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  • โ๐‹๐ž๐ ๐š๐œ๐ฒ (๐ง๐จ๐ฎ๐ง) [๐ฅ๐ž๐ -๐š-๐œ๐ฒ] - ๐ญ๐ก๐ž ๐ฅ๐จ๐ง๐ -๐ฅ๐š๐ฌ๐ญ๐ข๐ง๐  ๐ข๐ฆ๐ฉ๐š๐œ๐ญ ๐จ๐Ÿ ๐ฉ๐š๐ซ๐ญ๐ข๐œ๐ฎ๐ฅ๐š๐ซ ๐ž๐ฏ๐ž๐ง๐ญ๐ฌ, ๐š๐œ๐ญ๐ข๐จ๐ง๐ฌ, ๐ž๐ญ๐œ. ๐ญ๐ก๐š๐ญ ๐ญ๐จ๐จ๐ค ๐ฉ๐ฅ๐š๐œ๐ž ๐ข๐ง ๐ญ๐ก๐ž ๐ฉ๐š๐ฌ๐ญ, ๐จ๐ซ ๐จ๐Ÿ ๐š ๐ฉ๐ž๐ซ๐ฌ๐จ๐งโ€™๐ฌ ๐ฅ๐ข๐Ÿ๐ž.โž

    character sheets

    Full Name
    Age (21-30)
    Date of Birth
    Place of Birth

    General Description
    Body Mods (optional)
    Style (optional)
    Faceclaim (mandatory -- realistic please!)

    Vices (3+) & Virtues (3+) with explanations and/or 2-3 paragraph description
    Likes (5+)
    Dislikes (5+)

    Skills (3-5)
    Fears (1-2)
    Ambitions (1-2)

    Minimum of 3 paragraphs please!

We'll never get free lamb to the slaughter. What you gon' do when there's blood in the water?

The price of your greed is your son and your daughter. What you gon' do when there's blood in the water?

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  • beatrice ludovici
    the boss
    • i
      full name
      beatrice minerva ludovici
      bea, tris
      cisgender female
      date of birth
      july 18, 1994
      place of birth
      chicago, il, usa
      don't ask.
      the boss
    coded by natasha.

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  • It's real clear to everyone like me; if heaven's really there we're only getting in by stealing the key
    Walter Lincoln
coded by natasha.
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Andrea Gilbert
The Medical Apprentice
Chicago, IL
Andie, Dree

125 lbs.
body type
body modifications
Adelaide Kane.
Who do you think you are to me?
Cold-hearted, a sharp tongue, and stubborn as a mule. Those are the three most common phrases used to describe Andrea Gilbert - that is, if you get close enough to get to know her. Most people aren't that unlucky to do so. Her piercing gaze can stare right through you, as if you were the scum of the earth. She tends to keep to herself, preferring her own company over that of someone else's. Andrea is always hard at work, keeping herself occupied instead of being alone with her thoughts. She works long hours, tending to stay late and work overtime at Chicago General. But that doesn't mean that she's not devoted to the Ludovici family. Andrea would do anything that they asked of her, no questions asked. Why? Because she's genuinely fond of Beatrice and the way she runs things, though it isn't always obvious to everyone. Andrea prefers to mask her true feelings with dry wit and sarcasm. And if you don't like it? Well, too bad, so sad. Go cry about it to your mommy. She doesn't give a flying fuck what you think, and she never will.

But secretly, Andrea does care. She just can't let anyone break through the thick walls she's put up around her heart. She can't afford to get hurt again. Not now, not ever. She once was genuinely kind and sweet, once upon a time, and maybe it's still there, buried under years of rubble and debris. But no one will ever get close enough to break her down back to the basics. Andrea won't let them. You'll get a swift rebuttal and a string of curse words if you even think about trying. It doesn't seem like she loves anything to an outsider, but a trained eye will tell you quite the opposite. People from her past will tell you that she loves life, or at least, she did at one point. Now it seems as if she could care less whether or not she lives or dies, let alone anyone else. People from her past will tell you that she loves to be loved. These days, she's closed herself off to nearly everyone around her.

