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fc; Chris Brown; the canadian man not the chris brown rapper. c:

name: Laurence Brodeur
height; 6 foot 2
age: 28
gender: male


His personalities are split, kinda.

His social personality where he expresses in front of everyone is a rather optimistic, happy, family man. Who seems to always be in a good mood. At times there will be a moment where you see him get angry, but that is usually to scowl at his son, or defend his family standards. There are many who would label him a confident, but pushy kinda guy. He does seem to push his ideals on someone, and often will argue with those who don't find his teaching methods so great.

He is a hash grader, but fair teacher. His students love him, most of them have to retake the class because though he is fair, he doesn't appreciate procrastination. Which can be translated into everyday life as well. He monitors people, those who are friendly to him and those who seem to disregard him. He keeps mental notes of those people, and at times will hold a grudge. Sometimes if his wife is even mad at him, he'll take note of that. His reasons for adding notes to people with how they react to him, will deeply affect their livelihood of living or not- even his own wife. He is like a teacher outside of class, to strangers and friends. He grades them and decides on their final grade. Those who pass can simply move on, but those who fail his "checks" will surely be cut off.

His second personality is that which is under the surface. It's what he is feeling most of the time, and when he is alone. Though on the outside he can express joy and laughter, inside he doesn't feel those emotions. He simply feels numb. When meeting his wife he acted as if she was a mircal from god, but in reality- he was curious why she held his attention. Their son is just a means of passing on his gene, and his wife is there to cover up his darker enjoyments. In reality- he cannot feel love, or at least doesn't know what love is or how to feel it inside. It's easy to mimic normal people, all you have to do is slap on a fake smile. Since he's been faking the smile for years, it's natural to make it look real. No one suspects a thing.

He does feel anger, and frustration. When he doesn't release his pent up frustration, his social personality will grow uneasy and at times he will physically show his anger. When he does start to show agression in front of people is when things get ugly. He will panic, and he will most likely kill the first thing he can find. Sometimes he'll make a mistake, and there have been close calls where he could have been caught. Now that he is a routine, he tries to stick with it to avoid those explosive moments. However, it seems the more he tries to play the loving family man, the more frustrating he gets, and the more he needs to kill rises.


Career: He is a professor at the local university. He has worked there for 7 years and is known to be the harshest grader, but many like his personality and attitude. He tries his best to help them succeed, but- many just don't

Family; Riley is the son
and maybe soon to come. His wife wants more children.

For now, we know that he was from france, but moved to America when he was nine. He still has a small accent, and it gets heavier when he's trying to sooth prey in.
He met his wife while hiking where he had chased a victim through the trees. He hadn't been careful and when he came upon his latest victim they stabbed him good in the ribs. When he stashed the body, he went down the trail to find a woman. Immediately he had to beg for help, saying there had been a man chasing him. She immediately called the police and he was sent to the hospital. She had come with to make sure everything was okay.

Their first date was at a cafe, they enjoyed some coffee and talked about their hobbies.

5 months later he proposed, married her and had a family. Riley was born 3 years into their 8 year marriage. They had met when he was 20 in which he landed a job as a professor.

Right now, they're happy. Lately though, he has been showing signs of frustration, but not more than usual.


What victims he looks for: Women who are the complete opposite to his wife (so if you'll play a blonde, I'll probably say a woman with black hair, or if you say brown, maybe I'll kill those who are redhead or something)

He has killed 30 women, 4 men, and 1 child.

adjective: disingenuous
  1. not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does.
That was one of the words on his son's spelling list that he had gotten from his teacher. There was an announcement that a spelling b would start a competition at the school later in the month, and this word seemed a little too big for a 6 year old. It wasn't like he didn't believe in his son, but the word just bothered him in more than one way. His son tried it out on his tongue, mouthing the sounds of the letters he thought he could hear within the word.

"Dont do that." Laurence scowled, as his son's mouth trying to figure out the last few letters, "You can't rely on sounds of the letters, you know the word dangerous right?" Riley looked at his dad, those big blue eyes of his and proudly announced, "D a n g e r o u s" That was his first hard word he learned, and it was one his dad put in his head. Some people were dangerous and so you had to be careful. "Well the ending of dangerous is a o.u.s right?" Riley looked at him and with that obvious confused look. He probably sounded angry on accident, when he was tired his french accident tended to come out. Though he has lived in America longer than he did France, he still held the french undertone.

"Well disingenuous, but it has a sneaky u before that."

Riley tried again, and almost had it, but he had accidentally turned the e into an i. Laurence let out a defeated groan as he slumped down on the island chair while his son giggled at seeing his father in such a defeat. "Icecream now?" Riley tried using his best begging voice, and his lower lip quivered. That's right- Laurence had promised him icecream after their practice session, "Yes, but don't tell your mother. I don't want to get in trouble." He told him quietly, and after all it was past dinner time and it was past Riley's bedtime. Laurence thought that his wife was asleep upstairs, but when they had gotten to the freezer he heard a 'tsking' noise.

He closed his eyes, and prayed mercy to God. "Your mother is here." He whispered to his son, "I don't think we can."

"But you promise, dad." Riley whined, and he hushed him away from the freezer, "Do you want to die?" He whispered under his breath, "Because if you don't get up to bed, we are both going to face her wrath." Riley let out a very loud whine, and he knew that he upset him. He pushed his son towards the stairs where his room was and he straightened up to look at a very annoyed wife.

"Now, please, hear me out. I had to prepare him for the spelling bee." When that annoyed look didn't change, he gave his wife a toothy grin and tried to pull on the moves, "How could I possibly say sorry, my love?" He cooed as he stalked towards her, her arms crossed, but he surely would seduce her to stop being angry right? "Let's just go back up to our room, and I can provide some soothing activities tonight?" She, however, didn't budge. Damn I'm in for it. She pointed to the calendar, and he took a gander over to see what she was pointing out.

Tomorrow Saturday
Soccer game 8:00 am

Alright, so Riley had a soccer game. He could make it, after all Saturdays were his off days so what was the big deal? "Alright, what's the big deal?" He groaned, his wife certainly was getting on his back for something, but it was when her finger pointed to the clock did he realize his mistake. It was 12 am. Riley was going to be hella tired, and he sighed. Of course, he was in the wrong. But what could he do? Between working as a Psychology Professor at the University, and helping around the community, so trying to find time for his son had to be a little late in the hours. So what if he had kept him up late? His son would be strong enough to wake up earlier and win his soccer game. "Don't worry. He'll get plenty of sleep." He wrapped his arms around his wife and nuzzled his face into her neck, "I promise, I'll get him up in the morning and you can sleep in." He bribed her, and that was when his watch started to go off. aw time for the night watch, he even tried deepening his french accident in attempt to soften her up, "And then I'll wake you up just the way you like." He growled, and he heard his son from the top of the stairs, "Daddy? Can I get some milk?"

That boy would be the death of him, especially when he ruined moments like this. Ever since they had a kid, it always about the kid and he always got frustrated. Not just because he didn't get alone time with his wife, but because his activities were always interrupted. Tonight would be the first night in 2 months he got to wander around. Tonight two of his friends would wait for him and they'd wander the streets like heros. Well, at least that was the beginning of the fun. His hobbies would come out when both of his friends went to bed. He of course, would come home late, and sleep for about an hour or two and then get up to wake his family. He was the perfect example of a husband, father, and community leader. Everyday when he is teaching class, he makes sure his students are well off and happy, that most of them are able to learn the material. Many students adored him so why was it he couldn't get a break and let off some steam? Didn't every human have a hobby that allowed him to blow of steam?

"No, Riley. You have to get some rest." He sighed, "Would you like me to at least read you a story?" Which got the boy to bright up and run back up the stairs to his room, "Perhaps you could?" He looked to her, with a similar look that his son gave when he was begging. He wanted to at least get some fresh air, and loosen up his limbs. His basement was empty and he needed to at least fill it tonight while everyone was sleeping. He didn't have enough time to read to his own kid, but that didn't make him a bad dad right? Because one of the promises he made when they got married, was that he would focus on a family and not have entire focus on work. When they first met, all he did was work. It was when they met while he was just finishing up one of his extensive hobbies did he meet the perfect woman for him.


He had been covered in blood. But- he had an excuse for that, he had been stabbed while out on the hiking trail. It was more of a defensive strike on the other man's part, but when he found the woman he had played the victim well. Begging her to take him to the hospital, and when she looked at him and their eyes met... he just knew. Perhaps it was the adrenaline that made him think irrationally, but seeing a woman aid his injuries made him think of her as an angel. A sweet angel who had been naive to what happened on that trail. Good thing the body was never found or she would have been very suspicious.

Then, at the hospital she had comforted him. Telling him everything was alright, and when she asked about his family he simply said he had none. She had asked him about where he was born, and he actually gave her that information quite easily. A small village named Eguisheim in France. He lived there for 9 years of his life which he was brought to America by his uncle. From then, he was raised normally and somewhat content. His uncle passed away and gave him a rather gracious amount of money, and he went to college. He explained to her all of his likes, and she in return. That moment in the hospital, he couldn't simply let her go. so while he recovered he asked her on a date. A simple one. A little cafe downtown where not a lot of people go.

