partially blinded by the blood she just needed to be aware of that blind spot and keep it up.
Rei was nervous about the exam. She wanted to become a hero and getting into U. A could be her only shot at that so she couldn't afford to mess anything up. She felt as if she was holding her breath the entire ride to U.A. Her heart was racing and she was feeling a mix of anxiety and excitement. She had spent the past week resting up and saving her energy for today and in a few minutes, she'd be able to show U.A. Everything she had been working towards for her whole life. Rei had been told by her mother what the U.A. entrance exam would be like and she felt that she was prepared. When the bus stopped she walked into the station, up the stairs and out onto the street she felt her heart starting to beat fast again. Now she was only a few blocks away from the High school.

She was with her brother Akira. The two barely spoke to each other on the bus ride since Rei's mind was clouded with thoughts on how the exam would go and how well she would do. The two were silently walking to there destination before the rain started pouring down. The brunette hadn't even noticed the bit of rain coming down until now since her gaze was fixed to the ground and she was wearing her tracksuit that covered most of her skin except her hands and her head. The rain was coming down hard now and the two began running. "Oh, craaap..." The girl whined to herself regretting not checking the forecast for today. Her mind had been so jumbled lately she forgot all about the weather. She only grabbed her brother's arm and started running with him following close behind.

The two finally made it to U.A and ran into the building. Luckily they hadn't gotten to wet since they were already close to the school though it was a bit irritating hearing their shoes squeaking when they walked through the school. Soon they found where they had to go listening intently to Red Riot explaining the rules of the exam before they were soon brought to the giant gate to the fake city. Rei looked at the door and around her at the other students. She felt antsy knowing there was only a limited amount of robots and she'd have to get to them as fast as she could before any of the others could. She then looked over to her brother, the two were going to try there hardest to get into this school no doubt. They both had their own reasons but she knew she wanted to become a hero with him.

She walked over to her brother nudging his arm and smiling at him. "Try your hardest OK? Let's both get accepted here..." She chuckled looking up at the gate. They couldn't do this together the best they could do was trust the other would be able to pass and Rei was aiming to get into the best class, she couldn't afford to worry about her brother right now. Just then there was a buzz heard and Red Riot's voice was heard once more. "Are you, ready Students? 3, 2, 1, GO!" The clicking noise of the doors unlocking rung through Rei's ears her heart jumped when the door started to slowly open. Just then students started rushing in. The girl was quick and ran in with the crowd through the people she saw an opening and ran through into another street.

The sounds of footsteps became quieter until they sounded distant meaning the crowd had dispersed. She could now only hope her brother did well. She took in a deep breath and looked forward. Her brother's progress wasn't something she could worry about now. She began running forward listening for anything mechanic. Her footsteps were light and her breathing was steady, she needed to be quiet in order to hear if any robots were near. It didn't help with the rain coming down making it harder to hear anything. She searched one area not being able to find anything until she heard the sound of metal footsteps coming her way. Her heart jumped when she turned around to see a robot. She heard the sound of it charging up its built-in weapons and without hesitation, she ran towards it.

"Alright, here we go..." The girl turned quickly on her feet and began to charge up her quirk in her right fist. She continued to keep her breathing steady running towards the robot, balling her right fist up and glaring at her opponent. She felt her blood rushing and adrenaline began spiking through her. Her fist began glowing a bright white color and just before the robot started shooting from the mechanism that popped out of it's back she jumped towards it throwing a punch in the robot's abdomen. An explosion was heard and the robot was sent flying back into one of the buildings. Dust flew up and it was safe to say she was able to take the robot down. Rei's breathing became heavy and quick. She stood there for a moment before standing up straight.

Though she needed a bit to calm down she began running hearing another robot not far from her. So far things were going well, her goal was to get above 15 robots and she knew if she kept calm she'd be able to do it not wasting too much energy on one robot and moving quickly was her strategy. She had been training her endurance and speed as well as stamina, all leading up to today. If things continued to go smoothly she could pull through. Rei charged up her quirk breathing steady. Once again she felt the adrenaline course through her and she began running faster. She turned the corner seeing another type of robot and though it was bigger she took it down the same way as the other. Another robot turned the corner and looked at her immediately shooting at her.

She hid behind the corner breathing faster and charging up her quirk. She smirked hearing it's gunfire stop and it begins to approach her slowly. "This is gonna be too easy..." The robot was now close, it walked forward and was now viable to the girl. The robot turned to see her aiming its guns at her. He charged up but the girl had already recovered. With her quirk charged up, she balled up her fist and went to uppercut the mechanism where the wires were viable. Though this time the robot didn't fly away there was now a hole punched through the robot. The sound of the robot shutting down was heard before it fell over backward. Rei huffed leaning against the wall of the building she was hiding behind. She heard other robots near her despite the rain.

She exhaled slowly knowing she'd need to rest. "Ok, every three robots then..." She sighed looking at her hand quickly before peeking over the corner and seeing another robot scanning the area. She sat back shutting her eyes tightly. "Just a little more time... common..." She heard the robot slowly get closer. She charged up her quirk and waited. She had the energy to keep going but it took a while for her to charge up her quirk after using it excessively. She breathed slowly once again letting the robot come to her. She hoped she'd have enough stamina to reach her goal though she could only wait and see.
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The written test was interesting, but Saburo knew enough about history to pass it... Those who didn't learn from history were doomed to repeat it's mistakes over and over, the cycle of despair perpetuated by stupidity. How pathetic... Putting his glasses in their box, he left them in his bag before putting his contact lenses in, the grey skies now clear again once he blinked a few times. Why was he here, what was his motivation to join U.A.? To become a pro hero, to take the biggest crap on his father's "legacy" as possible, to prove to himself that he could "save" others and maybe even be worthy of that same salvation himself, despite how flawed Kusanagi viewed himself to be. Perhaps the motivation was some fusion of all 3, a cacophony of desire and reason to enter this school depsite it's 0.3% acceptance rate, but the odds were only stacked against those with mediocre motivation or mediocre Quirks not suited for battle, those people entered into general studies for a reason, like his brothers Shoichi and Jin and their electrical power, same as their mothers.

Saburo was a different breed, a new breed. A hero of the weak, a warrior of justice, a destroyer of evil... Which would he become, the future path had not been set. Walking out into the rain with the others, he waited behind the fake city block like the others who wanted to enter this school. Allies and adversaries could be sorted later, it was time to fight for his own survival, remember Yuichirou's training and draw upon all emotion, pour it into his Quirk. Victory at any cost, he knew about rescue points and they sounded important but he couldn't control how many or what he got so it was better to focus on villain points. Closing his eyes as Red Riot spoke, he focused the energy which crackled and seethed inside him.