She is a skilled pianist, and a former childhood gymnast, but unless you knew her back then, you wouldn't know that just by looking at her. She's all but forgotten how to play, or how to do a somersault. Andrea has other skills that aren't exactly legal - they're more in a gray area, if anything. She can hack her way into some systems, but only if it's to help someone out. Theft of prescription pills like oxycodone also come in handy for the Family. Her loyalty to the Family is evident by her willingness to risk everything for them. Andrea has provided nothing but useful to the Ludovicis ever since she joined five years ago. Her quick fingers and sharp mind have saved the lives of many, both Family members and regular Joe Schmoes alike. The only life she couldn't save? Her late husband's. But more on that later.
Devoted - never turning her back on the Family.
Courage - she has the strength to continue going on with her life despite everything that's happened in it.
Justice - Andrea will always right a wrong, no matter what.
Sincerity - trust that she will tell you the truth, regardless of it hurts your feelings or not.
Arrogance - Andrea's incredibly stuck-up and boastful about her achievements.
Callousness - though she is sincere, the way she goes about it can hurt feelings.
Stubborn - once she's set her mind to something, you won't change her mind about it.
Vengeful - best bet she's getting revenge on everyone who's ever wronged her.
Autumn, nature
Dogs, rain
Escaping from reality, a long walk every now and then
Gingerbread cookies, incense
Love, being the center of attention
Eye contact, rap music
Trying new things, avoiding people
Nighttime, dirty laundry
tw: death, unaliving oneself, anti-LGBT views, cancer
Andrea Cassandra Gilbert came to this world in the usual way. Noreen and Christopher Gilbert already had a set of twin boys, Joseph and Jeremiah, who were five and a half years old, on their hands when a boisterous baby girl came bounding on the scene. They would soon find their darling Andrea joined by yet another boy, Augustus, the following June. Four kids under the age of ten was a bit much for the young couple, but they seemed to make it work. The perfect American family, with the perfect white picket fence house and the perfect all-American children...or so everyone thought.

Joseph, the oldest out of all the Gilbert children, would come out as gay at fourteen. And of course, Noreen and Christopher couldn't bear to have a crack in the foundation that they had worked so hard to build. So they sent him away in hopes that he would return "normal." But when he came back, he was even more miserable than he was before. And, not long after, he took his own life. Noreen and Christopher quickly decided to cover it up as being a tragic accident, even tricking their three remaining children into believing it as well. But Andrea, at nine, knew better than that. And at sixteen, she finally confronted her parents about it. They denied everything, just as Andrea had thought they would have done. So she pulled out her receipts - the news articles she had tracked down from when her brother had left this world.

They kicked her out, still denying everything. But Andrea was perfectly okay with that. She had recently started seeing a fellow classmate, Patrick Goulding, and they had quickly fallen fast and deep into love. His father allowed her to sleep on their couch until her parents finally let her back in, but only because it would look bad on them for kicking their daughter out in the first place. But Andrea was about to burn that bridge completely when she decided to legally emancipate herself. Patrick and his father helped her gain her freedom, and for that, she proposed to Patrick, who accepted the unorthodox tradition. By eighteen, Andrea was married and entering college with honors. She had weathered the storm, staring straight into the eye of the hurricane that personified itself as her parents. Nothing could have possibly gone wrong, right? Nothing was holding her back now. She was in the prime of her life, and she was going to take life by the horns.