He was hooked the moment he talked to her, and actually asked her to marry him within a few months. His salary inticed many, but she seemed to want to marry him for his personality. At times she questioned why he went out so late, and his excuse was being the neighborhood watch with two of his buddies. She always wondered why he liked to hang in the basement, but he simply said it was his office. She had even been down there before, but she found nothing wrong with it. Just a desk and a computer.

It was when they had their son, Riley did he seem to grow more intense. Often times, he was hyper focused on their son. As if he was desperate for his child to thrive and grow. Life was absolutely perfect for him and his wife, but things were getting more stressful. That was his hobbies getting discovered.

The closest they got so far had been a few years ago.

The police had put out warnings of a murder. They named him Lake Side Killer due to most of the bodies being stashed in the lake. It was their 3rd anniversary together, and a body was found too close to his house. He had been in a hurry and was afraid he'd miss their dinner. He stashed the body behind a dumpster and thought he was in the clear till he came back for it. The police were everywhere on the street, and even ruined their anniversary by coming to the door. Lately he had been growing frustrated because he had to be more careful now that he had a family to work around his hobbies. The last kill he had experienced was 2 months ago and that was too quick.

Sometimes, when he went too long without experiencing his 'hobby' he would grow angry, but it would be a cold kind of anger. One where he wouldn't talk, and he'd grow a little impatient. If he didn't get a kill in tonight, he would most certainly be in a bad mood in the morning.


"If you read him a bedtime story, I will owe you for the rest of my life." He begged, back in the conversation. HE just wanted Riley asleep and his wife to go up to their room. That way he could leave the house for the night. He was getting a little antsy .


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tumblr_ooz30yHSzW1rlnkzeo4_500.gif 1a1d8b0c27ad48581fe1c383151eb26d.gif
fc: Lily James (Her hair color looks different in these two pictures but I think it's just the lighting??)

Name: Agnes Brodeur
Height: 5 foot 6
Age: 27
Gender: Female

Agnes grew up as a typical "good girl". Impeccable report cards and test scores were the norm, but senior year in high school she experienced a major burnout, which led to her being mentally unable to apply to the colleges she had planned and worked so hard to get into. After graduating high school it was hard for Agnes to cope and recover, since she previously had let her grades and schoolwork be closely related to both her self-worth and identity. She took some jobs here and there, but most of them didn't work out that well and only lasted a few months. It wasn't until she met Laurence that she began to regain some stability in her life. After getting married she had the financial stability to take a few stray courses in economics and law at the local university, and after that she managed to get a job in property insurance at a medium sized real estate company in town.

She is still somewhat of a perfectionist, but her struggles in her late teens surely changed her views regarding what's important in life. While still valuing good results, she'd rather see Riley find different hobbies and interest rather than just simply being a perfect student. Laurence doesn't seem to always agree with her on that one. Despite for her wishes for Riley to be more relaxed and healthy than she was, she can be quite strict. It's a side of herself she doesn't necessarily love; she wishes she could be the cool, relaxed mom and give him the freedom that she would have needed in her youth, but some things she just can't let go of. She guesses that she could maybe have a strong need of control in her life, but she tries to work on being less like that. She figures that it would be better for both her son and for her husband.

When Agnes had headed down to the living room to pick up a book she had heard their seemingly endless spelling practice still going on from the kitchen. She glanced at the clock on the wall, even though she already knew just how late it was. She got the book she had been looking for before she heard the words "But don't tell your mother..." coming from the other room. Well, now she would have to intervene. She watched as Laurence realized that their little ice cream-raid had been busted and could barely hold back a smile as Riley fled up the stairs to get away from her, but she was determined to keep a serious face towards her husband. This was serious, he couldn't let him stay up this late.

"I am serious. When he gets all cranky tomorrow that is your problem, not mine. Having to tie shoelaces on a five year old at 7 am on a Saturday is bad enough, having him throwing a tantrum on top of that is NOT what I-" His promise to take care of him in the morning and his hug calmed her down somewhat. Hearing his alarm beep made her roll her eyes. She had forgotten that it was tonight. He probably sensed her annoyance, and she couldn't help but to smirk hearing his accent peak though more than usual, as it always seemed to do when he tried to convince her of something. Well, what woman could resist that? Gosh, she wondered just how many of his female students had had a crush on him over the years. "Oh, don't even try." Judging by the double-edged tone of her voice it was hard to determine whether she meant it as a threat or a challenge. Luckily Riley interrupted them before she was led too far astray by her bad judgement. "Oh, so you tell him that you'll read him a story, only to then shovel it onto me? Isn't that a bit D - I - S - I - N... Well, whatever." Even in her school days she hadn't done that great on the spelling bees. She guessed that Riley must've inherited that skill from his father.

"I thought you said you'd owe me for the rest of your life when I picked him up after he had thrown up all over his shirt on that field trip to the natural history museum." She sighed. "Okay fine. But only because I don't have the energy to argue more about this. I need to get him to sleep now. Just please, come back home a little earlier than you normally do? You know how I feel when you're out there."

After he had left, Agnes quietly headed up the stairs to Riley's room. She peeked through the door, hoping that he might have forgotten about the story and already was sound asleep. But of course not. He sat straight up in the bed, looking at her entering. "I thought daddy was going to read the story." He held a book in his hand. "Daddy is going out, sweetie. But it's okay, mommy can read it for you instead."

"No." He said promptly and jumped out of bed to grab another book. "You say all the names the wrong way." She rolled her eyes again. "No, I say them the right way. It's Charlie, not Char-lie." She tried to copy her husbands way of speaking, but she might have over-exaggerated it a bit. She sat down on the bed and he brought the same book that she usually read to him.

"Where is daddy going?" He asked as he placed the book in her lap and looked for his favorite stuffed bunny on the bed. "He's going out on watch again. He'll get home while you're sleeping." Riley looked like he was thinking hard about something. "He's out to catch bad guys?" She chuckled. "Yes, to catch bad guys." And incredibly cute smile curled his entire face. "Like Batman?"

She didn't want Riley to get too inspired by his father. Not in this way, at least. Laurence was almost obsessed with the neighborhood watch. When she asked him about it it just said it was his duty, but she still thought it was something else. Maybe it was some kind of coping method after he was assaulted in those woods the day they met. That was her theory, but he didn't seem to like talking psychology with her. Not when he was the subject at least. She just wished that he could have some more safe coping methods, other than walking around in the middle of the night when there was murders once every two months just to feel like a hero.

"Maybe not exactly like Batman." He looked like he was thinking again, and she gave him time to figure out how to put his thoughts into words. "If he is away...can I sleep in mommy and daddy's bed?" She should say no, he would just wake up when Laurence got home and then they'd have to get him to sleep again. But well, that wasn't her problem, was it? It would be Laurence who would have to carry him back when he got home. And maybe he would be so tired that he wouldn't wake up at all. "Okay sweetie, but only if you promise to fall asleep super duper quick, okay?"

Riley must've been tired because she had barely gotten to the middle of the story before his eye lids started to slowly fall down towards his cheeks. She quietly put the book away and reached over to turn of the lights. She was about to go up and get ready for bed herself, but his head was resting on her arm and she was afraid that he'd wake up if she stood up. She decided to stay for a couple of minutes to make sure that he was fully asleep, but she ended up falling asleep as she laid beside him on top of the sheets.


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The fact that his wife allowed him the pleasure of letting him go, he most certainly would pay her back. His mood will be lighter and more joyous if tonight goes as planned. Perhaps he should take his family out on an expensive date? Maybe go to an amusement park? It doesn't matter, all he knew was that he was going to finally scratch that itch that had been bugging him for so long.

Johnathon and Eric were both waiting for him across the street. All of them had been friends in college and since all of them lived close to each other along with their families, the decided to prowl around the streets looking for some trouble. The murder on t.v. had been said to have disappeared and probably stopped killing, but he doubted they would stop looking for the Lake Side murderer. "So, how's the wife, Laurence?" Eric started, his hands in his pockets and his jacket zipped up to his neck. He was the image of a dad who took sports too seriously, a mere man of muscle than brains, "We haven't had dinner at your place in a long time! You can't tell me that you're stashing her away in your dungeon?"

Laurence dispised other men talking about Agnes, especially ones who didn't appreciate her as a whole. Some did wonder if she was using him as a bank, after all- she didn't have a degree and she simply didn't have a job while they first got married. His two friends had tried to tell him that she wouldn't be able to become much, and that was when they were wrong. She just needed that push, that little bump up to get her where she was today. She got a degree, and she obtained a rather well viewed job. The only issue he wanted to put in her brain was how important Riley's education needed to be. The boy couldn't simply live his life playing around with friends, and watching Tv. Even though she did agree too much tv was bad, he was the parent that would need his boy to learn how to be an adult sooner than later. Which was why he was making the boy practice his spelling.

"I mean, she probably still has her figure going for her." Johnathon chimed in, of course... the comedic friend. Who was neither athletic or intelligent. He was the one who asked for money too often, and looked to both of his friends to bale him out in situations that were deemed- adulterous, "I bet, you could pop out more in her and that's probably all she's good for."

