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Fantasy Blood Rights - closed

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“But just imagine! $100,000? What could you do with that kind of money?”

Carmelita was on it tonight, doing her job like a real professional, conning the big winner to keep going. Johnny smiled as he walked up behind the dealer at the roulette wheel.

“Good evening. Somebody certainly has Lady Luck on his side tonight. How about we sweeten the deal? Playing on black? If the gentleman wins, we’ll throw in that $5,000 entertainment system. What do you say?”

The gentleman in question beamed at him. “I say, let’s do it! $50,000, on black!”

The crowd was electrified as the wheel was spun. The ball floated in lazy circles around the wheel, then bounced among the slots and finally landed. “23, Red!”

A collective sigh went up from the onlookers, and several expressions of commiseration. The gentleman stood dumbfounded, still not quite understanding how his luck had run out.

“What a shame, sir,” Johnny commiserated, “but at least you know your money will be going for a worthy charity. Allow me: you may have our premiere suite tonight on the house. Carmelita will make sure you are properly cared for.”

Carmelita beamed at him, knowing she had just earned an excellent commission. “Right this way, sir.”

Amazing the way the male mind could cope, Johnny thought. If the sex was good, the gentleman would be back for more, even if it cost him another $50,000.

Johnny strolled through the crowd towards the front of Casino Punto Azul, overlooking the cliffs and the blue sea near Malibu. It was beautiful scenery day or night, and plenty of guests were enjoying it tonight. He gripped the rail over the outlook point, as usual having to fight that strange urge to jump. Never mind that he would probably survive the fall: it would still mess up the tux beyond repair.

There was little that Johnny could not survive, and most of those items were quite unusual. Beheading, wooden stakes to the heart, silver poisoning, and daylight numbering among the top concerns. But there were times he wondered. After nearly two centuries, what more was there to see, what more to do?

He spotted Martin, his General Manager, walking by and waved to him. Martin joined him at the rail. “How’s it going tonight, John?” he asked.

“I was about to ask you the same question,” Johnny replied. “It looks like a full house: nobody’s giving any trouble, are they?”

Martin shook his head. “Not so far. We’ve got a crowd showing up soon for the ballroom: high schoolers having their prom tonight. Those over eighteen are probably going to want into the Casino, So we may be seeing some fresh young faces in a bit. Hopefully they’ll be well behaved.”

Johnny nodded. “At least they’re likely to be well dressed. Seems like that’s the one time they take to nice clothing.

Martin chuckled. “Especially the young ladies. Man, those gowns are hot! Too bad more ladies don’t walk around that way!”

Johnny harrumphed. “Most ladies couldn’t pull off a dress like that. Too bad, but true. In any event, put Bruce and Damon out front. That’ll intimidate the hell out of any overly rambunctious boys in the group.”

“Will do, Bossman.”

After Martin left, Johnny ruminated on the events of the evening so far and their likely progress. He decided to stroll out front, just to check out the incoming throng. Okay, and maybe check out the prom goers. As he went down the stairs he caught himself humming to the music piped into the background:

“Young girls have come into the canyon
And in the morning I can see them walking
I can no longer keep my body strong
And I can’t keep myself from talking…”

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