That was, until Patrick was diagnosed with bone cancer two years later. As hard as he fought it, the cancer had spread further into his body. If they had caught it earlier, he would have had a better chance of surviving. He did, for the time being. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst. On Andrea's twenty-first birthday, nonetheless. Patrick slipped away just after midnight on April 12th. Andrea would never be the same. Her high school sweetheart was dead, and she had no family to go home to. She could have just let herself wither away, but instead, she fought on. The only dark road she went down started when she met Beatrice Ludovici, by chance, of course. Convinced that she could finally have a family to call her own, Andrea joined the Ludovici Family. She continued to study medicine, hoping to find a cure for cancer. And, five years later, it's where she's still at, working alongside Beatrice's brother, Angelo. It hasn't always been sunshine and roses, but Andrea knows that Patrick would want her to carry on. Her heart still burns for him, even now.

love language
Words of Affirmation
fun facts
Alias: Cinderella
Occupation: Medical resident at Chicago General
Legal skills: Piano, negotiation
Illegal skills: Theft, hacking, and she knows her way around sharp objects
Fears: Forgetting Patrick
Ambitions: To find a cure for cancer, to belong
Body Language - Helena Deland

coded by Stardust Galaxy
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  • Salem Ludovici

    Capo of the Mind

    full name

    salem adam ludovici


    midnight cat






    December 13th, 1998


    Mulhouse, France



    • hair

      brown, right now short, but has the tendency to grow it out


      light green


      six feet and zero inches


      harry styles

      clothing style

      x + x + x + x.

    โ™กcoded by uxieโ™ก

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  • riptide
    unlike pluto

    Lucifer F. Holmqvist
    Luci/Smiling Devil
    May 17th, 1993/ Sundsvall, Sweden
    bookstore owner
    The Weapon Expert
coded by natasha.
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Devin Murphy
the spy
  • i
    full name
    Devin Murphy
    Dev, Murph
    the Rat King, Grace Callaghan (legal name)
    Trans Man (He/Him)
    Bi Ace
    date of birth
    May 24th, 1993
    place of birth
    Boston, MA, USA
    Art Thief
    the Spy
coded by natasha.
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    • 04
      full name
      Artemis Mercier
      date of birth
      31st of October
      place of birth
      Nice, France
      Happiness weighs a tonne
      I never could pick it up

      Weapons Expert

      known languages.
      French and English

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tara blanc

the spy

full name

tara estelle blanc


medusa (to criminal circles), has taken up too many various identities to name








october 2nd, 1995


providence, ri, usa


con artist, blackmailer, and theif

  • appearance

    the way tara presents herself physically is ever changing in order to fulfill whatever job she needs to get done. elegant and seductive? bold and intimidating? haughty and arrogant? she's got it down. these days, she most commonly opts in to an unassuming and demure demeanor, which allows for her to receive no suspicion for being up to anything more than some innocent flirting. her dark hair can cause confusion for those lucky enough to see her in more than one persona, she often makes use of exertions, styling, and temporary dyes to alter it's appearance. naturally, it is dark and curly, falling at shoulder length. her large brown eyes are very expressive, and cause people to view her as an open book, when in reality she's quite good at controlling these expressions and uses that to manipulate people.


    tara sticks to the basics in terms of her go to daily wardrobe, it allows her to blend in to the background better. that being said, she does own a very wide variety of more dramatic clothing that she uses for various schemes and jobs.
    tara's style



    body mods.

    standard ear piercings, navel piercing


    Morena Baccarin

โ™กcoded by uxieโ™ก

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Violet Chandler
the underboss
  • i
    full name
    Violet Amara Chandler
    vi, vee
    Firecracker, Pearl(stage name)
    cisgender female
    โ€who cares?โ€
    date of birth
    august 20, 1996
    place of birth
    Savannah, Georgia, usa
    the underboss
coded by natasha.