"Why are you so fucking rude?" Laurence said, his voice cold as he looked to the short man. No matter how many times he would remind his friends that his wife was able to pick herself up off her feet, and if she did ever divorce him would have an education and job to support her? She was certainly not weak, by any standards. "Or at least talk about someone else's wife?" Johnathon just laughed as if that moment of anger was just a joke. They rarely saw Laurence angry because they assumed he was always in a good mood. All 3 of them wandered about the streets, nothing unsual and the conversation finally turned to something interesting and something other than his wife. It all ended when they reached the street where Erik and Johnathon lived next door to. They all said their goodbyes, and now would be the excellent time to let himself free. It was like a switch in the head- a moment where he just breathed in and closed his eyes. He mentally prepared himself and he started walking.


Tonight it had been a prostitute. She had asked, "What are you doing, doll face?" and that was the moment he knew. She was filthy and he disliked the way she looked at him. As if he was someone easy to leach off of. He had accepted the offer, and gave her a few bills for her to follow. There was kissing and there was groping, but he had to do something to distract her from the knife he had held behind his back. They were by a gas tation, perhaps 8 miles away from the house. He had walked all the way over here to get a snack to gain some energy for tonight when the woman approached him.

And now as she let out a small happy sigh, or perhaps a fake sigh, he whispered, "burn in hell." And had slammed the knife up and into her ribcage. Her screams were hushed by his hand covering her mouth and he let out a coo. This was his favorite part- the fear in her eyes. Her one last struggle as she grabbed for his collar. When she had fallen to the ground he let out a satisfied sound. This was 10 times better than sex. If anyone knew how good it felt to kill, perhaps no one would repopulate the world. He stood there for a moment closing his eyes and relishing in the fear she had given off. The only bad part was- he hadn't been near the river. Normally he would have taken his car and gone for a drive, but he had thought that walking would be more suitable. But it was no matter, he crouched, and lifted a bracelet on her wrist and raised a brow. Would Agnes love this? He slipped it off and examined it closer, perhaps he'd give it to her as a present? There have been times when he gave his wife gifts from his latest victims. He believed she still owned a rather beautiful coat from a woman who hadn't be appreciative of him opening a door for her. It took a literal week to track that woman down and suffocate her with a bag.

He stood, and wiped the knife clean of blood, there had been blood on him, but he simply just took off his shirt, and just zipped up his coat. The shirt would be disposed of later, for now, he'd simply walk home. This woman would just be a nameless victim and he could relax on the tv with Agnus watching the news. that was the best part- when they watched the news of the killer and he'd watch her reaction. Sometimes he wished she was proud of him for it- but when she would only gasp in horror, it always made him hurt inside. Why couldn't she fucking be proud?


At home, he walked in. Perfectly normal. The shirt was long gone, and it was around 4am. He actually came a lot sooner than he thought. It was still dark in the house, but when he found the stairs he went up to check in on Riley first. Riley was always top priority in this house, and when he looked inside to see Agnus asleep next to him. The sight would have been beautiful and he would have gushed, if he was normal. In his head, he thought of it as being on inconvenience. Now he'd be alone in his own bed without his wife. He stood over Riley and moved some hair out of his face as he slept quietly, "Trying to steal her from me are you?" he whispered quietly, and it was actually a threat. As much as he put effort into Riley, if the house was burning, he would save Agnus first. She was a posession he wouldn't let go. He could always have more children to pass on genes, but he only had one Agnus.

Moving Agnus would simply be a nuisance, so he simply picked up a blanket and threw it over them. He leaned down, but not to kiss her. He just looked at her, the perfect image that whatever god created. She was an angel coming down to torment him, and as long as she stayed naive to his killings. He'd keep her around... for now.


"Riley, get in the car." Laurence ordered, but his son stood there with his shoes untied, and his uniform not on the right way. This kid was so disobedient when it came to Laurence, now with Agnus he would get all the love and affection he needed. She didn't make him sit down and learn hard words on his free time. "I'm too tired."

So it did bite him in the butt in the end, even Laurence had been exahusted. He had hoped that he would be revived after last nights kill, but it was worse. He needed someone more- innocent. It showed on his face too, when Riley complained the more the lines on his face deepened. Eventually he'd make his son regret disobeying him. Riley looked to the left and cried out, "Mom!" The brat was going to tattle on him? The bastard...


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Agnes woke up by the sunlight hitting her face. The curtains were pulled aside and Riley was missing from her side. Huh. She guessed Laurence really had taken care of it, after all. She glanced at the time and got up to get changed and ready to head to the game. She'd love to be able to eat some breakfast before they had to leave. After getting dressed she headed downstairs, and the illusion of everything being under control quickly faded. Laurence and Riley was desperately searching for a missing shoe. It wasn't her problem though, she told herself. He had made a promise. On her way to the kitchen he stopped Laurence in the middle of rummaging through the shoe rack. "Good morning hun." She kissed his forehead. "Nothing better than a peaceful Saturday morning, is there?"

She had something quick to eat and made a cup of tea. Coffee still made her too jittery, and it brought back memories of nights writing essays and panicked flipping through textbooks. She tried to relax as she sat down and sipped her drink, but she just couldn't resist eavesdropping on their conversation and trying to discreetly take a peek at what they were doing. Had they forgotten to pack a water bottle? What were they looking for now? Should she go and help them? No, no. They could handle it themselves. And more importantly, she could handle them handling it themselves. No problem. Easy-peasy. She didn't even need to watch them. Why would she? She could just stare into this beautiful, swirling cup of tea and enjoy the moment. Everything would be fine, she told herself.

When Riley called for her she jumped up from her chair, as if she had been on the starting block just waiting for them to ask her for help. She honestly felt a sense of relief, and maybe that was why she didn't take the opportunity to tell Laurence something snarky like 'Why am I not surprised?' with a dramatic sigh. Instead she turned straight to Riley.

"C'mon sweetie, are you really going to go out looking like this?" Agnes crouched down to tie his shoelaces. "There, we can fix the rest in the car. Then you'll look look just like, uhh...like Messi, alright? Let's get to the car now." Soccer wasn't really her favorite sport. Of course she wanted Riley to choose for himself what he wanted, but she had a feeling he picked soccer just based on what his friends were playing. Ice hockey, as she had suggested, was apparently not as "cool". "Mooom, I'm not Messi!" Riley cried out and clenched his fists. "I'm Ronaldo! And I don't wanna go. I wanna stay home."

"Riley, no shouting. Won't Lucas be playing goalie today? Don't you think he'll be sad when he sees that his best friend Ronaldo isn't there to defend the goal? I'm sure that Ronaldo wouldn't let down his team like that, right?" Riley nodded. "Let's go then. Were already late, chop-chop!"


Well in the car Riley's mood seemed to have shifted. He sat in the backseat nervously fidgeting with his seat belt. "I think I'm going to score 4 goals! At least. James scored a goal last time and I didn't even get one, so now it's my turn, right? Oh! I think that is Lucas' car! The green one!" Riley pressed up against the window. Agnes turned around to talk to him. "Riley, Lucas lives on the other side of town. They'll be coming from the other way. And sit still, please!". Right as she had finished her sentence she saw blue lights flashing in the corner of her eyes. She turned back and saw a gas station, and on the parking lot stood multiple police cars and an area seemed to have been roped off with police tape. Riley pressed up even further against the window and made police siren sounds. "WEEE-WoOO, WeEE-WoO!" The scene went past too quickly for her to see what had happened, but she hoped it wasn't anything serious. Luckily it was outside the area where her husband usually went on watch.

"Shouldn't daddy help them?" Riley asked and finally sat back down properly. "He's not a cop, his job isn't to catch criminals, just to keep our neighborhood safer." Riley seemed confused. "What is the difference? Is Batman a cop?"


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Laurence was prideful and detested being wrong. Especially when it came trying to get Riley ready. He was a teacher, no a professor, for God's sake! He should be use to children! However, those children were young adults searching for a path, they weren't crying 5 year olds who would cry if he didn't get rhe right color of snowcone. Yes, he wanted to make sure his bloodline continued, but he couldnt handle the child itself. That would be the wife's job, but unfortunately he had to make a promise and that promise almost made him rip his own sons head off. When she had come to the rescue after teasing him about a relaxing Saturday he let out a small breath of relief. She knew her son too well and she was soft with him. He should learn by example, but he couldnt.

The car ride had him gripping the wheel tight. Passing by the gas station didn't sit right with Laurence. At times, visiting the site where the murdering happened pleased him. As if those surrounding it would never know that he had done it. This time he just grew annoyed. Last night should have been enjoyable, and he should have been able to blow off steam. He'd have to do it again soon, cause his attitude was poor and normally he could handle Rileys goofball attitude with ease. Riley had commented Laurence trying to catch bad guys.

"No batman fights criminals, cops take the bad guys to jail and I get rid of 'em." He explained, turning the next corner. But that confused Riley further. "Where do you keep them, daddy?

