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Fantasy Blue-Dust Crusaders (Modern fantasy)

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Action, Adventure, Anime, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Foreign, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Meta, Mystery, Super Powers, Supernatural


The Flowiest on site
It helps if you read this check like the English dub of a voice over announcer from a anime. Dragon ball Z or jojo etc))

It was a day like any other,
Thursday to be exact but it felt like a Friday. People went about their day as they normally would...
Kids left school, adults travel to and from home towards their respective jobs and careers.
babies cried and drunks drank. Nothing was different, except for one thing...

as you step off the bus,
Or out of the building,
Getting out of your car,
Hell if you was walking home no way you got out of this....

You meet a individual straight out of a cartoon show.
His hair is bright blue and stays static in the air similar to a OP anime protagonist...
His lab coat covered a bright purple shirt but he himself wore way to many belts...
Like each limb had at least two.
His voice rang out in a dramatic tone as he raised a sci-fi super soaker in his hands
“Looking good number -insert your number here-Welcome to the BlueDust tournament”
He shoots a cloud of blue smoke at you, enveloping your entire body causing you to cough and sputter, you fall to your hands and knees unable to breathe as you hear that dramatic voice once more
“you’ll receive your invitation soon!”
as the smoke clears and your lungs start to work again you find no trace of the man.
Life went on normal from there apart from some strange dream every night... and the random itching that comes and goes... and that scent of burning mint that seems to flood your head whenever you use the bathroom...

A week later!
Your normal life explodes in a rainbow of bullshit!! Every news station has been talking about recent events, five hundred people around the world have been infected in a act of terrorism the world has dubbed "The Blue-dust incident"
On the seventh day after your blue dust incident you notice something is different.

You have a damn superpower!
Its like magic or a transformation or some sort of scientific accident from a comic book. 500 people around the world like you have become super human in some way.

Before the various governments could round up all these people a message reaches them.
(Phone, tablet, computer, a letter... if need be the courier from skyrim found you)

"Welcome to the blue dust tournament, this is a battle royal, a scavenger hunt and a race all rolled into one! You are one of five hundred who has been chosen at random for participation! The same man who chose you has hidden two hundred and fifty gold spheres around the planet! You can work alone or in a team but your current objective is to collect these spheres!
the objective is subject to change and in said event you will be alerted to this.
The limit for a team is ten, know that five hundred of you are competing for these spheres. While using your powers against each other is allowed... we advise you not to commit crimes!
we are not liable to for any murder, theft, crimes of passion, caused during the blue dust tournament. Check with local authorities to determine if your super power is against the law."

As if it was planned. You spot a golden sphere, do you pick it up?
A modern fantasy story, group rp for 10 people or less.
Anime logic applies somewhat but you are welcome to choose almost any power for your character!

I'll be honest I have a lot of this figured out but I'd like a co-gm to help balance the whole thing a tad.
This check is more a slight preview to see if anyone cares. Compared to my regular checks which can start at a moment's notice
(A lot of those are rebooted/recycled from past rp's I've made. Please don't assume other works of mine are lazy.)
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The Flowiest on site
Ten spots are available and you can claim one by posting a character sheet when I post the page or sending me a PM of the super power you'd like your character to have


The Flowiest on site
I'm interested, but what level of posts are required and how often?
I'd like to join as well.
I'm interested!
interested. I'm open to co-gming too
I'm sorry!! ;; But thanks!


Bust :(
Sorry for not having made a CS yet! I saw most of you have finished yours, but I'm slightly confused (nothing new). Is this a JoJo rp? I haven't seen this anime, so I feel like I'd be in the way. I think I'm going to have to pass, I'm really really sorry.


The Flowiest on site
Sorry for not having made a CS yet! I saw most of you have finished yours, but I'm slightly confused (nothing new). Is this a JoJo rp? I haven't seen this anime, so I feel like I'd be in the way. I think I'm going to have to pass, I'm really really sorry.
It's not a jojo rp so much as people are taking a fair bit of inspiration from it.
To join this rp all you need is a super power of some sort

But yea, you do you no need to say sorry


The Flowiest on site
As i stated somewhere it’s my other checks that can start in a moments notice, this one is more planned and needing characters

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