Running inside with the others, he transformed into his diamond form and sprouted wings of crystal, the diamond bending as he took flight and landed gracefully, reaching a dense area and locating several robots. "Target Acquired, I will kill you!" Taking aim, Saburo stared coldly as with a gesture of his right hand, the large robot was engulfed in huge shards of diamond spears which glittered beautifully in the sun before it was ripped apart, Saburo firing several diamond bullets from his fingertips which shot through the robot's complex circuitry and shattered it, killing several with this hailstorm of beauty. Landing to conserve energy, he shredded a 1 point robot himself, his body becoming a maelstrom of scalpel-sharp blades. Looking over at a girl about to be shot, he created a large shield of diamond and protected her from the gunfire with significant effort, before using diamantikinesis to throw the circle of crystal at the robot and decapitate it.
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With his home being on the farther side of the city, Dio's commute to U.A. would normally take a rather long time. Thankfully on this day, Mt. Lady personally made sure her son arrived on time. By that, she had to carry him in her giant head across the city; with her taller stature, the trip took mere minutes. Though being so high up, Dio was one of the first to get hit in the face with rain, soaking the light jacket he had chosen to wear on this warmer day. She apologized for the inconvenience, finally stopping at UA with time to spare. Setting Dio down, Mt Lady waved him goodbye as she walked back home. Sighing, Dio reciprocated the wave as he turned to head inside.

In order for anyone to be accepted into UA, they needed to pass two tasks. The first of which was a written exam, which was a breeze for this eager student. The second was a competition where all candidates were put into a fake city with a limited number of robots. Their goal was to get points for defeating robots and rescuing people inside; much easier said than done. The robots themselves varied in weaponry and tactics, topped off with gigantic robots acting as sentries. They offered no reward, and only served to weed out candidates even further; a dangerous thing when unprepared.

This may or may not be what Dio was at this moment; before he even knew it, he was tossed into the fake city with quite a few other candidates. Nearly all of them split off immediately, with the aim of getting to most of the robots first, securing their candidacy in UA. Dio realized he couldn't waste much time, and activated the gigantism half of his quirk to go full steam ahead. Not reaching anywhere near the heights his mother could, Dio only minorly towered over most of the robots he encountered, providing a worthy opponent. Although he'd hate to admit, quite a few secured victories were brought about by accident, bumping into robots around corners and falling on top of them.

"This is exhausting." He griped, having to return to normal size plenty of times to relax. He'd had to spend extra effort to prevent buildings and debris falling on top of other candidates, plenty a time forgoing robots completely. "Couldn't they have made this place more structurally sound." Dio joked, returning to giant size and got back to moving. Except,mid growth, he was punched right in the face by a robot using ambushing tactics. "Ow! That freaking hurt!" He groaned, grabbing his nose to make sure it wasn't broken.

If that weren't enough, one of the giant robots was close by and had spotted Dio with it's advanced optics. It started to move in his direction, each step causing vibrations in the ground, collapsing the building Dio was under. With a piece of debris clonking him on the head, his head smacked the pavement hard, hurting it even more. Gritting his teeth barely allowed him to deal with the pain, as his legs were pinned under heavy loosely piled debris. This prevents any one chunk from fracturing his limbs, but still hurt and immobilized him. All this stimulus was getting to be a bit much, especially since it was Dio's own choice to be put in this predicament. A feeling of annoyance formed for the first time in his mind, causing him to frown and curse.


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Himiko Hiroka
@BlightGiver (Dio), (Open)
Location: Testing Ground, Fake City

Panting for breath Haruka swayed a little more as the piles of automation have continued to grow, while sure she had picked a good spot to find a lot of them she was now realizing that maybe she bit off a bit more than she could chew and was quickly becoming at risk of being overwhelmed. The way she had found them was thinking the situation through as if they had been real villains, but if that was the case she realized her entire approach had been wrong, Heroes would work together against something of this scale, less they find themselves in the exact situation she was now. Scanning around at the robots that were advancing more her good eye widens in the realization of just how much she had messed up and internally chastises herself at the approaching consequences of the poor choice, not that the sore limbs and bleeding hands didn't make that clear already.

As if to pile on the issue she had to suddenly steady herself as the ground began to shake, the vibrations almost causing her to fall but instead stumbling and scanning around for the source of it. Her face drops slightly and nervously laughs as the form of the giant robot was now within view behind her even with the building in the way to the point she questioned how she had missed that.

"Note to self, Situational awareness needs work heh heh"

She really needed to get away from it, reposition, compose and rethink...and doing so without taking more hits from the approaching robots or falling debris, this was easier said and done however as one of the robots had once again taken advantage of her distraction and lack of balance from the larger creature to slam a fist into her stomach, flinging her backwards through the wall, another and into the adjacent street her back had been to. The blow had her cough up some blood and spittle as her limbs felt like lead, coughing and trying to get air back into her lungs. Well the good news was the small girl sized hole in the wall and heaps of scrap metal made the automation she had been fighting unable to pursue her, the bad news was she was now in front of the giant robot who was looking a little unhappy.

Standing up the best she could, with a few stumbling steps she tries with what she has left to keep her vision from darkening, If only she had been allowed to bring some snacks in she would at least have something to fix herself up. She should run but in her current state, she knew she wouldn't be fast enough to get away in time even, to add onto the pile of issues a new metalic scent came to her attention followed by an exclamation of pain. From what she could make out the body of another student was stuck under rubble in a haphazard stack, way too much for her to move in time to get them out before the robot was atop them, even if they did there was no way of knowing if it would cause a collapse in doing so. Her head shoots between the giant robot and the boy several times before she simply acts recklessly, clenching her eyes for a moment in hope of finding some option, there had to be something.

Her previous baggy outfit was covered in rips, tears and stains, the fabric soaked from a mixture of the water and blood, and her hair falling as the previous poney tails were gone allowing the mess to cover parts of her face and down her back. If only she had something to eat, sure the metal and stone would make her more durable but it wouldn't give her any real energy, there were no plants and the fake city itself had not had the kindness to include any vending machines for decoration. Seemingly lost for a few moments she raises her arm for a moment taking note of the torn fabric and a long scar going up it underneath as a crazy concept comes to her, she could get stronger from anything she ate but how far had she really pushed that? well, it was the only thing to come to mind so she may as well try it, nothing to lose. Raising the arm to her mouth she lifts her mask slightly then bites down hard before sucking slightly her arm starting to wither slightly as she does, though the rush of energy was at least giving her a short term boost as her eyes snapped open, though the limb falls down limply to her side afterwards. Maybe it was the rush of the stunt or the light-headed from the blood loss and gain but she suddenly springs into movement as she darts towards the robot with renewed vigour, taking a defensive position in front of the downed student as she takes a breath to shout up to the robot, let's see how realistic they are, just use the first thing that comes to mind.

