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Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

Quadruplets who (mostly) never get along
"Of course a few of you can stay behind and watch the base!" Sarge exclaimed cheerfully in response. "It's already what I've assigned Donut to do anyways!" He said, hopefully clearing the worries of those who did wish to stay behind instead. "And be prepared for anything! Guns! Terrorists! Vampires!! Goddamn Bigfoot! Them Blues're craftier than Craft's Mac and Cheese!"

"Really, what Sarge means is, just expect a bunch of blue colored idiots with guns." Grif explained in Sarge's place, due to Sarge's.... exaggerations.

Sarge only chuckled loudly as Llen complimented his drawing, though he didn't directly answer her question due to the fact that he had just done so a few moments ago.

"Heh heh.... why, thank ya! You sure do know who to kiss ass! One of these days, you may even be as good at it as Simmons!" Sarge exclaimed, and though Simmons didn't reply, the rattling of his armor showed all of you that he was visibly shaking at the thought.
Bigfoot? The blue team has a giant ape man with them?

Blue idiots with guns. So basically a bunch of noobs, yet that Bigfoot suggestion had her scared internally. As Sarge thanked her for her compliment, she noticed Simmons shaking as if....
Oh shit, I may have a rival already.

"Yeah! We'll take 'em from both sides! They'll never see it coming!" Sarge exclaimed. In fact, he was so excited about this, that he didn't even notice Luffy's gun go off. Though, the rest of Red Team (at least, those who were present) did.

"Son of a bitch!"
"Son of a bitch!"
"¡Hijo de puta!
(Son of a bitch!)"
"Holy shit!!!"

I stopped our game of tag after we were gathered at the main hall. I guess the armored man won but mark my words next time will be different!

How exactly do you use these strange weapons? I don't mean to brag but I'm intelligent enough to know how to craft things and use them without issue but something like this is an exception! I saw the strange girl that bothered me in the flying machine stand right next to me. I watched how she held it and noticed that her finger was on the trigger. I tried to imitate her but my fingers were too big to fit in. Just my luck. Maybe I'll use it as a bat instead! Hopefully, it's not flimsy enough to break in combat. I'd had so many weapons do that in a heated fight that it's annoying.

I held the contraption by the barrel before realizing that I screwed up by standing right next to her.

"Oh hey, it's you again."

Oh no. . .​


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Narancia Ghirga

Narancia nodded along with the sarge guy’s agreement to a few people staying at the base. However, he couldn’t help but get a tad annoyed at all the others who also thought it was a smart idea. First there was the little pink kid along with the mage girl who seemed to be more of a maybe than anything. There were also Sora and the black haired kid with him who, before dodging a close call with the straw hatted guy’s gun, decided to stay back in case any of the blue guys wanted to sneak into their base. Last but not least was Odessa, who also thought it’d be best to make sure no blues got into their base. If he could have without seeming suspicious, Narancia would have groaned at the amount of people who’d be there. They’d all be on the look out for anyone going in OR out, making his plan a whole lot fucking harder. He’d either need to sneak past them, or convince them to let him go. Considering how invested a few seemed in following the Sarge’s orders, Narancia doubted a few of them would be so excited towards the prospect of a defector. Especially Donut who’d unfortunately also be staying there alongside all of them. For now he supposed he’d just need to keep track of everyone and wait for when the opportunity finally strikes to ditch. He was doing this, whether it was going to be easy or the hardest damn thing in the world to accomplish.

As the boy waited for everything to be set into motion, he noticed that straw hatted kid who’d shot at someone going over to talk with that one old man from before, the eyepatch guy. It may just have just been some gut feeling but Narancia couldn’t help but find something shady about him. The way he’d hopped in excitement at the prospect of war was at the very least pretty concerning. Was this guy a criminal or something? Narancia of course couldn’t exactly complain considering his status as a damn member of the mafia but the point still stood to that he’d probably need to be on guard around the guy, even if he was only some middle aged asshole. Under the guise of friendliness, Narancia walked over to the two, beginning with, “You also suck ass at using guns right? I guess we’re in the same boat then! My name’s Narancia by the way.” While the introduction was directed towards the straw hat, he’d also glance at the old man with the eyepatch, waiting to see what his next move would be.