Walkin - Denzel Curry

NAME: Michael Terrance Wright JR
NICKNAMES: Mikey, Junior, Golden Boy
D.O.B: 12/26/1996
AGE: 26 years old
GENDER: cis-male

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: He's decently tall standing at a solid 6'1 with an athletic build to compliment it. His style alternates between his casual clothes of a jacket and a clean pair of jeans to wearing full blown well tailored suits depending on the event. Fortunately for him he looks handsome in whatever he wears.
FACECLAIM: Damson Idris

PERSONALITY: He does his best to act like a good man. To be the man his father would have wanted him to be. Kind to those in need, compassionate to those in distress, and forgiving of others' mistakes. Taking on not just the name of his father, but acting as he would if he were still alive today. It led him to be well liked in the community, and his ability to restrain the act when necessary has given him a positive reputation with his precinct as well. A carefully maintained balance of being good enough to be a useful asset to the department, and a well liked figure among civilians allowing him insight and connections to both communities.

Beneath all of that lies an obsession. He needed to find the person who killed his father, and anyone connected to them. Michael was willing to do whatever it took, even bastardizing everything his father had taught him to be used as tools for revenge. He had no plans on bringing those responsible to justice within the bounds of the law. It was that adherence to code that left his father dying alone in some abandoned lot.

Relationships have also been warped to him. His father wanted him to be someone that sought to understand and connect with others, but now that understanding was used to weigh the cost/benefit of interacting with someone. How they might prove themselves useful to him and his cause.

Unknown to him there was still a part of him that wanted to be the hero that his dad was for him for someone else.

Selfish: Despite whatever he might preach about caring about his community he is caring about the self interest of him and his own before he cares about anyone else. Selflessness held no real benefit to him so why would he bother in it.

Paranoid: He is extremely distrustful of most people he interacts with on the daily whether they be members of the family, or of the force. Keeping an eye and an ear out for any sort of betrayal was exhausting, but itโ€™d keep him alive. Someone had to have betrayed his father.

Perfectionist: There was no room for being a failure in his life. He needed to be perfect. Anything less might as well be a death sentence.

Loyal: The people he would truly set aside anything for know he would commit himself to whatever it took to keep them happy.

Resourceful: He's spent his time inside, and outside the force making connections in Chicago. It's likely he knows where to go, and who to talk to when looking for information or simply getting a sweet deal on a plumber.

Determined: When he sets his sights on a goal he does whatever it takes to get that goal accomplished sacrificing whatever it took to get what he wanted. Setting his position in danger by associating with the mafia was only the beginning of what he was willing to do.


His Family
Mint Chocolate Ice Cream
Escape Rooms
Fighting Games


The Rest Of The Ludovici's
The Chicago PD


Decent Aim: He's no desperado gunslinger, but he can defend himself with a pistol against the average would-be gangster.

Solid Boxer: He's no martial arts master, but he knows how to take a punch and has a pretty nasty right hook that'd lay out most people.

Investigation: His main strength and most valuable aspect is his ability of deduction. He's got a keen eye for the world around him, and piecing together a situation to find and answer was his specialty.

Profiling: His keen eye doesn't stop at just his physical surroundings. Michael is quite good at getting a read on the people around him as well.

Sociable: Despite his hyperawareness of almost every situation he maintains a friendly relationship with practically everyone he associates with.

Fears: His uncle learning of his connection to the Ludovicis, Dying without avenging his father.

Finding His Father's Killer: His main reason for cooperating with the Ludovici's was the fact that he had reason to believe the one who killed his father was involved with the massacre of the old family.

Finding His Own Peace: A part of his drive for this obsession is that he wants it for closure. To stitch up the open wound that he refused to let heal and scar with time. For his father's last case to not go unsolved.

Then: Michael knew he was going to be a detective just like his father ever since he was a kid. The man was well liked by his community and showed a dedication to his work that could not be compared. He taught him how to read a situation, and the most important skill a detective absolutely needed to have was empathy. To understand and visualize the perspectives of the people around him so that he could know what they would be the best way to help them.

He wanted to become just like his father. A strong caring man that was like one of the heroes straight out of his comic books. Which was a fair assessment to make, the man was a dominating force for good and inspiration to those around him all while managing to raise two sons as a single father. Of course he had help from his own friends and family to look after the boys when he couldn't. Although there was one exception, and it was that he would always make sure to be home every Saturday by 6pm to spend the night playing games with his sons. It was a tradition that he kept consistent for ten years until he missed one. Initially Michael and his little brother thought he might've simply gotten stuck in traffic, but when he didn't come home that night they knew something was wrong and called their uncle to tell him.

