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Digital bleGh art dump


epic gamer
I just felt like making a thread pulling together some of my pieces that I kind of enjoy (for now at least) and probably some sketches at a later date because man i do waaaaaay too many of those akdhsj
current wip
rn i’ve been obsessed with my semi-new Yiga Clan oc for LoZ, for some reason it took me like, ten years to make her fringe part so you could see the inking on her head??? Although i’m pretty happy with the outfit, i tried a fusion of Yiga assassin style with the Sheikah’s Kimono almost style?
If you have any tips for using procreate (i’m pretty new to it) or in general, I’d love love love to hear them!!! Any feedback too would be amazing Not necessary though, I just haven’t shared any art in a hot minute uwu

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