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Location: Red Main Hall

Current Items:
On Hand-
1. Paper clip (1)
2. Throwing Knife (1)
3. Pistol (1)

Bedsheet Bag-
1. Assault rifle (1)
2. Pistol (1)
3. Ammo
4. Extra Ziplock bags (10)
5. Miscellaneous Food and Water


Engineer Of The Deep

The Battle Plan

"Of course a few of you can stay behind and watch the base!" Sarge exclaimed cheerfully in response. "It's already what I've assigned Donut to do anyways!" He said, hopefully clearing the worries of those who did wish to stay behind instead. "And be prepared for anything! Guns! Terrorists! Vampires!! Goddamn Bigfoot! Them Blues're craftier than Craft's Mac and Cheese!"

"Really, what Sarge means is, just expect a bunch of blue colored idiots with guns." Grif explained in Sarge's place, due to Sarge's.... exaggerations.
Red Riding Hood seemed a little bewildered at Sarge's response - though fortunately, she did still hear an answer she wanted from him, and the second one was attended to by Grif. She proceeds to nod in understanding and pocket her water bottle - seeing as it is perfectly fine, and could still be used again later. A bunch of blue armoured soldiers - with guns! No problem! The explanation and Sarge's responses continued, while Red Riding Hood tried to gather more and more about the plan of attack as she did - which, fortunately, was successful.
"Heh heh.... why, thank ya! You sure do know who to kiss ass! One of these days, you may even be as good at it as Simmons!" Sarge exclaimed, and though Simmons didn't reply, the rattling of his armor showed all of you that he was visibly shaking at the thought. And then, when Megumin asked if she would be blowing up the Blue Base, Sarge simply laughed more. "Of course you'll be blowin' up their base! Blow up as much Blue shit as ya like!!" Sarge shouted, excited at the prospect of her (as well as other Red members') eagerness.

"Organization was never Red Team's strong suit... so yes! You will be deciding what to do yourselves!" Sarge exclaimed, seeming to ignore Delta's words about sneaking altogether.
Red Riding Hood heard these and sort of froze. They have free reign to trash the Blue Team's base in any way they would like - but there is 'no' organisation in any of this? If this could be treated as a red flag, now it is - internal alarms of 'that's not good' were inaudibly blaring within Red Riding Hood's mind. At least they could do whatever they wanted, but - there is 'no' organisation about this entire thing? 'Hey, hold on, what the hell?' She thought to herself, crossing her arms in mild frustration and/or confusion - one does not simply go into battles of any kind without plans, as she would know. She's not the one in charge though, and this isn't her world, so instead of voicing her disagreement to Sarge, she instead sighed and shook her head. "Well, OK then... That's not exactly what I was expecting, but it better work!" She said - trying to remain positive while they're still preparing. Not too long after she said this aloud and tried to think, the last of the plan followed... And then her thoughts were interrupted by gunfire. Not just any gunfire, the unexpected kind - and most importantly, even in the same room the entire team is in!
"And while I do love the prospect of you dying in a horrible way, like the freaky plant lady eating you, you're lucky we'll need you as bait in case the Blues decide to chase after us with their vampire fangs!" He said, before hearing Snake's plan to go in through the back, which Sarge agreed with wholeheartedly. "Yeah! We'll take 'em from both sides! They'll never see it coming!" Sarge exclaimed. In fact, he was so excited about this, that he didn't even notice Luffy's gun go off. Though, the rest of Red Team (at least, those who were present) did.