He smirked and looked in the mirror back at his son, "I hide them in the basement where they won't ever hurt anyone again. " Riley just giggled, "Nooo, you work there." Laurence chuckled and that lightened his mood. Telling the truth sometimes paid off. Made everyone think he was joking around, when in reality that was where all the fun happened when he was able to stash someone there. The soccer field came in sight, and the moment he got out and opened the minivan side door, Riley dashed out. To everyone, Riley looked like he had been excited all along to go to his game, and not some brat who cried about not wanting to go. He took his wife's hand, and made their way to the field like a happy family. "10 bucks our team wins." Laurence muttered under his breath which received a slap on the arm, as if his wife hated the idea of competition. Goals were never recorded, but Laurence wanted to see his boy win, and when they got to the bleachers he noticed a familiar face. Cussing under his breath, he scowled, "The bitch is here. " there was a certain mom in the other team who was just as competitive as Laurence. They tended to butt heads and he had every right to hate her. She was the type of woman with dyed platinum blond hair, pink leggings, a scarf around her shoulders and large sunglasses. "God help me, if you don't hold me back. I will kill her, Agnus." He whispered under his breath. When Amy spotted the couple a smile slid on her snake like face and she waved to them like old friends. "Agnus, Laurence, how are you today!" Her voice was joyus but all Laurence could hear was sarcasm. Laurence just grit his teeth and tried to keep a calm welcoming composure. "Fine." Was all he said as he looked at Riley as he ran to his friends.

"I sure hope my Max can get some action. After all, last time they scored so many it was like no one could stop them!"

That, fucking... he wanted to say something but he muttered under his breath some words in French. Some words that his wife would have killed him for saying at a kids soccer game.


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"Laurence." Agnes said sternly after calling Amy a bitch. Sure, she surely wasn't the most charming person in the world, but they were all adults and she would not let him get heated over a kids' soccer game. Not again. "Well, it seems Riley isn't the only one who's a bit cranky today." She mumbled as a respons to his whispers, but she really would rather avoid them bumping into each other. She gently tried to pull him over towards the stands and away from Amy, but unfortunately she spotted them before they could escape.

Agnes tried to keep a polite smile but she felt Laurence looming beside her like a storm cloud. Well, hopefully they could keep the encounter short and sweet. Or at the very least just short. She lightly drew circles with her thumb on his wrist as they held hands. "Yes, Max surely is...very talented. Maybe he'll be a big star one day." Amy waved her hand at her, as if she wished to stop the compliments even though it was clear that she enjoyed it very much. "Oh yes, certainly. But not playing soccer, of course. This is just a weekend hobby of his, his true passion and talent lies in real football! Plus, there's so many more opportunities you can get as a football player. Scholarships, a wide social network...But soccer is a nice, simple pass-time for him. So that he can relax after his football practice! After all, these games are hardly ever a real challenge for him." She could babble on alright.

"But Nessie, tell me, I didn't see you at the bake sale last weekend? I wanted you to try one of my prize winning brownies and see if you could guess my secret ingredient, and I was sooo disappointed when I couldn't find you anywhere." Agnes furrowed her brows slightly and rubbed her forehead. "Uh, yes, I know...It's just...there was so much at work that week and I didn't really have time to get anything done, and then my parents came over for a visit..." She didn't even get to finish her excuse before she was interrupted. "And Laurence? Oh wait, you don't need to tell me, he surely was 'busy with work' too, right? Does he spend the weekends tutoring his students? All those young college girls must be head over heels with him, surely." Agnes faked a chuckle reluctantly, and began looking for an out. "I'd hate to break up our little talk, but we should really go find some seats before they all get taken." She tried, and nudged Laurence in the side with her elbow, but she was sure he got the hint.

"Oh, but there's some free spots right by ours' over there! You're more than welcome to have a seat next to me and Jacob." She turned over to look for her husband that were talking to their son. "Jacob darling! We'd love for Nessie and Laurence to sit with us, right?" She shouted over towards him. Jacob looked up and shrugged, but Amy seemed to have interpreted it as a sign of enthusiasm.


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Laurence's teeth were in pain from how much he kept from saying things. Words he would regret in public and most certainly would be booed by other parents. Especially when she commented about him sleeping with his students. She didn't come out and say it, but she was probably still imagining it. Laurence did have the carnal desires other men had, sure sex was beautiful when it was with Agnes, however, any other woman would have made him cringe. She simply was incomparable to anyone else in this world, and he had to instinctively wrap an arm around her waist. It seemed like they were in the clear when Agnes told her that they had to find seats, but the bitch had waved her over. Laurence could come out and say it with no hesitation that they didn't want to, but it was for his wife's sake he kept his mouth shut. As Amy waved them to follow he kissed Anges' cheek and said, "If you want, I can kill her and no one would know." It was meant to be as a tease, but as this point he was fucking serious. At least Agnes worked, while this bimbo was leaching on her husband for money. Of course others would have thought Agnes the same until she was able to go to school. She just needed help, that was all. Humans were cruel to each other which was why killing off those who were useless to society was commendable.

They sat down by Amy and soon Jacob joined. Both Laurence and Jacob met eyes, and there was a respectable nod that resembled a man's hello. At least Jacob was decent, but he knew that his personality when it came to sports were through the roof. As the ref blew the whistle and all the little kids gathered, the other ref for the sidelines called out to Laurence, "Gonna stay chill this time, Mr. B?" The teenager, Kurt, looked his way. Laurence could get heated when his son was involved. Last time it was a bit too heated, and he may have gotten a warning. Afterall, these were kids- not teenagers.

"Fu-" He almost told the kid to fuck off, but he stopped for the kid's sake and just got himself comfortable near his wife. "Yea, just start the game, Kurt." The teenager gave him a toothy grin, before he too whistled for the game to commence.

"You know," Amy began as if the game wasn't important enough to pay attention, "Agnes and you have some years left. Why do you try for more? You're young, but the years are catching up to you! After all when I was your age I had both Ashley and Sarah, and then I had Max! Come on Agnes, you can't hold him back." She teased, and Laurence turned his head to look at her shocked. What in the hell was her deal? It wasn't her that was holding out on him at all, "Riley is enough for us." He simply stated, and Amy made a hmm noise just as Riley tripped over his feet.

She was mocking his offspring and making comments towards his wife being old? This woman looked 40 herself, "Besides I'd never tutor my students, I'm too busy chasing off the men who try to take Agnes behind my back." He complimented Agnes more than talking to Amy.

It was when he heard shouting and saw Riley heading towards the goal with the ball. laurence was too excited and shouted, "Keep going!" Laurence cheered.


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As Laurence whispered his proposition in her ear after kissing her cheek she couldn't help but to give in to his joke. After all, it's not as if she was some kind of saint, and even though she was better than Laurence at enduring her, even she had a limit. And Amy's rude remarks were pushing it. "Oh, please do." She whispered back with a small chuckle in his ear. A bit of humor might make the encounter a bit more tolerable.

As Laurence got called out by the referee, Agnes just wanted to shrink up. She could feel the other people around them turning their heads, judging, shaking their heads disapprovingly. Well, she couldn't actually see someone who seemed to care that much, but it sure felt like the whole world was watching them. At least Amy didn't have anything to say about it, which was a relief, but on the other hand she maybe felt like she didn't even need to say anything.

Amy kept going even though the game had started. At least she could pretend to be to invested in the game to notice that she was talking to them, but in reality it was hard to not listen to what she said. Agnes really wanted at least another kid. Riley would be a great big brother, but she was beginning to feel like time was running out. Not because of biological reasons (although, now when Amy had brought it up - should she?), but because she felt like five years between the siblings was already on the longer side. She wanted them to be friends and grow up together and protect each other, not have one of them flee the nest when the younger one had just started school. She kept quiet, and Laurence's answer was as cold as ever. They had discussed it before, and he had never been fond of the idea. She had even thought of being a bit "forgetful" with her pills for a day or two, but that just hadn't felt right. She just hoped that she could convince him sooner rather than later.

"Oh, stop it!" Agnes giggled. His compliment did however give her mind some rest. He was tall, dark and handsome, and a brilliant mind on top of that. Of course she had been worried at times. She remembered how she herself had crushed on her male teachers in high school, and she probably would have been obsessed with him if he had held one of her classes too. When he came home later than usual after work, how could she be sure nothing had happened? When he said he was out on watch, how could she be sure that he actually wasn't at a bar somewhere or at another woman's house? Some nights she had decided to stay up and wait for him to come back. Maybe she could notice something, smell of alcohol, lipstick or a strand of hair. But as the time entered the small hours she always got nervous and got in bed instead. If her thought kept her awake she could at least pretend to be asleep, so she could keep her eyes closed and be blissfully blinded from the potentially awful truth when he got home.

Riley had somehow managed to get a hold of the ball, maybe she hadn't been paying that much attention, but as he got closer to the goal Agnes stood up besides Laurence. "Go, Riley! Go for it!" She shouted with her hands cupped around her mouth. Riley ran, occasionally glancing down at the ball and his feet as to make sure to not trip. Once close enough to the goal, he slowed down so much that he almost came to a full stop. The herd of children were almost catching up to him, but he manage to wind up the kick and hit it towards the goal before they did. Agnes wasn't sure if it was because of an expertly aimed shot or because of the goalie being a five year old with basically no dexterity, but the ball had bounced into the net of the goal. Riley ran around in a circle high-fiving his friends and looking up at his parents applauding and cheering for him from the stands.

At the end of the game it seemed like almost every kid had scored a goal, but even from a distance Agnes could see the proud smile on Riley's face as they lined up to receive their participation awards.