"Hey! When they made your programming they forgot the to carry the one! You......Glorified pile of scrap metal rockem sockem reject looking. ugly big headed eight eyed bloated.....TOASTER!"

Rushing forward to the side to attempt to draw the robots attention away, its oversized fist shooting straight down towards her and shattering the pavement in a debris cloud. The girl breaks through the dust as it clears rolling along the length of the arm, up to her feet and sprinting upwards along its length with what appears to be a stop sign being dragged behind her sparking across the chassis of the machine. Attempting to fling the girl free from its body the robot swings it arms out wide though using the sign to stab into the joint they manage to keep attached and a firm foothold, moving once again once the movement had slowed upwards to their target at the head. Seemingly annoyed at her antics the 0-point swings its arms several more times through the air to try and dislodge her, stopping its advance on the trapped student and now entirely focused on the bothersome insect but to no avail, the girl gritting her teeth and keeping her advance up. As she reaches the shoulder of the giant they find themself face to face with the glowing eight eyes, its robotic senses lighting up at the red-tinted girl in its view just as they appear to stab the sign into one of its eyes, not deep enough to do any major damage but still firmly lodged into the cracked lense leaving her hanging as she kicks to start to crack another.

She knew this was a suicidal plan but she just wasn't thinking straight at the moment, so when the collosal hand game to try and slap her away she could only let go and start to fall back down to the tarmac below, but not before giving a wide grin through a pained expression as the hand slammed into its own face, driving the signpost deeper within. The piercing metal seemed to hit something important from the stunt, several small explosions from the head and sparking can be seen before it stops moving completely, the red orbs going dim. She actually did it! Sure it wasn't worth any points but it wasn't going to crush the guy below at least...the guy all the way down there, who was rapidly approaching, as she was falling, There was nothing she could do except waiting for the inevitable impact now, looking back to the sky she does at least see the sun starting to peek out from behind the clouds and the odd bird across the sky, it was a nice view at the very least.

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Amaya Xiao Lei


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"Todays! The DAY! I'm leaving Father! Take care of yourself!"

She screamed in the top of her lungs as she leaves her own home. Luckily, U.A. was just a train ride away from her home. Her in-containable excitement can be seen from her shining amber eyes eyes and stretched out smile, people were actually giving her looks as if she just won the lottery. She skipped her way into the train station and began to fantasize about how much her day will go by like it's perfect. Although she is aware of the grim chances of entering U.A's campus grounds but she seems unfazed by it. She almost failed the written exam, barely making it by the skin of her teeth. She was blessed that she even passed. Now the real exam begins. She was humming songs to herself as if she was listening with headphones on despite not having any.

There it is! U.A. High! The most popular school recommended by heroes for decades. She always dreamed of stepping into U.A's grounds ever since her father told stories about it. Today she fills in for her father's shoes. Finish the exam where her father failed to. Amaya's unbreakable will to step forward was her motivation to enter with a smile on her face. Her radiating confidence actually gave a few looks from the other students whom thinks she's either naive, crazy or just really determined.

"Oh my! I'm so excited! I can feel my heart racing! My hands are sweaty too! EEEEeeee! I can't control my excitement! I can't wait!!!"

Amaya cherishes every moment as she enters the school gates. Her hands on her cheeks and her shoulder dances back and forth in pure hype. She had little care of what's ahead, her priority was participating in the biggest moment of her life. Moments later, she was introduced to Red Riot, whom was a former student of U.A. and is now hosting the entrance exam.

"Eeeeiiieee!!! It's Red Riot! It's him! I finally get to hear him in person! I saw him on TV once! Eeeiiie! We almost have the same quirk! It's so cool!"

Just the mere voice of the Hero instantly awakened Amaya's inner fangirl towards the hero as she explains why. She grabbed a poor random tall male student next to her and just shakes him back and forth like it was just her big brother. Of course the male student was genuinely uncomfortable of Amaya's excitement that even he, who never has met her in his life was included to her shindigs. He can't help but just stay quiet and just nod his head towards the small fry. To look at her, she's quite tiny. She may not survive within seconds upon entering. Now the countdown has started and she squeezed her way among the sea of students just to get in front. She was so excited that she wanted to witness it the front row. She feels her breathing got heavier and goosebumps ensued after too. Amaya's confident to participate. Little did she know about the brutal competition as the robots were limited.

"Are you ready Students?"





The stage is set, the spotlight is on and the players are in! As soon as the doors open, Amaya sprints like she was participating in japan's Olympic games. She was one of the first few people out of the door, ahead from everyone else. Her adrenaline was a fine addition to her already fast pacing body. She sprints fast despite her age and size, anyone can notice it. She doesn't seem to have any sort of pre-planned strategy which could lead to her being out of the completion already but she has one direction, forward. Amaya continued forward towards the fake city's streets. Hoping to find the first robot she encounters. The look on her face was bliss, joy and confidence. She just sprints forward, hardly breaking sweat yet, despite the distance she covered from the entrance to the fake city streets. A lot of students followed suit on behind her as she was going only straight.

"We can do this! To battle we go!"

She cried as she raised her left fist up as if she was leading an army. Although it gave confusion to those students following her as she charges and "Leads" them. Some started taking alternate routes while some continued forward as Amaya just rambles to herself.

"Alright! My first! ...Robot..."

In the corner of her left eye. She spotted a huge moving object walking down the intersection. At first she thought it was a small robot but as he got closer, the robot was actually a lot bigger in scale. This was a zero pointer! It's the most worthless yet powerful robot in the exam. Students have already avoided it but Amaya step forward into the towering bot. Some students stayed to watch of how Amaya is going to get herself out of this one. She can't slow down now. The robot is upon her, raising it's foot above her. Her smile quickly morphed into a shocked look on her face. The shadow of the foot fills her with sudden realization that she failed the exam. No, it's not over yet. Quickly, she ran to edge of the robot's foot range and let physics do it's thing. The robot stomps it's foot and Amaya springs farther away from the robot by using the crater's debris as a launchpad. She manage to get out of sight from the huge bot by landing in a mock fruit stand with fake foam fruits in the cart. She escaped a zero pointer without harm or quirk. The zero pointer was now after a different target and Amaya was left alone on her own.

Amaya ran again to the same direction hoping to find another robot that she at least could kill. Her face went neutral but the enthusiam of her voice remained.

"This is going to be harder than i actually think, Uwah!"

Amaya complained as she jogs forward. She is starting to sweat a single drop but nowhere nears as soaking her old schoolgirl uniform. She jogged ahead as she can notice that there are already debris everywhere. Everyone is beating her to the robots. She has to move faster if she wants to come first served. After a short jog across the fake city. She spotted a smaller robot. Something she could take down on her own. Her heartbeats faster now and her intuition of attack sharpened as she has to catch it by surprise as it hasn't detected her yet. She creeped under the building's shade away from view. She finally caught up to the bot by the foot. It only detected her upon contact.