"Son of a bitch!"
"Son of a bitch!"
"¡Hijo de puta!
(Son of a bitch!)"
Red Riding Hood heard it fire and gasped a little in surprise and then glanced to the source. She shook her head and walked on over as if she was about to discipline the naive and aptly clueless boy. Though he is apologising, he probably has no idea what could have happened. "Hey, hey. Easy on the trigger there." She started, trying to warn him of such - though he probably knows now. She managed a neutral expression as she continued to converse with him in a semi-scolding tone (or so it sounded like). "Fortunately it went right through them, but that could have been a lot worse... You don't have any experience with these, do you?" She curiously asked while trying to indirectly tell him the consequences that didn't actually happen. Perhaps she may end up scaring him with her sudden approach and tone, but something so aptly noticed can't be ignored so easily.
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Link to CS: Here!
Hex Code: #c93648
Status (physically): Fine
Status (mentally/emotionally): Slightly frustrated/Kinda excited
Powers: Magical abilities and species abilities
Items: Blood Weapon Scissors, water bottle (3/4 uses left), sniper rifle, pistol (X2), grenade (X3), throwing knife (X10)
Skills/Abilities: Adaptable fighter, versatile (weapon-wise), best in none
Course of action: Listen here you little-
RP Information
Location: Blood Gulch/Red Team Base/Main Hall
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Nearby/In Group: Red Team (All of it)
Majima turns his head towards strange-looking kid and replies "Haw...?", before turning around fully to get a better look at him. He takes a good look at the kid and notices he was the idiot who accidentally shot his weapon early, he looks towards the kid's weapon and says "Are ya even takin' this seriously? Learn to the fire the damn thing, numbnuts." in a raise yet non-threatening tone. He lowers his voice and looks directly towards the kid again, "So ya gonna spit out want you wanted or yer trying to waste my time?" he then says while shaking his head in disappointment towards the kid.

Just as Majima finished the question, his eye was drawn towards the other strange-looking kid from earlier who was now walking towards him and Luffy. After he spoke, Majima started shrugging and asked "What ya eyeballin' me for, kid?" in Narancia's direction.



This training session had proven itself quite fruitful. The magazine slide out easily enough, and she was able to slam the new one in without difficulty. A good thing too, because their training was cut short by a new voice booming at them. Whether it was a new commander, or an invading insurgent mattered not, ill-prepared that she and the others were they would face this head on.

This new commander was more akin to a drill sergeant than a general. Tex took control of the base quite handily, reigning-in the rest of the so-called-soldiers with ease, and organising everyone for a mission to the Red Base.

When it came to infiltration, Myrtle’s tail swished back and forth before she curled it around her legs, she may not be a general’s first choice. Given the options, and being given the choice herself, she was already limited by her choice of weapons. The long-range gunmen could keep the canyon walls. Captain Price and Corvo took to Team C.

“In that case,” Myrtle said, “I’ll join Team B. However, we must address the number of civilians who have been pressed into service here.” The only competent soldier among these people seemed to be Tex. Hopefully the other buffoons would be able to manage themselves, while she and the others handled the bulk of the situation.

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(( I'm just pinging the whole Blue Team sorry. I don't know who's all around and Myrtle's just sort of talking to Tex and whoever else can hear her ))


Devil's Advocate


Lobo had stopped listening to Sarge the moment he stopped talking about the armory. He would be doing things his way. The Main Man knew how to get results! But he was going to need to use whatever lame crap the soldiers had.
When he got to the arsenal he didn't see anything special. Nothing compared to his personal favorite tools to rip people a new one.
"Fraggin lame asses got nothin' good!"
That said, he'd never pass up an opportunity to use grenades. One of his favorite things to watch was a bloodsplosion from a grenade. Sadly he couldn't shove a grenade down the stupid soldier's throats thanks to their dinky looking helmets. But he'd take as many grenades as he could carry for the normal use of blowing things to shreds. A couple of serrated blades would do as well.
"Now which one a' these pea shooters is gonna leave a hole in someone?"
He said scoping out the gear. Either high tech or old fashioned, with the right gun he'd have enough lead to turn someone into a bullet piggy-bank.
"These'll do."
Lobo grabbed a pair of MP5 rifles and waved them both in the air. He could get twice as many bodies with these and the fancy grenades he'd picked up were sure to do a variety of damage. He felt much more comfortable with a dozen weapons attached to him. Not that he didn't enjoy just punching people in the face.
"Alright just tell me how many of these bastitches heads you want so I can get paid!"
He shouted as he barged back into the room looking right at Sarge.



Echo frowned and turned to the man delivering "orders". At home, she never got paid for a day's work. Her work was mostly in anti-government against the Vektans mostly. But this time, they were paying in cash. Just another job, another war, another way to get her hands dirty.

Echo turned, eyeing the crowd and moving toward the red base, moving right toward the armory. Her trade tools were there. She picked up a Sniper Rifle, not quite what she expected like at home like her STA-61 but she'd make due. She also grabbed the large ammo and immediately loaded it. She slipped it on her back, took some tiny pistols, and ammo and slipped it down some secret areas just in case. She also grabbed some knives, another tool of her trade that would be useful.