It was three days later that his father's body was found in an abandoned lot with three shots in the back. Investigation into the murder by police returned nothing and the search for the killer was dropped in a matter of weeks. Everything about the process infuriated Michael, but he saw how the police reacted when his uncle would get heated. Things would get reactive and the conversation turned into a shouting match between the cops and his uncle. Still, even when things got bad between his uncle and the precinct's boys in blue, plenty of cops made sure to give their condolences personally at the funeral alongside what seemed like most of the city.

There was one person out of all the participants that gave more than just condolences, but started Michael on his personal crusade against his father's killers. They gave him a flash drive telling Michael it was a parting gift from his dad. Inside was all the information his father had gathered in his investigation into the Ludovici massacre. Apparently there were those on the force he suspected in covering up the investigation.

With each second he sat there pouring over as much of it that he could understand he felt a burning seething rage that he would carry on until his father got the justice that he deserved.

Now: Sixteen years later he's been following in his father's footsteps taking up the mantle that he had left behind. Spending that time building up a reputation not just as his father's son, but a living legacy that he knew there could be something greater for this city. He made speeches on the importance of the police in Chicago, donated time to various community initiatives, simply aiding people when he managed to take notice, learning how to box, eventually taking firearms classes, becoming one of the youngest to rise to the position of detective all the while honoring his father and the legacy he left behind.

It wasn't until he became a detective after being promoted from a uniformed officer that he had begun properly continuing the work his father had left behind. Following in his footsteps once more.

The initial investigations were a struggle as finding anything worthwhile from the nearly two decade old notes from his father were more than outdated for most of this city, but practically obsolete in some cases. There were still some promising threads to chase after, but with how much of a public figure he was doing things personally would be hard to do alone. Especially if those that put a hit on his father thought he might investigate in a similar manner. His first real lead on anything came about when he realized the Ludovici mansion was being renovated for the first time since it was put up for sale.

He wondered why there was now a new owner of the estate after it being a rotting relic of a time long past. It was an idle distraction investigating the origins of the new owner, but it was possible that it might lead to something new that he might nit have discovered yet.

With a change in focus he began looking for any possible connecting threads between her and other people in the city. It was slow going at first, but then it suddenly stopped as he seemed to hit a roadblock in regards to the amount of information that could be found on her. Which gave him the much needed answer to his suspicion that her moving into that estate was definitely more than what it looked like on the surface. That same day he came to the revelation Michael found a letter addressed to him inside his apartment. There was obviously the simple solution of simply turning this in to his superiors, and setting the entire precinct on alert for the rise of the previous generations most prominent chicago crime family.

However that solution wouldn't get him any closer to avenging his father's memory. It'd be making a deal with a devil, but that was a small price to pay for revenge.



designed by bad ending. & coded by xayah.แƒฆ

Name: Padraig Coughlan [Paw-drig Call-Un]

Nicknames: Paddy

Age: 30

Nationality: Irish

Place of Birth: Derry, Northern Ireland

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Hetero

Former member of a dissident Irish paramilitary group. Now completely loyal to the Ludovici family.

Ludovici Chauffeur

Padraig is the shield and tool for the head of the Ludovici family. He's primarily a bodyguard, but also muscle, and doer of things that need done.

Padraig tries to be seen as a cold, standoffish, and generally stoic person. Itโ€™s his job to be those things. He also works in an industry where personal feelings can get in the way. He does his best to maintain this image of a man whose only role is personal protection.

When doing his job he is vicious and cold, he is singularly focused on achieving the task heโ€™s been asked to do and will stop at nothing to do it, regardless of the dangers to himself or the likelihood of success.