"Oh hi! How are you todaaaaAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!"

Upon detection, the robot instantly looked down on it's right foot where Amaya holds on for dear life. Amaya tried to converse with the non-sentient robot which failed as it began to shake it's foot which to Amaya's reply had to act fast and climb the robot to where she can't be reached. The robot began to shake and started using it's arms to smack the girl away which Amaya successfully dodged gracefully as she climbed up and timed her jumps till she reached the bcak where she can't be shaken off or smacked away. The robot still frantically moves to get Amaya off their back but amaya's adrenaline was insanely strong that manage to hold on. Now using her gifted quirk. She tried to pump her left arm to produce the quirk but to her surprise the first go didn't even do anything. She repeated this process until...


Her arm began to turn red and suddenly dark while her ski produces a boiling sound similar to that of lava flowing. The pores of her skin released small flames while her skin turns to solid stone. The heat of Amaya's arm was enough puncture through the metal plating of the robot giving her a more stable handle to the bot.

"There! I did it! Yay!"

She cheered as she transformed her arm into a volcanic armor. She started to punch her way into the plating hopefully do what she is suppose to do. It was all going fine until another bot showed up into fight. She got herself into a pickle of a situation. The bot looked directly at Amaya with a menacing machine gun arm locked to her. There was a long silence between the two and the bot Amaya was holding on into stopped moving for the other bot to assist them.

"...Hi! You look good today..."

Unfortunately, a few seconds later. The barrels of the minigun revolved swiftly. The robot was not impressed by her honest conversation. This was the second time she tried to converse with another robot. Shooting ensued and Amaya screamed for her life as she climbed faster than any wall climbing she has done in her life. The Adrenaline rush was so much that she began to sweat all the way, trying to get shot.


She cried real tears as she dodged by climbing up down for dear life. This was not going as planned, kinda her fault when you come in unprepared. Luckily, all her dodging and screaming actually managed to terminate the robot she was attached to. Every single gun shot tore through the robot and the sound of hope chimed in as the Robot's shutdown theme activated. The robot fell into one of the buildings and Amaya fell into one of the bullet holes. The mech came closer to the dead robot to scan for Amaya. Only to it's surprise, Amaya leapt out from a different bullet hole and climbed onto the robot's other arm where it has no attached weapon. She climbed aggressively same as before. This time she aimed for the neck as she thinks it's the fastest way to get inside the robot's chassis.

"Come on! Just pop off for me! Please!"

A dangerous strat sure but she came in with developing quirk and she has to kill smarter to pass, unfortunately she has no other ideas left but to tear from the inside despite the dangerous environment heat and electricity. There she started punching through the metal neck cords of the bot's nape and jumped inside.


Moments later, the robot began to shake, lose balance and spark all over. The robot was being teared apart in the inside. Fire began to emit from it's neck, it's joints negan to weaken and spark and the head moves erractically. It took 2 and half minutes for Amaya to destroyed the robot internally because of it's compact and dangerous design. She was like a deadly parasite from within. It's a long and tiring process but Amaya was sure that this will kill 100% of the robot. An explosion to the head was the final blow to the Robot before it collasped on a nearby building opposite the one it killed earlier. The robot remained stationary and on fire as it leans on it's back against the building of the same size. The chest of the robot bursts open as it's plating crash unto the floor. There, a small girl in a old schoolgirl uniform is seen covered in dirty and spot of black soots all over her. Her arms dangled across the fresh wind of the outside. Her arms weren't burned or nor damaged but covered in ash.

"I.... *Pant* Did it!"

Amaya came out covered in sweat and burns because of such a long attempt to kill two mechs at once. She counts the other dead robot as a kill as the scoreboard registers it as such. She did manage to damage the robot while the other robot fastens the process. The girl was breathing heavily as she used the robot's chest as her own personal balcony.

"I did it, Father! I have my first two robot kills! *Pant* I'll send you a pi- Oh no!"

She celebrated her petty victory by shouting into the sky with raised left fist. She was about to reach for her back pack when she realized. She left it back home. She was far too excited to pick it up and just went straight for the door without noticing that she left her phone but hey at least she brought her money with her.

Small celebration passed by quickly. She had to move on if she wants to pass the exam all the way.

"Oh man, i don't have my phone with me and im thirsty. Is there a fake convient store nearby so i can drink? Then again..., it's so peaceful up here..."

She said as she rests on the robot's bursted chest. She took a quick break to watch the fake city horizon. All kinds of quirks and robots clashed into the city. It's chaotically aesthtic. Amaya's eye caught something, something extraordinary. A Zero pointer robot being conforted head on by a student. This caught her curiosity since all zero pointers are to be avoided there it is! A Student daring the impossible. Despite the chaos, she saw it from afar.

She quickly dispatched out the eobot and down to the Fake buildings stairs which worked like real stairs. She just had to see this event up close.

"Who is that? What are they doing? That's a Zero pointer!"

She quickly got down from the building to grounds and started to jog all the way into the section she desired to see the fight. She took alleyway shortcuts and before she knew it. She was already a street away from the fight.

Her eyes weren't playing games, there is a student facing it head on. She also saw a student in the pile of rubble. He looked familiar but she decided not focus on that she watch the zero pointer. She stood a block away from the scene for safety measure but she soon came running towards the fight when she saw the girl falling from the bot. She had to act fast. Her body went in auto and started sprinting. Her huffing voice cried out.

"I'll! *Pant* *Pant* save! *Pant* both of y-"

Thud! Before she could finish. Her own foot tripped over a large concrete debris that she failed to hop over because of her focus on the falling girl and fatigue. She has done nothing but run ever since tje countdown. There, her body falls to floor and she is unable to move. Although concious she closed her eyes in tiredness.