"Echo" waited near the other Red team members, waiting for everyone to move out before she did as well.
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Professor Spacecakes

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Toshinori "All Might" Yagi
Location: Blue Base | Interacting With: Myrtle, Tex | Status: Healthy

“I second the young lady’s concerns,” All Might finally spoke up as the woman resembling a frilled lizard brought up one of his own concerns to what seemed to be the only competent leader present. Those who may have noticed him previously would likely be a bit surprised at the power and deepness of his voice, as nothing about his scrawny frame suggested he would sound like that.

“Before we’re made to kill potentially innocent people, I must insist we be told what exactly we’re fighting for. Aside from all of us being brought here against our will, I’m more concerned with the fact that both ourselves and the supposed enemy’s reinforcements arrived on the same ship, briefed by the same representative of your high command. In addition, both teams seem to have a joint medical officer. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this seems to suggest that both Red and Blue teams are members of the same military, the high command of which seems to be not only aware but purposefully pitting their own soldiers against each other.”

As he spoke, All Might made sure to lock eyes with Tex. Of all the rest of the armored soldiers, perhaps this one was perceptive enough to gleam the seasoned hero’s spirit still burning in that skeletal husk of a body. He may not have his super strength any longer, but he would be satisfied if his experience was heeded and he managed to prevent needless bloodshed.

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I don’t know how I got here but whatever
Lilith decided to go into team c since she's pretty good at sneaking around and she would be able to get on top of the roof without the need of a ladder. Lilith and everyone else where doing their own thing, being the social type that she is she headed over to team a to conjure up some small talk.
Her attention shifted to a girl in a dark grey hoodie with black hair, Lilith casually floated over and introduced herself

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"I'm Luffy, the future King of the Pirates!" Luffy introduced himself to the two. "I think the eyepatch that you are wearing looks great on you!" He complimented on Majima. "Are you a pirate?" He asked Majima. "I guess you're right about that one!" He agreed upon Narancia's words.

"Well, this is my first time using a weapon so I tend to make mistakes sometimes, but I'll be more careful from now on!" He responded to the girl.

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Lealan would quickly equip herself with a pair of pistols, a knife, an Assault Rifle, and a few grenades of various types, storing everything she could either on her belt or in her coats pockets, before running back out with the rifle and Lopez in her arms.


We can't change what's done. We can only move on.

  • Whilst he brunette asked about putting more projectiles into her gun, a few other people fire their weapons; most had the same "sniper rifle" Kassandra had picked up, but the lizard woman was an exception. She remarked how her non-sniper was efficient, whilst Corvo noted the recoil just like she did. She found herself internally agreeing with both characters; one of these weapons could easily break through armor, and the fact that one could fire these more than once... Gods, an army with these could roll over the Greek world.

    Price said something about not fighting the weapon but rather supporting her gun. At this, she put the sniper rifle on its support bipod, leaving it as she stood up and folded her arms with a curious expression on her face as she watched the man take it up, take out the weapon extension, and put a brand new one in. The future soldier then demonstrated how to use a little gun- "pistol"- and declared it's always easier to use a pistol than reload. She merely nodded before hearing some deep, overly-manly voice screamed to get to the "MAIN HALL", prompting all the others to head on out to said area. She was left as the last one, picking up her sniper rifle and hefting it once in her hands.

    "Guess we'll see just how good you really are, huh?" Kassandra commented before slinging the weapon over her shoulders and sauntering downstairs to find a scene already brewing. She came just in time to watch Michael get his crown jewels get smashed in by the Tex person, who was apparently the new leader of the "Blue Team" despite having black armor. Perhaps he too was a misthios (mercenary); either way, he stated they split up into three groups. One to take watch over the canyons with the "sniper rifles" like archers, another infiltrating through a back window, and a third through the Red building's roof. There was no mention whatsoever of a defense, however; she frowned at this glaring flaw, since she did hear the Reds screaming over on the other end of the canyon.

    Regardless, Corvo decided to take Team C, whilst Price seemed to elaborate on the initial plan and suggested to take C with him. The moment Price put "Booms" and "grenades" in close succession, the Ancient Greek promptly put two and two together to realize he was talking about the ball-like contraptions that she hadn't toyed with just yet. Either way, the scaled female decided to take B before noting the sheer amount of idiots- er, noncombatants, on Blue Team. Seriously, it was like someone had picked up random people from random times and places without caring about their backgrounds before putting them in the boots of mercenaries. Not that she had any qualms with it; war was the Underworld incarnate, and in the end she only fought wars to get paid.