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Laurence was pleased with Riley, at least he made a goal, and though he kept mental note of the game he ended up standing when the game was over. "Come on RIley!" He called over, and his son as he received that little medal on his neck. He didn't want to say anything, because he was still disappointment. They still lost. Amy had stood as well and that sly smile crossed her lips and he just knew what she would say next, "Better luck next year! Well that's if Max even wants to do this sport!" If he had a knife, her neck would be the first thing he sliced. He would then stab her about 45 times, and then tie her body in a body bag and throw it in the water. She was going to get it, he was tired of the woman and everything about her. He smiled, and it was genuine too, "Maybe next year." As Riley ran up, he simply put a hand on his head and said, "You'll win next year." He tilted his head confused, he probably didn't know he lost because of the no scores. "But daddy-"

"Come on," He interrupted and waved to Amy, "I'll see you around." He quickly grabbed his wife's hand and walked their son to the car. He had to do it tonight, because if he didn't the next person murdered would be his wife.


The car ride was not quiet due to Riley's excitement to his early goal. "Did you see daddy? I woooshed it in!" He grinned and his feet pushed against the back of Laurence's seat. He tried his best to remain calm, and he just asked in a pleasent voice, "Please stop kicking my seat buddy." He felt another push as Riley continued one, "Then Lucas landed on the ball! Daddy can we get some icecream?" As they passed a Dairy Queen.

"Sorry buddy, we have icecream at home."
"I want Dairy Queen!" He demanded, "dary Queen, Dairy queen, Dairy Queen."
His patience was running low, yet he didn't make an outburst, not yet at least. \

"Dairy. Queen!" Riley complained more, and Laurence kept his eyes on the road, but said, "Grandpa Jacques is coming tomorrow, maybe he'll take you to dairy queen." Riley went quiet, thinking if this was a smart deal to take. The little gears working through his head and said, "Can papy take me to watch batman?"

Laurence's Uncle was visiting from France. After raising Laurence in America he moved back to France for reasons unknown. He visited perhaps every few months, but it was mainly to check in on how Laurence was doing. Riley had just started calling him grandpa due to thinking he was Laurence's dad. No one bothered to tell him it wasn't true. "Sure bud." And riley contently sat back in his seat contently. So he simply ignored him as he continued his rant of icecream.

The house was coming up and he turned into the garage.

"Agnes, tonight I have some papers to grade so I might hang around the basement for a bit. If you could just leave dinner for me in the fridge that would be wonderful." His work would not be doing paperwork. Then tonight, like he promised his wife, who unbeknownst gave him permission would murder Amy. He was sick and tired of her belittling Agnes, she deserved what would be coming to her. He parked and then lifted her hand to kiss the back of her hand, "And remember I love you, and I was perhaps thinking another kid might be on our future." He wasn't serious, he could avoid it real easy, he just wanted Agnes to be pleased with the idea that they might get a kid. Riley was already a handful and having another kid would ruin his ability to kill all together.


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"Really?" Agnes had at first been disappointed when he said he had to work, but that felt unimportant after him suddenly changing his mind about having more children. "Honey, you don't have to agree to it just because of what Amy said, she's an idiot." Had he changed his mind just because he wanted to prove a point to Amy? That didn't feel completely right, but at the same time Agnes knew it might be the best chance she'd ever get. For once Amy actually had said something helpful. All those words that marked some kind of uncertainty in his sentence - "perhaps", "thinking about", "might" - didn't seem to register in Agnes' head. For her it was as good as a promise. A smile shone brightly on her face, and she leaned in to grab his face to give him a quick kiss before exiting the car.

Agnes had just put Riley to bed. She had made chicken parm, one of his favorites, to celebrate his goal, and there was a portion left in the fridge for Laurence. Riley had seemed happy the whole evening, and when they had sat in the couch huddled together eating ice cream in front of a disney movie it had felt special to hold him close. When she asked him whether he would want a baby brother or a baby sister, he had simply answered that "I don't want a baby, I want a dog", but she was sure that he would love having a sibling. Maybe not right away, but surely after he had gotten used to it for a while.

She went back to the living room and watched TV for a while, and she even opened a bottle of wine. It wasn't often that she drank on her own, but there was a special calm feeling to it. She might have dozed off a bit, because suddenly the characters on the show talked about things that she hadn't remembered happening. It was almost midnight. Was Laurence still working? He usually didn't want to be disturbed, but she couldn't let him work all night. He had hardly gotten any sleep yesterday, either. That couldn't be very healthy. Plus, she wanted to talk to him about the promise he made earlier. Would they start trying right away or wait for a while? Did he want a son or a daughter, did he have any name ideas? She wanted to discuss everything.

She stood up and walked over to the door to the basement. She carefully knocked. "Honey, it's late. I'm sure those papers can wait until tomorrow." She spoke through the door, but there was no answer. "Laurence?" She tried again and knocked a few more times. Still nothing. He would be annoyed if she went in and interrupted his work, but she thought that he would thank her tomorrow morning after he had gotten some sleep. She opened the door to the basement, but to her surprise the lights were off. She turned them on, and his desk became visible on the other side of the room. The chair by it was painfully empty. Amy's words from earlier today began spinning in her head again as she stumbled up from the basement to grab her phone.

"Where the hell are you, Laurence?" She barked at him through the phone when he finally picked up.


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Laurence had gotten to Amy's house when it got a little darker, he kissed his wife and went downstairs. Of course, he would simply sneak out the back hatch of the house and around to start walking to Amy's house. It would be awhile, but he had a general idea where they lived. Also their white corolla would be obvious to spot, this was going to be a beautiful kill, one where he could her pain last and one where the world can be rid of such filth. With him, he brought a bag. Rope, tape, and chloroform. Most of his tools though would be in his basement, but not in the basement she would have checked. Under the rug was a latch which lead further down. This was typically used as a bunker for war, but he was able to turn into his very own room of fun. He had the walls covered well to keep the sound in. That was where the fun really was... he needed to clean it a bit cause there were spots of bloods in some areas.

The house was bigger, and though Laurence had a two story, with a very nice gothic design, and it was old, but it had class. Amy's is modern, and due to her husbands career in business management they were able to afford such expensive tastes. Laurence had about a 90K salary at the moment which meant he could afford nicer things, but he wanted to make sure that he had a way out of a sticky situation. If he was caught he'd fly to europe and live out his life there. It was all money that would be saved for emergencies. Though, he did use the money to help Agnes find a degree because she deserved more than being a simple house wife like Amy. Amy had no right to talk to Agnes like that, it embarrassed him when his wife was attacked. He simply just stood outside and looked at it, wondering who was home and who wasn't. Jacob's big truck wasn't parked in the drive way but the Corolla was. Would Max be home during this? He hated to kill the kids, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

He stepped up on the porch and he simply knocked.


Amy came out, a wine in her right hand, and wearing nothing but a robe. Music was playing from upstairs, and so he doubt that she was relaxing while Max was home. They had to be out, perhaps this was a sign? "Laurence!" She gushed, "What did I do to get a visit from my favorite frenchie." He winced, and just gave her a killer smile, "Well, I just had this question stuck in my head and it wa sjust about Agnes. I wanted a woman's perspective on it, and since you know her the best..."

She waved her hand as if she already knew it was true, "I know her like the back of my hand! If it's girl talk you need, come in!"

It had been easy, she didn't expect it when she turned around to offer him inside. He his hands to mask her scream, he had prepared the chloroform in advance and replaced his hand with the rag. Her struggles became weak, and she tried her best to break free. Not today, not when he would finally make her shut the hell up. "You and I are going to spend a good amount of time Amy." He whispered harshly, "And I'll enjoy every moment of it." He quickly dispersed, he knew that carrying a woman in the dark was suspicious, but lucky for him, he simply through her arm around his shoulder, and his hand around her waist and simply walked. He had to cut through some yard, and avoid some cars on the way, but it was simply a lucky night for him to say the least. It was when he got to his house did he hesitate. Should he actually do this? He did say that he would be working, but no one would bother him right? So, he went around back into the latched doors and went inside. From there, he had to lift the rug to reveal the bunker. He simply dropped her limp body down in the cellar and he'd begin carving her up. She could scream all she wanted, because she wouldn't be heard at all.

The call while he was just half way finished annoyed him. When he looked at the caller Id, he furrowed his brow. His wife was calling him? She usually left him alone, and this wasn't the night to bother him! So he put a finger up to his lips at Amy who was tied to the table bleeding, there were several cuts around her body. He was making it slow, and she had cried out more and more. He enjoyed those screams. At first she had thought he was going to make advances on her ,but he'd never do that to a lady other than his wife.

" Mon Chér!" He said happily, as he stabbed the knife the table and walked a bit away. She probably entered the basement, he had to be careful with this one, "Aw please don't sound so upset." He cooed, she was definitely not happy, "I was down there earlier and I needed to get something to eat-"
fuck he forgot that she had made dinner, and he tried to find more excuses, "I'm on my way home, but don't you worry when I get home we can cuddle and perhaps go for that baby maybe?" Perhaps that would distract her? He knew that she was on the pill, but if that is what it had to take to get her to shut up then that was fine with him. Besides sex didn't guarantee a baby the first time right? Amy let out a cry, and he turned his head and glared at the woman as she screamed some more.

