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Fandom BNHA and FE3H

Sub Genres
LGTBQ, Romance


New Member
Hello everyone, I'm hoping to find a few solid bnha and fe3h rps.
•I'm a literate roleplayer and I may be kind of picky.
•I am not ghost friendly! You can drop the rp but please, communicate this instead of leaving me hanging.
•Doubling friendly, lgbt friendly, oc/canon or canon/canon.
•AU or canon settings are both fine.

Italicized characters are the role I wish to play. I can play most anyone against an OC, but please come at me with more than one option if possible.

I'd like to play an OC against: Shouto, Bakugo, Dabi, Hawks, Denki, Shigiraki

Ochako x Izuku
Ochako x Bakugo
Ochako x Shouto
Ochako x Dabi
Izuku x Bakugo
Izuku x Shouto
Jirou x Denki
Jirou x Momo
Nejire x Tamaki

I'd like to play an OC against: Dimitri, Claude, Edelgard, Hubert, Ferdinand, Dorothea, Felix, Sylvain, Lorenz, Jeritza

F!Byleth x Dimitri
F!Byleth x Claude
F!Byleth x Edelgard
Annette x Felix
Annette x Ashe
Ingrid x Sylvain
Mercedes x Dedue
Hilda x Claude
Marianne x Sylvain
Marianne x Claude
Marianne x Hilda
Marianne x Dimitri
Bernadetta x Sylvain
Bernadetta x Ferdinand
Bernadetta x Dorothea
Bernadetta x Edelgard
Bernadetta x Linhardt
Dorothea x Edelgard

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