    Either way, the brown-eyed Spartan noticed Aloy was one of the few characters whom had not claimed a Team just yet. The red-clad warrior soundlessly sidled over to Aloy, keeping her gaze on the Blue Team as a whole as she whispered to the Nora woman.

    "If you can watch over us with that fancy Sniper Rifle, then I'd definitely appreciate it. We need at least someone competent watching our backs while we go inside," The hero suggested to her companion just before raising her voice, stepping forwards to meet Tex and get a better look at the head-in-charge.

    "I'll take the back door team, but we still haven't exactly addressed a glaring flaw- We're leaving absolutely nobody around to watch over our own base. Raiding our enemy's pointless if they'll be able to plunder as much as we can with much less effort." She unfolded her arms to gesture forwards to emphasize her point before moving onwards.

    "That, and if we're looking to actually be in and out without getting this Red Team on high alert, we should be avoiding explosions. Maybe if we do get caught after all, but I see no point in declaring our presence with a bang- No offense-" The Spartan off-handedly gestured towards Price before continuing- "But otherwise we're better off having people specialized in staying quiet go in first. At least, as long as there are people here who can actually do that." She internally hoped she wasn't the only one who knew how to avoid clomping around with feet like concrete.

    "Finally, what is our complete goal here? Kill all the Reds? Steal whatever valuables they have in their base? Battle plans? Because it's one thing to be quietly going in a base for items, and it's a completely different topic to actually eradicate its inhabitants without getting messy."
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Aloy looked over at Kassandra, giving a simple nod and frowned "I'll keep you guys covered. The Nora held a big responsibility for her team and said she'd cover the others who would decide to go in quietly. "I got you guys covered."

The flowing redhead nodded at her ally and walked up to Captain Price and then Kassandra: "The second I see faces I'll pick them off one by one. But I'm not expecting it's going to be a easy fight. The Red team will no doubt be prepared as well.

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Can't Run No More
"Sounds good," Tex said with a nod in response to Captain Price's words. They didn't say much more than that, though it was clear that they were satisfied over the fact that there was some competence shown among these new recruits. At the concerns that All Might and Myrtle had over civilians, however, Tex merely scoffed. "There is not much we can do on that front. The point of the mission is not to kill, it is to gather intel. So, if you do not wish to pull the trigger, be my guest." Tex paused for a moment as they began to walk towards the front of the base, stopping near the doorway. "However, I do at least expect you to aid your teammates if they are in trouble." And with that, Tex left, the rest of you following suit (unless you decided to stay back, that is.)

Team A would meet in the canyons with Church, who began observing Red Base from his sniper rifle. "Alright, assholes. Ready your snipers and watch for suspicious shit." Church said in his usual slightly pissed off sounding tone.

Meanwhile, as Teams B and C made their way forward, you both found yourselves splitting off as you aimed to fulfill your own objectives. Team B was led by Tex and Tucker, who were both crouched down. And, as you made your way around, Tucker would turn to Tex and began speaking.

"You know, I really think I should have been on Team A--"

"Shut the FUCK up private!" Tex hissed in a sharp whisper. Eventually, you had all found your way to the window, while Team C began to slowly but surely make their way up the ladder. "Okay, now all of you enter one at a time. I'll be behind you." Tex whispered, motioning towards the two entry points. One of which was, of course, the aforementioned window, while the other was a small walkway on the roof that led directly into the Red Base. As you were all sneaking inside, however, you heard a loud, raspy old voice...


Mere minutes earlier, Red Team had been inside their base, gearing up to take the fight to the Blues. When Lobo asked how many dead Blues he wanted, Sarge paused.

"Uhhh.... infinity! Times two! Times another infinity!" He exclaimed, as Lopez screamed in the background in his monotone voice due to being carried everywhere by Leala against his will. "That stuff's in the armory!" He then said to Snake. With everyone seeming to be ready, Sarge nodded as him, Grif and Simmons made their way to the garage. The latter three loaded up into the warthog, which then drove outside the base, meeting all of you who were going out front. "Alright, on my mark!