"Look, I gotta go sweetheart. Some lady is panicking about her order being wrong, and I want to record it for you, Agnes." He simply smiled, and quickly just hung up. He tsked at Amy and retrieved his knife. Feeling the edges of it with his finger he growled, "Lets get back at it, Amy." and start slicing more skin.


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"Well, why didn't you - " Agnes was so filled with adrenaline that she tripped over her sentences and couldn't find the words before he interrupted her and kept on talking again. It was almost like if he was in a hurry. And at one point in the background she could hear what sounded like the scream of a woman. Where the hell was he? "If you really think I'm going to sleep with you tonight you are seriously - !" A small beep in her ear noticed her that he had ended the call.

She clutched her phone tightly with both hands and went up to the window facing out towards the driveway. The car was still there, so wherever he was he must've walked. He wouldn't have left in the middle of the night to get food without telling her, especially when there was dinner waiting for him here. And the car being left behind only told her that he wanted to sneak out without her noticing. She called again, but this time there was no answer and she threw her phone onto the couch in frustration. She couldn't go out looking for him, it was pitch dark and she had no idea where to even start. Was she just supposed to sit there and wait until he finally decided to head back home? She gulped down whatever was left in her wine glass, maybe it was the second or third one.

She went back down into the basement, and stood and stared blankly at his desk. What the hell had that scream been? She guessed that it was most likely just some kind of cry of pleasure, but something about it had felt so....dark. God dammit, she wished that she'd have a recording of their call or something so she could listen to it again and try to analyze it and try to search for clues that told her what the fuck was going on. She flipped through the papers on his desk, but the names didn't tell her anything. She opened the laptop but it was locked. She slumped down on the chair and held her head in her hands. Should she try to call again? Maybe send a text, threaten him and say that if he didn't go home right away she would...what could she threaten him with? Apparently this life, this home, didn't seem to be worth that much to him if he was sneaking out to unknown places in the middle of the night.

Who knew how long it would take until he decided to come back? He said he was on his way, but she didn't believe that one bit. Hours? Minutes? She couldn't just wander around in circles like a crazy person. She looked around the room one more time and noticed that the rug on the floor didn't lie completely straight, so the corner of the floor hatch was visible. It lead down to an emergency bunker of some sorts, and she probably hadn't been down there since, gosh, when they had bought the house? Well, it would be an excellent place to hide secrets, if you had any. And Laurence did indeed seem to try to keep some things hidden from her.

She pushed the rug away and got down on her knees in front of the hatch. She pulled it open to reveal a steep, dimly lit staircase. However, only second after she had opened the hatch she heard that scream again. Agnes didn't have to stick her head down far into the whole to see the table and the two people below. One strapped to the table, in a pool of blood. The red liquid was just about to start dripping down onto the floor. The woman - Oh jesus christ, was it Amy? - looked at her and screamed and her eyes seemed like they could pop out of her head. The other one, standing above her with his back against her was her husband, she didn't need to see his face to be able to know. The few seconds felt like they went in slow motion, and Agnes just stared in horror. Could this be real? When she saw Laurence beginning to turn around she let go of the hatched and it slammed shut. She hurriedly pulled herself backwards, away from the opening and breathed as if the air was running out. She pulled herself up an ran for the stairs. Her phone, her phone! She needed to call the police...the police...Or should she just run? She couldn't leave Riley though, oh god...She exited the basement and stopped for a moment. Where was her fucking phone? She didn't have time to search for it, she needed to get to Riley. She could get to his room and lock the door.


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Laurence had enjoyed her sweet sweet screams. The little ounce of life that was trying it's best to survive finally gave up. Amy was dead, the fucking bitch who insulted Agnes and who belittled Riley was gone. Jacob was a decent man, he could find a different woman. He chuckled a bit, and let the blood spill to the floor. Whatever blood was on him would dry, and he would most likely wait till his wife angrily went to bed to take a shower. After all, he doubt she could stay up all night-

There was a thud, and he froze. That familiar thud of the door to the bunker. Was that his imagination? He looked to see it closed and he furrowed his brow. Did Agnes witness him, oh god. The knife that was gripped in his hand would come in handy, especially if his dear wife called the police. This was France all over again, well at least- some of it. He had the audacity to at least wipe the knife clean of Amy's blood and take a towel and wipe off the little blood that splattered onto his base. He was exhausted. Stabbing someone 45 times was a workout, and if needed he would have to stab someone else here a few times for calling the police. He exited his bunker, and he called out, "Nessie!" he called out like a loving husband, "Love of my life? I'm homeee." He walked up the steps, the knife behind his back as he peeked out of the basement. " Mon ange, où es-tu?" calling out for her location, his french was coming out and it only did when he was very pleased, or in the mood to kill. When he slowly peeked the living room and didn't see her there. Did she run outside? No, she was too good of a mother to do that to Riley. He noticed a phone laying on the couch though, and he most certainly didn't want her having that. When he looked at the contents of recent call history it looked like she didn't call the police. Good.

He noticed the wood creak above him. So she was upstairs, possibly near Riley room. There was no way out for her, unless she jumped a window with a 5 year old. He began walking up to the second level, tapping the knife on the wall. In his head, he had two options. Kill her and the boy and move. He could change his name that way. Or two, he keeps them alive. After all finding another woman like Agnes would be too complicated. That way he does have a son, and a woman he could love. HE would just have to keep her locked away, and no phone or computer. He could set up locks, and keep her nice and tight. But he had to get her calm and collected, "Riley?" He called out, "Daddy needs to see you!" He knew his son would be asleep, but perhaps hearing the running around would help wake his kid up. He acended the stair, like a horror movie, but this time he was the monster. He looked into the guest room first... no sign of disturbance.

He began humming a small tune as he searched the different rooms. Riley's play room wasn't touched, and he had to check the closet. He just wanted to avoid Riley's room all together, not until he knew all the rooms by the stairs were. He looked at Riley's blue door, and knocked gently, "Nessie," He whispered, "Let's not wake up our son, let's talk." He knew she was in here, she had to be. Riley was so important to her, "Let's go to our room, have a conversation, and then you and I can make this allll work, Mon ange."


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Agnes shut the door to Riley's room behind her as soon as she had gotten in and locked it. She could hear him calling for her downstairs. She looked at Riley, sleeping soundly in his bed. He was okay, thank god. But what the hell would she do know? It was too far too jump. Riley might make it if she took the fall for him but she'd definitely end up with at least a broken back, and she couldn't risk Riley being alone. They had also made sure to seal the windows shut so that Riley wouldn't play with them, so if she wanted to go out that way she'd have to break them, and then Laurence would hear. If she saw someone out on the street she would break it and call for help. If she couldn't be sure anyone would hear her it might just put them in more danger. Agnes began grabbing any furniture that she could and stacked them against the door, while also trying to keep an eye on the street outside. "...Mommy? What are you doing in my room?" A smal voice came from the bed, and Riley was sleepily rubbing his eyes. She crouched down besides his bed and wiped her face with her sleeve before holding his face. "Riley, sweetie. Mommy needs you to be really quiet, okay?" She whispered, and although she tried to sound calm she heard the terror in her own voice. "Get up, I need to move your bed."

Before Riley even had time to answer she heard the knock on the door and her whole body shivered. Maybe it was better to pretend she hadn't seen anything, that she had been in there the whole time? The only question was, would he believe her? She couldn't take that risk. "I've called the police! They'll be here any minute!" Agnes shouted through the door, hoping that her lie would scare him away. He sounded so calm, and it almost made her doubt herself. Had she really seen what she had thought she had seen? Was she just hallucinating, should she just try to talk to him? "Just get the fuck away from us now! I'm not letting you get in here, you monster!" Her own voice sounded almost maniacally distressed, especially in comparison with his low, humming tone.

"D-Daddy? Mommy's acting strange, she's scaring me!" Riley suddenly cried out, his voice shivering with tears. "Shhh, shhh baby. Mommy is just trying to protect you, daddy did a very very bad thing and we need to get away from him." How could she even begin to explain what she had seen to him? She sat down in the bed beside him and tried to hold him, but he kicked and clawed at her. "No, you're lying! Daddy!" He screamed loudly as she desperately tried to hold him still and calm him down.


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Laurence was getting annoyed again, but he kept his voice level headed for Riley's sake. Her lie about calling the police would prove to him where her loyalty laid. They had been married for 8 glorious years while she laid in bliss to his real hobby. Now that she knew, she wanted to throw all that love and affection away? He did her a favor by killing Amy so why the fuck was she angry at him? He knocked again,, while trying to open the door. The lock was tight, but it would be easy to break. This house old znd things tended to be loose around here. Riley screaming made it better for him though, his own child wanted Laurence and not mommy. Thank God he was a smart kid, so he cooed, "Its alright, big man. Daddy will certainly help you." Riley sniffled and wiggled out of his moms arms to go to the make shift barricade, "S-she squeezed me too tight."