He has his vices, alcohol being his largest. He will regularly drink himself silly to wash away his past deeds. He has no moral qualms with hurting, and killing his enemies or the people the Ludovici's tell him are enemies. But his past is not only filled with the bodies of enemies. These memories haunt him and uses alcohol as a crutch to wash them away.

On the inside Padraig is not so one dimensional, he has an old soul that yearns for a simpler life, but heโ€™s never believed he deserved or earned any of the bounties a normal life would bring him. He also does not think heโ€™d ever be able to fit into that sort of lifestyle, never be accepted. His guilty passion is reading, careful in who he allows to see this vulnerable side of himself.

Grappling with the person he is, versus the person he has to appear to be causes him much internal strife.

The other main trait of Padraig is his loyalty. He is totally loyal to the Ludovici family for saving him when all else had failed. If Beatrice said jump, he would ask how high. He owes a debt to her that cannot easily be repaid, he owes his life. Although, some would say this staunch loyalty was also a weakness to him. His moral compass was not quite so functional, and his unquestioning faith in the family could leave him exposed, he was afterall no one of great importance. He could just as easily become a fall guy, discarded and left to the dogs for the things he's done for the family.

  • Secret reading habit
  • Alcohol, gambling, sex
  • The Ludovici family
  • Irish sports
  • Large crowds
  • He is staunchly anti-british government
  • Aloof personalities
  • Advanced driving
  • Weapon handling
  • Agility and hand to hand combat
  • Going back to prison
  • Being found by loyalist paramilitaries
  • Seeing his inner personality revealed
  • To be able to retire healthy back home to Ireland, he dreams of owning a small house in Donegal by the Errigal mountain.
For a bodyguard Padraig is quite slender, heโ€™s well built but not overly physically intimidating. He relies on his skills and other physical attributes to do the job for him. He prefers not to intimidate by appearance but by actions.

Padraig prides himself in keeping a neat and clean look, on his downtime heโ€™ll wear casual clothes, dark jeans and simple grey or black t-shirts. On the job heโ€™ll be as professional as required, wearing a tidy black suit or shirt and waistcoat.

Padraig was born in Derry, Northern Ireland. A fierce Irish nationalist he was sucked into the dissident paramilitary groups at a young age. Growing up in a desperately poor neighbourhood left him little other choice. At 20 he was already running drugs and guns across the border and distributing them to groups in Derry and Belfast. That was until he was caught by the PSNI. He was sentenced to 20 years in HM Prison Maghaberry.

Life inside was tough, the prison was a "rundown shithole". The guards were as corrupt as the men inside, and the men inside were the worst life had to offer. For the first time Padraig questioned the diehard beliefs that got him here, and for two years he seriously began to repent and reform. That was until the breakout occurred. Apart from himself, 6 other members of the dissident group were locked inside, and so, the leaders on the outside planned an escape.

For the guards on duty that night, they expected nothing other than a usual night. Until the bomb went off. Hidden in routine deliveries Padraig and the six other men had discreetly assembled a bomb over the course of two months. When it was ready they let it loose. The bomb went off in the east wing laundry room, blowing a huge hole in the side of the building. While the prison guards reacted the seven men, including Padraig were led outside by a group of guards that had been paid off. It was that easy.

Of course he could no longer stay in Northern Ireland so he was quietly moved out onboard a fishing trawler to Southern Spain. From here he made his way to North Africa and eventually across the Atlantic to the USA through Mexico.

His new job was to source more weapons from Boston, Chicago, and Detroit and organise for them to be sent back to Derry. It was all going well until two years ago when the leadership of his group in Northern Ireland were all arrested in a sting operation and the group disbanded. His identity was revealed. Interpol, Chicago PD, and British Loyalist paramilitaries were on the hunt. He had nowhere to hide, nowhere to run. A cornered dog in a foreign land. Until the Ludovicis granted him a lifeline.

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Elena Garcia
The Spy
  • i
    full name
    Elena Garcia
    date of birth
    6th December
    The Spy