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Steve Freeling
Whoa. I can't believe I'm actually here, at Mom's old school. The tall and slender teen still couldn't believe he was about to take the entrance exam for U.A. High School, the school his mother, Momo Yaoyorozu, had attended with the likes of Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka. A grin etched itself onto the boy's face as his blue eyes widened. At the same time, drops of water plummeted down from the sky. This rain, though... Within seconds, he made it through the doors with the other students, albeit consistently being pelted with rain. Four robots, just like Mom said. This seems pretty simple. I'd better try not to eat too fast later. After a few seconds of concentration, three clones of himself appeared. The first clone spoke to him.
"It's time for the entrance exam? We just destroy these robots, right?"
"Exactly. Remember, the small ones get the most points and also, carry the wounded and injured out if possible, not because rescue points are a big deal but because it's the right thing to do."
"Got it, boss! We won't let you down!"
"A'ight, let's go!"
With that, Steve and his clones went their separate ways through the fake city, destroying as many robots as came in their path. With the small ones, all it took was to pick it up and throw it on the ground. The big ones, when they attacked, took a little more effort, that is to say, a rather brutal removal of the wiring. Before long, the original came across something—no, someone laid out on the ground.
"Huh? Hey, are you okay? You have to get up. This isn't exactly a safe place to lie down." He didn't get much, if any, of a response. She was running as hard and fast as her legs could take her. Poor girl must be exhausted. I guess I'll carry her, then. It's the right thing to do, after all. If it was me laid out on the ground, I wouldn't want to be left behind to get trampled. Dad always taught me to treat others the way I'd want to be treated. "Dad" in this case was Ezekiel "Zeek" Freeling, Momo's American husband who'd gone through the painstaking process of learning the Land of the Rising Sun's native language. They'd probably have to drag me, though, considering my size. He prepared to bend down and gently scoop the small, fragile-looking girl up in his arms. Before long, though, he saw another girl, this one falling from the sky. It's the girl with the dog mask. Oh, no. She might die if someone doesn't help her. Damn! He stood up straight before sticking out his left hand. Please, God, let this work.
"Quick! Gimme yer hand!"
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Kanakazawa M.

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Ashikaga Bakugou Raphael.jpg
Ashikaga's head hung low as the soot cloud began to flow past. She had stayed crouched on the ground, newly changed into her second form: Liquid. Her body had transformed into a slimy, pink, transparent substance, runny, yet keeping the frame. Her eyes were like headlights, wide, round, yellow, unblinking. Even her face was expressionless and void from emotion. Ashikaga rested her fingers onto the ground. At will, her body collapsed and converted into a blob. The raindrops rippled at contact with the strange fluid, and the extra water made her grow bigger every few seconds. Ashikaga rushed forward. The slick ground helped quicken her momentum as she sped beyond the passersby.

She took a quick right turn but stopped at what sat in her view. Three robots towered in build turned off of her path. Ashikaga's water-like form rippled, at each steady step a robot took. She hid back the curb and flattened behind the elevated sidewalk. The sounds of the footsteps stopped, but moments later began off in the opposite direction. At that moment, Ashikaga thought that if her quirk hadn't transformed her heart, it would've been racing loud enough to hear, luckily they had passed before she was noticed.

Ashikaga hadn't expected the targets to be bigger than her, but now wasn't the time to be collecting. She slid back into the open, her eyes darted to the robot most left, at an armor plate on its side that read: 4. "Four pointers" she thought, "They must be the ones who stick together." Without a second thought Ashikaga shaped herself again, the rainwater made her twice as large. She raised her arms ahead of her, pulled them back, then tossed each hand forward like a sticky hand. Each arm hooked on to streetlight on either side and spiraled around it. Ashikaga looked behind her as she walked back until her arms couldn't be pulled any further. She tugged one more time—just to be sure.

Her eyes narrowed onto the robot as she placed one ankle over the other. Ashikaga jumped and leaned into the swing. The sling flung her forward. When she dashed past the streetlights she tucked her knees up to her chest. Ashikaga tugged her arms and tossed them straight at the robot. She grabbed its head as she flew. At that, the robot turned around, and its gaze locked on to her. The robot grabbed her hands and pulled her arms together and yanked down. Ashikaga slammed into the pavement. The robot raised its clawed arm. Ashikaga pushed off the ground on to her feet. She shot an emotionless glare at the machine tall machine. She turned toward the robot and stepped to high-speed advance. Ashikaga lunged her arm forward as the robot bashed its claw down. It pierced clean through her body. Clouds of dust gathered it scanned through the dirt. The liquid arose and slowly drew together around the claw. Ashikaga stood firmly behind it. The robot's eye glowed red. Sounds of fans whirred from its inside. A red dot targeted onto Ashikaga's forehead.

She raised her palm onto the claw. Liquid from her arm stretched out and wrapped firmly around the gap between two plates. The gel began to swell and bubble. All the collected water inside Ashikaga's body surged into her arm. "Release!" Water burst from the pocket. It skimmed over the red lens. The wash underneath coursed into the gap. Water flooded through the machinery inside. Sounds of 'Buzzing' and 'sputtering' emitted from the outside and electrified water poured out from the robot's amour. Its limbs shook and creaked. The eye slowly dimmed down, and the robot's legs collapsed with a heavy crash on to the ground.

Ashikaga liquefied then slid through the robot and shaped up again on the other side. The puddle seeped back into her liquidized state and Ashikaga became big again. Right before the rain had stopped too. Two robots in front targeted their lasers onto Ashikaga. She heard other heavy footsteps run in from behind. Ashikaga swayed her arms back and threw her hands on to a streetlight. An explosion of water sprayed out from her feet and shot Ashikaga up into the air. She tugged her arms, pulled herself onto the light, then looked down at the robots below.

She scanned over them from right to left, "Okay there are six now," she thought. As a robot energized its ray, Ashikaga stretched over to the streetlight left to her. Ashikaga caught the laser blast a hole through the glass in the corner of her eye. Two of the smaller robots ran towards the pole and began to pull and stab at the pole. Ashikaga stretched over the lamp to her right before it crashed into a window. An encore whirr beckoned Ashikaga to keep moving. She cast her arms ahead and grabbed the next beam. Heat grazed over Ashikaga's head as she pulled herself over. Again, the robot attacked the post she docked. Ashikaga stared ahead at the shafts laying on the ground.

"I can't go anywhere," Ashikaga looked left and right. She couldn't stretch over to the other side of the street—not without more water. And up wasn't an option either. She glanced down at the sidewalk. Her eyes gleamed at the display. A low-lying dust cloud settled near the ground. "Just jump down—," Ashikaga felt a hard shake. The robot broke the pole. Ashikaga lowered her hand and shot the robot with the little bit of water she had left before she plummeted down on to the street. The post shattered through a window before the robot fell in after. Ashikaga rushed to the cloud. The dust carried with her as Ashikaga vaulted on to her feet. The rock covering her body crumbled as she stood, modified into her first form: Solid.


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Himiko Hiroka
@Steve Freeling (Open)
Location: Testing Ground, Fake City

As she waited for the impacted drained and staring to the sky, the shout of a distant voice broke her from the daze causing her to turn her head slowly towards its source. Another exam applicant had positioned themselves directly below there impact point with a hand outstretched, though the speed she was coming down at them had her wonder just what he had in mind to help...did they have some sort of quirk against impacts or something?.