"Oh she hurt you?" Laurence grinned as he tried to wedge the knife into the door handle, "Well we will just have to give her a timeout, won't we?" it was a threat, because if she even dared to attempt an escape she would most certainly regret it. The door handle finally broke off and he was able at least open it, till he pushed and he felt the door barricade. This bitch... "Darling." His voice having a hint of emphasis to the name, "If you won't let me in, and I get in here myself Riley will end up like Amy." He didn't care for Riley as much as he did Agnes, she would learn her lesson when she watched her dear son being cut up. They would more kids, or at least one more to replace Riley with.

Laurence quickly rammed the door with his shoulder, he heard some items fall, but it wouldn't be enough yet. Riley began crying harder, the loud noise from the door and mommy frantically trying to get her son to stop, he just wanted to have daddy hold him. It was when Laurence finally hit the door once more with his body did a small opening appear, but it wasn't enough to let Laurence in. Instead it would be small enough for a 5 year old to squeeze through. "Come on, bud." Laurence encouraged, "Let daddy save you. " The red face, crying child crawled on the barricade and through the small opening of the door. Laurence scooped him up in his arms while his clothes were still stained with blood. His hair was messed up and his mustache was a bit uncombed he looked like was crazed. But his son didn't see anything wrong, only that his daddy was finally holding him. Now she would have no choice but to come out. He held the knife in one hand and cradled his son Riley crying in his neck, and wrapped his little arms around his dads shoulders. "Come on out, Agnes." He said coldly, "Let's have a proper conversation, you and I."


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Agnes heard him beginning to break the lock, and she knew she had to break the window and call for help, hoping that anyone might be able to hear her and get help in time. But she couldn't let go of Riley, he was trying to get to his dad and she wouldn't allow that. "Riley, don't listen to him!" She tried to get it into his head but for some reason he saw her as the villain. When he had said Riley would end up like Amy she couldn't believe her ears. He had gone completely mad, not only doing those...horrible things to another person but being willing to do so to his son? She needed to get out now.

She managed to take a firm hold of Riley, squeezing his armed pinned to his body and picked him up. He continued to cry as she searched for something heavy enough to break the window with, but Riley had pretty soon managed to wriggle his arms free and began clawing at her face. She tried to hold on, but he managed to get a finger into her eye and it made her loose her grip for a moment. It was long enough for Riley to break free, and he didn't look back at her as she called his name and watched him squeeze out through the door. "Riley, run! For gods sake, can't you see that he has a knife? Oh god..." She suddenly felt extremely dizzy. Watching her son in his arms through the gap made her wanna throw up. And her husband...covered in blood. "What is wrong with you, have you gone mad? I swear, don't you dare hurt him! He's your son Laurence, we're your family!" Riley only seemed to cling to him tighter.

The fear had finally overpowered her, and she began sobbing and shaking violently. Pictures of Amy's dead body haunted her mind, and imagining herself and her son meeting the same fate was just too much for her mind to handle. They had been so happy, what had gone wrong? What had pushed him to do such a thing? Her legs couldn't carry her anymore so she slumped down onto her knees with her face buried in her hands. "Please, please just....leave now before the police comes, I won't say anything, I promise. I beg of you Laurence, just don't hurt him."


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Laurence hugged Riley and hushed him gently, as if he was that loving dad figure again. Yet as his wife cried, Laurence let out a sigh. She must be overwhelmed with such news, seeing as her husband was a killer would be shocking and for a moment the husband side wanted to comfort her like he was doing to Riley. But he quickly shook that thought away and announced to his wife, "I have your phone in my right pocket, Nessie. I doubt the police are on their way." Riley almost began falling asleep after crying so much. Having his dad hug and coddle him had softened him up, and Laurence leaned his head on his son. "And I certainly won't need to hurt, Riley. But I won't be able to help myself if the mother is being so difficult." He looked to see if Riley had finally lulled back to sleep, his tear stained face buried in Laurence's shirt. Quietly, he walked into the guest room next to Rileys room and slowly placed his son down. Now he had to control the mother, and at this time of night he hoped his neighbors didn't hear anything.

He tucked Riley under the covers, and was tempted to simply leave him here for the police to find him and take Nessie with him, but he was in too much of a mess to think of a suitable plan. Walking back into the hallway and crouching near the door where he could see his wife huddled on her knees begging to not harm Riley. "Agnes." He said, perhaps if he used that charming husband disguise he could get her to be a little easier to control, "I would never hurt my family, you know that." Perhaps a small lie, but he tapped the knife on the door, "Why would I hurt you after 8 beautiful years, my love? I could have simply gotten rid of you long ago if I had the want to kill you." That was a little too morbid. It was hard to hide his true nature when his disguise was compromised.

"We could make this work you and I. We could go to France, my uncle would be glad to take us in. He would stop by tomorrow, I will explain the situation and we can have a fresh start. Riley would love living there." He bribed her, after all if she were to disappear the neighbors would notice so taking her to Eruope would be the best decision.


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God dammit, why did he have to find her phone instead of her? Now the only thing she had that was vaguely reminiscent of a plan was gone. But if her collaboration would keep Riley from getting hurt, she'd have to do that, at least until given another option.

When he said he'd never hurt them she had a hard time believing it. And naturally so, he had given her multiple reasons to believe that he would be willing to hurt them in just a few minutes. As he told her that he could've killed her a long time ago if he wanted, she got that overwhelming sickly feeling again and almost retched. She tried to make the floor stop swaying beneath, but every time she caught a glimpse of her husband's bloody shirt or remembered the view of the dead body it felt like all blood left her face all over again.

"How could we make this work? How will you explain the situation? Laurence, you just killed a person for gods sake!" Something about his cold and calm demeanor suddenly gave her the idea that this probably wasn't the first time he had done something like this. The thought almost made her retch again. "God fucking hell, what have you done?" She whimpered. The murderer on the news, was that him? How long had this been going on for? And did he seriously think they would come with him to France and just keep pretending to live life as normal? "I'm not going anywhere with you, and neither is Riley. You need some serious help. Are you on some kind of drugs? Is that why you're acting this way?" Jacques coming to visit tomorrow might be their best chance though. He'd help them, he'd get help. If she only could hold out for that long.


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In the crouch position with his elbows resting on his thighs he listened to her voice. Such a sweet voice that he once enjoyed, it seemed to usually calm him down after a kill, because if he didn't have someone to speak such lovely words to him, he would surely kill anything that walked. Well at least that was what he viewed her as, that sweet angel that saved him in the woods. Now that voice was sad and crying. God, did she really have to make it such a big deal? It's not like he would have killed her... kinda. If it was the last resort he would kill her, now Riley on the other hand was disposable. In his head he just saw him as a way to pass on the bloodline and that was it. "Drugs?" He snickered, what a funny thought. Would drugs do this to a man? Would it send them to mass murder? Well, maybe for some. But he knew the psychological addiction those things had. He was a teacher for gods sake, he was smart enough not to do drugs.

"I'm normal just like the rest of everyone. Sure I would be labeled perhaps a psychopath, but being a psychopath is just lack of empathy, that's basic psychology, the killing part though-" He didn't want to do a lecture, he did that only a daily weekday, but he just wanted her to understand that he has been doing this for a long time. "The killing part is just my way of cleansing the world of such people." Yes he killed mostly women, but that was a whole different story, but he wouldn't reveal such horrors to his wife. "Those nights when I'd come back in a good mood, and we'd make love... those were the days I got my daily serotonin after a kill. I wouldn't be your loving Laurence without that. Now you don't have much a choice, I have Riley in my possession, and you currently don't have a phone. If you were to try to scream for help, I will kill Riley. This is sort of leaning towards my direction," He looked at his watch and groaned. It was getting so late, and between last night and today he hadn't slept much at all. Don't get him wrong, he would most certainly be able move, but he was gettng sleepy and he had to at least tie her to something so she wouldn't run. Perhaps he'd tie her to their bed and he could still have his wife sleep next to him. Damn it, why did she have to go and fucking ruin it?

"Besides, I did ask permission to kill Amy this morning, and you said I could. So I think the police will call that as an accessory to a crime, I think? I'm not that smart when it comes to cop things since I've never been caught. "He gave a dashing smile, while he tilted his head through the cracked door, "Now come out here, I'm getting tired, and I want to sleep."


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"So you're the Lake Side Killer?" Thinking about all the evenings he had came back home late and how she hadn't suspected anything was incredibly frustrating. "God, I am so fucking stupid." She mumbled into her own hands and shut her eyes tight. "So you have killed like...20 people, right? At least?" Why was she just sitting here discussing this with him, like it was something completely normal to have a discussion about? She just wanted to know. It would take a long time before she would be able to fully comprehend it all though. Even know when he sat before her with blood all over his clothes, when she looked back at those late nights it was hard to imagine that he had just gotten back after getting rid of a corpse.

"What's your plan then, to keep us around forever by force? Why would you even want that? I mean, if you really are a psychopath, have you've ever even truly loved me?" She should try to find some kind of weapon to defend herself with if she had to, but they didn't really keep many sharp objects in a five year old's bedroom, and he could keep watch of pretty much the whole room from the gap, so it would be hard to surprise him with anything. And his threats also scared her, of course. He was right, her odds weren't looking that bright.