With that, the three original Red Team members began speeding towards Blue Base at breakneck speeds inside of his little special warthog. Without much more instruction than that, those of you who decided to raid the Blue Base began charging towards the building with all your might! There was no holding back now, there was only action!!

Of course, on the Blue Team's end, Team A would have noticed this from their own snipers. You all could always shoot them, or at least fire a few warning shots from across the canyon.

Back in Blue Base itself, All Might (and anyone else who decided to stay back) would not be notified by the screaming immediately. But, rather, he would be notified by strange... music of some sort.

The music, he would soon find, was coming from the aforementioned warthog, which was being driven by Grif, Simmons, and Sarge. It stopped in front of Blue Base, directly in front of Toshinori's line of sight.

"Alright, Blues! We know you're in there! There's no point in hiding!!"

"Yeah, give up Blues!" Simmons shouted.

"Huh? Oh uh... yeah, what they said," Grif snorted, sounding half awake, despite manning the gun in the back of the vehicle he was in.

It was then that the rest of Red Team who had come through was able to run into the Blue Base, barreling through the front and back like numerous bulls in one singular China shop. Looks like All Might better hide before they find him. Or, he could stay and fight. Actually... now that he thought about it... where was Caboose?

Back at Red Base, those of you on Red Team who had decided to stay back would probably hear the sound of pitter-pattering across the rooftop, as well as the ones on Blue Team sneaking in through the back, if you were even paying close enough attention. You were always free to investigate the source of the noises if you felt so inclined.

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Well, Lucky was absolutely lost. He kept banging throughout the air ducts, desperately looking for the way he came in. No such luck. In despair, he flopped on his rabbit tummy. None of this would be happening, if he had just kept staying strong. Now he was stuck thinking about his only friends in the multiverse bleeding out from bullet wounds. He wouldn't see them again, and that would be on him forever...


...No, he distinctly remembered signing that dumb fucking contract back at the game show. The one that gave his soul to Hell upon death. If he somehow managed to kill himself in here, he still wouldn't see them ever again. His guardian angel had probably given up on him years ago.

"I just have to make meself fight in their honor...And worry about all that blood on me nubs at a later date, I guess."

He supposed he should have been rampaging through the ductwork, but Lucky continued with a miserable trudge instead.

As he rounded who-knew-where, he heard a strange patterning. His ears told him that it was above him. Lucky could feel his fur begin to bristle.
"More blues?...But how am I supposed to get back to me remaining allies before they get shot, too?"

Venom Snake

The Legendary Soldier
Snake, working with the reds began to army crawl across the canon, his tiger stripe camouflage working perfectly with the ground, making him extremely hard to see for someone not specifically looking for him. (Camo Index: 95%) He only was going to use his knife since he had no suppressors yet or tranq guns. He’d prefer to keep it non-lethal.
Red Team

And so Megumin was left with a tough decision: use the lower-class explosion and bring shame upon herself, or stay at base where she's safe and won't have to use the pathetic excuse of Explosion. She instantly chose the latter. Megumin watched with a blank face as everyone else charged out like mad adventurers, still hugging her bag of grenades. Wordlessly, she parted from the rest of the group who also stayed to defend, venturing over to Grif's room.

Megumin returned with another bag of snacks and whatnot, dropping them on some counter. As she ate, she grabbed one of the grenades and began fiddling with it. She didn't entirely know how they worked, only that they would explode if she did something to them. Maybe it had to do with the ring? Megumin pulled a bit on the ring, but not enough to pull it out. She focused in on the grenade, not paying attention to her surroundings but the pile of snacks she stole procured.

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While Sora & Rex stood behind to defend the base, the two heard noise on the rooftop. Sora volunteers to go and check it out, but before he can do so, Rex stops him to ask "Wait, Sora. Aren't you gonna need a weapon?" "Nah, those really don't suit me. I can do this on my own!" Sora said with a smile. The boy goes to see what's making that noise while Rex guards the bottom floor

"Okay! Whoever you are, come where I can see you!"



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Still trying in vain to get his bearings, Lucky tried to listen for more outside sounds. One ear kept itself focused on whatever was happening on the roof, and the other was pressed to the wall. The latter ear picked up footsteps running down the hallway.

"Watch your steps!" Lucky shouted. "I hear something on the roof!" Those on the outside would be hearing his voice from somewhere in the ceiling.