Her answer soon came as her several stories decent came to an abrupt stop, taking his hand at the last moment before crashing into him and flying backward several dozen meters down the road in a tangled mess before her body bounces free and comes to a stop at the side of a street denting a lamp post with a loud clang, crack and coughing up crimson. Suffice to say the entire experience was incredibly painful, shakingly trying to get up in a trembling form having lost the entire side of her outfit at some point from the friction of the tarmac, still it was likely a better result than if she had just impacted the ground without anything to break the velocity. She had just about got herself onto her good arm for a few seconds of gasping breaths before falling flat once and repeating the process of trying to stand to no avail.
Rei held her breath before turning the corner running straight for the robot she heard. She had charged up her quirk into her fist charging her opponent taking it out in one swift blow. The robot shot upward breaking into pieces before it's parts fell back onto the ground crashing around her. The girl almost fell over avoiding the debris making her way to one of the walls of a building so she could rest. She leaned her back on the concrete wall taking a moment to catch her breath before she hoisted herself up and continued to run forward. His speed had decreased and she felt a bit tired but she would have to go on.

Rei Midoriya

She continued to keep her breathing steady hearing the sounds of robots in the distance. She sped up peeking behind the corner to see 2 robots mindlessly patrolling a street. She sighed leaning back taking the bag she carried with her off of her back and digging through taking out one of the energy drinks she had brought with her. She popped open the can chugging down the drink and tossing the empty can back into her bag. It would only take a few minutes to kick in but she was going for it anyway. She glanced at the robots hauling her bag over her shoulders.

The girl had a determined look on her face hearing the distant sound of crashing everywhere around her. Without another second passing, she sprang around the corner using her quirk in her legs to give her a boost. She jumped off the ground as the closest robot turned to face her shooting its guns at her. She jumped pretty far ending up behind the robot when she landed. She turned around caught in between the two robots she sighed sharply standing up straight before sprinting for the first one, breathing in deeply and holding her breath. She jabbed the robot's side and the machine flew into the wall of the building on the left of her. She exhaled sharply turning to the robot behind her who had its guns pointed straight at her.

She quickly turned into an alley before the robot started shooting. At this point, she felt the adrenaline running through her as she now had much more energy than before. The drink she drank had just kicked in and she was ready for a few more rounds. She took deep breaths trying to control her breathing once again before straightening out and getting ready for the robot to come to her. The machine had stopped shooting and she heard it begin to walk towards the spot she was hiding in. Just when she saw the arm of the robot she stepped out of the corner wrapping her arms around the machine and crushing it with her arms using her quirk to snap it in half.

The sound of the robot shutting down was heard and it's top half came off crashing onto the ground. Rei had an excited smile on her face she cheered skipping over the debris of the robot and running forward keeping her breath steady. She was now looking for any other robots around her keeping quiet enough to hear any other machines nearby. "Ok, that's 6 robots I think..." She counted quietly to herself as she continued on making sure to stay as quiet as she could be. The distant sound of crashing was getting louder and she looked to see a plaza-like area filled with students and robots scattered everywhere. "So this is a hot spot..."

She sighed looking for any robots that we're distanced from the students. She saw one of the giant robots rolling down one of the streets in the distance. Her eyes widened and she backed up a bit remembering those ones are worth no points. "I'll have to be quick here..." Just then she turned hearing the sound of metal hitting the ground behind her. She saw a robot turn the corner and aim its guns at her. She reacted quickly using her quirk to jump up and over the robot landing behind it. She quickly turned to face it throwing her arm back before hitting the robot with her quirk sending it flying up into the air. It rushed forward until it hit one of the far buildings crashing and causing an explosion before it fell to the concrete.
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1583564928575.png It was a relief that the students popping out of nowhere weren't ending up fatally hurt. At one point, Dio thought he was going to witness a horrid sight, when one girl straight up fell from the sky after taking on the zero point robot that had sights on him not too long ago. "That sure was something," He called out to her once safely on the ground. "Saved my hide, too, I might add. Nothing more embarrassing than being taken out by a tin can." He quipped, finding the pile of rubble has less weight on his legs. Figuring it must've been knocked a bit loose by all these shockwaves, he proceeded to crawl out from his confinement. Yet, he seemed to be pulled further into thecollapsed building instead. "What in the hell?" He exclaimed, feeling a claw holding onto his ankles. Through the cracks, he could see that another robot had been trapped when the building fell in on itself; it had just now gotten a hold of him. And if he knew any better, being pulled into a very loose structure capable of crushing him to death was not a preferable option in the slightest.

Growing in size would further complicate the problem, precarious chunks of concrete and metal hung by loose rebar up above would be knocked down. "A hero has to know what to do when the situation instantly changes." He recited what Mt. Lady had told him. "It's do or die out in the field." Struggling to break free from the robot's grasp, he managed to get one leg loose. The robot's arm that held it got caught on overhead debris, preventing it from use in this instance. Kicking at it's other arm seemed to be fruitless though. "Let go of me, jerk! Come on!" He shouted. Constantly kicking, the frustration began to well up in Dio's mind, causing a headache to further aggravate him. Angrily shouting, "I said LET GO!" Dio recoiled his free leg and tensed his muscles. Unbeknownst to him, his Stress quirk activates for the first time; thankfully in a moment to save his life.

Energy flowing through his leg, its fatigue was lost for a moment as he brought it colliding right into the robot's shoulder. Drastically increased in size and power, it knocked the robot clear back through the building, destroying it and scoring another few points for Dio in the process. Finally managing to escape, Dio brushed off his knees upon standing up. His heart rate began to calm down again, as he was glad he didn't die here. "That was too close!" He chuckled, stretching his arms since they had been pinned under his body.

"Thanks for stopping that huge bucket of bolts." He turned to greet his fellow student candidate, rushing over to help up the girl who fell and the student candidate who had slowed her descent. The latter, seeming to have twins, was carrying around an additional candidate, more than likely injured or exhausted from the constant fighting. 'Guess I got off easy this time.' Dio made a mental note, finding his steps being a bit sluggish. His strengthened leg began returning to normalcy, however, allowing him to walk normally once more. What he didn't realize right now was his Stress quirk was still active thanks to this test, indicative by black markings all over the right side of his face.

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Amaya Xiao Lei


There she laid on the cold concrete floor. Surrounded by debris, smoke and chaos. Amaya had fallen to ground for the first time again in years. She could see her eyelids close onto the falling girl in the sky. Although it was a quick second, it felt like an eternity for her. She can feel the earth's mighty gravity pulling her down to it's core, meeting the cold hard ground of reality. Amaya now soon realized what made her trip. A debris...

"Did i... Fail?"

She whispered into her mind as she fell. Although, her crash did not cause her serious injuries but it was painful nonetheless. Not physically. She laid on the cold hard floor as she ponders if she is qualified for the Hero business. Amaya can feel her body surrendering already. Unlike the others. Her Quirk was a late bloom, her powers were still new to her. Unable to be controlled with the slightest bit of effort. It's Quirk does not register closely to Hero quality, that's why she lied on the entry of Having a "Fully Functional Quirk" She wanted to finish the part of her father's life where he failed. Amaya was not finished just yet.