"It was a joke, for crying out loud! And I thought you were joking too, I never could've imagined that...that you...How could I be such an idiot!?" Not only falling for a man that didn't love her back, she had also managed to pick a serial killer and somehow she hadn't even been close to suspecting anything like this for 8 years. At this point she really wished it had just been another woman. Only ten minutes ago when she thought she had gotten proof of his infidelity it had felt like the end of the world, but now she would do anything to go back to that feeling again.

How could he possibly sleep after this? Pictures and thoughts was spinning around so fast in Agnes' head that she feared that she might never be able to get a good night's sleep again. After a few moments of considering her options though it became clear that she didn't really have many, except for just doing as he said. She slowly pulled herself up from the floor and dislodged the chair and set of drawers that was barricading the door. She slowly opened it, and as she got a close up view of his bloodstained clothes and arms she turned her head away and cursed under her breath.


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At least she really was asking questions instead of screaming at him more. He certainly would hate for her to lose her voice after all that crying, and to wake up Riley of all things. That boy would be traumatized if the woman had told her child that her father was a killer. How would he have reacted? He would have probably been confused and probably would just think it was a story she made up. After all, Laurence was Riley's hero and daddy. Laurence would never hurt Riley cause that's what daddy's dont do. But the questions she asked did stab him in the gut, made him realize a bit that maybe he wasn't 'normal'. Well of course he knew he wasn't normal, but he didn't like other people saying he wasn't. Especially when she accused him of not loving her, well she was somewhat right about it. Psycopaths didn't feel those kinds of emotions, he did consider her a possession he wanted to keep. Could he consider that his own way of loving her?

He couldn't answer her question about love, because he could say yes, he loved her. Loved her in his own special way, but he probably couldn't even say that. She was his angel and she belonged to him by right, and by law due to marriage. She was stuck with him till death do you part? Did she not remember that line because he sure did. Ride or die would be his new motto at this point. Trying to plaster that loving smile he was always able to show her was hard, but he did it anyways. Letting out a sigh of relief, he came close to her. She probably was repulsed by him, but he just wanted so badly to hold her tight to his chest. "If I could turn back time, I would have made sure you never found out, love." He said genuinely, because now he was fucking stuck in a situation he'd have to get out of. "But now," He said as he took her hand to pull her close to him, he grinned at her reaction at the blood and being near him in general, "We just have to get to france and start all over." He leaned his face to close to her, gripping her hands tight to keep her close, "And you'll just simply live your life out in bliss again. After all, we want to be one happy family, right?"

There was a knock at the door, and he froze. Had the neighbors heard? Fuck. He put a finger to his lips and gave a very threatening look, "Remember what I said about screaming." He growled, and waited for the knocking to stop. They'd simply go away right? For a moment he waited, perhaps they were just checking in? After all there had been screaming... and door banging. Then he heard it again, but louder. And then a voice calling, "This is the police! We heard a disturbance at this house!"

Damn it, why the hell did the neighbors call, so he'd simply charm his way out of it. Perhaps say it was a little fight, maybe they'll want proof of his wife, but he could probably talk them out of it. Say that she was sleeping, "When I go to the door, and you call for their help. I'll kill whatever cop is at that door." He was full of threats, "And that way you really are responsible for the death of a man." Would she want that?


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When he took her hands she was surprised by how they felt. They felt warm and secure and held hers firmly, but not so tight that it hurt. The thing that surprised her and felt so strange was that they felt like...like they always had felt. For some reason she had excepted them to feel different, a colder, harsher feeling in some way. She couldn't look him in the eyes so she turned her head down, but her hands were almost clinging back onto his. Could they go to France? Would everything really go back to normal? She didn't know if she could forgive him or forget what he'd done, but his words and promises just sounded so sweet. She didn't want to loose what they have had for so many years now, their marriage had been good and Agnes had been truly happy in it.

When she heard the knocking on the door she didn't know what to do for a moment. After a few seconds she began to inhale deeply to collect enough breath to scream, but when Laurence gestured her to keep quiet she didn't dare to do it. She just hoped that whoever had knocked wouldn't leave. When she heard that it was the police her heart started pounding again. Thank god, someone of the neighbors must've heard them and called for the cops. She had to do something, she couldn't let this opportunity go to waste.

"If you open that door I won't need to scream, you're covered in blood." She tried to sound confident, like she wasn't that scared of his threats. But she really didn't want any more people to die, especially not because of her. But if she did it to protect Riley... They banged on the door again. "We will enter with force if you don't open up!"


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Laurence had a way out, he began unbutton his shirt and gave her a wink, "After all, a scream can always be a scream of pleasure." He teased and shouted, "Give me a damn minute!" He looked at Agnes, gave her a one last threatening stare before he walked down the stairs, he threw the shirt behind the living room couch. When he opened the door two cops stood with their hands on ther guns, one was older and looked like a veteran cop. The other, around Laurence's age with a look that screamed heroism. The corner of his lips rose and that charming charismatic personality came into play, "Sorry, boys! Couldn't hear you from the bedroom!"

However, both didnt lower their guard. The veteran looked annoyed, but still suspicious, "We were called about a disturbance and loud banging. We need to check on your wife."

He groaned, "Come on! My wife is laying on the bed waiting for me to come back. Those noisy neighbors just misunderstood!" The older man raised a brow and tried to look over Laurence's shoulder, "I would still need to check-" laurence tried sweet talking instead.

"You probably have a wife, wouldn't it ruin the mood if two police came?"

The veteran chuckled a bit and seemed to loosen up, but the damn younger one kept that suspicious look and demanded, "Bring her down or we'll force our way in."

Laurence glared coldly at the man and called, "Nessie, come down here love. "


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As Laurence went downstairs she tried to think of a plan, or anything she could do at all. If the police came in and saw her she needed to send them a message somehow, in a way that Laurence wouldn't notice. Maybe she could get a marker and write something on the inside of her arm that she could show them when Laurence didn't see? But if they didn't come in or if she messed up he would see it and then she'd be in trouble. But if she walked there and faked a heart attack or something, they would have to take her to the hospital, right? Or would Laurence just kill them right away? Laurence called her before she had managed to decide on anything.

She went down the stairs and saw Laurence standing shirtless facing the two officers. She was wearing a pair of sweatpants and a tank top, but they'd probably just believe that she had pulled something on in a hurry when they had heard them knocking. She walked up and stood besides Laurence, and folded her arms across her chest as she realized she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Uhm...Is everything alright?" She asked. God, she hoped that they could see the truth just from looking in her eyes, because she didn't know what else she could do to show them.

"We're her because we got a call about shouting and other loud noises coming from your house, and we're just here to make sure that nothing's wrong, Miss."

"Oh, yes...I assume that's kinda my fault. But everything is fine with us, so there's no need to worry. I'm sorry for causing you any trouble." Her eyes flickered nervously between the two cops as she lied, but she figured that they'd just take her nervousness as embarrassment. Would she get in trouble for doing this, lying to police to cover up for her husband. Sure, he had threatened her, but would she be able to prove that if it came to it?


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Laurence wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed the side of her head. She could be a little less nervous, but she was doing just fine. He was pleased and the officers seemed pleased, the knife hidden behind the door as he awaited to be dismissed was getting a little heavy.

It was when the radio on the officer went off announcing, "There is a missing person on aspen Street." Oh? Had they noticed so soon of Amy's disappearance? The older man let out a sigh and responded that they would be on their way, yet the younger man kept that suspicious look and Laurence did not like it. This man was being too cautious for his liking, but he also let out a defeated sigh and said, "Alright, you two enjoy the rest of your evening."

Laurence squinted his eyes at the cops name badge. Gavin McShane. "Well, Gavin. I hope you find her." And both Laurence and Gavin stared at each other. Did Gavin notice he said her? After all the radio said a missing person. Both men seemed to be at a stand off, and his grip on the knife tightened along with the arm around Agnes' waist. Gavin broke the eye contact and nudge the older gentleman, "Let's go." They gave a small wave and turned to leave. Laurence stayed in the doorway with Agnes and waited to see if they would depart. All the while Laurence noticed Gavin said something in his radio. It was too far to hear, and Laurence had a very bad feeling. He closed the door and all attempt to call out to the police was too late. Yet Laurence had a dark look on his face as he looked through the peak hole. The police car wasn't moving and he almost began to worry. Would he have to use Riley as leverage to get out of here with his wife? Or should he kill both and run out the back door? No, he wasnt desperate enough to kill her yet. It was when the car started moving did he let out a sigh of relief. He looked down at Agnes and grinned, "I think we are in the clear, my love. Now go pack some bags... I think we need to leave tonight."

However Laurence didn't take a moment to think that Gavin had been dropped off a little ways from the house, while his partner Hudson would lead the reinforcements. Gavin had no proof and he could break in unless there was real probable cause. Yet, he could hopefully sneak to the yard to get get the woman's attention. Gavin had seen the fear in her eyes, he learned to read looks well and Laurence had a look that rubbed him the wrong way.

The downside to this was, he couldn't even enter the backyard, and signal she gave would have to be from where he was at on the sidewalk where he lurked about. So far the windows were covered and he didn't have any view of both of them. He was just going off a hunch and he told Hudson his feelings. Hudson trusted his partner but reminded that with no proof they wouldn't be able to do anything.

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