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Toshinori "All Might" Yagi
Location: Blue Base | Interacting With: The entire goddamned Red Team | Status: Healthy

All Might let out a small sigh of exasperation as the crux of his argument went completely ignored and the teams assembled. If this was some sort of sick social experiment, then Tex was either deflecting the issue or just plain didn’t care. He wasn’t sure which was worse. In any case, he refused to bring harm to another person simply to satiate someone’s curiosity. He would remain at base and serve as support if needed – not that anyone had bothered to set up a method of communication before rushing out to their impromptu infiltration mission.

Not long after the rest of the Blue Team left, All Might heard a peculiar sound drift into his range of hearing from the distance. It sounded like some sort of music. Wait… was that Polka? Thoroughly confused, he chanced a cautious glance out through one of the gaps in the blast shutters. It seemed to be coming from a military vehicle – probably referred to as some kind of animal, like a Puma, he supposed. Not that its name mattered. Far more important was the turret gun mounted on the back and the sizeable group of soldiers accompanying it, many of which he remembered from the ship that brought them here.

“Shit…” All Might cursed under his breath. It looked like the entirety of the Red Team had come to storm their base. Whether or not this meant that they knew of the infiltration was unclear. Either way, this was bad news for him. There was no way he could take on this many armed people on his own, not without his Quirk. Perhaps he should slip out the back? After all, what in this tiny base was worth him throwing his life away fo—

Oh shit, Caboose!

The features of his face set into a mask of stoic determination. There was no way he could leave him there to fend for himself, especially considering the young man seemed a bit, er… touched. That settled it. As the commanders of the Red Team barked out their threats and taunted them (him) to give himself up, All Might took a few steps backward down the side hallway, keeping his eyes on the main hall that any intruder would have to come down. He drew in a few deep breaths to brace himself before his once-withered muscles suddenly bulged at the seams of his shirt. A hand that now looked as though it belonged to Goliath himself reached up to tear his tie from around his neck.

“No one’s going to be giving up so easily… Know why?”


The instant the first of the Red soldiers came running into view, they would find nearly six-hundred pounds of solid muscle barreling towards them from the side like a bullet-train, the retired hero aiming to drive his shoulder into the intruder’s body and slam them against the opposite wall. If all went to plan, they’d be too stunned to resist as he locked an arm around their neck as he turned to face their colleagues with a bit more leverage than he would have had normally.

“Stand down!” his voice boomed out over the cacophony. Was he sure this would work? Absolutely not. Would this stunt get him killed? Probably. Would it give the sniper team enough time to notice what was happening at the base and come to back him up? Maybe.

In this case, ‘maybe’ would have to be good enough.

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Celty could hear them, the sound of people sneaking into the base from the back. The young dullahan—or well, young for her kind, at least—had opted to stay behind along with a few others. Hopefully, some of the others had also noticed the intruders and would be able to assist her. She readied her rifle, prepared to shoot at a moment's notice. A gloved finger hovered over the trigger. She knew that these people had lives to return to... but so did she.

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In spite of the quick armory run, Lealan was quick to join with the team ransacking the Blue Base. Her history of rampaging across various planets giving her and advantage over her comerads in crossing the canyon to the other side, carrying Lopez as she went. She was quickly brought to a halt by a blond behemoth of a man, who smashed her into a wall, making her drop the assault rifle and Lopez. When All-Might locked his arm around her neck, she grinned. "Bad choice. Im a Floran, and we dont stop so easily." She weezed out, and grabbed a knife, driving it backward into his body somewhere.
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All Might gritted his teeth tightly, a pained grunt escaping past them as he felt a blade sink into his side, burying itself among the twisted flesh of the massive spiderweb of scars reaching across the left side of his abdomen. A sharp shock of agony shot throughout his entire body, and he very nearly let his strength slip for a split second, but he was just barely able to hold onto his Muscle Form. She’d managed to strike him in his weak spot, but that may have been a stroke of luck despite the pain. After all, he had no organs left on that side.

The arm around Lealan’s neck tightened its hold slightly, though he couldn’t fully conceal the tremor now running through it. His free hand moved to grab hold of his opponent’s wrist holding the offending knife, attempting to pull her hand away from it.

“A-and I am a Hero,” he responded defiantly to her proud declaration of her heritage. “We do not yield so easily.”

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