She murmured in a trembled voice. Her hearing became more muted as she tries to rest on the cold hard concrete. She wanted to rest on a red hot action scenario for she had doubt her own abilities over a trip. All of the sudden. She felt warmth. An embrace of mercy. Amaya was being carried by someone. She opened her own eyes, only to be greeted by the blue shining sky and a boy's face.

"Huh? W-who are you?"

Amaya's usually high pitched voice turned soft and mellow upon asking. Exhaustion was the result of this. Her eyes squint and her face riddled with confusion on what she is witnessing. Is she being rescued? Is this a student? Who is this guy? Amaya's suspicions were irrational and mistook this boy for a school staff taking her away to the fight. (His height was her irrational reason) She thought she failed by collapsing in front of a falling student. Her innocent blank face turned into an agitated and confused look within a second as she began to squirm and stretch her small body against the boy with full force.

"Let me! GO! I have to save her! I-i!"

Amaya's aggressive behavior broke her free from her rescuer's arms and fell to the ground again with another thud. She landed on her arm which was painful but it did not break her delicate arm. Groaning in pain, she began to sit upright in front of the boy who she forgot to say thank you to. Her frustration has blinded her usual jolly self.

"I don't want to fail the exam give me a chance to prove myself! Don't take me away!"

Her voice roared towards the boy as she holds her right arm in pain. Her teeth grits in pure frustration that she failed to save the student which little to her knowledge is now in safe hands. Her eyes closed shut blinded from the reality of the situation. She continued to ramble.

"I know i came here with a Developing Quirk but please! I just... Want to..."

Upon opening her eyes to look at the boy's reaction to her. She just realized that she was throwing a tantrum and the girl was safe now. She realizes her multiple mistakes from here. Her raised voice diluted into a respectful level and she looks more tame now. First of all, she retaliates from her rescuer and disrespects him, her secret was revealed to three students and lastly, her behaviour towards her rescuer was not necessary for the girl is fine. Now she felt guilt weighed down her like iron as she knows that she owes him an apology.

"Say... I'm Sorry..."

She softly expressed whilst remained seated on the ground and her head looking down to the ground like a guilty dog.

"...I didn't mean to say any of those. I got too angry at you because i thought failed to rescue her and assume you were taking me away, i thought you were working for the school. I was too tired to think that you were a nice person. Thank you for saving me."

Amaya looked up to the boy who rescued her and to the other students she tried to intervene with. The look on her face shown shame and sincerity. Although, the strange thing about Amaya's dialog is that. Even though she was talking to boy but it seems like she is referring to someone else and she just using the tall boy as an avatar to vent out.

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Steve Freeling
"Yeah, that's it. Good. Now I should be able t- Huh?" Before he could put his seemingly foolproof plan into action, the girl's full weight barreled into him at lightning speed, eliciting a startled yelp from the dumbfounded boy. Within seconds, he stumbled backward before tumbling forward onto the concrete. Being able to duplicate yourself. What a useful quirk that is, huh? Had he said this aloud, it would be all too easy to hear the biting sarcasm in these words.
"Shimatta!*" He grunted the expletive through clenched teeth while pushing himself up. If I can get up, I can't be in that bad a shape. If I can just... Just a little more... A little more... After much effort, he stood upright, though his head was still swimming from the shock of the impact, cuts and bruises having formed on his nose and right cheek.
"Boss! Boss!"
"Huh? 'Boss?' Ore?**" He unconsciously pointed an index finger at his face while wondering who would refer to him as such.
"Boss! Are you okay? You hit the ground pretty hard." The boy looked exactly like Steve and he noticed that the voice was his own. Oh, right. My clones.
"Yeah, I'm fine. I'll live anyways. You should go see if the girl who fell from the sky is okay. She landed somewhere several meters down the road."
"Okay." With that, the clone went down the road to check on the girl who fell. "Hey, miss, are you okay?" The Steve clone held out a hand to help the girl wearing the dog mask to her feet.
At this moment, Steve realized something. She woke up, didn't she? He greeted her with a warm smile. "Oh, good. You're awa-" He cut himself off upon the barrage of questions, seating himself a couple of feet in front of the girl since his head was still spinning from the impact. Much of it flew over his head. When the girl finally calmed down, he replied.
"It's fine. I'm just glad you're alright. Oh, I should probably introduce myself, shouldn't I? I'm Steve Freeling and you have nothing to worry about. I'm an aspiring U.A. student just like you. Y'know, I still can't believe I'm taking the entrance exam for Mom's old school. And I fell flat on my face within minutes." He chuckled a bit at the thought.

Caitlin Freeling
Okay. Took care of that one. The girl was tall and slender, her blue eyes full of determination and her black hair tied back in a loose ponytail that hung to just below her shoulders. Caitlin Misato Freeling had already taken out several robots with firearms of her own creation. Having Mom's quirk helps. While going through the fake city, she happened to see a girl laid out on the ground and a boy trying to help her up. Why is the lamp post dented? Before long, she realized she recognized the boy as her twin brother. Wait, it's not him. It's one of the clones. Caitlin found it all too easy to tell her brother apart from his clones. She moved closer to assess the situation. Huh? Is that blood? Why is half of her costume gone?
"What happened here?"
"The boss tried to stop her from falling but she fell anyway and he ended up taking little a fall himself. He asked me to come here and check on her since I guess his head still hurts from how hard he hit the ground. It was some fall, too. This is several meters from where the boss fell."
Caitlin immediately walked to where the girl was and went to work.
"Hey, can you hear me? What hurts? Is anything broken?" Without a second thought, she began producing bandages from different parts of her body and covering any open wounds. I should probably make her a replacement costume, too. I've heard some real horror stories about some real perverts attending U.A. Momo had told both Caitlin and Steve about the perverted boys she'd encountered during her time attending the legendary high school.
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Himiko Hiroka
@Steve Freeling @BlightGiver @Vagabond Spectre (Open)
Location: Testing Ground, Fake City

Falling once more she was taking another breath to try again as she felt hands upon her shoulders, she had quickly realized that the functionality in her other arm now left as much to be desired as the other so the aid was greatly appreciated. Turning her good eye towards Dio for a moment as she breaths heavily there is a faint nodding of her head "Giving a hand....is....common sense" giving a somewhat pained laugh as she tries to lift her arm "I'm trying to give a thumb....thumbs up at the moment....by the way, Thank you for...the softer landing too" turning her attention to Steve up the road.

There was still a strange sight of another girl in hysterics looking to her with some confusion on her worlds, was she hallucinating or was she missing something "Everyone here....has a developing quirk don't they? ...I thought that's why the school....was here....to help it....develop? I mean I'm sure.....everything....gonna be fine...though" keeping a strained smile beneath the mask that somehow remained intact albeit dirtied with its own smiling dog mouth.

As time went on she continued to fight the faint darkness encroaching on the edges of her vision, more people arriving though some she really couldn't tell apart or was she seeing double? Tripple? well, she did hit her head a few times so maybe. Then there was part her arms and chest being bound by some fabric that just disorientated her further but she was not in much of a state to resist it, still giving her thanks best she could to the new arrival all the same though.

Kanakazawa M.

Allah is the Greatest
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Ashikaga turned to face the robot in the window, the creaks of its limbs shook as it tried to lift to its feet. She grabbed her wrist, tugged down, and snapped her right forearm in two. Ashikaga tossed her cleaved arm at one of the bots. She sprinted past the robots behind her as she drew her elbow back. The chopped off space grew out at a stroke, sharpened into a jagged, lance cone. She flexed her arm, and the stone turned from crumbly, brittle rock, to firm sandstone. Ashikaga sprang up at the robot. Her hard eyes lingered on the red light as she balled her fist and jerked it forward. The point of her spear crashed through the lens.

The shards collapsed over her arm as she stabbed into the hole and pulled out wires. The robot almost automatically broke down. Ashikaga chopped off her arm again and regained feeling in the first one. She reached her left palm towards her severed arm. It flew back toward her in a magnetizing pull. In the corner of her eye, she saw more robots approaching. Once the hand slid into Ashikaga's fingertips, she set the spear-arm into her brittle hand and flung the two arms towards the nearest robot. The hand pushed the spear through the lens and fell in after. Ashikaga felt her fingers as the hand squeezed hard on a thin, hard, block. Then the robot fell.

Ashikaga turned her attention to the bots behind her. "Okay, three left," she thought. She sprinted forward and jumped onto the standing robot's chest. The robot grabbed at her. Ashikaga swerved away from the blow but lost footing. She slipped off the robot but grabbed it's shoulder and pulled herself up, just before she fell. Ashikaga continued to hop upward until she mounted over its head. She pulled her elbow back a lance grew in again, sharper and more exact. She drove her arm down and through the laser. The robot grabbed at her as its light flickered as its movements stalled. Ashikaga jumped over the first swing and pushed off the falling bot. But when it swung again, all she knew was she couldn't feel her legs anymore.


Master Of Time
Kanji smiles walking up to a robot and pointing his finger st the robot blue and purple glitch energy shoots from them and the robot turns back into scrap metal. He walk into a building and climbs uo the stairs to get higher veiw and to see all the robots better looking down he sees many future heroes fighting robots. "To think i could be a pro one day if I keep working hard is awsome. Well better get back to destroying those robots." He looks for more free robots and when he finds one he focuses his vision and trys to aim as best he can for the robot. He smiles as the robot shrinks back into scrap metal and he sees the giant robot a few buildings away and he books it down the stairs.

Now running in the streed he opens the bag on his hip and pulls out some ice cream because he needed to stock up on energy as he was running too low. Sweets always boosted him better than regular foods so he carried a comtainer full on him at all times. He also learned how to cook because of that. He ran like hell till he was right infront of a robot with three eyes glowing red and a horribly painted 2 on it. kanji fonished up his cone and backed up to fire at the robot that was about wice his size. But fait had other plans and while backing up he slipped.

Now on the ground scared as heck the robot turns to him walks to him and lifts up his foot to stomp on him. Kanji instead of bracing for impact fires at the robot the robot turns into scrap metal that lands on his feet. "Oooooooow." He yelped out in pain wondering what the heck he was going to do next.


Magic Eight Ball
Akane perched on top of one of the taller buildings in the mock town, taking a moment to heal her arm. She had been slightly worried about the rain, which essentially made her fire powers useless, and made it extremely difficult to fly. But now that it’s stopped, she had been racking up the points. At this pace, she suspected that she would have a decent shot of getting into UA. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if she didn’t, after all, her father hadn’t gone to UA. But it definitely would be helpful.

Just then Akane saw a robot walking by right below her. It hadn’t noticed her yet. Of course it hadn’t, nothing ever looks up. Akane flexed her arm. All healed up and ready to go. Getting up, Akane stretched out her wings. Then she folded them up and jumped.

Ah, the one thing better than flying was falling(if you had a plan for not dying obviously). Nothing can beat the feeling of wind rushing through your hair, the force of the air pressure on your face, and the feeling of your tail rippling behind you. Gravity was the best mode of acceleration, in Akane’s opinion. With it she could reach insane speeds insanely fast. The robot finally looked up, but it was already too late. At the last moment, Akane spread out her wings just a little bit, switching the direction of her trajectory from straight down to mostly horizontal, but still angled downward. Igniting herself on fire, she rammed her knee into its head. With that speed, its head got ripped off. CRACK.

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. Ok. Something’s broken. Actually scratch that, possibly multiple things are broken. One of those things was the robot, thankfully, but ow, it seriously hurt. Akane swooped up and hovered midair, inspecting the damage. The pain was starting to subside, but her knee was still bleeding, expected, but at least it was healing up quickly. Not the worst, she expected it to take 7 minutes tops to heal completely. However, she didn’t have 7 minutes to spare. She had to get more points.

Rising up again, Akane began flying through the mock town, searching for more points. Instead she found another contestant, a boy who was partially buried under a pile of scrap metal that most likely used to be a robot, and a very large one at that. Looks like her points would have to wait.

Swooping down, she landed next to the boy.

“Hey, are you alright? Don’t worry, I can get this off you,” she said, starting to drag the smaller pieces off.

For the largest one, she ignited her arm on fire and brought the heat up as high as she could. Then she began melting the large piece of metal in half. Maybe she couldn’t move the entire piece, but she could probably move half of it.



Master Of Time
I Lay there in pain still calling out looking around as I summon a time clone who after getting cut by the scrap metal glitches away. I just lie there hoping that someone would come. I think "Heroes dont give up." I push with all my might and manage to get a small peice off of me loosening one of my arms which I use to slide off another less heavy peice. I contine to try the hevier peices but they only slide a bit most of the weight going on my left leg and arm.

I atrempt to fast forward time but im too low on energy after making the giant robot into the scrap metal that is laying ontop of me. But suddenly I hear wings flapping confused for a momment I pause before snapping to my sences and calling to the girl who seemed to bave firery red hair and wings which I thought was cool but I couldn't think about that now. I see her swoop down and says "Hey, are you alright? I can get these off you." She begins to move more smaller peices off me and I begin to respond.

"Hey, Yeah im jot doing so hot apperently I didnt calculate where the scrap metal would land and boom in fell."
I groan still in pain as I try to help you get the peice of scrao metal off me even summining a time clone who gets hit by one of your wings and vanashes. Once I can wiggle out I stand up and pull out some fries from my little bag. "Thanks for that my names Kanji." I smile at the firey girl sticking out my hand while I eat my friesimage.jpeg

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